While we were in quarantine and the world was locked down we still had the chance to be together far away from each other.

If you are a fan of Cards Against Humanity but distance has/had stopped you from playing your favorite game, with your favorite people, we got you!

Cards Against Humanity is fairly cheap if  we consider how much of a fun game it is (well, for most people). However, playing online doesn’t require you to buy the set, unless you’re playing on Zoom (yes, Zoom!).

Playing remotely with your friends is now possible through the internet, thankfully. There are a few ways that don’t need much time and effort to play the game by. I’ll list a few of them below:

1. Zoom
2. Cards Against Formality
3. All Bad Cards
4. Pretend You’re Xyzzy
5. Picture Cards Online
6. Cards Against Equestria
7. Cards Against Online
8. Wicked Cards

Online Apps You Can Play Cards Against Humanity On:

1. Cards Against Humanity (for Android)

2. Evil Apples: You Against Humanity (for IOS and Android)

Before we get into explaining each of the ways, first you need to know how to play the game. Right? It’s no rocket science!

Zoom– You can talk, and text while playing.
– You can see your friends, and they can see you.
– You can’t play with strangers.
Cards Against Formality– You can create your own game.
– Has over 25 expansion packs available.
– Not many public servers available.
All Bad Cards– You can create your own game.
– You can chat with the other players.
– Games can be available for up to 50 players.
– The cards are not just black and white like the normal C.A.H.
Pretend You’re Xyzzy– You can create your own game.– Can seem complicated/overwhelming at first sight.
– Not many public servers available.
Picture Cards Online– You can create your own game.– A slightly complicated design of the web.
Cards Against Equestria– Easy to create your own game– Not many public servers available
Cards Against Online– Includes a lot of editions and expansionsNot enough public servers available
Wicked Cards– Easy to start your own game– Not enough public servers available
– Not enough cards for a big number of players
C.A.H (for Android)– Simple design.– Is only available for Android.
Evil Apples (for IOS and Android)– Is available for both IOS and Android.– The cards’ design might not be a favorite for everyone.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity – Tutorial

Players deal themselves 10 white cards from the pile that is located at the top of the screen.

Then you have to decide which of those 10 answer cards responds best to the black card which is displayed at the top of the screen.

Once you choose the responding card, you have to drag it from your private space to the bottom of the screen in one of the six blank spaces that you’ll see in the middle where your friend’s answers will be placed too.

As you can notice the game[C.A.H] rules are the same as if you were playing the game in real life.

The winner is chosen in the same way as well.

Did you know that you can even play Cards Against Humanity with 2 or 3 players?

All the players get to choose their favorite white card and the winning card will be the one that has the most votes on the game.

Now that we know how to play, we’re good to go!

Sites – Playing Cards Against Humanity Online

I’ve already mentioned which ones are available to use, so let’s waste no more time and see what, how, when each of them works.

1. Playing Cards Against Humanity on Zoom

cards against humanity zoom

Except that it is used for online classes, business meetings, work purposes, virtual meetings, and so on, Zoom will be your number one used platform for the sake of Cards Against Humanity games as well.

Before you start playing with your friends on zoom, make sure you buy your Cards Against Humanity, besides which you can also buy other editions if you feel like it. They can make the game more fun, and more interesting.

I’ll list you below other game editions you might be interested in:

If you want a faster game process, you could buy the Harry Potter Cards Against Muggles PDF version so you don’t have to wait for the shipping.

After you get the Cards Against Muggles PDF you can print the cards by yourself. The printing procedure is an easy and fast process by which your PDF has to pass in order to have the cards in your hands.

The Gaming Process on Zoom

Open zoom.us. The website is available to use for both desktop and smartphone users.

Next, you have to sign up if you don’t have an account or log in if you are part of zoom already.

After you are logged in on zoom, you have to send an invite to your friends and get together in the meeting.

Playing Cards Against Humanity on Zoom

The gaming process is the same, just that you are playing it online, far away from each other.

Each of you should show your card in front of your camera so all of your friends can see what cards you are choosing, what combination each of you is doing and choose the best card combination among your team.

This Cards Against Humanity Zoom meeting will remain one of your favorite meetings you’ve ever had on Zoom.

This way of playing the game will guarantee you hours of fun and laughs and at the same time an enjoyable time with your friends.

Note: You can play even What Do You Meme?, or other games like Kids Against Maturity.

Playing on Google Hangouts

It is the same with google hangouts, you and your friends simply need to have a gmail account. You create a group with the friends you’d like to play, and start a video call.

How good is the playing experience on Zoom & Google Hangouts?

It is pretty amazing actually. You can hear your friends talking, laughing, you can see them, their face expressions. It’s like they’re there, but not there exactly.

2. Playing Cards Against Humanity on Cards Against Formality

Cards Against Formality Playing

The good thing about these sites is the simplicity of them. It doesn’t take much time nor effort to figure out how they work.

Here are the steps on playing C.A.H on cardsagainstformality.io:

Step 1: Go to cardsagainstformality.io

Step 2: Click on “Play”.

Step 3: Choose whether you want to play anonymously, sign up with google, or facebook.

If you choose to play anonymously, all you have to do is come up with a username, and you’re good to go.

You can create your own game, or join one of the available games.

The good thing about cardsagainstformality.io is that it gives you the opportunity to play with strangers, but also create your own game, invite your friends, and create a password to your game so that strangers don’t ‘intrude’.

You can name your game, set a target score, set the maximum number of players, and the time that the round will last. You can check out the available decks, which are plenty of them; When I say plenty, I mean over 25 options.

Just below the available decks there is the “Private”, you can turn it on and set a password, or leave it off and allow just anyone to join your game.

I told ya it was simple!

How good is the playing experience on Cards Against Formality?

It is relatively good. You can set a time for the round, you can pick the deck of cards you’d like to play with. Join a public game, or create a new one. It is simple to play with.

3. Playing Cards Against Humanity on All Bad Cards

All Bad Cards

Step 1: Go to https://allbad.cards/

Step 2: Go to “Join Game” or “New Game” if you feel like having a game of your own with friends or strangers.

If you click on “Join Game” you can type the name of the game you’d like to join, or join a public game which will be shown to you on that page.

Now, you can create a new game and set it private so that only the ones who know the password can join.

This is a pretty popular website, that’s why it’s a good one to check out if you feel like playing with strangers, there’ll be plenty of public games available for you to join.

How good is the playing experience on All Bad Cards?

You can chat with the rest of the players, and comment anything on the game. It is also a simple design which allows you to play without difficulties.

Honestly, other adult card games should be available here, because it’s a pretty damn good site.

4. Playing Cards Against Humanity on Pretend You’re Xyzzy, and Xyzzy CLRTD

Pretend You're Xyzzy

Step 1: Go to https://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp

Step 2: Get yourself a Nickname, and click “set”.

Step 3: Find the available server and join.

It might seem a little overwhelming when you first go to the website, but it is in fact easy.

You have the option to “Refresh Games”, “Create Game”, and “Filter Games by Keyword”.

It is not as difficult as it first looks like, you just have to give it a try!

On the other hand Xyzzy CLRTD, is another version of Pretend You’re Xyzzy, but simpler looking.

Type your nickname, and you’re good to go. You’ll find public servers, or private ones.

How good is the playing experience on Pretend You’re Xyzzy?

There are plenty of public servers available, however, you might just not find a lot of suitable ones for you. But there’s plenty of options, so you won’t be bad.

5. Playing Cards Against Humanity on Azala’s Picture Cards Online

Azala Cards Against Humanity

Step 1: Go to Azala’s Picture Cards Online 

Step 2: Choose between “New Player” and “Old Player”. If you choose “New Player” you’ll have to type a player name; If you choose “Old Player” you’ll have to type your player name, and your player password.

Step 3: After finishing the log in/sign in procedure (super short), you’ll have to choose between “New Game” and “Join Game”.

If you choose “New Game”, you’ll have to type a name for that game and decide if you’d like to set it as private or not. After that, you’ll get the game link, and you can change the settings as you like.

If you choose “Join Game”, you can either type the invite code, or click “Show All Games”. Once you see all games, you can join public games, or private ones if you have the invitation code.

6. Playing Cards Against Humanity on Cards Against Equestria

cards against Equestria

Step 1: Type a name in order to log in.

Step 2: Choose if you want to “Create”, or “Play”. 

Obviously “Create” means start creating your own game and invite whoever you want to join you. You can set the timer for the round, the score number, a password if you feel like making the game private. And select what expansions you’d like to add; of which are over 15 available. 

Meanwhile “Play” means you join in one of the available games at the moment. 

How good is the playing experience on Cards Against Equestria?

If you’re looking for a public server to play in, the chances to find one are low (but never zero). However, if you wish to create a new game in which you can play with your friends, then the game experience can be really fun, and easy to do.

7. Cards Against Online

cards against online

Step 1: Go to cardsagainstonline.com

Step 2: Pick one of the options: “Create a room”, “Join a room”, “Join a random room.”, “Spectate”.

If you read the rest of the article, you already know what each of the options mean. However, this one also has “spectate” which, as you may assume, stands for spectating/looking at another game that’s being played.

How good is the playing experience on Cards Against Online?

If you wish to create a new game, the experience can be as good as you want it to. However if you’re looking to spectate, or join rooms you might not find something. 

There are a lot of good decks which you can choose between before starting the game. Which is a good bonus to Cards Against Online.

8. Wicked Cards

Wicked Cards

Step 1: Got to playwicked.cards.

Step 2: Click “Play Now”

Step 3: Type a name and choose if you want to “Create Game” or “Join Game”

How good is the playing experience on Wicked Cards?

It is not as good if we compare it to other sites. It doesn’t have many cards available, e.g it only has 100 cards out of 500 of the main deck, and it is pretty similar to the rest of the decks included. 

The good thing is that you can mix them all up and have an interesting deck to play with.


How good is the playing experience on Picture Cards Online?

If you’re looking for a place to play with strangers, this might not be the exact best site to go to. However, you can find decks available in a few languages, which is super good if you want to play in another language besides English.

Famous Sites No Longer Available


There used to be playingcards.io, it was super easy to use, and it was used by a lot of people. However, for some reason it is no longer available.

We will update you once it is back on.

Apps – Playing Cards Against Humanity Online

CAH White Cards

Besides sites that you can play Cards Against Humanity on, there are apps that make it also super easy for you to have access to your favorite card game.

Another good thing about these apps is that they’re free. Meaning, you don’t need to pay anything in order to use them.

All you have to do is install them on your phone. Super easy AND super safe! These are apps that you can play Cards Against Humanity Online with your friends.

1. Cards Against Humanity (for Android)

500 Cards Against Humanity

You can choose between card decks you’d like to play, you can also create a new game, or join by room code, or join by QR.

Super simple to use, super simple to play. If you need a refresh of the rules, you can check them out anytime on the app, you know, in case you forget anything.

2. Evil Apples: You Against Humanity (for iOS and Android)

Evil Apples

There are over 8000 cards, and 3 game modes. You can play with your friends, or with strangers if you feel like it.

You can play with friends/strangers from anywhere really, but if you feel like playing with the ones nearby you can use your GPS. It is a perfect app for the times we’re living in.

Did You Know?

  • Cards Against Humanity has an online “lab”, in which is a solo version of the game. Before you start ‘playing’ you’ll have to answer a few questions honestly.

    Cards Against Humanity Lab is meant to help Cards Against Humanity know what the people are looking for in their next update.

    So if you feel like helping them improve the game, you can help by checking out the link above where you’ll find all the information you need.
  • There is an app available for iOS called Black Cards. It works as a virtual expansion pack, it’s free, and you can use it to create new Question Cards, or get questions from different expansion packs.
  • There are expansion packs available on DuoCards as pdf versions. It is a faster way to have the expansion you wish available to yourself. All you have to do is download the pdf, print them on paper (of your choice), cut the cards, and you’ll have yourself a new set of cards! And you did that without waiting for shipping.
  • There is a drinking version of Cards Against Humanity, you can also play it online with your friends on Zoom or Google Hangouts. Has a stripping + drinking version too!


Choose what you think suits you best. Don’t have many friends? Well, most of the mentioned sites will do the work for you.

Have friends you want to talk to and play at the same time? Zoom that b*tch!

Do you have any new method playing cards against humanity online? Then let us know in comments.

It’s up to you. Stay safe and enjoy!

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