Do You Love Asking People Things? – 20 Astounding Question Card Games!

Question Card Games

We, as humans, lovemaking questions. All the time. Even if our questions are worthless, yeah, we love talking, in general…

When making questions, what we love most is to make people feel embarrassed, it’s our superpower, ya know, when we see people’s faces getting blushed, just like a very red tomato!

This is going to be a mix of card games, including here family card games because ya know, family first!

But no worries, of course, adult card games are going to be one of the most important parts of this article, obviously!

You know this is more interesting Questions To Play Who’s Most Likely To makes hella fun playing this one.

We made sure to make a list of different games, so you all can find yourself in them, and no one will be left out or forgotten, no matter what your favorite type of game is! 

If you give attention to the details we wrote, such as the number of cards on every game, the age range & number of players, the content inside every box, you’ll be able to find the game that fits you best!

Here are the details since you’re probably being in a rush:

  • Buying Guide – Choosing The Perfect Question Card Game;
  • Editor’s Best Picks;
  • The Game List; 
  1. Icebreaker Deck;
  2. Let’s Get Deep;
  3. The Hygge Game;
  4. Brain Freeze;
  5. Little Talk;
  6. Who In The Room;
  7. Misconceptions;
  8. Say Anything;
  9. Vertellis Card Game;
  10. You Know;
  11. The Best Friend;
  12. Do You Know Me?;
  13. Friends Trivia Game;
  14. 88 Great Conversation Starters;
  15. Things They Don’t Teach You In School;
  16. Quick And Dirty;
  17. Tis The Season;
  18. Uncommon Questions;
  19. Black Card Revoked;
  20. Answer The Internet;                        
  • Can We Make Our Customized Question Card Game?;
  • Our Final Thought;

The Buying Guide – Choosing The Best Question Card Game

This is a struggle itself, I know, I know!!! You know, what If I choose the wrong one, is the content appropriate for me, will my other friends like it?, and aghhh, all this scary stuff… 

No worries anymore, we’ll show you some great tips, and it’ll feel like somebody else is choosing the game for you! Follow them:

  • Do you want to have a themed game? Some of the games on our list, have a specific theme, or situation, and they’d be great only if all the players love that specification. For example, it would be nonsense playing the Friends Card Game if your friends haven’t watched a single episode of the Tv Show. One more example is Tis The Season game… I mean, if any of the people in the room aren’t really holiday addicted, it wouldn’t be that fun!
  • Who are planning to ask & answer these questions with? That’s one of the main details actually. You should know about the content, and the box can say a lot about it. It would be embarrassing playing a dirty game, just as ‘Quick & Dirty’, with people you just met. What I’m saying is that you can start with some conversation starters, or some questions to get to know each other (‘Icebreaker deck’, ‘The Hygge Games’, are two amazing examples.
  • Are you looking for a family friendly question card game? Yes, we included them too, as I mentioned, because we always need to have some precious time with our family. Always check the age range to see if our kids & teens can play it. Don’t make that mistake to pick a random game, you can’t imagine how blushed you may get. The ‘Little Talk’, ‘Misconceptions’ and some others you’ll find while reading would be great for family time.
  • How many people will be in that ‘question game night’? The number of players is the one of the most important. If you’re at a big party, ‘Vertellis’ is not the best choice… There are lots of other games that are designed for larger groups, we can mention ‘Let’s Get Deep’ , the ‘Hygge Game’, and… keep reading!
  • Do you think you’d like to expand that game later? If you’re a card game lover, when you’re looking for a game, you may want to know if there are other expansions or extra packs of that game (you know, just in case you like it that much). Such games can be ‘Do You Know Me’, ‘Icebreaker Deck’, ‘Brain Freeze’, and a bunch of others (or not)…
  • If stuck between 2 games with almost the same characteristics, choose the one with a lower price. You should have known that already. I mean, every game is unique and all that, but, if by your point of view you think that 2 question games are kinda similar to each other, why choose the more expensive one? Nonsense!

Editor’s Best Picks

The Best Family-Friendly Question Card Game: You Know

“It tends to bring the whole family together, no matter if there are little kids or grown-ups!”

The Game Of Psychological Thoughts: The Hygge Game

“The Hygge Game takes you back in time but also sends you in the future. You’ll dive deep…”

The Couples’ Favorite One: 88 Conversation Starters

“ What we love most is that it contains different topics and even some heartwarming questions…”

A Festive Question Card Game: Tis The Season

“The icing on top for our favorite holiday: Christmas! Creates a very lovely mood in the house.”

The Most Competitive One: Brain Freeze

“Making it a competition about who blows words out faster? That’s genius! We love the idea & the game, obviously!”

Here you can find out the best 20 Question Card Games below:

1. The Game Of Deep Conversations: Icebreaker Deck – $24.99

Icebreaker Deck

The game specifics:

The Icebreaker Deck is a good one for (almost) all ages. Inside the box, we will find 150 cards (questions). The cards are divided into 6 sections: Life, Random, Deep, Experiences, If you could, Would you rather.

What are some of the questions?

  • What’s your love language?;
  • What do you enjoy doing the most with your best friend?;
  • What’s the most illegal thing you’ve done?;
  • When was the last time you cried and why?;
  • What’s your dream job if money didn’t matter?

2. A Deep Game For The Couples (Or Couples To Be): Let’s Get Deep – $19.99

Let's Get Deep

The game specifics:

You about to get deep? A game made by the amazing creators of What Do You Meme?, and the manufacturer recommends it to people that are ages 17+. There’s a huge set inside, 500 cards, divided into: Icebreaker, Deep, Deeper.

What are some of the questions?

  • What do your friends think of me?;
  • Do you believe in second chances? Why or why not?;
  • What’s your guilty pleasure?;
  • What’s something embarrassing you do when nobody is home?;

3. A Psychological Game (Kinda): The Hygge Game – $20.00 

The Hygge Game

The game specifics:

The Hygge Game makes you dive into some psychological questions, it has 300 questions inside, and we recommend it to people who are 14 years or older. Great to play with your family or friends! 

What are some of the questions?

  • Did you try anything for the first time in the past year?;
  • What smell reminds you the most of your childhood?;
  • Name something you look back at and think ”I can’t believe I was afraid of that!”;
  • Was there any period of your life that was difficult but that ultimately made you a stronger or better person?

4. The Game To Challenge Your Speed Of Thinking: Brain Freeze – $14.95

Brain Freeze

The game specifics:

Does your brain freeze? You’ll prove that with the amazing 120 cards, especially if you & your team are older than 15 (3 or more people is best). It also has a family edition.

The point is to see who can give the fastest answer to a question (or to tell something about a specific sentence). Basically, all you have to do is blow stuff out!

What are some of the questions?

  • I judge people for _______;
  • My first kiss;
  • My biggest turn off;
  • My safe word;
  • Most embarrassing moment.

5. The Game To Gather The Family Together: Little Talk – $24.99

Little Talk

The game specifics:

This ‘Little Talk’ is designed for all ages, for kids 4 years or older. It includes 150 cards, six-color categories: Hopes & Dreams, Likes & Dislikes, Reflections, Self Expression, Emotional Intelligence & Random.

What are some of the questions?

  • What do you need help with right now?;
  • What’s your least favourite food?;
  • What’s one thing your mom/dad does that drives you crazy?;
  • What book character would you like to be and why?;
  • What are you really good at that you can teach others how to do?

6. The Game Where You Get To Vote: Who’s In The Room? – $20.00

Who In The Room

The game specifics:

This resembles me with the Voting Game, but anyways… Who In The Room? has 300 questions, but be careful, they’re not appropriate for people under the age of 17.

You take some seconds to think, and then point to the player you think fits best in that question.

What are some of the questions?

Who in the room:

  • Pees in the shower;
  • Has the best voice for radio;
  • Has the smallest feet;
  • Doesn’t make their bed in the morning;
  • Would rate their sexual skills the highest on a scale of 1-10.

7. Great Conversation Starter: Misconceptions – $14.95


The game specifics:

Did you create misconceptions about specific facts? This game has 150 interesting cards, which are fun for the whole family (best for 12+). What we love is that there are 8 other editions of this game.

What are some of the questions?

  • True or false: Eating Twinkies was used as a defense against murder;
  • In the Disney movie Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs the Wicked Queen says: “Mirror, mirror on the wall” or “Magic mirror on the wall.”;
  • True or false: Fortune cookies come from Japan;

8. The Game Of Competition: Say Anything – $16.04

Say Anything

The game specifics:

Say Anything is a deck of 80 question cards. Appropriate for ages 13+, and based on our experience, it works best for 3-8 players. 

The player who asked the question gets to choose the funniest (anonymous) answer.

What are some of the questions?

  • If I had a ‘big’ anything what would it be?;
  • Who’s the most annoying celebrity in show business?;
  • What’s the worst thing to say to a cop after getting pulled over?;
  • I’ll be your best friend if you place ______ next to my drink.

9. A Game Of Mindfulness: Vertellis Holiday Edition – $19.00


The game specifics:

As a question game, Vertellis makes us connect more with our beloved ones. The game contains 46 questions & it can be played by all ages. There is also the relationship edition & the family edition!

What are some of the questions?

  • What are the three things that gave you the most energy?;
  • What do you want to achieve next year?;
  • Who has inspired you most?;
  • Of which personal achievement are you most proud?;

10. Testing Our Social Skills: You Know – $22.99

You Know

The game specifics:

You know? The game has 2 decks of cards, a total of 108 cards (Would You Rather), including the special cards, just as: Take Two, Wild, Skip, Reverse, Card Spy, etc. The manufacturer recommends it for people (and kids) that are 7 years or older.

What are some of the questions?

  • Would you rather: Be able to rewind time OR Be able to change the future?;
  • Be known for being a good person OR Be known for being talented?;
  • All your friends be better looking OR All your friends be smarter than you?;
  • Never feel pain again OR Never feel fear again?

11. Do You Really Know Your Best Friend Game: The Best Friend – $20.49

The Best Friend

The game specifics:

Just as the name, you got the meaning of it. This Best Friend Game has 250 questions, where you get to guess things about your besties, and it’s designed for ages 14+.  

What are some of the questions?

  • What was the name of my first girlfriend/ boyfriend?;
  • If a stranger saw me on a street, how would they think I am?;
  • What’s my bedtime (Use 30-minute increments);
  • Netflix, HBO or Youtube?

12. For The Player In The Hot Seat: Do You Know Me? – $19.99

Do You Know Me

The game specifics:

There’s a player in the hot seat. Meaning that all the other players complete 5 sentences about that person, and have to guess if that’s true or not. The game has 430 question cards, made for people who are 17 or older. 

What are some of the questions?

  • Has _____ ever peed in a bottle?;
  • Was ______ ever suspended from school?;
  • If ______ won the lottery, would they share the money with the other players?;
  • Can _____ name three people Taylor Swift dated?

13. For The Friends Lovers Out There: Friends TV Show Trivia Game – $14.59

Friends Tv Show Trivia Game

The game specifics:

Questions about our all-time favorite show? Amazing, I KNOW!!!(Monica’s voice). This Trivia game has a huge set inside, 600 questions, and anyone over the age of 12 can play. A card has 5 questions written on it, including all seasons. 

What are some of the questions?

  • What was the intended shape of Emma’s first birthday care?;
  • What is the name of Ursula’s ex-fiance that Phoebe then dates?;
  • What is Phoebe’s New Year’s Resolution?;
  • Who encroaches upon Joey’s turf whilst he’s working as a cologne spritzer?

14. Another One For The Husband & Wives: 88 Great Conversation Starters: $8.18

88 Great Conversation Starters

The game specifics:

Works great for both couples who just started dating & couples who have been married for years. It has 44 double-sided cards, meaning there are 88 questions. It’s heartwarming!

What are some of the questions?

  • How do you imagine celebrating our 25th anniversary? Our 50th?;
  • Describe your idea of a perfect vacation for the two of us?;
  • What are three things I do that make you feel special & loved?;
  • What was the worst outfit your mother ever made you wear?

15. A Game Of Things You Never Thought Of: Things They Don’t Teach You At School – $19.99

Things They Don't Teach You In School

The game specifics:

You’re gonna read about some things, probably some useless stuff, but, who cares? Inside the box, we find 40 questions made for people who are 17 or older. The point is to guess the right answer to a very weird question!

What are some of the questions?

  • Is it possible to tattoo your tongue?;
  • Do you hear better or worse after eating a lot of food?;
  • What country has the most divorces per 100 marriages?;
  • What would a tiger look like if you shaved all its fut? 

16. For You Dirty Minders: Quick & Dirty – $14.99

Quick & Dirty

The game specifics:

The game where you have to be as fast as possible. Includes 70 cards. As you assumed from the name, this is NOT a game for kids or even teens. The point of the game is to give the fastest answer for a word starting with a specific letter.

What are some of the questions?

  • Things that happen in Vegas?;
  • Weird phobia?;
  • Something you binge on?;
  • Place with crazy people?;

17. A Cute & Lovely Holiday One: Tis The Season – $29.99

Tis The Season

The game specifics:

The perfect holiday card game doesn’t exi…. Oh, it happens, it exists, it is called Tis The Season! There are (take a deep breath), 1200 questions!!! That is huge, I know, I know! It is great for all ages!

There are 6 categories: History & Facts & Figures, Traditions Around The World, Cartoons & Other Shows, Movies On The Big Screen, and Literature & Performing Arts.

25 Best Adult Christmas Party Games: Superior Activities Games!

What are some of the questions?

  • What holiday drink contains milk, sugar and eggs?;
  • What movie’s main character was George Bailey?;
  • In Spain, what midnight event is called Misa del Galla?;
  • What popular bite-sized chocolate candy comes wrapped in red and green foil at Christmas?

18. A Good Game For You And Your Significant Other: Uncommon Questions – $18.95

Uncommon Questions

The game specifics:

What? Another couples card game? Okay, I promise, this is the last one! There are 200 questions (conversation starters) inside the box! Including deep, lovely & funny ones!

What are some of the questions?

  • What is the happiest you have seen your significant other?;
  • If you could train a robot to complete two tasks as perfectly and frequently as you do, what would you choose?;
  • What experiences in your life do you wish your significant other could have witnessed to better understand you?

19. An All Topics Game: Black Card Revoked – $14.99 

Black Card Revoked

The game specifics:

If you (hopefully not) are racist, skip this game! Black Card Revoked contains 81 question cards and 24 response cards. If you’re curious, there are 4 more editions (you can tell the difference based on their box color).

By the way, every question has the options you have to choose. Only the player who asked the question gets to see the correct option!

What are some of the questions?

  • What do they call drugs at 74th Street Baptist church?;
  • Why shouldn’t a woman buy a man a pair of shoes?;
  • Who is the best rap artist out there now?;
  • When Grandma tells you to “rench” it off, what do you need to complete the task?

20. The Game To Give Interesting Opinions: Answer The Internet – $25.00

Answer The Internet - Question Card Games

The game specifics:

Could you answer the internet? I mean, in different questions, we’re talking about 500 questions!!! There categories just as: Answer The Internet, Poll The Internet, debate The Internet, etc. P.s. adults only!

What are some of the questions?

  • What is the fiercest animal you think you could take in a fight?;
  • Would you bang your cousin to win the Powerball?;
  • Mary, Love, Kill: Italian Food, Mexican Food, Chinese Food.

Can We Make Our Customized Question Card Game?

Huh, why not? Of course we can do that. Yes, we showed you lots of astonishing games, and there may be many others, but, if you have played some of these, or you simply just want to make your own game, ask your questions dude!

Here are some tips how to do it:

  • Choose a theme. If you’re about to play with a specific group of people, and you have a favourite thing, like a TV Show or a specific character, or basically anything you want, make questions related to it!
  • If you want to get to know each other more, make questions that can start conversations. Especially great for people who are introverts and find it hard to say things out, even though they want to make new friends! Question card games help you connect with each other and learn lots of new things about your team.
  • Take care of the content according to the age of players. I mean, using basic questions, or something about school to adults, it’s embarrassing, really! On the other hand, you don’t wanna include your kids in some dirty stuff, do you wanna get blushed?
  • Read some curiosities on the internet, find the best ones. This is how you make a very interesting & intense question card game, where your friends will also learn a lot of new stuff, new facts, but they’ll also laugh about how unnecessary that thing is!
  • If you want something extra, make them guess answers. I mean, you ask someone a question, they write it down and everyone else guesses what he/she wrote. Everyone who guessed the answer right, gets points (you make the rules!

Our Final Thought

I know, this was a long journey… Anyways, I know every word is worth it! 

We tried to do a mix of all types of games, including questions for all ages, all personalities, so everyone would feel included & a part of our family. 

Don’t forget to follow our buying guide, and take a look at our best picks for best results. Oh, how much time that took us, it was really hard to choose the best out of the bests!

Keep making questions, you love doing that! 

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