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Bring the reality show to life! Buy Cards Against Kardashians and find the same great gameplay you love in the original Cards Against Humanity, but with a Kardashian-themed twist that’s sure to have your friends and family laughing.

  • The Cards Against Kardashians set includes 876 playing Cards
  • 276 black, and 600 white cards
  • The perfect addition to any adult game!
  • Digital Download
  • 4-20+ people
  • 30-90 minutes Game Time


“Kim, there’s people that are dying” is the most famous saying from the Kardashians’ family –  Sayings that will accompany you during your adult gaming experience with Cards Against Kardashians.

Since the broadcast of this episode in 2011, these six words became the most popular words on social media and were used to describe different life situations.

Sayings like these, and epic moments from the TV show such as when Khloe went to jail and Kim along the way took pictures or savage moments and behaviors from Kourtney throughout the entire season you will find among the sayings on the cards.

Hands down, “Kards Against Kardashians” is a must-have for the Kardashians fans! Yes, it is written with K. If you are a fan, you’ll know why!

Cards Against The Kardashians: Humanity Version

Cards Against Kardashians is a parody of “Cards Against Humanity” that was created by Kardashian’s fans. Cards Against Kardashians consists of Kardashian-themed humor which will bring back to you the most savage quotes from the TV Show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

In this game, you compete against your friends and family to show who knows more about the Kardashians. You will see sentences like “When Kanye is president he will create a policy called…” or “Everything the Kardashians touch, turns to gold except for ____”. In the end, whoever makes the best card combination wins!

Cards Against Kardashians contains 876 playing cards of which 276 are black, and 600 are white cards. Like most “Cards Against Humanity” editions,” Cards Against Kardashians” can be used as a standalone game or can be combined with other decks that have similar Reality Show themes as “Cards Against Office”.

How to play Cards Against Kardashians?

Kardashians Cards Against Humanity is guaranteed to bring the players hours of laughs and a good time while playing it. If you are a fan of the Kardashian family and you want to “Keep up with the Kardashians” this is how you can play it:

Each round, one player reads the sentence from a black card out loud and everyone, in turn, answers with the white card which they consider the funniest response.

I believe you have noticed that the number of white cards is higher than the black ones. That’s because during the game players will have the chance to choose the funniest card that fits better the black one.

As was mentioned above, the content of the cards is rude and offensive Kardashian-themed humor which also contains other sayings that are not used on the TV Show. So, it is a mix-up of fans’ creativity and real sentences from the show.

Keep in mind that unlike most Cards Against Humanity editions, this is also a game that should be played by adults only. Therefore, we suggest you choose your game buddies carefully because you would not want someone to get offended during the party and ruin the party spirit!

Cards Against Kardashians Examples

We will start by giving you some hints so you will know how to react when you see the hilarious and savage lines for the first time! I guess you will be the first to get introduced to the game.

Take a look at the most savage lines from the game and learn the possible combinations you could do while playing it!

Black Cards

  • Kim was savage on Twitter when fans talked about North’s eyebrows. Afterward, she said ______ was the main priority.
  • With a one time payment of $25 you can save a Kardashian from ____________.
  • Rumor has it that Kim once killed a man with _______.
  • Kylie Cosmetics was found to be using _________ in its products.
  • Kanye’s plan for world domination begins with _________.

White Cards

  • Pictures of Kris Jenner’s asshole
  • A bigger, thicker, blacker dick.
  • Bruce’s cut-off penis.
  • Bruce’s new vagina.
  • Squirting cum in Kim’s eye.

Check out some of the most savage combinations out there!

Cards Against Kardashians game play example

Whoop! Whoop! Would you have thought of this combination? That’s hilarious!!


Cards against Kardashians example

Oh wow! What a response!


Can we? I don’t think so!


I think these images are great examples to demonstrate the party game spirit of Kardashian cards! Imagine what others will be like! Fire! Don’t miss out! Buy them Now!

You can purchase the digital download of Cards Against Kardashians for a price of $9.95.

Whether you’re looking for some fun with friends or something to do with your significant other, board games are a great way to bring a group of people together.

From classics like Cards Against Muggles or Cards Against Disney versions to newer favorites like Cards Against Kardashians, there’s something in this list for everyone. Choose wisely and fit your friends and family into the board games world!

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    Best Game for Kardashians Fans. You can play with your friends all night and still have fun.!!

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