You Laugh You Drink Review: For Those Who Can’t Keep A Straight Face

You Laugh You Drink - Cover Photo

Laughing and drinking are indeed connected with each other. Whenever I want to have some laughs with my closest friends but drink a few sips too, I always go with ‘You Laugh You Drink’. If you haven’t heard about this fascinating card game yet, or need some extra information, we’re about to bring to you an extremely honest review in a heartbeat! 

  • Short description;
  • The contents of You Laugh You Drink;
  • Instructions & assets of the game; 
  • Buying the game & similar packs;
  • People’s reviews & reactions;
  • Final thoughts;

Short Description About ‘You Laugh You Drink’

You Laugh You Drink is a drinking card game made by DSS Games, published in November of 2021. The goal of the game is simply to make your group of friends laugh, or drink! There is a total of 150 cards included in the deck, and they can be played by all people who are over the age of 21, mostly because of the content, and the drinking age too. 

3 or more people can play at a time, and you may play for as long as you wish, probably till you get drunk. The game comes in a 5.28 x 4.53 x 1.26-inch box, and you may know more about the creators of it at, their official website! 

The Contents Of ‘You Laugh You Drink’

We like starting with the box. It’s the only thing in this game that won’t make you laugh. Let’s take a look at it, so you can spot it in shops: 

You Laugh You Drink - Box

It’s a simple black, square-pattern box, with the game name written in yellow and blue. In huge letters! There’s nothing more about the front. But, why don’t we deal with the back of it too?

You Laugh You Drink - Back Of The Box

The back of the box shows a lot more, clearly. It tells that this one’s a drinking game for everyone who can’t keep a straight face. Because they will drink the most! You’ll get to see some of the cards, so you get a glimpse of how funny the game is. There’s the age range and number of players mentioned, and details about the manufacturers too!  

Now, the stage belongs to the most important content of You Laugh You Drink: the cards! As we mentioned, this card game includes a deck of 150 cards, and they all have the same design and category. Here’s how the cards look: 

You Laugh You Drink - Cards

The back of the cards has the same design as the box, while the prompts are written in white, and have an ordinal number written on top. If you’re curious, here are some of the prompts on the cards:

You Laugh You Drink - Card 1

Magic Mike is as hot as it could be. Now it’s your turn to do a shy dance related to it, although that could be impossible… 

You Laugh You Drink - Card 2

This one could get embarrassing. And uncomfortable, by all means. So the target may laugh, and drink, so, mission accomplished! 

You Laugh You Drink - Card 3

It keeps getting weirder and funnier, and we’re here for it! Now you’ll become a hummingbird, and sip some nectar. 

Instructions & The Value Of ‘You Laugh You Drink’

You, hilarious fellas, I bet you loved the cards! Since you thus far know how the game looks, we can finally talk about the rules of You Laugh You Drink! 

The deck must be shuffled and placed in the center of the table, facedown. Everyone takes turns to become the Joker of the round. The Joker picks their target, draws a card from the deck, and completes whatever’s written in the cards. The Joker’s goal is to make the target laugh within 30 seconds, depending on the prompt. If they do this successfully, the target drinks, and the Joker earns a point. If the opposite happens (the target keeps a straight face), the Joker drinks, and the target gets a point. 

If you’re the Joker but you aren’t confident to complete the specific prompt of the round, you are allowed to skip the turn but get punished with a sip. The first player to earn 7 points, is the winner! 

You Laugh You Drink - Instructions

Now, let’s talk about what we call assets. The biggest pros of this card game. Whenever we play You Laugh You Drink, we love how simple the gameplay is. It just flows, there’s nothing complex about it, and you just take turns completing prompts in the cards. Talking about the cards, they’re very straightforward, simple, and extremely creative.

In the game, we all aim to make each other laugh or drink, and I think that’s beautiful! It’s true that sometimes it can get a little embarrassing, but since we usually play with close friends, we get through it every time. However, if you’re planning to play with other people to get to know them better, we suggest you go through the cards and remove anything that’s too uncomfortable. 

Considering all the above-mentioned facts, it’s one of our favorite games to play on holiday weekends, game nights, and parties. Well, it’s definitely worth its money since it’s hard to not laugh with most of the cards in this deck, and creates memories you’ll cherish forever!  

Buying ‘You Laugh You Drink’ & Similar Packs

Imagine if we told you that this game isn’t available… And all this fun will be non-existent. Just kidding. You Laugh You Drink is available in these shops (and more):

If you end up loving the game so much that you wish there were other packs, here are 2 more packs that bring the same vibe: 

You Lie You Drink – $11.19

You Lie You Drink

Well, it’s not really you lie, you drink. It’s more of an ‘if you get caught up lying, you drink’. There are 150 cards, and on your turn, you will have to choose if you want to fill in the blank with a truth, or a completely made-up lie. However, if you get caught doing the latter, you drink. 

You Laugh You’re Out – $16.49

You Laugh You're Out

If you’re on a ‘drinking diet’, and you’d love to play a sober version of ‘You Laugh You Drink’, you must play ‘You Laugh You’re Out’. This one includes 125 cards and is played with similar rules, except when you laugh, you give up a laugh token to the Joker, and once you run out of these tokens, you’re out! 

People’s Reviews & Reactions About ‘You Laugh You Drink’

You Laugh You Drink - Reviews

There’s no better way to prove to you how good of a game ‘You Laugh You Drink’ is, rather than by sharing with you some of the reviews, by people that have played it:

  • “A friend brought this game over and it was so fun that I had to buy it! HILARIOUS. Some of the cards are pretty intense depending on if you’re around close friends/family vs acquaintances. Great way to get schwifty and get really close to people at the same time. Took over our whole game night!” – A.
  • “This game is very funny. Adult game…. Wouldn’t recommend playing with your family.” – L.K.
  • “This game was HILARIOUS. It’s a little scary at first but once you get a few drinks in you we were all DYING laughing and got all of us out of our comfort zone. Made a great night and great memories! PLEASE MAKE A PART 2!!!!” – R.
  • “We stayed up til 4 a.m. playing this game. Hilarious. Great for friends who don’t mind acting a whole fool. I’m pretty sure our neighbors think we’re crazy lots of yelling and laughing and wtf 6110/10 would recommend. My 1 complaint is if the cards get wet at all they fall apart quickly I still don’t understand why drinking card games come on paper cards but still would repurchase” – E.L.

Here are a few TikTok videos you’d like to watch, all related to reactions about ‘You Laugh You Drink’:

Final Thoughts

That was basically everything we had to talk about ‘You Laugh You Drink’. We can’t move on without showing you the final pros and cons though!

Simple design;
Easy to play;
Creative & funny content;
Helps you create funny memories;
Could be played by large groups of people too;
Everyone does their best to make the group laugh;
Contains a large enough deck of cards.
Cards may be damaged easily;
The prompts can get inappropriate and embarrassing at times.

Enjoy it, you people who can’t keep a straight face. 

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