How to play a Haiku Cards Against Humanity

Haiku card

If you ever played Cards Against Humanity, you know that the game doesn’t really end, and you just leave the game unfinished.

Yeah, we enjoy playing it, but we also want a good way to end the game.

I guess that you know, to play the game, you first have to know the Cards Against Humanity rules

You can also play the game online (if you don’t want to spend some money), and play it with only 2-3 people, even though the game is designed for 4 and more players.

Even though we love the game, after playing it for some hours, it may get boring. You know, you already know all the cards, the combinations, and you just have to take a rest.

But how to do that? Since Cards Against Humanity doesn’t  really end, it may seem impossible to finish the game.

Well, it isn’t. In this article you’ll know how to finish the game in the best possible way. Here’s a short article guide:

  • What does haiku mean?
  • What is haiku in Cards Against Humanity?
  • How to play haiku in CAH?
  • What is the draw 2 pick 3 rule?
  • The 5-7-5 form.
  • The happy ending rule! 
  • Some Haiku examples.

What does haiku mean?

In general, haiku is a form of a short poem, originally from Japan.

It is a form that consists of three lines. The first one has 5 syllables, the second one has 7 syllables, and the third (last) one has 5 syllables. So, it is a special japanese poem of 17 syllables.

Now, it may seem completely nonsense to you, how does this type of poem relate to a card game? Continue reading!

What is haiku in Cards Against Humanity?

In Cards Against Humanity, a Haiku is the best way to end a good game.

Actually, Haiku is a special black card that can be used only if you want the game to end.

For those who have played the older versions of the game, it may seem unbelievable that the game has this Haiku card. Maybe you played the game until you got sick of it, and it didn’t ever end.

But here’s the thing, the special Haiku card is only available in the newest versions.

Haiku is used to end the game, but also to reveal the winner and the losers of the game. This is how the card looks:

Haiku card

How to play haiku in CAH?

It may seem complicated, but it isn’t, just read this carefully.

In case you want to end the game, the Card Czar, or the judge player, draws the haiku card.

Every other player uses the draw 2 pick 3 rule. 

The judge decides who made the best combination, and that player wins.

Finally, the judge puts the drawcard at the center of the table, and this is how the game ends.

So, we say make a Haiku (in CAH), just like we say write a haiku (poem), because in both we create a ‘poem’ out of 3 sentences.

Note: Haiku in Cards Against Humanity, doesn’t necessarily need to be a 5-7-5 form.

What is the Draw 2 Pick 3 Cards Against Humanity rule?

I bet while you were reading the previous part, and when analyzing the card, you were wondering what actually is the draw 2 pick 3 rule.

This is the rule to make a haiku, to finish the game.

Every player draws 2 more cards from the deck pile to add to the white cards pile they are already holding. 

Next, they pick or choose 3 cards from their pile, to create a funny sentence together, or a funny quote, or just 3 hilarious cards.

So, Draw 2 Pick 3 means you first have to draw 2 extra cards, in order to have enough cards and then pick 3 cards from your pile.

The 5-7-5 form.

Remember when we talked about the actual definition of Haiku? That special japanese form of poetry.

The 5-7-5 rule in poems, as I mentioned, is that we have 5 syllables in the first sentence, 7 in the second, and 5 in the last sentence.

But, in Haiku in Cards Against Humanity, we don’t have to use this rule, even though it is called a haiku.

It means it isn’t an obligation for the 3 cards we use to end the game to be in that order of syllables. 

Both are called a Haiku, because both are made of 3 sentences, or words.

The happy ending rule!

You already guessed from the name that this is a HAPPY rule.

It is the rule when you finally end the game, you make the ‘draw 2 pick 3’ and the Haiku, choose the winner and the losers, and the game ends.

It is called the happy ending rule because it means that everyone is happy, the judgment is fair and correct.

Some Haiku examples:

Haiku example 2

Only a genius mind can do this kind of combination!

Only a genius mind can do this kind of combination!

Haiku Example 1

Creativity giving 110%.

Hands down, this is the funniest & the most evil…

Haiku example 4

Turning it all into a hilarious combination.

Haiku example 3

Okay, people really do have a sense of humour. Proved.

There you can create your own cards and get inspired by what others have made.

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