Play Cards Against Humanity with 2 and 3 Players

Cards Against Humanity For 2 and 3 Players

These are hard times! Ugh, friendships and all the ships really, I know! But on the other hand, it’s Cards Against Humanity

In the box, it says 4-20 players, while some of us barely have one friend, or two. I know, I know. 

But as the intelligent beings that we are, we came up with versions for 2 and 3 players of Cards Against Humanity. Yes, we came up with versions for 2-3 players of a game designed to be played by 4-20 people! But you can even play Cards Against Humanity online with your friends too.

The same rules you can apply to Cards Against Muggles, Disney Against Humanity, Supernatural Edition, Star Wars Cards Against Humanity.

Did you know that mixing Cards Against Humanity with other Themed Editions boosts the fun 50% times more? Grab yours before it’s getting late.

It works. It can be just as fun. In fact, it is just as fun! Who am I kidding!

  • Cards Against Humanity: 2 Players 
  • The First Way – The Simple One
  • Second Way – Trust & Fun
  • Third Way
  • Fourth Way – Extra Cute Player
  • Cards Against Humanity: 3 Players
  • First Way – One Card Czar
  • Second Way – No Card Czar

Cards Against Humanity: 2 Players

Here are your 4 ways of playing the game with only a friend, or whoever – It matters that they agree to play with you. You know, don’t force them to play. 

If you find it difficult, you can consider joining a club, or something. A good idea to give it a shot to socializing. If you don’t feel like it, then just find another person that agrees to play. 

Alrighty, enjoy!

The First Way – The Simple One

You can play this version with whoever you’d like to. As long as you feel comfortable playing Cards Against Humanity with them, it’ll be just fine.

This is the simplest way out of all the ways for the 2 player version of Cards Against Humanity. 5 simple steps to follow, and a few tips to make the game more fun. 

  1. Each of you gets 10 White Cards. Yes. Each of the players get 10 White Cards. There is no Card Czar.
  2. You randomly select a Black Card. Since there is no Card Czar, you just shuffle the deck of the Black Cards and randomly pick a face down Black Card from it.
  3. Choose your White Card. Each of you choose a White Card that you think will go well with the Black Card.
  4. Choosing the winner. You both read the combinations to each other, and both agree to the funniest one.
  5. Repeat this for each round, until you can no more.

You Can Also 

  • Write down the points. After you’re tired of playing you can see which one of you got more points, and announce the winner of the game.
  • Reward the winner, or punish the loser. Or you can do both, reward the winner AND punish the loser. It depends on your relationship. You can do drinking, singing, daring, and ya know, whatever you feel like making the other do.
  • Play 2 cards each, and shuffle them. After shuffling 4 of the selected cards from both of you, one of you draws randomly. The picked card gets a point, and wins the round really. 

Second Way – Trust & Fun

Cards Against Humanity rules are quite simple. This version of those rules, is also simple and slightly more interesting…

It is slightly more interesting because the chances for one of you, or even both of you to cheat are pretty high.

You don’t want to play this version with that competitive spirited friend, otherwise things will turn into something quite ugly. 

Try for someone who is more into the fun that the game brings, rather than the “glorious victory I so well deserved”, or the “I destroyed you so bad, I know you won’t dare to play with me again”.

A few steps, and a few tips to a fun game for two people which was actually designed to be played by at least 4 people, but we don’t care because we’re THAT creative: 

  1. The winning points. Before you begin the game you agree to a winning score number. Meaning, once one of you reaches that number of points, wins the game, and the other loses.
  2. Read the Black Card. The Card Czar of the round reads the Black Card.
  3. Choose your ranked cards. The other player chooses 4 cards which they secretly ranked from 1-7.
  4. The winning card. The Card Czar of the round announces the funniest/best card, and the other player gets the points they assigned to the winning card.
  5. After the round is done; The next round goes on: draw 4 new White Cards(Answer Cards); Reverse roles.
  6. Continue…
  7. The winner! Whoever reaches the winning score number, wins the game. 

Note: When it comes to ‘pick two’ Black Cards, you can draw 4 extra cards and choose to also show 4 extra cards (which you’ll note are for the first or second answer).

You Can Also

  • Choose less cards. You can choose 2 cards instead of 4, if you feel like it.
  • Not rank all cards differently. You can rank your two best responses with 4 points, and the two worst with 2.
  • Skip the ‘Pick 2’ Cards.
  • Play with no Card Czar. You can choose a Black Card randomly from the shuffled deck of Black Cards.

Third Way

Another way that requires trust and honesty from both parts. It’s not that you’re doing rocket launching, but you know, you don’t want to cheat either. 

You can play this with a good friend who’s always in for a good laugher, and a good time. Or with your partner, or anyone who’s actually down to have a fun time. 

Here are the few steps you need to know: 

  1. Deal the cards. 10 White Cards for one of the players, and one Black Card for the Card Czar.
  2. The Card Czar of the round. You get to choose which one of you will go first as the Card Czar, and after that you just take turns.
  3. Their turn to guess. The Card Czar of the round reads the Black Card, the other secretly chooses their card. Now, the Card Czar, will take a look at the other player’s hand of cards, and will guess which one they choose.
  4. The Card Czar’s guess. If they guess right, they get 10 points. If they guess wrong, their points keep discarding with the number of wrong guesses. Once they guess right, they will have a point for each remaining card on the card hand. 
  5. You can end the game when you wish. You take turns like this, until you can no more. And finally count the points, and announce the winner!

You Can Also

  • Ask them what they were going for. Were they going for something silly, offensive, crazy, or too funny. A simple face expression will be okay too, since they might not want to answer, and you might not want to insist for an answer, Sharon!
  • Make it fun – Combine. Whoever fails will do something that the other tells them to. Make them drink, make them sing your favorite song. It can be a punishment for them, and a reward for you.
  • Make a twist. You can have a maximum number of guesses; Example: The Card Czar of the round will only have 5 guesses. They guess right, they get the points. They guess wrong 5 times, they get no points.

Note: You don’t want to play with people that are very competitive and will take things too seriously. You don’t need the “You don’t understand my humor” or “We don’t understand each other at all, Gerta!!”.

Fourth Way – Add An Extra Cute Player

This is one of my favorites! If you’ve got a dog around, or any pet really, you’ll love this version. 

Even if you don’t have a pet, a random object which you can name as you wish, will do. 

I decided to call that ‘An Extra Cute Player’. They don’t need to be as intelligent as you are, they don’t even have to be present. They can be completely imaginary even! You decide.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make your pet the third player. If you don’t have one, choose an object.
    Continue the game as usual, and keep pretending that your pet is playing too, or the object is playing too. Don’t forget to deal cards to them!
  2. Start playing the game as you normally would. The Card Czar reads the Black Card. The rest gets 10 answer cards.
  3. Who is the next Card Czar? You take turns on the Card Czar role, besides your extra cute player. They won’t have the pleasure or knowledge to be a Card Czar.
  1. Time to see the answer cards! Grab two random cards from your extra cute hand of cards.
  2. Announcing the winner. If your extra cute player’s card turns out funnier than your two combinations, then your pet or the object (I recommend you to call him Mike), wins the round.

Note: Don’t forget to draw enough white cards to replace the ones that you used.

You Can Also

  • Play more than one card. You can play 2 cards which you think will be suitable for a funny combination.
  • Play more than 2, even. If 2 is not enough, you can even play 3 cards, and tell which one is more of your favorite.
  • Add expansion packs. Cards Against Humanity has a lot of expansion packs, you can choose what you like. I know it sounds absurd, but they make the game so much fun. 

Cards Against Humanity: 3 Players

If we made it work for 2 players, we can kill it for 3 players!

These are pretty simple ways, and very easy to learn ways you can practice while playing with those 2 other people you might call friends, family, or anything really.

Remember, you can always spice it up with other things like alcohol, singing, dares, and such.


First way – One Card Czar

Not very suitable for the competitive ones. Try to avoid playing this version with a competitive friend. You know the ones that “You knew it was Rupert, that’s why you chose that card!”. 

A few simple steps, and a simple tip:

  1. Choose the Card Czar. The Card Czar of the round will be reading the Black Card to the two players, and will be judging the winning card – winning combination.
  2. Draw 10 White Cards. Two of the players will draw 10 White Cards, each.
  3. Choose your card. After the Black Card is read, you both choose one of your 10 cards, and place it face down on the table, while the Card Czar isn’t looking.
  4. The winner. The Card Czar didn’t see you place the cards on the table, so they’ll judge the card, and decide which one is funnier.
  5. Take turns on the Card Czar role – Repeat.

You Can Also

  • Have a fourth imaginary player. You can just put an object, or a chair, and deal cards like you would to yourself. Once the time is to pick the cards for the combinations, you simply pick randomly one of your imaginary player’s cards.

Second Way – No Card Czar

Gather your two other fellas. You’re about to have fun!

It is easy to learn, and creative enough. You’ll be having fun, and you won’t be faced with accusations. That’s very important for a fun game, isn’t it?!


  1. Shuffle the deck of the Black Cards. Pick a card from the top, and simply read it.
  2. All three players get 10 White Cards. Just like the usual, but no Card Czar.
  3. Shuffle. Each chooses their card, puts it in the middle of the table, one of you shuffles the three cards, and another player selects one of the cards.
  4. The winning card. The randomly selected card, no matter how absurd, unfunny it is; wins.
  5. Repeat as much as you’d like to.

You Can Also

  • Punish the loser, or reward the winner. We love some good shots, or good dares!
  • Decide which one is the funniest card, without shuffling them. Simply take turns to read your own cards, and the one that gets more laughers wins.

Well, the conclusion

Whatever the case is, you want to have fun and enjoy the game no matter who you’re playing with. 

2 or 3 players, there are plenty of options up there, and plenty of Cards Against Humanity hilarious card combos to be made. Knock yourself out. 

Because even a small group of people have the right to be horrible!

You’re welcome.

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