‘How Deep Will You Go?’ Card Game: Sincere Review

How Deep Will You Go - Cover Photo

What we’ll never get bored of searching for are definitely card games that help you know your bosom people deeper. How Deep Will You Go is definitely one of these games, that comes with a large deck, and lights that spark between people. 

  • Important pieces of information;
  • The box & cards;
  • How to play & our game experience;
  • Getting the game & competitors;
  • Final thoughts;

Important Pieces Of Information

  • Release year: 2022;
  • Founders: AchieveYou;
  • Product dimensions:
  • Game type: questions card game;
  • Age range: 
  • Players: 2 to 8;
  • The number of cards: 99;
  • The aim of the game: bring people closer & create core memories;
  • Official website: howdeepwillyougo.com;

The Box & The Cards

The box of ‘How Deep Will You Go?’ gives us comfort. Gives us peace. Here’s how it looks: 

HDWYG - The Box

It’s a simple, no-illustrations black box (unlike Exploding Kittens), and there’s the game title written in white. Probably, this contrast of black & white has a psychological meaning: the game makes you show all parts of yourself, even the darkest ones, and we think that’s beautiful! 

HDWYG - Back Of The Box

The back of the game’s box is quite important. You’ll get to know the age range, number of players, and details about the manufacturer. Other than that, it explains that there are three game levels, therefore, three different types of cards (we’ll get to that in a flash). 

What we mostly care about, is undoubtedly the cards. ‘How Deep Will You Go’ has a total of 99 cards, divided into 3 card categories: Icebreakers, Confessions, and Getting Deep. And there are also wildcards! 

HDWYG - The Cards

If we pay a little attention, we see that as the questions get deeper (the game levels), the cards get darker. And that says a lot! Here are a few card examples you’ll love:

HDWYG - Icebreakers

This is how the first level starts. Simple, not so personal, but lovely. 

HDWYG - Confessions

It already started getting deeper. People definitely misunderstood a lot of things about you, and it’s time to share them with your mates.

HDWYG - Getting Deep

The third level includes deep questions, indeed. Well-thought ones, and things you’ve probably never shared with anyone. Just like the one above. 

If you want to see an unboxing video, watch this TikTok: HDWYG?

How To Play & Our Game Experience: How Did We Feel After Playing? 

HDWYG - How To Play

First of all, as mentioned earlier, ‘How Deep Will You Go?’ can be played by 2 to 8 people at once, and it’s frankly appropriate for all ages. It works amazing even as a family card game

What makes this meaningful game even more amazing, is that there aren’t any strict rules. As the designers recommend, is that you start with a card from level one, let everyone answer, and continue until you’ve answered 3 cards from that level. Then, move to the other game level, and in the end, answer 3 wild cards, ‘until deep connection arises’, as they say. 

However, depending on who you’re playing with, you may choose to draw cards from one level only, remove one level from the game, or never use wildcards at all. It’s simply all about how deep you will go. However, if you’re comfortable, you may shuffle all levels together, and play as if there were a deck only.  

The game can be played at game nights, picnics, long car rides, parties, date nights, or anywhere you feel like could help connect people. However, I decided to bring the game to a stay-in night with 3 of my closest friends. I’d love to share how it went! 

We decided to mix all cards since we were already very close, and we let fate decide our card levels. The first one we got was one from the ‘getting deep’ level:

HDWYG - Card 1

You know, we already knew what each of us was about to say. Stuff about hard times, past relationships, people we needed to forgive, and you know, other struggles life could bring. However, it felt great letting it all out.

HDWYG - Card 2

This card made me realize how much we all valued small things, and it almost made me burst into tears. Some of us felt at peace spending time with family, playing music, cuddling animals, or just watching the sunset. Aren’t they beautiful? 

We continued drawing cards, and understanding how lucky we are to have each other. These were our 3 next cards: 

HDWYG - Card 3
HDWYG - Card 4
HDWYG - Card 5

I bet you can imagine how deep our conversations got. It was everything we needed to tell each other, but we never got the courage. 

We kept drawing cards, answering, starting conversations, and feeling more connected than ever. Since we wanted to let some cards out so we could play another time as well, we ended our game with this card:

HDWYG - Card 6

I sincerely don’t think there’s a better way to end the game, rather than with this card. We already discussed things that bother us, memories, and things that hold us back, and it was just the right moment to talk about things we love. 

It’s pretty obvious what an incredible game this is. It’s probably more of a therapy type of thing. Group therapy. It made me understand tons of things I didn’t know about close people of mine, and most importantly, I got to know stuff about myself too. And yeah, I think it makes a pretty meaningful gift.

Ps. There are wild cards included, don’t worry. However, since the creators decided to keep them a secret, we won’t mess it up! Wild cards may be questions, challenges, you may be asked to call someone and tell them you love them… Who knows? You’ll find out once you get the game!

Getting The Game & Its Competitors

‘How Deep Will You Go?’ is available at one shop only, and that is at the official website of the game: howdeepwillyougo.com, for $29.99. 

But, what if I told you that you may get all that for free, as usually it cost $10 only for the PDF version? Mercifully, there’s a digital version of the game, including most of the questions, and it’s available for download PDF of the game here.

Since you’re curious, here are the game’s competitors:

1. We’re Not Really Strangers – $22.90

We're Not Really Strangers

We’re Not Really Strangers is a card game of 150 questions, and extra wildcards. It includes 3 levels of intimacy (perception, connection, reflection), and can be played by everyone who is 15 or older. Usually, 2 to 6 people can play at once.

2. Let’s Get Deep – $19.99

Let's Get Deep

Let’s Get Deep contains a deck of 400 cards, and just like HDWYG, brings 3 levels of cards: icebreaker, deep, and deeper. Can be played by 2 and more players, and because of its content, works best for people who are over 17. 

3. Bold – $29.95


Bold is another meaningful questions game, which brings 153 cards, and over 300 questions. Cards belong to 3 available decks: perception, reflection, and connection. Bold can be played by 2 and more people, and is great for date nights too! 

Final Thoughts

We’re totally in awe of this card game. ‘How Deep Will You Go?’ is a great way to let things go, talk about topics you never found the right moment for, and strongly connect with your people (or strangers). Questions are amazingly well-thought & significant and start very deep conversations.

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