14 Ways to Play Cards Against Humanity Online

Cards Against Humanity Online

Cards Against Humanity is irreplaceable, don’t try to change my mind! During the lockdown, we for sure needed some ideas to play this card game online. You didn’t know you could? 

Not only during quarantine but playing this piece of artwork, from distance, works incredibly well in other situations as well! If you’re living far away from your close people, and you know how good this game makes y’all feel, go for it!

Thank God, we found several cool ways to play CAH and the other editions, without spending a penny. Today, we’re excited to talk about:

  • Play the game virtually:
    • Zoom
    • Google Meet
  • Online Free Sites:
    • Cards Against Humanity Lab.
    • Pretend You’re Xyzzy.
    • Pretend You’re CLRTD.
    • Cards Against Formality.
    • Cards Against Online.
    • Cards Against Humanity Play Online.
    • All Bad Cards.
    • Azala Picture Cards Online.
    • Play Wicked Cards.
  • Mobile Apps:
    • Evil Apples vs. Humanity.
    • Words Against Humanity.
    • Bad Cards.
  • A summarize
The Way Of PlayingProsCons
Zoom / Google Meet– You can see everyone’s expressions and talk with the other players– You’ll need the deck of cards, recommended a physical copy of them
Cards Against Humanity Lab– The cards and the deck look so real!– You can’t directly play with friends, only if you’re holding a video chat or something
Pretend You’re Xyzzy– It’s great having a global chat and a section of tweets about the site– Not every time, but, there may be bugs while playing
Pretend You’re CLRTD– The cards are all refreshed, the site is better designed– There is site maintenance, that could turn the servers down
Cards Against Formality– There are dozens of decks included– Sometimes it takes a while to join public games because of the network load
Cards Against Online– The site’s design is very Cards Against Humanity– If you’re inactive for a while, you may be kicked out;
Cards Against Humanity Play Online– It’s pretty useful and easy to play– The system and the design are a bit basic
All Bad Cards– Everything is specific and there are 4 groups of cards included;– For special actions and cards you may need to switch to premium
Azala Picture Cards Online– You can customize your own game and also create a new deck– At the first sight, the buttons may seem too complicated
Play Wicked Cards– It is very easy to use even for kids– It gives you that feeling it is made for a phone screen
Evil Apples Vs. Humanity– Available for both Android and IOS users– You have to care about the coins
Words Against Humanity– The winner receives coins!-Made for Android users only
Bad Cards– It is very sophisticated, and everything should be done on time– If the seconds are gone, you can’t answer anymore.
Table of Pro’s and Con’s Playing Cards Against Humanity Online

Playing Cards Against Humanity Virtually

We all understood the importance of these communicating platforms during online school and working remotely… Even though there are tons of other apps or platforms you could use, Zoom and Google Meet are forever our favorites, and that’s all because of the quality and practicality these two platforms offer. 

This is also why these become great ways to play Cards Against Humanity from different locations, with your closest people. Firstly, you should know how to play CAH, and I bet you’re already familiar with it! Here’s a short tutorial on how to organize the game in Zoom and Google Meet (or other meeting apps as well, it’s all up to you!):


cards against humanity zoom

First, everyone should have the deck of cards, Cards Against Humanity, the Family Edition, or any other edition. It would be better if you all have a copy of the game, but anyways, the pdf cards work fine. If you’re thinking of printing the cards, we recommend you follow our printing tips.

Back to our point, make sure you all have the Zoom app, or simply go to zoom.us. We recommend using laptops or PCs since it’s easier for y’all to see what’s going on.

After going to the app or website, everyone should log in or sign up, in case they don’t have an account already. Invite them to the meeting or send the link, and let the fun begin!

Next, turn your cameras on (to see every players’ reactions and funny faces), one of you becomes the Card Czar, for the whole game, or for that round, and reads the black card. A good way of getting the responses is that everyone sends a pic of their favorite white card (or just writes it down) in the private chat to the Card Czar.

Next, we recommend he/she shares screen or reads the answers out loud, so everything is transparent, and then, the Card Czar chooses the funniest (or cringiest) one. 

Don’t forget to keep track and write down the score, because there should be a winner at the end of the game.

The game goes in the same way in Google Meet as well. The only difference is that now you’ll have to use another platform. If you’re on your phones, make sure everyone has a Gmail account, because Google Meet doesn’t allow other emails, unless you’re using a laptop or PC.

Online Free Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity

We’ve found several sites to play Cards Against Humanity. One of the strongest reasons why we love them is that all of them are free, and no one needs to have a copy of the cards, you’ll have them all on the screen, and this is pretty useful, you’ll just need to have a sense of humor to make some hilarious combinations.

We know not all of us have lots of friends, or even if we have, the chances are high that not all of them like the game. It may happen you’re an introvert, and that’s okay.

Most of the sites we mentioned have the option of joining games around the world, being a guest, and playing with foreign people, which is even more fun! Of course, you can also bring your friends and open a new game, but, we’re just brainstorming here, dude!

1. Cards Against Humanity Lab

Let’s start first with Cards Against Humanity Lab, one of the simplest websites to play this card game. All the buttons tell you their action, so you don’t have to tire your brain while trying to figure out how to start the game. First, you can choose if you want to play the regular deck, made for ages 17+, just as the CAH core game, or the Family Edition, the kid-friendly version of the game.

Cards Against Humanity Lab - Home Page
  • Choose your favorite edition and answer some personal stuff;
  • Neither of the answers is required, so, you can continue without even answering, you just click on ‘Prefer Not To Say. Once you start the game, this is how it looks: 
Cards Against Humanity Lab - Playing The Game
  • Pick one of the white cards to fill in the blank on the black cards;
  • If you want to play with friends, you’ll have to hold a video chat on any platform, ask them to write down their favorite white card, and the Card Czar picks the funniest;
  • The cards’ order looks great and since there are 10 white cards, feels like playing the game physically;
  • Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to play with friends directly on the site.

2. Pretend You’re Xyzzy

Are you just going to pretend you Xyzzy? Well, we don’t know what that means, but, who cares! For us it’s important to have a cool place to play CAH, the others will be fine! Now seriously, Pretend You’re Xyzzy is a Cards Against Humanity Clone. Let’s take a quick look, we know you’re barely waiting:

Pretend You're Xyzzy - Home Page
  • Add a nickname that you’ll use during the game. You may also add a passcode, but, that’s optional;
  • Click on set, and a new window will pop up. You may join a game or spectate, in case you’re not in the mood of playing; 
  • You may assume you can also create a new game, and you’re right!
Pretend You're Xyzzy - Joining Or Creating A Game
  • When creating a new game, you’re asked to set the score, player, and spectator limit, select the idle timer multiplier, and of course, select the deck you want to play. Ps. you can also chat with the other players;
Pretend You're Xyzzy - Creating A New Game
  • Next, you wait for the other players to join and then start the game. If you’re the Card Czar, once you read all the cards, select your favorite and confirm your selections. The score is kept in the left bottom corner;
  • There may be bugs while playing, especially when there are so many users, but after refreshing the page, you’ll be fine;
  • The option of chatting with the other players, and also reading the tweets from random people, in real-time, helps a lot to have a better experience

3. Pretend You’re CLRTD

Well, let’s continue with pretending, can we? In the following, we’ll talk about the new version of Pretend You’re Xyzzy… It’s up to you to choose which site you want to use since the main parts are all the same. Let me spoil it: there are some better updates. Wanna see them? 

Pretend You're CLRTD - Home Page
  • Once again, set a nickname and an optional identification code. You already know that!;
  • In Pretend You’re CLRTD, you can do the same things as in the site we mentioned above. There are many games available to join and to spectate as well. You can also use the global chat:
Pretend You're CLRTD - Joining Or Creating The Game
  • We know you know, that you can also create a new game. The details are all the same as in Pretend You’re Xyzzy. Once you add new decks, if you play later, they’ll be moved to your used decks, so, you won’t forget what you played;
  • If you scroll down the home page, you’ll see 2 of the most important updates, or, as they like to call it the changelog, including here the cards update and the Corona update (they added the Corona minigame);
  • The blue screen looks better than being all black or white;
  • Because of maintenance, sometimes the servers may be down;  

4. Cards Against Formality 

You thought there isn’t anything better than the sites we just mentioned? Well, you’ll be surprised every time and more! Cards Against Formality is a fabulous online site, which offers many services. Here are the steps to play the game in Cards Against Formality: 

  • Go to the home page and click on the play button. You can play anonymously or log in using your Google or Facebook account, it’s all up to you;
  • You may join tons of games, which makes this site quite amazing;
  • Once you join a game, you’ll be informed about the game specifics, such as the maximum number of players, round time, the target score, and so on. There will be the score of each player written on the right side of the screen;
Cards Against Formality - Joining Games
  • When you want to create a new game, if you’re the host, you’ll have to enter your username, the target score, the max number of players, the rounds time, and you can also choose if you want the room to be public or private.
  • If you turned private on, then you should create a passcode for every player to have access to the game;
Cards Against Formality - Creating A New Game
  • There are around 31 editions and expansions of Cards Against Humanity available to play. You can choose if you want to have a mix of all, or you just select your favorite:
Cards Against Formality - Available Decks
  • Once you create the game, you can share the link with your friends by different options, and wait for them to join it. When everyone’s ready, you click on ‘Start Game!’ and the fun begins! 
  • Usually, the game host is the Card Czar first. Here’s how it looks if you’re the game judge:
Cards Against Formality - Being The Card Czar
  • Once all the players choose their white card, the Card Czar will have to choose their favorite white card from all the answers given. Each round the Card Czar gets changed, so every player takes turns to be the game judge. The scores are written on the right side of the game screen, next to the cards.
  • Since there are many editions available, it gives various options for you to choose your favorite one;
  • If the game ever glitches, that’s because of the network load;

5. Cards Against Online

First things first, I LOVE how the home page and the cards’ arrangement look. 

So, it is clearly shown that you can create a new room, join a specific room, join a random room around the world, or spectate, which means you’ll only watch any game, but you can’t play or even be the Card Czar. Just like watching a football match:

Cards Against Online - Home Page
  • While creating a new game, add your username. Click on ‘private room’ if you want to host a private game, or don’t. Set the round time, and select the decks. There are many special decks in this game, including here the themed editions (the Office, Brooklyn 99, The Good Place, etc);
  • You can also organize the game so it kicks out the inactive players, so, in case someone sleeps during the game or just turns their phone off, you won’t have to wait for them;
  • Once you create the game, you can send your friends the code that is shown on your screen, and all they have to do is go to ‘Join a room’, write down the code and their username, and they’re now part of the game;
  • The game flow goes all the same as the above-mentioned site, Cards Against Formality, so, there’s no need to repeat it;
  • The feature of kicking out the inactive players is a must-have because the game goes way faster;
  • On the other hand, if you’re having problems with your network, you’ll be considered an inactive player and get kicked out. 

6. Cards Against Humanity Play Online

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! To be honest, this home page design isn’t my favorite, too basic, but, let’s focus on what it offers! We love all the details lined up, since there are all the steps included, and this is what every player likes to have! We love that tutorial for dummies in the bottom, it helps a lot if you have no idea how the game goes! 

Cards Against Humanity Play Online - Home Page
  • Scroll down and click on “Let’s Play!”. Enter your username and click on “Let’s play baby” (such a pick-up line tho’). Next, you can continue on that screen, quit, or start a new game:
Cards Against Humanity Play Online - Starting The Game
  • Everything is very clear, isn’t it? You may copy the invitation link and send it to your friends or whateva! Easy peasy!;
  • It would be better to have more packs we could play, but the core game works fine!;
  • Anyways, this site’s creators are saying they’ll bring some updates, such as adding new decks to the game, kicking the inactive players, and more stuff. Who knows!

7. All Bad Cards

This site has one of the most colorful designs and gives a cheerful vibe. What is that angry bird doing on the home page?? Oh, wait, you have no idea what I’m talking about… Let’s see it together!  

All Bad Cards - Home Page
  • Click on Join Game or New Game, that’s all up to you! If you want to join a game, there are two options: writing down a specific game name someone sent you or joining public games:
All Bad Cards - Joining A Game
  • When creating a new game, foremost you have to select if you want to play a Classic Game, All Bad Questions, Family-Friendly, or All Bad Memes. Up to your preferences!;
  • Enter a username, and you may start a public or invite-only game. You already know what these two terms mean!;
  • Whoever you sent the link to, or whoever wants to enter the room, can become a player or spectator. Next, the game creator is the first Card Czar, or in this site, the Card Queen (which I love), and this is how it looks:
All Bad Cards - Starting A Game
  • If you don’t like the card, you can skip it. Otherwise, read the card out loud (if you’re on a live chat) or wait till everyone reads it themselves and then start the round. The game later goes all the same;
  • The cards aren’t all white and black, they’re personalized;
  • In case to have more decks and cards, you have to pay for them, which we’d love to be offered for free!;

8. Azala’s Picture Cards Online

The name’s pretty specific, huh? Azala’s Picture Cards has a pretty simple page design, but it is functional enough. The creators have thought of tutorials and help you play the game, which is lovely!  

Azala's Picture Cards Online - Home Page
  • At the bottom of the page, you can click on the Discord logo, to join the Discord chat, click on the Youtube logo to watch tutorials, or click on that question mark to learn how to play and how to use the webpage, even though we’ll explain it in a bit :);
  • Choose a username and click on New Game or Join Game, for which you’ll need the invitation code if you’re playing with someone you know, or just go to ‘Show All Games’ to join unknown people’s rooms;
  • When starting a new game, the basics, such as setting the game name and all that is already known, so, here’s how it looks if you’re trying to make your own game:
Azala's Picture Cards Online - Starting The Game
  • There is also a section called decks, which has dozens of different packs of Cards Against Humanity and also includes non-offensive decks, and some offensive ones as well, they couldn’t miss! 
  • Take care of all these settings, decks, tools, and click on start game (or copy the game link if you need to). Send the link to your people, or make the game public, and start the fun! The score is kept in that left ribbon of the page;
  • Before starting the game, you can go on ‘Show The Cards’, which is such as great feature for you to not get blushed and embarrassed later!:
Azala's Picture Cards Online - Decks
  • Another cool thing about this site is that you can also create your deck, just go to the main menu, click on Make Decks, and follow the instructions! 
Azala's Picture Cards Online - Making Your Deck
  • Some people say this site is a bit complicated, but, you’ll figure it out after reading the buttons carefully;

9. Play Wicked Cards

You gonna play some wicked cards, won’t ya? Firstly, the game on this site goes fast enough, and the actions are well-structured, so, you don’t have to think about them too much.

Play Wicked Cards - Home Page
  • Click on ‘Play Now’, write your username, then start or join a game;
  • Choose your favorite deck, and share the code shown on the screen with your friends, so they can join you;
  • The game flow goes completely the same, someone is the Card Czar, the others answer, and vice versa; 
Play Wicked Cards - Playing The Game
  • After sharing the code, the other players can join very quickly, in just some seconds;
  • We suppose it was made to be played on the phone, because of its design, but other than that, it’s quite fun! 

Mobile Apps To Play Cards Against Humanity 

Lots of the time apps are preferred more than sites, just because they’re easier to use and usually have fewer buttons. This is why our experts made their research and filtered the best CAH mobile apps of them all! Take a look at them:

1. Evil Apples vs. Humanity

Let’s start with the surprise first: Evil Apples vs. Humanity is available for both IOS and Android users! You may find it in Google Store and App Store as well… Here’s how it looks:

Evil Apples Vs. Humanity - App Store
  • Get the app on whatever phone you use, open it, and the others are extremely simple. Here’s the home page:
Evil Apples Vs. Humanity - Home Page
  • Once again, you can create a game (for free) or join one in the community. If you want to join your friends’ room, go to Game Code and write down the code they sent you;
  • Next, you’ll just have to read the buttons and they tell you what you should do, it’s almost the same with all the sites we mentioned previously. You may join different games, such as Classic, Bizarro, Survivor, Wildcard, and many more; 
  • You’re already familiar with the gameplay, so, pick your favorite white card, and let the Card Czar do its job!;
  • The app has many options and this is how you won’t be limited.

2. Words Against Humanity

Here’s another app for Android users available in Google Play! A good feature this app has is that the winner of each game will receive coins (not real ones though), which is a motive to win the game, isn’t it?  

Words Against Humanity - Google Play
  • There’s an option of playing online and with your friends, and they’re both free. Isn’t that cool?
  • In every blank card, you can also type in the blank, if you have any special answer, or just pick one of the cards. Just as simple as that!;
  • The option of typing is extraordinary if you’re creative and create funny content;
  • The app design looks more like a chat app, a more CAH – related design would be better, but leaving that behind, it’s fun. 

3. Bad Cards

What? Did we find another mobile app? The best is yet to come: It is (again) available for IOS and Android! Brand equality, huh? 

Bad Cards - App Store
  • Now look, you already know the classics. Write down your name, and blah blah, but, this time you can also choose an avatar, meaning, a photo that will represent you! 
  • The game goes just like the above-mentioned games, but this doesn’t have any special deck, so, there’s just one main game, which is fun! 
  • If you’re the Card Czar, you’ll see that everyone has some set seconds to choose their answer, and you as well will have a specific time to choose your favorite card. 
  • Everyone’s score will be shown on the screen, so you don’t have to memorize everything. Work smart, not hard!;
  • The Avatar feels like you’re really talking and seeing the other players, just like being in the same room:
Bad Cards- Playing The Game
  •  The timer can sometimes piss you off, once it’s gone, your answer is gone as well!

A Summarize: Does It Feel Like Really Playing The Game? 

If we want to compare the pros and cons, of course, the pros beat the cons, luckily! You’ll spend some quality time with your closest people, even if you’re living far away from each other.

On the other hand, even if you’re bored of everyone you meet, you have the chance to play the game with people you don’t know at all. You’ll have some laughs and that’s all, you’ll never see each other again!

All the sites – and apps we mentioned are high-quality. We chose the best ones based on the site design, the practicality they offer, the number of cards, the way you can play the game on that site or app, and many more. 

Also, we took care that everything we mentioned is free to use, expanding here the options where you can purchase new cards or upgrade to premium, but that’s a personal choice.

If it comes to paying, we’d rather recommend you buy the deck or any other edition in the shop

You horrible people, you deserve the fun!

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