30 Filthy, Offensive, and Hilarious Cards Against Humanity Combos

Those times full of laughter and loud noises while neighbors are being disturbed behind the walls, are priceless… Well, for the ones laughing and making the loud noises.

At times we were the neighbors, at times we were the loud f*ckers to wake up babies in the middle of the night.

If it isn’t obvious enough, I’m talking about the nights/times of Cards Against Humanity.

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We forget to take pictures or simply can’t remember all the combinations that made us pee a little. That’s not a problem anymore, because we selected the best combos ever and some of the funniest, dirtiest, most offensive, and almost clean combos. Enjoy, won’t ya?!

Dirtiest and Funniest Cards Against Humanity Combo Ideas

1. Oh Grandma…

You know what?! At this point, I’d rather play Muggles Against Humanity!

2. Gotta Trust The Laboratory Study

Now that I think of it, the Disney Edition wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

Cards Against Humanity won’t disappoint us as usual. This is some clever stuff. And I’m glad they did this, and didn’t miss the chance to make such a joke.

3. It’s the only way to go, innit?

Random: Let’s assume this didn’t win the round. Who would beat this one? Better learn the rules of CAH.

4. Jesus Christ!!!

I laughed, and I laughed so bad. I ugly laughed. Made me think for a second, but then it came to me: my grandma is dead…

5. It’s all about the practice.

This is one of those “I don’t care what you guys think, these win the round! I peed a little.”

6. “They had us in the first half, I’m not gonna lie”

I know you can already tell my obsession with the whole CAH Unofficial editions. But I don’t really care, because I know we all are? Right? 

7. Doctor, please do help.

Did we laugh? Yes. Did we get help? We dunno. 

8. Fox News. It must be Fox News.

9. Duh!

If it doesn’t have a least a little bit of truth in there, it wouldn’t make anyone laugh. This one… This one is the truth itself.

Sorry Mitch. Whichever card to be chosen, would win the round! Absurd, but we don’t care, MITCH!!

10. As always, a blast.

We all have that one friend who relates. And the laughter extends a bit further once they tell the story. Not to mention some other story that’s more dramatic, that pops up from another crazy friend. 

11. Not again grandma!!!

This is one of my favorites. This is the effect of the expansion packs. This is how it works. It makes it even more fun. In case you’re wondering, this is mixed with the Design Pack. 

12. Loki, yes.

I heard my friend Matilda yell: RELATABLE, and then that solid minute of silence, and then the burst of laughter with snorting sounds (Matilda does them all the time).

13. You have been forgiven, child.

For some reason, this reminded me of ‘Oh the Rumanity!’ and my friend Matilda. I bet that this combo not only won the round but also destroyed everyone’s tummy muscles. 

14. Sure…

What a combo! WHAT A F*CKING COMBO! 

The Most Hilariously Ballsy-Offensive Cards Against Humanity Combinations

15. D-d-do I Say Something or…

I’d rather not say anything about this. Whatever I’d comment it, I’m pretty f*cking sure, it’d get worse every single time. 

16. Oh no…

No wonder why playing Cards Against Humanity shows that side of people you know. You know the side, the one you’ve never seen before. 

17. Son, don’t listen…

I laughed, I’m not gonna lie. And I feel so f*cking bad for doing so. Jesus Christ! What’s wrong with me?

18. When I am a billionaire… sure!

Another episode of “Oh my God Gertrude!! You did not! Not again with the white privilege jokes.”

19. Once again…

Of course they did. And I bet they won the round, a funny and offensive combo. Of course it wins the round.

20. I’m not participating in this!!!

F*ck this! Let’s play Cards Against Office

21. Ouch!

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I made the checks. If i was the Judge of that round, I’d give my own points to just announce all of them as winners. After that, I’d make everyone play Cards Against Star Wars.

22. Shut the f*ck up already, Tim!

This is very well matched! We’re all nine years old, and we all know this won the round and was discussed until one of the players yelled “HEY! Let’s continue the game already!”

23. Questioning my existence…

Again, another part where you realise how messed up your friends are, and how messed up you are for understanding the jokes they intended to make. A cheesy bond in the making… But like, a strong one. 

24. Who??!

I wouldn’t complain either way. Let’s hope at least they won the round. It’s one hella combo!

Almost Clean Yet Hilarious Cards Against Humanity Combos

25. Seen Before?

26. Period.

This almost got me into an existential crisis, so I calmed myself down by inviting my friends over to play that Kardashians Edition. Feeling much better now…

27. Nice to meet him?

The imagination… You guys! I’m so glad I saw this, and I’m even more glad I get to share this with you. 

28. Gotta do what you gotta do.

What? We all need a PowerPoint presentation. I did laugh when I saw this, and I will laugh every time I see it. 

29. Oh no! Live AND angry bees!

This will be difficult to forget. It’ll haunt you for a while. It’ll make you tell your friends about it. It’ll make you wish you made this combination. 

30. Too far?

Yes, another type of friend whose side you’ve never seen before, but somehow everyone in the friend group knew about. How horrible!

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