20 Most Similar Games to Cards Against Humanity

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We can all agree that the replayability of Cards Against Humanity is pretty high. There are many cards, hence, many great combinations. And there are CAH expansion packs too! However, since you’re here, you got bored of them all, and we absolutely understand. That’s why, we’ll present to you 20 fascinating games like Cards Against Humanity! 

  • The games:
  1. What Do You Meme?;
  2. Kinder Perfect;
  3. WTF Did You Say;
  4. Relative Insanity;
  5. Cards Against Disney;
  6. New Phone, Who Dis?;
  7. Joking Hazard;
  8. F**k The Game;
  9. Bad People;
  10. Personally Incorrect;
  11. Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid;
  12. Buzzed;
  13. Superfight;
  14. Exploding Kittens;
  15. Never Have I Ever;
  16. Funemployed;
  17. Apples To Apples;
  18. The Game Of Things;
  19. Llamas Unleashed;
  20. Unstable Unicorns;
  • Final Words;

1. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme

Available on Amazon ($25.49) & Walmart ($29.99) | Ages 17+ | 3+ players | 455 cards; 

What Do You Meme?’ is the greatest competitor of CAH, of all time. Its main features are that it’s super simple to play & brings much excitement to your game night… The box includes 360 caption cards and 75 picture cards, which are meant to be combined together. The main idea of the game is to find the most hilarious caption card for the picture the game judge has picked. 

What Do You Meme? VS. Cards Against Humanity:

Both games belong to the same category of games, follow almost the exact same rules, and are made for the adult audience. The main difference is that ‘What Do You Meme?’ includes pictures instead of CAH’s question cards. 

2. KinderPerfect

kinder perfect

Available on Amazon ($59.98) & Walmart ($106.45) | Ages 17+ | 4+ players | 400 cards;

Some wine and a good card game as KinderPerfect is the right choice for all the moms & dads out there! There’s the red card of the round, which is usually a question, or a fill-in-the-blank sentence. Just as you assumed, once a red card is read, you have to fill in the blank, or answer the question with your white card! The content is mostly related to parenthood, such as whipping butts, the diaper bag, blaming your child, and you know what else!

KinderPerfect VS. Cards Against Humanity:

The game rules & types of cards are the same in both games. However, the content in KinderPerfect is dedicated to parents, while Cards Against Humanity isn’t specified, it’s basically made for adults. 

3. WTF Did You Say?

wtf did you say

Available on Amazon & Walmart ($19.99) | Ages 18+ | 3 to 17 players | 594 cards;

Seems like they took the phrase we used the most, and named a game after it! 

In this game, the white cards answer or fill in the blanks of the red cards. The player who reads the red cards is called the reader or cards, ROC, which has to wait for the white card responses from the other players & pick their favorite! Obviously, if your card is chosen as the funniest one, you get an awesome point! 

WTF Did You Say? VS. Cards Against Humanity:

If you know how to play CAH, you’ll definitely know how to play ‘WTF Did You Say?’ as well! The content is similar in both games and even the number of cards (around 600). ‘WTF Did You Say?’ has an age range of 18+, while CAH is 17+.

4. Relative Insanity

Relative Insanity

Available on Amazon ($8.51) & Walmart ($19.99) | Ages 14+ | 4 to 12 players | 500 cards; 

I mean, who doesn’t love a good card game under $10?  The game contains yellow and red cards. The red cards have unfinished sentences which will be continued/finished with the sentences in the yellow cards. The content usually includes family members’ jokes and hilarious phrases someone can say when specific situations occur. 

Relative Insanity VS. Cards Against Humanity:

Firstly, CAH is made for adults only, while Relative Insanity is a good teen-friendly version! The way of playing is similar, but the jokes in the cards are not as dark as in Cards Against Humanity, obviously.

5. Cards Against Disney

Available on muggles.cards ($9.95) | Ages 17+ | 4 to 20+ players | 828 cards;

Just imagine what a good collaboration CAH & Disney is! Just like other packs, Cards Against Disney is a themed card game, and the content is all related to Disney characters, movies, and the franchise. There’s a Card Czar who reads the red card of the round, while all other players pick an answer card to create the funniest combinations! You may either play it as a standalone game or mix it with the main game of Cards Against Humanity (or any other pack). 

Cards Against Disney VS. Cards Against Humanity: 

Cards Against Humanity is the main edition, while Cards Against Disney is a themed pack. The latter has more cards (over 800), and the content is themed. However, both games include dirty jokes and only work for adults. 

6. New Phone, Who Dis?

new phone who dis

Available on Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($19.99) | Ages 17+ | 3 to 20 players | 530 cards;

Let’s text by being fully offline! ‘New Phone Who Dis’ includes inbox and reply cards. Essentially, you have to reply with the weirdest, funniest reply cards to an inbox (sent) card. The player who has replied with the funniest card, therefore, is the most hilarious texter, wins. The content is very creative, and you have lots of choices to create a funny conversation! 

New Phone Who Dis VS. Cards Against Humanity:

When playing the game we just talked about, you have to think of it as text with your phone. It feels like a scenario. Nevertheless, in both games, there will be a main card each round, and reply cards so you create combinations.

7. Joking Hazard

joking hazard

Available on Amazon ($24.95) & Walmart ($25.00) | Ages 18+ | 3 to 10 players | 360 cards;

Joking Hazard is the way to go! The box is a great glimpse of how funny the content is. This is how it works: The first player (called the judge) draws a card from the top of the draw pile and places it on the table; then he adds another card next to that, making it a combination of 2 cards. The rest of the players pick one of their funniest cards and pass it to the game judge, so they pick the perfect third card for the combo. 

Joking Hazard VS. Cards Against Humanity:

When it comes to the game content & jokes, these two games are similar. But, differently from CAH, Joking Hazard includes illustrations in the cards, and in a round, there should be a combination of 3 cards. 

8.  F**k The Game

F**k the game

Available on Amazon ($14.99) & Walmart ($14.99) | Ages 18+ | 3 to 8 players | 60 cards;

Let’s change the gameplay a bit… The cards are spread out evenly among all players. Keep in mind that in all cards, there’s a name written (usually the name of a color), in a specific color. For instance, it may be written ‘Green’, but the letters are red. In your turn, you have to turn over your top card and say the color your word is written in, or a curse word. If you mess it up or take too long to answer, all other players may slap the deck, and you get the remaining cards. What makes the game that fun, is definitely the physiological Stroop effect!

F**k The Game VS. Cards Against Humanity:

Clearly, both games follow different rules. F**k The Game is more about being very concentrated and giving the right answers, while in CAH there aren’t any right or wrong ones! Both games are made for adults, and there will be lots of dirty words!

9. Bad People

Bad People

Available on Amazon ($18.59) & Target ($18.59) | Ages 17+ | 3 to 10 players | 120 cards;

Bad People isn’t for bad people only… Good people can play too! Everyone starts with choosing an identity card. The game judge of Bad People is called the Dictator. This player has to read a question out loud (a most likely to… question), and also silently vote for someone, by playing the corresponding character card. All other players vote as well, without knowing the Dictator’s vote. By the end of the round, everyone who has voted for the same character as the Dictator gets a point! 

Bad People VS. Cards Against Humanity:

If you want to win points in any of these two games, you have to play a card you think the game judge will like most. While in CAH the card combinations are jokes only, in Bad People, you will get to vote and answer questions about each other. 

10. Personally Incorrect

personally incorrect

Available on Amazon ($22.10) & Walmart ($22.10) | Ages 18+ | 3 to 10 players | 390 cards; 

Let’s just be wrong on purpose! Personally Incorrect starts with everyone getting 10 answer cards, and one Vote card. On a round, someone is chosen to be the Question Reader and reads a question out loud. Then, all other players have to pick the most inappropriate answers to fill in the blank and give them to the QR, facedown. They turn the cards over, and everyone puts their vote card on their favorite answer. Whoever has the most votes, wins the round! 

Personally Incorrect VS. Cards Against Humanity: 

Both these games have almost the same playing instructions, game flow, and very similar content too. The main difference is that in CAH, the winning card of a round is picked by one special player, while in Personally Incorrect, the card is picked by the votes of all players. 

11. Drunk Stoned or Stupid

drunk stoned or stupid

Available on Amazon ($34.98) & Walmart ($27.99) | Ages 17+ | 4+ players | 250 cards;

Long story short, ‘Drunk, Stoned or Stupid’ is all about guessing who’s most likely to do something! The rules? Well, they’re super simple! Start by gathering around your people, draw & read cards out loud, and decide who’s most likely to do what’s written on the card (get tagged with the card). Keep in mind that you should also give reasons for your votes until you convince people. Whoever’s officially tagged with a card, keeps it, and loses a point!

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid VS. Cards Against Humanity:

Cards Against Humanity doesn’t include any explanation, or tagging someone. You just try to be funny. However, in ‘Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid’ you have to convince people and prove your point. However, both games bring a similar vibe to the game night. 

12. Buzzed


Available on Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($19.99) | Ages 21+ | 3 to 20 players | 250 cards;

You can never go wrong with a drinking card game! Buzzed is all about being honest to your friends, and drinking, or as the box says, getting hydrated! The rules are super simple: each of the players takes turns drawing cards from the pile and reading them out loud. Obviously, every time you relate to the prompt of the card, you have to drink. Yes. Drink if you like cottage cheese!

Buzzed VS. Cards Against Humanity:

Both games are great icebreakers if brought to a party. Clearly, Buzzed is a drinking game that also lets you know more about the other players. Meanwhile, CAH is all about dirty jokes & hilarious card combinations.

13. Superfight

Available on Amazon ($29.95) & Walmart ($29.75) | Ages 8+ | 3+ players | 500 cards;

Superfight is underestimated! In this card game, in a round, you’ll pick a character card and also power cards, which sometimes can make your job harder! However, you’ll combine these cards (1 white card and 2 black cards), build up your character, and compete against the Ref’s one. Once you’re done with creating your character, you have to convince the Ref why your character beats up their character. The Ref chooses their favorite fighter, and that is the winner! 

Superfight VS. Cards Against Humanity:

The main idea behind both games is similar: making the game judge (Ref or Card Czar) pick your card as their favorite. While in CAH you only have to pick and play cards, in Superfight, there’s also a lot of convincing to be done! 

14. Exploding Kittens

exploding kittens

Available on Amazon ($19.82) & Walmart ($19.82) | Ages 7+ | 2 to 5 platers | 56 cards;

Exploding Kittens is one of people’s comfort games. In short, each player gets 5 cards, and on your turn, you may either play a card or skip. Each card comes with its own actions, written on the card. You need to do everything the card asks you two. Everyone fears the Exploding Kittens cards. They make you explode and get out of the game. Well, unless you have a defuse card. The winner is whoever remains in the game! 

Exploding Kittens VS. Cards Against Humanity:

In both games, all players play individually and compete to win. Exploding Kittens has more types of cards, therefore is more complicated to play. Also, while CAH is made for adults only, Exploding Kittens is a good family-friendly card game

15. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Available on Amazon ($24.97) & Walmart ($24.97) | Ages 17+ | 4 to 12+ players | 550 cards; 

Although you can play this game even without the cards (by using our Never Have I Ever list), the card game is a blast! Each player gets 10 playing cards, and taking turns, you turn over one rule card from the red cards deck. Obviously, you have to do whatever the card suggests. Once you relate to any of the prompts in your cards, you turn it over. The first player who turns over 10 of their cards, meaning, has done all of them, is the winner of the game! 

Never Have I Ever VS. Cards Against Humanity:

Both games help you know people better: either their sense of humor or their previous life experiences & stories. However, Never Have I Ever connects more personally with all players, but CAH is way funnier…

16. Funemployed

Available on Walmart ($31.65) & Target ($37.65) | Ages 18+ | 3+ players | 448 cards;

Why don’t we make job interviews fun? In Funemployed, on each round, there will be one employer, while the other will be applicants. The employer draws a card from the jobs deck, and that tells what job are the applicants fighting for. All applicants, using 3 cards, will explain why they are the perfect fit for the job! After the employer hits them with some extra cards, trying to make them suffer, they finally get to choose their favorite applicant, which obviously gets the job! 

Funemployed VS. Cards Against Humanity: 

In both games, all other players try to be the favorite pick of the special player of the round: Card Czar, or the employer. Both games contain dirty language, which is made for adults only. Funemployed is a bit more complicated and you’ll need to explain your cards. 

17. Apples to Apples

apples to apples

Available on Amazon ($9.99) & Walmart ($16.96) | Ages 12+ | 4 to 8 players | 1000+ cards;

Apples to Apples is definitely a game that has stood the test of time. The judge has to start by dealing 7 cards to all players. Then, they have to draw one green card, turn it over, and read it out loud. All other players have to pick one of their red cards that they think is best described by the green card. After the judge gets all responses face-down & shuffles them, they pick their favorite. That player gets to keep the green card of the round as a point. 

Apples To Apples VS. Cards Against Humanity:

Both games share related rules and gameplay, and you’re even dealt the same number of cards in each. Nevertheless, in CAH you try to make the funniest combinations, while in Apples To Apples, you have to find the best description of words. 

18. The Game of Things

the game of things

Available on Amazon ($21.80) & Walmart ($24.67) | Ages 14+ | 4+ players | 300 cards; 

This is really a game of unbelievable things! On each round, one of you becomes the reader. This player has to draw cards & read them out loud. All other players have to write the answers on small pieces of paper, with their names or initials. Everyone must fold the paper in half, and pass it to the reader, which reads them out loud. All players take turns guessing who wrote what, and get points for every correct answer!

The Game Of Things VS. Cards Against Humanity:

The starting of both games is the same: one player reads the questions card, while other players answer. However, in the Game Of Things, you write your answers down and take turns guessing about each other’s answers, differently from CAH where you get points for being funny.

19. Llamas Unleashed

Available on Amazon ($20.00) & Walmart ($19.49) | Ages 8+ | 2 to 9 players | 135 cards;

In Llamas Unleashed, each player will get to choose their favorite baby animal. Each of you will have your playing field, and your turn is made up of 4 phases. Basically, you’ll draw cards, play, and discard them until it doesn’t exceed the hand limit. When playing cards, you’ll complete any of the actions written on them. During the game, you may get positive or negative effects, which will affect your gameplay. To win, you have to reach a specific amount of animals in your field. 

Llamas Unleashed VS. Cards Against Humanity:

Llamas Unleashed is way more complicated than Cards Against Humanity and follows different rules to play. While in CAH points are mandatory in winning, in Llamas Unleashed you need to have a specific number of animals to win. However, both games are very competitive.

20. Unstable Unicorns

Available on Amazon ($14.49) & Walmart ($24.10) | Ages 8+ | 2 to 8 players | 135 cards;

We saved the best for last! In Unstable Unicorns, each player will have their stable, starting with one baby unicorn. There are 4 game phases, in which you’ll complete different actions. It’s important to know that there are different types of cards, and each card has a different meaning for the game. All players aim to reach a specific number of unicorns in their stable, which depends on the number of players. 

Unstable Unicorns VS. Cards Against Humanity:

Both games bring fun to parties. Unstable Unicorns is a strategic one, that takes more effort when playing, differently from CAH, which is simpler. Also, Unstable Unicorns can be played starting from 2 people (while CAH is made for 4 and more), and kids can play too!

Final Words 

This was a long, but very beautiful journey! We looked for the game contents, quality, popularity, and ratings, and brought to you 20 perfect games, which are pretty similar to Cards Against Humanity. Make sure you read the description perfectly, and there’s no doubt you’ll find nothing but the perfect card game!

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