SERVD Card Game: Where You And Your Partner Serve Challenges & Fun!

Servd - Cover Photo

We truly support fun card games. But, there’s always a special place in our hearts for card games which also tend to create stronger bonds. This is what SERVD definitely is. A heartwarming combination of laughs, super enjoyable challenges, cute conversations, and relationship-testers. 

Along the way, you’ll see that there are some extra packs of this card game, which undoubtedly make it even more adorable. With extremely simple rules and well-designed cards, SERVD is the next fun thing to try with your partner. Who would’ve thought you could make your homie delete that stupid photo of yours, make you a delicious dish, swap their meal with you, and much more crazy stuff! 

What will we talk about, exactly? 

  • Basic information about the game;
  • The box & the cards;
  • How to play SERVD;
  • My game experience;
  • Other packs;
  • Shops to get the game & competitors;
  • Conclusion;

Basic Information About The Game

Release year: 2020;
Creator: Greg Mulligan;
Manufacturer: SERVD.;
Origin: Sydney;
Dimensions: 3.62 x 2.64 x 0.71 inches;
Game type: Card Game
Players: 2;
The number of cards: 52;
Age: 18+;
Amazon ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars, 5760 ratings;
Official site:

Analyzing The Box & The Cards

People, your favorite part has just started. Ik, all of them are your favorite, but… Back to our point, let me give you a hint: the box is yellow! Have you ever seen a card game with a yellow box? You’ll see it now, baby!

Servd - Box

Too much yellow, isn’t it? You should say no! There’s never too much yellow, keep that in mind! There’s not much information in the front, as usual. The game name, the edition below (His & Hers), the Instagram page, and that website we mentioned previously. That’s all. 

We’ll take a look at the back as well, we never ignore it:

Servd - Back Of The Box

Surprisingly, the back doesn’t tell many details, but, we’ll take care of that part! All that’s explained are 3 basic rules on how to play the game and some copyrights on the bottom. Simple & pretty, isn’t it?

We’re done with the box, there’s nothing else left. Wait, there’s something left: the inside of the box! The irreplaceable cards! Take a look at them:

Servd - Cards

Let me repeat it once more: there are 52 cards in the deck. All cards are made in only 2 colors: black and yellow. Usually, there’s lots of text written on them, the letters, once more, are in yellow or black. To be honest, we love how they look!

Wanna see some more cards? Fine!

Servd - Card 1

Oh, this card’s about to solve tons of problems, isn’t it? We know your partner won’t love this shut-it-down card, but, who cares! 

Servd - Cards 2

These cards are all better than the others! The food envy card is a whole new level… No more meals that suck! 

Servd - Cards 3

You’re asking me what’s my personal favorite? Well, I’d definitely go with the second one. Your bae definitely deserves this sick day bae card. It’s a treat! 

No more cards, for now, let them remain our sweet secret… 

How Do You Play SERVD?

When we told you we are about to explain everything meticulously, this is what we meant! A whole section explaining the instructions. How thoughtful is that! 

Servd - Instructions Card

You may find the instructions cards inside the SERVD box. There’s a short description of the game, a little explanation about how the cards are played, and of course, how the game flow goes. Do you think that isn’t enough? Keep calm, we’ll start explaining in a bit! 

First things first, split the deck in two. Yes, 1 pile for each one of you. Make sure you don’t use each other’s cards. Next, agree on a timeframe. This is actually what makes the game pretty unique. You won’t have to complete all challenges in one night/day. The timeframe could be however you want, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, it’s all up to you! 

After you complete these two steps, make sure you start serving cards whenever you think it’s needed. Keep in mind that you might also play cards on top of your partners and shut them down, counteract, and more. Turns out you’ll need a bit of strategy, huh?

Something else important to know is that one card can only be used 1 time. Once you serve it, it’s gone. Yeah, be careful to find the perfect moment. It doesn’t come twice!

Make sure you remember that you cannot cancel cards, even if you play another card on top of your opponent’s. Also, every time you play a card, your partner should come up with a card back (unless they don’t want to). That’s how it works.

Let me remind you once more: only people over the age of 18 can play (based on the law :)) because of the content. Oh, and, it isn’t necessary to play cards only physically. You may send pictures or FaceTime to each other.  Yup, that’s all we got (for now)!

Sharing My Game Experience: Was This Card Game A Good Idea?

I stay behind the fact that card games are always good ideas! Are you curious to know how I got the game? Well, it was my and my partner’s 3d anniversary, and I ran out of gift ideas. That’s when this card game showed up, luckily! 

Of course, we did as the instructions asked us to. Divided the deck into 2 piles, and we both got ours. Deciding on the timeframe took us a while. We didn’t want it to end so fast, but either to last long, so we could both forget about it. We thought 1 month is enough, considering the fact that we’re always near each other. 

I remember I played my first card at a night-out dinner. I bet you know what that was!

Servd - Experience Card 1

What? Don’t judge me! His dessert full of chocolate looked better than I thought. Whatever belongs to him, belongs to me as well, right? 

Let’s proceed. Yes, you were carefully reading the instructions. It was now his time to play a card back. This is what he played the other week: The Namaste Today Card.

Servd - Experience Card 2

Just imagine: a girl having her mood swings, getting pissed off by every little thing, and you, a brave human, dare to play this card… I wouldn’t care if he’d told me to chill, but, we gotta play the game! 

All my partner did (after trying to convince me to stress out), was place this card in front of my face. I read it carefully and followed the instructions. Sincerely, it managed to make me calmer after these 10 deep breaths and the giant Ommm… I wish he had more of these cards though!

During the weeks we definitely played many cards. I won’t mention them all, obviously. Let’s take a look at one of my favorites. It was my time to shine:

Servd - Experience Card 3

Now, visualize this: we were at a shopping mall, and I played this card…. No words needed, huh? He had no choice other than to take off his pants. I let him survive for about 5 minutes, and then I thought he went through it enough. 

No, don’t worry, he got me back! After two days, this is what he played: 

Servd - Experience Card 4

I gotta admit it, we both enjoyed this. It kinda broke all that game tension, and of course, I and he gave shows. I won’t give details, dude! 

Honestly, we played this game around 1 year ago, and I don’t really remember every card, but I do remember that somewhere at the end of the timeframe, these were 2 of my last cards:

Servd - Experience Card 5
Servd - Experience Card 6

Oh my Lord, you have no idea how much I adored these two, especially the sorcerer stylish card. I made him wear my bras, and a cute crop top, some high heels, ahh, what else could I ask from life!!!

Besides we laughed during these extremely fun challenges, we laugh till this day remembering them. Do we recommend it? If you’re free with your partner and are up to challenges, definitely yes! 

Other Packs Of SERVD 

Didn’t we mention it? Besides the main game, His & Hers, there are also more packs, for couples and friends. Here’s what I’m talking about:

1. SERVD – His & His 

Servd - His & His

Here’s the His & His edition for couples. Check out some of the cards inside this box: 

  • The My Way Today Card: We all have our own unique way of doing things. The only problem is, your way is dumb and mine makes way more sense. Today, you’ll be doing ______ the way I do it;
  • The Bearer Of Bad News Card: Errrrr… That’s not gonna go down so well. Shotgun not telling them;
  • The Partner In Crime Card: Come try this new thing with me so I’m not the worst person there & have someone to laugh at.

2. SERVD – Hers & Hers

Servd - Hers & Hers

Let’s continue with the Female VS Female version of SERVD. Take a look at what some cards say:

  • The Pamper Me Card: Pamper party, rsvp yas! For one hour this humble abode is turning into a fancy af day spa. With one employee aka… you and one client aka… me;
  • The Big Fat No Card: Not feeling it? Shut down one of your partner’s crazy cards with this bad boy. But beware, your partner can ‘big fat no’ your ‘big fat no’ card;


Servd - BFFs

Of course, they didn’t forget to make one for the besties out there! Here’s what you may find inside this pack:

  •  The Return To Sender Card: Yeh, that thing of mine you’ve had for the last few forevers… I’ll have it back now thanks;
  • The Designated Driver Card: You are such a good friend. I can’t believe you just nominated yourself to be my designated driver tonight! Thanks babe;
  • The Girls Night Award: Just when you thought you’re gonna have a night in, watching romcoms and sipping fancy teas, I went and played the girls’ night card like some sort of crazy coconut. Soz babe, we’re going out. 

4. SERVD – Bro’s

Servd - Bros

Last but not least, the Bro’s edition, made for the boys! These are some of the cards: 

  • The Beer Baron Card: Bring the beer bro, unless you want me to be weird and sober;
  • The Miss Piggy Card: You’ve entered a new level of human piggery and this is an invention. It’s for your own good, you can start by cleaning your _____;
  • The Ya Bae Is Boring Card: That thing ( I refuse to learn its name) that’s been hanging around you like a bad smell is cramping our style. Ditch ‘em and let’s hang! 

Shops To Get The Game & Competitors Of SERVD.

We explained everything except one thing: where do we get this wonderful game? Here’s the answer: you may find it on Amazon, Ubuy, or eBay

Now, let’s lead to the other question: what are the competitors? 

1. Talk, Flirt, Dare – $24.50

Talk, Flirt, Dare

Talk, Flirt, Dare is another cool couples card game that will make you spill some truths, and complete some challenges. There are 150 cards inside the box, divided into 3 decks. It is made for people over the age of 14, and includes unique cards, such as: describe how you would like your partner to seduce you one day?, do a striptease slowly removing 2 items of your clothing, if you decide to become bloggers what would you blog about, and many more! 

2. Truth Or Dare – $8.95

Truth Or Dare

Truth or dare is lots of people’s go-to card game! It has an amazing effect on creating stronger bonds between couples, just by using some questions and challenges. This edition contains 50 cards, including amusing content. What is your biggest turn-off, bondage: yes or no, who’s your favorite make-out song, these are just 3 of the total amount of lovely cards. It is definitely recommended for 2 players only, partners, 18 years or older… 

3. Why Don’t We Spice It Up? – $26.90

Why Don't We Spice It Up

A similar type of game as what we mentioned previously. Works incredibly great on date nights, vacations, trips, or every time alone with your partner. Includes 150 cards that belong to different levels: spicy, medium, or mild. There are pretty meaningful questions and entertaining challenges to bring tons of fun. We may mention here some of them: read the last message you got on your phone in the most seducing voice you can, who’s the first person I’d call if I was in trouble and why? and many more. Once more, this is made for people 18 or older. 

Conclusion: Is SERVD Worth It?

We already know that there are dozens of cool couples card games. What we like to emphasize is that SERVD is undoubtedly a very unique one, considering here all the characteristics we mentioned. If you think you need them to be mentioned once again, here are the pros and cons of SERVD:

What we likeWhat we don’t
The content is very creative;
We love that there are also packs that support not only straight community;
Besides couples, there are 2 editions for besties as well;
The box is tiny enough to carry with you;
You may play the game for as long as you want;
Cards may actually help you in your relationship;
Makes a great gift;
There are no complicated rules at all;
It wouldn’t hurt if the packs had more cards inside;
If you’ve  just met each-other, the content may be a bit embarrassing.

To be as transparent as possible, here are some comments of other people who played the game:

  • “SERVD saved my marriage for real. We were having no fun at all, and we kinda lost communication. This card game brought back the sparkle, and made us create that strong bond again.”- Timothy;
  • “This is great only if you’re already close with your partner since there’s some spicy stuff in there. My fiance and I played it for about 3 months, and it was unexplainably amusing!” – Ruth;
  • “Seeing how fun the couples edition was, I couldn’t resist getting the Bro’s edition as well. Just a friendly reminder: if your partner/friend is kinda sensitive, make sure you go through all the cards and remove anything that may seem too much. Anyways, we didn’t need that. We had unlimited laughs & fun!”- Zachary;

Go serve some fun! 

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