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Let's Get Deep Card Game - Cover Photo

Sometimes we all suck at communicating. Are we on the same page? Yeah, communication is the key to every existing relationship. It is what keeps two people close to each other. We know some of you struggle at this point. You feel like you’re about to make things worse, and you hesitate to ask the other one about how they feel… 

But, what if things get better? What if we tell you about a couples card game that makes you speak your hearts out? That’s what ‘Let’s Get Deep’ is all about. A card game that contains cards for different stages (3 levels of intimacy), based on how good you know, or wanna know the other player. It’s all about questions, starting from random to very personal, which helps you create stronger bonds & know each other deeper. We’ll make sure to mention all the game details, tell you about our experience with it, share other people’s reviews, and more. Enjoy 🙂 

What are today’s main characters?

  • A Short Biography;
  • The Appearance (The Box);
  • Cards;
  • Playing The Game;
  • My Game Experience;
  • Shops & Competitors;
  • Other Packs;
  • FAQ;
  • Conclusion;

A Short Biography About ‘Let’s Get Deep’

Release date: 27th of April, 2022;
Publisher: What Do You Meme?;
Product dimensions: 2.75 x 4.5 x 8.5 inches;
Game type: Questions card game;
Age range: 17+;
The number of players: 2 (or more);
Cards: 500;
Game time: 30 to 90 minutes;
Difficulty level: easy;
The point of the game: Making people connect deeper with each other through answering questions.
Amazon ratings: 2230 ratings, 4.4 out of 5 stars;

The Appearance 

Once more, Let’s Get Deep is a card game designed to help people create stronger bonds, no matter if it’s between 2 people, or couples to know the other couple better. Let’s start with the box. Aren’t we super-excited to see how it looks? 

Let's Get Deep - Box

In the mass, this box is made in a luxury purple color, which gets a gradient. In the front, as we’re used to, we’ll first see the game name written in a large & pretty font. Right below, it tells the edition (for couples), which is also the core game. On the bottom right corner, it tells the manufacturer, as we mentioned earlier, What Do You Meme?

From the picture shown above, the sides of the box are obvious as well. There are mentioned the same pieces of information as in the front, but also added the basic rules to play: the age range (17+), number of players (2+), and the game time (30-90 mins). That’s enough to make you fall in love with the game. Or not yet… We still have the back to talk about! 

Let's Get Deep - Back Of The Box

Take a breath, take it deep (Rihanna!), because you’ll see many details now! First of all, there’s a 4-rows phrase explaining the idea of the game. By reading it, you’ll understand that there are 3 levels of intimacy included in the game: Icebreaker, Deep, and last but not least, deeper. What we find thoughtful is that there are also 2 examples of cards for each category, which helps you create an impression about the card game. Right on the bottom, there are repeated the basic rules once more, and something extra is the game contents: 500 cards in total. We’ll get to that in a bit! 

Let’s Get Deep On The Cards

Let's Get Deep - Inside The Box

The essence of a card game is cards, right? Once you open the box you’ll see that all cards are divided into 3 decks. Based on your preferences you may choose the level, without having to go through all the cards to remove anything inappropriate. Let’s Get Deep contains a total of 500 cards, divided into 100 icebreakers, 200 deep & 200 other deeper cards. 

There’s the level written on the back of each card, but also the colors on them

Are different shades of purple. Deeper has the darkest color and icebreaker has the lightest one. Also, there’s the game name written at the bottom of each card, just in case you forget what you’re playing… Here, let us show you some of the cards: 

Let's Get Deep - Icebreaker Card

We bet your favorite year so far wasn’t 2020… You see, the question is very well-structured & avoids close answers. You have to actually give details. 

Let's Get Deep - Deep Card

Well okay, maybe not that weird. We don’t want to scare the crap out of them… 

Let's Get Deep - Deeper Card

Tell him/her the truth. Whatever they think of them. They’ll understand it anyways…

Let's Get Deep - Cards

The third card is undoubtedly my favorite. It makes you take out everything you’re probably holding inside for a long time or every little thing that bothers you or makes you happy… Cool your jets. We will absolutely show you more cards later, but, for now, you’ve seen enough. 

Playing This Card Game

What you should know before even buying the game is that first, you can’t play it alone. It would sound ridiculous to ask yourself these deep questions. Or not. Anyways, second, the manufacturer, and also based on our experience, the game works best for people over the age of 17, because of its content. 

Now, you may play it only with another player, who most likely is your lover, or with other couples on double dates or something. If you and your partner have just started to date, we’d recommend you start with icebreakers and deep questions, because deeper cards can get a bit too personal. On the other hand, if you have a 10-year marriage, asking your partner ’do you sing in the shower?’ can get funny. Skip to the deeper level. 

Of course, the game would totally slay if you’d use all three levels. Before starting to play, make sure you turn off your phone and stay away from any distractions. You only keep your mind on your partner & the cards. Start by choosing the preferred card category, and start drawing cards from the piles. If you’ll use all levels, both of you should draw one icebreaker card, 2 deep cards, and 2 deeper cards. Whoever made the first move on your relationship starts first. 

In your turn, you start by reading one question from your hand, and your lover answers. Then it’s their turn, and then it’s again your turn until you have no cards in your hands. THat’s when you draw cards again. This goes on repeatedly. 

The game ends whenever you get bored of it, or when you’ve answered all the 500 question cards. Both of you are winners since you’ve both gained more information about your significant other. How cute is that?!

My Game Experience: Did It Really Get Us Deep?

For honest reviews, we’re now sharing with you my very personal experience with ‘Let’s Get Deep’. My partner and I decided to get this card game for our 1st dating anniversary, as a gift for both of us. We started playing it right after we received the order. 

Now, since we knew each other for more than one year & we were already very open to our relationship, we used all three levels of the card game. We also thought that this will make it fun & meaningful simultaneously. So, we used the whole cards, keeping them in their set deck. Just as the rules suggested, both of us started by drawing 1 card from the icebreaker decks, and two cards from both deep & deeper. 

In the following, let me show you some of the cards that popped up, followed by our answers. Let’s start with the first 3 cards, shall we?

Let's Get Deep - Experience Card 1
Let's Get Deep - Experience Card 2
Let's Get Deep - Experience Card 3

Now, these were hella good questions to start the date. The first one was my question, so, he had to answer it. And just as we both knew, it was Christmas. Anyways, we both wanted to answer the second question, even if was my time to answer. What we said was that once we wake up we check up on our phone, just as the masses do, and it is super toxic! 

I couldn’t wait to get an answer to the third question, since you know, men sometimes tend to act strong, and not cry babies at all. Guess what? The last time he cried was when we watched a very emotional movie. Oh, I’m oversharing again, ain’t I? After some time, we decided to leave Icebreaker cards out of the playing area, since they had no meaning for us. We just continued drawing Deep & Deeper cards. Here are some others (along with our answers):

Let's Get Deep - Experience Card 4

Oh, this question brought so much fun. Since I was the one to ask, my man enjoyed sharing some primary school memories with all the teachers he hate. Who would’ve thought that he’d suck in geography…

Let's Get Deep - Experience Card 5

You’re right. It was finally my time to shine. As a person who loves to travel & spend loads of money, I bet you can guess my answer. I mean, why have 10 years more if you can’t have fun?

Let's Get Deep - Experience Card 6

I was dying out of curiosity to know this one. He answered that the first thing he ever bought with his own money was a $200 watch. He’s a bit obsessed. And what did I buy with my own money at first? FOOD!

Let's Get Deep - Experience Card 7

Um… We felt like we both needed to answer this. It meant a lot. Well, he said he’s willing to splurge on having such a pretty girlfriend, and I told exactly the same (replacing girlfriend with boyfriend, obviously). We, being love birds… 

The game went on and on, and we just kept listening to each other, learning amazing stuff about our partner. We had to answer things we had never thought of. And that’s what made it special. Everything was spontaneous, and each answer came directly from within us. 

Aren’t you tired of reading these cards? Not yet? Well okay, check two more. Definitely some of our favorites!

Let's Get Deep - Experience Card 9
Let's Get Deep - Experience Card 8

About the first one, we both said that we’ve become way calmer and more sensitive since we two started being a thing, which I think is the cutest thing ever (*cries). The second one is the opposite. Not cute at all. It can make you fall out of love… Just kidding.

To be honest, I don’t quite remember what we said about this question. It could be something like picking our nose, walking around naked, or anything similar. Just as every human alive… 

Now, prepare the drum rolls for my very personal favorite card:

Let's Get Deep - Experience Card 10

Sometimes we forget to make this question. Sometimes we forget to remind each other how good features we have, and how delightful our smiles are. This was our chance to say it, followed by a very tight hug. Let the answers remain my sweet little secret… 

We showed you the cards, and we don’t doubt you loved them! ‘Let’s Get Deep’ was a 10 out of 10, especially when we were going through a lot. We chatted, were reminded of what we love about the other person, laughed, shared funny stories & personal growth processes, and much more heartwarming stuff!

What we loved about ‘Let’s Get Deep’, is that you get to make your own rules. Even though it tells you how many cards to draw, you may get rid of one deck, or even two. Or just mix them all. It has the same effect: perks love, and this is what we all need! 

Also, no matter if the rules say one person asks & the other answers, you may absolutely answer all the questions together, so you see both POVs. My partner and I played the game for about 20 minutes and saved some cards for later. We did use them to play with another couple. Yes, cards will also lead to fun conversations. If you play it, it’s gonna be a date night to be remembered! 

Shops To Buy The Game & Its Competitors

Now, the real question should be, where do we get this extremely fabulous card game? Babes, we got you covered! Here are our 3 top favorite shops (and the game price), go to your most trusted one: 

Does ‘Let’s Get Deep’ has competition? Since it is one of the most loved question card games, yes, it does have competitors. We’re talking about these:

1. Love Lingual – $24.95

Love Lingual

This card game made by FLUYTCO is definitely a love lingual (language). It contains a total of 150 cards, which are divided into 5 main categories: Past & Future, Sex & Intimacy, Family, Couple, and Individual. What makes it very popular is that it touches on various topics of life, making you talk about all things. With questions like: How have you changed since we were first together? What memory instantly makes you smile? and many more, you’ll give your significant other a good chance to connect deeper with each other. 

2. Intimacy – $24.99


Don’t we all need an ‘intimacy’ deck of cards once in a while? This BestSelf product comes with 150 prompt cards, and each card has a question written on it. Besides asking you some deep questions, about your past or future, about what you like most about the other partner, you’ll also have to describe things, such as your very first kiss. It’ll get so heartwarming seeing how good you remember your important memories. Sometimes, the Intimacy card game may also help you talk your feelings out. Cuteness overload! 

3. The Ultimate Game For Couples – $24.99

The Ultimate Game For Couples

Fun date nights here we come! Here’s the twist: on The Ultimate Game For Couples, there aren’t only question cards. You’ll mess up with some challenges as well! On a total of 200 cards, you’ll find both guess & challenge cards. This time, you won’t answer for yourself. Your partner will have to guess about stuff you like, or stuff you don’t. Well, he/she will also have to answer this: what is one thing I wish you did more of? Anyways, challenges, such as letting them tickle your foot for 30 seconds, double the fun & laughs! 

Let’s Get Deep’s Extra Packs

Till this moment we were only talking about the core game. The cards, the box, the questions on the couples editions. But, do they have more to offer? I can’t help but tell you: yes! There are the After Dark Expansion & The Friends Edition, and they’re about to make your life better! 

The After Dark Expansion

Let's Get Deep - After Dark Expansion

You didn’t know you needed this, but you do. Sincerely. The After Dark (in other words, the NSFW) comes with 200 cards that are meant to be added to the main game, but, they’d work great even as a stand-alone.  Anyways, just as the name says, the content in this expansion is riskier, and dirtier as well. There are random deep questions too, but, if you get embarrassed easily, you may think twice before playing it with someone you just met. Here are some of the cards in it: 

  • What is your opinion on open relationships?;
  • If you had a ‘hall pass’ for any celebrity who would you choose and why?;
  • What’s the biggest turn-off in bed?;
  • Is there anything you’ve been wanting to try sexually, but have been too scared or nervous to ask?

Ps. you can find it on Amazon for $14.99.

The Friends Edition

Let's Get Deep - Friends Edition

We get it! Being in a relationship is great and all that, but some of us want to remain single for the rest of our life, and just play card games with our friends. Normalize that! Anyways, the Friends Edition of ‘Let’s Get Deep’ has a total of 400 cards, which are suitable for all people over 17. Just as in the main game, all cards are divided into 3 categories: icebreaker, deep & deeper. It works well at parties, as a conversation starter even if you know no other player, or even in 10-year-old friendships, just to know your friends better and better every day. As long as you have one or more players to play with, go for it. We love it, you’ll love it!

  • Do you prefer savory or sweet?;
  • What is our most fun memory together?;
  • Name one thing you are proud to have accomplished.;
  • What was the last thing you did that made you feel like a kid again?;

This edition is available for a price of $19.99 currently, on Amazon.

FAQ About ‘Let’s Get Deep’

1. Can you play ‘Let’s Get Deep’ with friends?

  • When we mention the game, we refer to the main game, the questions for couples. And if we’re talking about that, no, it isn’t made to be played by friends. Unless of course, your FWB or something… And actually, if it worked great with friends, they wouldn’t make a whole new edition, the Friends Edition.

2. Let’s say there’s a couple who are younger than 17. Can they play?

  • Based on the manufacturer, and our experience with the game, we wouldn’t recommend it. Because of the content, it is adults only. 

3. Can we use ‘Let’s Get Deep’ as an icebreaker at parties?

  • If you mean about the Friends Edition, yes. But if there are people who don’t know each other at all, consider removing the deeper level, so it doesn’t get uncomfortable for anyone. 

4. Is this card game good for more than 2 people? Double-dates or something?

  • The game is made for 2 or more players. Now, we think it shows its best when played between two lovers since its goal is to get you to know each other best. But, if you’re wanting to play with other couples, so besides you, they also get to know more about your partner & your relationship as well, go for it! Also, if you’re going for the latter, you may also add some extra rules, such as guessing instead of answering, or anything similar. 

5. Can the ‘After Dark Expansion’ be played as a stand-alone? 

  • Absolutely yes. 200 cards are enough to play a whole game. We prefer adding them to the main game, so it feels like refreshing it, and we don’t get bored easily. 

6. I am a visual learner. Is there any video that shows how to play the game? 

Conclusion: Is The Game Worth It? 

Straight to the point, yes, it is worth every penny. We love how good stories we’ve heard of all the people who’ve played it. How it really helped many relationships and connected people more. The questions are well-structured, and the game itself is super simple. Why don’t we conclude all the pros and cons (if there are any) of this card game? 

What we likeWhat we don’t
400 cards is a large deck of cards;
The questions are well-thought & well-structured;
There isn’t anything too complicated about the gameplay;
It helps everyone show off their feelings, even introverts;
There’s an After Dark expansion for all those who want to spice it up;
There’s also a Friends edition for all the lovely friendships out there;
It has proven that it really makes people know each other deeper;
There are 3 levels of cards, and based on how you feel, you may set some cards away without having to go through the whole deck;
For couples who know each other for a long time, the icebreaker deck makes no sense. Also, for people who have just met each other, the deeper level can get a bit uncomfortable. 

Till next time, te extrañaremos <3 

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