Drunk Desires Card Game Review: Are You Up For Some Extra Love?

Drunk Desires Game Review - Cover Photo

We’re full of the joys of spring every time we find out about games like Drunk Desires. Are you wondering about the game type? Mercifully, this one is a couple’s drinking game and affects relationships in a pretty good way. Since lots of you may need a bit of communication and intimacy, we’re sure Drunk Desires will give you a hand. 

This drinking game has a considerable number of cards, super unique & romantic challenges, interesting topics, and fascinating game quality. All of them together will bring you two love birds closer, and probably help you go through things. All you need is to read about the details carefully and have some precious time.

  • Top tier pieces of information;
  • The box & cards;
  • Game instructions & our game experience;
  • Buying the game & competitors;
  • Drunk Desires X-Rated;
  • Conclusion;

Top Tier Pieces Of Information

Country of origin: China;
Box dimensions: 2.4 x 6 x 2 cm (0.9 x 2.4 x 0.8 inches) ;
Playing time: 45 to 120 mins;
Number of cards: 50;
Recommended age: 18+;
Players: 2 only;
Game type: couples drinking card game;
Official website: drunk-desires.com;
The goal of the game: Bring you and your partner closer & discover their desires in different aspects.  
Preparatory to playing: Make sure to take your favorite drinks with you (could be shots, wine, beer, or non-alcoholic ones as well);

The Box & The Cards

The first thing that makes us love a game or not, is the design and the way it looks in general. If we’re gonna judge on that, you’ll definitely fall in love with Drunk Desires. Let’s put a happy face on and see how they look:  

Drunk Desires - Box

This is what it takes to make a pretty appearance. Black background and good letter font. Those 2 little red hearts make it even more lovely and tell the main game’s purpose: love. There’s no heavy information, no fully covered front part, just the name written beautifully. 

Drunk Desires - Back Of The Box

The back of the box clearly shares lots more details. There’s a pretty intimate question they’ve tried to answer and there are the game rules explained (we’ll get to that specifically later). Also, the back informs us about the equipment it includes, which you’ll, later on, find out is hilarious! 

A marvelous box is enjoyable to look at. But, what’s its meaning if there are no cards? Well, as you may have assumed, we’ll talk about cards as well today. Just in case you forgot, Drunk Desires includes a total of 50 cards, divided into 28 black cards (mostly with dirty content), and 22 flirty white cards. Let’s take a look at them, shall we? 

Drunk Desires - Types Of Cards

That was the two different decks of cards, and in a few seconds, you’ll meet some of the cards individually. Spoiler: you’ll love ‘em! 

Drunk Desires - Card 1

Oh, so I guess we started this the right way, didn’t we? We bet this is gonna be the start of a very romantic, and intimate night. Or day.

Drunk Desires - Cards 2

It’s not only about the physical touch. It’s also about the spiritual one. Let’s see if you’ve remembered your partner’s perfect date…

Drunk Desires - Cards 3

Well, both of you would like a good foot massage, so that’s a win-win situation. About the white card, we’re pretty sure you’ll both take a drink.

Drunk Desires - Cards 4

This is too much to handle, innit? There will be intimate topics and challenges which may lead to spicy actions. Beyond every doubt, you’ll enjoy them all.

If you haven’t gotten it till now, there are mostly two types of cards: drink if & …or drink, and our gut tells us that you already know what they mean! 

Game Instructions & Our Game Experience: Did It Lead To An Affectionate Time?

We’ll show our game experience with Drunk Desires, but first things first: the rules! You probably supposed that this drinking card game was simple to play. Let me tell you, it’s even simpler than you thought! All you gotta do is place the two decks of cards face-down, and start drawing one card at a time, taking turns.

We recommend you mix both decks, so you don’t know what’s coming. Once you draw the card, it tells you exactly what you have to do. If it’s a Drink if… card means that it is applied to both of you, and whoever relates to the statement must drink. If it’s an …or drink card, the player who drew the card must complete the challenge, or drink. 

You may play until you get bored, finish all the cards, or draw cards randomly at different times of the day, and complete them. It’s all up to you and your creative ideas. 

Now, let me tell you how I got introduced to this game. My partner bought it for my birthday, and we immediately started playing. Most of the time, both of us drew one card per day because that’s how we felt love even if we had a bad day or some misunderstanding. It was our unspoken rule. These are some of our favorite cards ever: 

Drunk Desires - Experience Card 1

Well, a french kiss never hurt anybody, right? This was actually the first card we ever played, and needless to say, we both enjoyed it. I guess we were just looking for a reason…

Later on, after some cards, things started to get hotter. This is what I mean, for instance:

Drunk Desires - Experience Card 3

These are 2 of our favorites & funniest. In some sort of way, we reminded ourselves how much we love each other, and that was all we needed at certain times. Ps. you’ll never know the answer to the second question… 

The most adorable thing was that it wasn’t only a sexual kind of game. We also got to share our opinions, pieces of our hearts, emotions… Wanna know what I mean?

Drunk Desires - Experience Card 4
Drunk Desires - Experience Card 5

The first one touched us on some deep spots. Turns out it had been a while since we told our partner what we adore most about them and felt good to get back to it. Even though the card was supposed to be applied to my partner only, since he drew it, we both took turns talking.

About the second one, since we had been together for years, we took a sip for every year, so we wouldn’t get alcohol poisoning. However, if you play it, that’s all up to you.

As a matter of course, we enjoyed all cards and they all represented something unique, but we didn’t want to show them all since you’ll connect with the other ones personally, once you get the game. Personally, it is a 10/10 game, and our relationship just kept getting stronger every time we played it. 

Buying The Game & Drunk Desires’ Competitors

After checking some of the cards and reading our personal opinions, I bet you can’t wait to purchase this couples card game. That is why we made a list of shops you could consider:

Yup. It’s all pick and choose. Different shops, different prices. Make sure to read the reviews about the shop or depend on your personal experiences with them before purchasing. Since we dealt with the shops & the card game’s price, let’s take care of the competitors now. 

1. Drunk In Love – $25.00

Drunk In Love- Card Game

This X-rated card game is supposed to get you two drunk in love. It includes 50 playing cards, divided into 2 different categories, ‘Drink if…’ and ’… or drink’, just as in Drunk Desires. There are different questions and challenges, such as giving your partner a lap dance, telling who wears the pants of the relationship, switching clothes with them for several rounds, and many more creative ones.

2. Talk, Flirt, Dare – $24.95

Talk, Flirt, Dare is a 3-in-1 game, just as Talk, Drink, Dare was back in time! Each deck has 50 cards, giving us a total of 150! The names of the categories represent the type of questions and challenges in them. You’ll flirt about your favorite partner’s outfits, dare to call their parents, and talk about one thing you think your partner will never forgive you for. Deep, huh?

 3. Why Don’t We? Spice It Up – $27.90

There’s another game with 3 different decks of 50 cards. They’re named mild, medium, and spicy, and the names say it all! The mild category is mostly about personal topics, such as talking about the first person you’d call if you were in trouble. The other two contain challenges, including kissing for 1 minute, reading the last text message on your phone out loud, and so on. 

Drunk Desires X-Rated

So, you thought what we talked about till now was X-Rated? Well, you thought wrong, fellas. Turns out the manufacturer made an even more extreme version. At first sight, they almost look the same, but the X-Rated note on the bottom makes the difference:

You see my point? Also, remember what was written on the sides of the core game, the question? Well, it isn’t a question anymore. It has become a statement. Yes, there is sex on the cards. 

As you may see, there is the same box design, the same card template, and illustrations, but you should know that most of the images on the cards are censored. This is how you know the ‘difficulty level’ of the game.

This pack may either be played on its own, or as an expansion to the main game. It contains a total of 50 new cards, including 35 black X-Rated ones and 15 white dirty ones. For instance, here’s how the cards look:

While going through the cards, you may also find ones such as:

  • Drink if you have had a one-night stand;
  • Take a body shot off of your partner or drink;
  • 69 for 69 seconds or drink;

I bet you’ve understood the purpose of the game just by taking a look at these cards. For more, you’ll get the full experience once you get the pack. While we’re here, this expansion is currently available at the official shop of the game, Drunk Desires for $18.00


You’ll experience some different things while playing this drinking game. The night will get spicier and you’ll end up loving each other even more! To end it up in the best way possible, here are the pros and cons of Drunk Desires:

What we love?What we don’t?
The content is very unique;
It affects relationships in a good way;
All cards & the box have awell-thought design;
Challenges & questions are very intimate;
There exist 2 packs, so you may choose between two levels of intimacy;
It is a drinking game so you’ll get a good reason to drink some sips;
Has no complicated rules at all;
We would prefer to have more cards in the packs;
There are only 2 games, so, some themed packs or extra expansions would be nice.

May you have the most romantic time of your lives!

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