19+ Most Similar Games to Cards Against Humanity

apples to apples

Hilarious & creative card games pretty much like Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is one of the games that the ones who like it play so much, so many times that they consume it. So much that there’s nothing left unknown of the game. When you consume a game, you’ll still want to play something similar to that game, but not THE GAME.

I mean, Cards Against Humanity has been one of the favorites since its release year, 2011. (Thank god for the updates!)

Apart from the fact that the game has been very attractive itself, CAH expansion packs have also made it better. Adding them adds fun to the game too.

But anyways, even this beloved game can, after a while, become boring. Well, we kinda still want to play something like CAH, but we already know all the questions, and the answers, and it just doesn’t arouse curiosity anymore.

We did our research and came up with 19 games, most similar to your favorite game: Cards Against Humanity.

First, I’d like you to consider some tips on choosing the right game for your game night:

Tips on choosing the right card game

What’s the game about? Read about the theme of the game. See if the cards’ content has the potential to be offensive to you or any of your friends.

Check the number of cards. Are there enough cards for your team? What’s the quality of the cards? Is it worth it?

The price. Try your best to be reasonable when it comes to the price. If you feel like you’d play a game more than once, or even twice, then most probably it’ll be worth the price.
On the other hand, if you feel like you’d play once and leave it at that, a pricey game might not be the best choice.

Now, it’s finally time for the games we have chosen for you!

1. What Do You Meme? – $29.99

what do you meme

Age: 17+
Number of players: 3+
Number of cards: 435

It’s super simple to play: There’s a meme card for each round which is the card with the picture, to which the players have to pick the funniest description. It’s basically about creating and recreating memes.

The rules are very similar to C.A.H., except instead of choosing the funniest questions or filling in blanks, you have to find the funniest description for the meme.

What Do You Meme? has expansion packs that you can add to the game – The more memes the better!

2. Kinder Perfect – $14.00 (on sale from $55.00)

kinder perfect

Age: 13+
Number of players: 4+
Number of cards: 400

Who knew that there’d come a day in your life when some wine and a good card game would be one of the very few best things you can do for yourself? Well, welcome to parenthood!

This game is all about making fun of your ‘mommy & daddy’ experiences.

It has the same rules as Cards Against Humanity. There’s the red card of the round. Next, you have to fill in the blank or answer the question with your white card.

You’ll finally get the chance to make fun of PTA meetings!

3. Cards Against Disney – $9.95

Cards Against Disney

Age: 17+
Number of players: 4-20
Number of cards: 828

Now, this game unlocks nostalgia and beautiful memories (because, of Disney, obviously); but the thing is, it twists them up so badly, and so dirty… I can’t even.

Even though unofficial, this edition has the same rules as Cards Against Humanity. If you love/loved C.A.H., you’ll love this one just as much. It’s a version of the game but themed with Disney. It might just pass the ‘love level’ you have for C.A.H. (the original game).

If I haven’t made it clear enough: Keep it as far as possible from your beloved, innocent kids.

4. WTF Did You Say? – $18.99

wtf did you say

Age: 18+
Number of players: 3-17
Number of cards: 594

We don’t say this sentence enough, but… C’mon now, we all do…

In this game, the white cards ‘answer’ or fill in the blanks of the red cards. The one who reads the red card picks the funniest white card, and the winner gets a point.

Since it is super similar to C.A.H., I believe you already know you’re going to be dealing with dark, twisted, dirty humor in this one too.

5. Relative Insanity – $18.38

Relative Insanity

Age: 14+
Number of players: 4-12
Number of cards: 500

Let me start by saying that this game is funny insanity itself.

There are yellow cards and red cards. The red cards have unfinished sentences which will be continued/finished with the sentences in the yellow cards.

Gather around all your friends, family, and relatives, and have fun with this game while seeing how creative & funny their minds are (or can be).

Oh, and teens can also play this game since it is 14+.

6. New Phone, Who Dis? – $19.99

new phone who dis

Age: 17+
Number of players: 3-20
Number of cards: 530

What if I told you that you can text message someone without using your phone? Well, that’s easily done by playing the amazing New Phone Who Dis?

There are inbox and reply cards. Essentially, you have to reply with the weirdest, funniest messages each round to an inbox (a.k.a sent card). The player who is the funniest texter wins.

I would not recommend playing this game with your family if you are not very close to them. You don’t wanna be embarrassed, do ya? Not kid friendly, so don’t mess it up!

7. The One With All The Cards – $15.99

the one with all cards

Age: 17+
Number of players: 3-6
Number of cards: 278

FRIENDS fans, where are you? It’s your time now!

Just by the name, you get it’s about your favourite TV Show, right?

Just like in C.A.H: you have to fill in the blank, or answer a question with your white cards. Only here, all the cards are related to Friends, the TV show. It means you can’t play it if you are not a fan, or if you haven’t watched it at least once.

8. Joking Hazard – $25.00

joking hazard

Age: 18+
Number of players: 3-10
Number of cards: 360

Yeah, the box looks funny, but the game is HILARIOUS. The game is unique and pretty cool, and it has pretty simple rules.

This is how it works: The first player (called the judge) draws a card from the top of the draw pile and places it on the table; then he adds another card next to that on whichever side he wants to – this is called the setup.

The rest of the players place the cards face down in order for the judge to shuffle them and pick the winner ‘third’ card.

You can also find the expansion pack to add more fun to the game: Joking Hazard- Deck Enhancement #1

9.  F**k The Game – $16.50

F**k the game

Age: 18+
Number of players: 3-8
Number of cards: 60

It is a little different when compared to Cards Against Humanity (its rules, and game flow), but they have something in common: dirty language, dirty humor, and potential to make you laugh. Some might even call it inappropriate.

You divide all the cards, and each takes turns into reading the cards by putting them in the middle of the table where everyone can see them. The first one to finish all their cards in their pile, wins.

It’s very simple, and it takes player interactivity. Oh, and balls. It takes balls to play it.

10. Bad People – $29.95

Bad People

Age: 17+
Number of players: 3-10
Number of cards: 120

Well, Bad People is slightly similar to C.A.H. Not much compared to the other games though. But it has similar twisted humor, and it definitely helps in making that bond stronger with your friends.

A lot of people find it difficult to follow (rules-wise), but this video explains everything super easy: Bad People- Rules

11. Personally Incorrect– $25.72

personally incorrect

Age: 18+
Number of players: 3-10
Number of cards: 390

Here, you have to be wrong and do ‘evil’ on purpose, not because you’re a bad person, but simply, this is how Personally Incorrect is created.

Just like most of the game cards like CAH, even here you answer the question card, with an answer card. BUT this one has a super fun twist: At the beginning of the question, you say one of the player’s names. Example: “[name] wakes up every morning saying he/she will never mix________ and alcohol again.”

The answers can vary, and can be as funny as you want them to be. The one who reads the card picks the winning answer.

12. Drunk Stoned or Stupid – $18.00

drunk stoned or stupid

Age: 17+
Number of players: 4+
Number of cards: 250

Has the same cards as the game “Who’s Most Likely to…”. The rules? Super, super simple: Gather around more than 4 people, start drawing cards and decide who’s most likely to do what’s written on the card (get tagged with the card).

Keep in mind that there are no winners in this game. If you’ve got a competitive spirit, this is not for you.

13. Buzzed – $19.99


Age: 21+
Number of players: 3-20
Number of cards: 250

You read all our reviews, but you still didn’t find what you were looking for? You wanted to have a few drinks while playing? This is the game.

Buzzed is all about being honest to your friends, and drinking, or as the box says, getting hydrated!

The rules are super simple, each of the players takes turns drawing cards from the pile and reading them out loud and drinking, rinsing on…

Of course not for kids. Kids drinking?!

14. Exploding Kittens – $19.82

exploding kittens

Age: 7+
Number of players: 2-5
Number of cards: 56

Exploding Kittens is one of the most favourite games of card games lovers over the years. Especially for those who want to try something more complicated, not just questioning and answering.

The game goes normally until someone draws an exploding kitten card. That’s when the player explodes (figuratively) and they are out of the game, unless that player has a diffuse card. If you want to know more in detail about the rules, watch this: How to play Exploding Kittens, or read: Rules of Exploding Kittens.

15. Never Have I Ever – $24.95

Never Have I Ever

Age: 17+
Number of players: 4-12+
Number of cards: 550

Never have you ever heard about this game?Don’t worry, you will now.

This is that game where you will laugh out loud for the things you’ve done, for your experiences. The questions can make you blush though… Make sure to play it with people you’re very open to.

Well, the rules may seem a bit complicated if we compare it with the previous games. To make it easier for you, we found a youtube video to explain the game, have a look: Never Have I Ever- How to play.

16. The Voting Game – $24.95

the voting game

Age: 17+
Number of players: 3-10
Number of cards: 260

You can probably know what the game is, just by reading its name. The Voting Game is all about ‘who’s most likely to…’..

Someone reads the drawn card, and every other player votes anonymously for someone who they think fits best.

Gather around, and start knowing your team better!

17. Apples to Apples – $10.49

apples to apples

Age: 12+
Number of players: 4-8
Number of cards: 1,000+

Apples to Apples is definitely a game that has stood the test of time. It was released in 1998, but even to this day, it is one of the most beloved games.

Inside the box we have 2 types of cards, things and descriptions. So simply all you have to do is to pick a thing card from your pile that you think matches the description card best.

18. The Game of Things – $19.82

the game of things

Age: 14+
Number of players: 4+
Number of cards: 300

This is really the game of things, of different things, of unbelievable  things!

The first player reads the question, all the others should write the answer. The reader picks his/her favourite, and guesses who wrote that.

You won’t believe how many hilarious answers will be written. You will probably be gasping for air from laughter(Okay, I probably dramatized it a bit, but you get my point).

19. Go Bleep Yourself – $17.64

go bleep yourself

Age: 18+
Number of players: 4+
Number of cards: 200

Okay, this is, hands down, the cutest box design ever! But the game is far from ‘cute’, it’s 18+.

In Go Bleep Yourself, instead of filling in the blank, you replace the Bleep with another word. If you wanna see how the game goes, the rules & instructions, check out: Go Bleep Yourself.

It doesn’t have that much adult content, that’s why it can also be teen-friendly.

Honorable mentions

We wanted to add some extra games because they are good card games, in case you already have experience in the previous games. Here they are:

A final word on the similar games to C.A.H

These were the 19+ games we have chosen for you. Our choices are based on extensive research, and fun while playing some of the games.

We looked for the game content, popularity, client reviews & ratings, price, and of course, quality. To choose the most suitable game for your company, make sure to follow our ‘how to choose tips’ at the beginning of this article.


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