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Cards Against Office is the perfect addition to any adult game!

Get back to the Office series with the Cards Against Office. Experience the hilarious quotes, lines and characters of your favorite TV Show while playing the game!

  • Cards Against Office is the perfect addition to any adult game!
  • The Cards Against Office box consists of 180 playing cards.
  • White Cards: 144
  • Black Cards: 36
  • Players: 4-20+ people.
  • Game Time: 30-90 minutes.
  • Worldwide FREE Shipping and fast delivery within 5-10 business days.

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Attention, this is big! *that’s what she said*

No, seriously, this is big. That’s what she said, once again. The Office lovers, you better get ready for this one…

This is the unofficial version of Cards Against Humanity, and boy we are all loving it! Its Cards Against Office, which’s box consists of 180 playing cards.

The Box Against Office version of “Cards Against Humanity” is based on the most famous and loved TV series of all time, the Office.

Cards Against Office card game is based on the theme of the TV Show the Office series.

The content of the cards includes sentences and sayings of your favorite moments of the TV show.

Along with the quotes from the most hilarious characters of the TV show, the cards also include images of the main characters which will make you fill the gap you had when the TV show ended.

The game will bring out the memories and make you relive the joyful moments that the TV show has brought you combined with the series’s favorite lines.

This game in fact is the perfect card game that needs to take place in your office or at your friend’s party.

The hilarious lines that the game brings will lighten your and all of your colleague’s moods.

Box Against Office – Card Examples

Let’s see some of the most awkward and hilarious lines from black and white cards of Cards Against the Office.

Are you ready to laugh your head off? Because hell yes, we are!!

Before moving to separate examples of the Cards Against Office card’s content, take a look at these hilarious combinations from your fellow players!

Black Card:

And the Academy Award for ___ goes to ___.

White Cards:

Pretending to care. God

Do you believe that the combination “And the Academy Award for pretending to care goes to God” wouldn’t bring you a bundle of laughs?

Wait until you see more card examples though!

Mega Desk Box Against Office

The Office Card Examples











Black Cards Examples:

What does Michael hate more than Toby?
What makes Dwight, Dwight?
Jim put my ___ in jello again!
Break me off a piece of that ___.
The bigger the ___, the more powerful the man. – Dwight Schrute.
If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with ____, ___, and Toby. I would shoot Toby twice.

White Card Examples:

Going twenty-eight years old without having sex.
Charles Miner.
Meredith’s casual Friday dress.
Pam’s face when Jim asks her out for the first time.
Kevin’s famous chill.
Declaring bankruptcy!
Asking yourself “Would an idiot do that?”

The great combination possibilities that these cards offer will make you experience the obstacles and funny moments that everyday life offers us.

As in the case in one of our favorite lines from the Office TV Show series, Dwight assumed the world’s situation.

In one of the episodes of the Office, Dwight said: “There are too many people on this earth. We need a new plague”.

Well… today we all are shocked and amazed at how perfect this line is adapting to the lockdown the world is experiencing these days.

Where can I buy Cards Against Office?

You can buy the Cards Against Office box for $16.95.

The game box includes a total of 180 White and Black Cards which you can use during the game.

Cards are used by color. There are 144 white answer cards and 36 black question cards.

You can do various card combinations and enjoy the perfect time of choosing the best answer card of the game.

Buy Cards Against Office now and enjoy this wonderful throwback in time that these cards bring, with your family and friends!

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  1. Luisa

    I just got my order. The box and the cards are in a great condition and there is no spelling mistakes on the cards. Can’t wait to play the game.

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