20 Drinking Games Without Cards – The Infinite Fun For All Adults Who Like Drinking!

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What IS this now? Drinking games without cards? Is that even fun??

We already know how amazing drinking card games are! Are we gonna just remove the cards, and play them without the cards? No, of course not, that’s not logical!

We’ll show you some great games that can be played on any occasion, game night, party, or even just a hang out at the local bar. I mean, drinking becomes more fun when you’re using it to play a game!

Why do we mostly like these games (I mean, except that they are enjoyable)? It’s gotta be something economical… Well, of course, you won’t have to buy cards and stuff, you just need some alcohol. That’s it!

Some of the games are pretty creative and don’t require lots of concentration (that’s hard, especially when you get drunk), but some of them have challenging rules… You’ll see later what I mean! 

Did we include lots of games? Why would you like this game? Do you need anything else other than alcohol to play? Well, you’ll find the reasons in the following:

  • Why would you like drinking games without cards?;
  • The drinking games list;
  1. Taboo Game;
  2. Most likely;
  3. I’m going to the bar;
  4. Can You Survive Till’ 21?;
  5. Never Have I Ever;
  6. The Name Game;
  7. Two Truths And One Lie;
  8. Shot roulette;
  9. Piccolo (app);
  10. Beer Pong;
  11. Mind Meld;
  12. TV Show/ Movie Drinking Game;
  13.  Forbidden Words (Yes, no, maybe);
  14. Medusa!;
  15. Quarters;
  16. The Eight-th (Or any other number);
  17. Paranoia;
  18. Spin The Bottle;
  19. Mister Freeze;
  20. Straight Face.                         
  • How do you choose the best drinking game for your people?;
  • Final: Do these games really get you drunk & are they fun enough?

Why Would You Like Drinking Games Without Cards?

They cost nothing, you won’t have to buy the game. This is the main reason (if you want to keep some money in your wallet, of course). All you need is some alcohol, and I bet you all have some since you like drinking & you’re looking for drinking games, am I right? So, you won’t spend money on buying the cards, or some other stuff to have a good game.

It’ll be more fun drinking for a reason. I mean, we all love to have some shots, but it’s more reasonable when we have reasons why we drink. When it’s becoming a competition, and when not all of you drink the same amounts (I mean, if you do a good game, you won’t have to drink) and everything just becomes extra fun!

Besides drinking, you’ll also connect with each other. So, you’ll get drunk, obviously, but, while playing specific games you’ll also get to learn more about each other. You’ll tell some facts about yourself (which probably your friends didn’t know), you’ll get to show how well you handle challenges and lots more details!

They can be played at any place, not necessarily at a house. Well, drinking, or generally adult card games are usually played at a game night or any party in someone’s house. But, these games we’re about to show you, can be played at any place, even if it’s a bar, restaurant, beach, in the streets, and basically everywhere, you got that already!

1. Taboo Game

Taboo Game

Any number of players (starting from 2) 

When do you have to drink & what’s the point?

There are some specific words/phrases & actions, and in case you do them during the night, you have to drink!

What are the main rules of ‘Taboo Game’?

Right before the guests arrive, you make a list of these specifics I told you about previously. Pick some actions, for example: Someone yawns, a girl ties her hair, someone flirts with any other guest, any of the players takes a picture, and so on (the list is up to you).

The same goes for the words or phrases. You can use basically anything you want, here are some ideas: someone uses any curse words (f*ck, sh*t…), someone says ‘playing’, any of them says ‘I’m tired’, and anything you want, just make a list. 

This means that every player who does these actions or says these words that are on the list, have to drink, in case someone sees them and says ‘Taboo’, if not, that player is saved!

2. Most Likely… 

Who's Most Likely

3 or more players 

When do you have to drink & what’s the point? 

The player who gets tagged the most for a specific sentence/statement, has to take a shot!

What are the main rules of ‘Most Likely…’?

It’s Who’s Most Likely Too…, you know, that famous game you all probably hear about! You write down some questions, meaning, some Who’s Most Likely To… questions, which can be funny, dirty, deep, or anything you want, it’s up to you! 

You all point to one of the players when a question is made (you can also tag yourself), and count who’s the most ‘voted’ player. Of course, that player has to take a shot! It’s very fun and it sometimes gets you wondering: Am I really that person?

3. I’m Going To The Bar 

I'm Going To The Bar

2 or more players

When do you have to drink & what’s the point? 

The player who messes up the made-up story (a story that doesn’t actually exist), has to drink!

What are the main rules of ‘I’m Going To The Bar’?

You’re really going to the bar? Does this mean that you actually have to be in a bar? No, of course not. You can use any other sentence to start, anything you want, you just have to get the point!

One player starts with the first sentence, ex. I’m going to the bar, and the next player has to continue the story, without forgetting to mention the previous sentence. In our case, the other player should say: I’m going to the bar and (for example) I’ll try to drink as much as possible.. 

The player that forgets the other sentences before, or takes too long to continue it, has to drink! 

4. Can You Survive Till’ 21? 

Can You Survive Till 21

3 or more players 

When do you have to drink & what’s the point?

Well, you all make rules, and if any of you forgets those rules, and makes some mistakes, yup, you have to drink!

What are the main rules of ‘Can You Survive Till’ 21’?

The name is strange, isn’t it? Can I tell you something? You’ll love this game! Is it hard playing? Absolutely not!

First things first, you sit in a circle and start counting from 1 to 21. The player that says 21 has to make up a rule- it can be anything: switch number 7 with 15 (meaning that every time someone has to say 7, they say 15), everyone that drinks drinks twice, or any rule you want! 

5. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

2 or more players

When do you have to drink & what’s the point?

Well, if you’ve ever done anything stupid (or not), you’ll have to drink. If you didn’t, uh, you’re safe! 

What are the main rules of ‘Never Have I Ever’?

Never Have I Ever is always fun, no matter what, I guess we can all agree on that! This drinking game, hold the breath, is a whole new level!

You make a list of some ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions, such as: Never have I ever gotten as drunk as I forgot where I live, never have I ever kissed a stranger, and add your own stuff to the list.

 The player that has done that specific thing, as I told you, has to drink. Probably the innocent ones won’t have much to share… 

6. The Name Game

The Name Game

2 or more players

When do you have to drink & what’s the point? 

Are you familiar with celebrity names, are you good at remembering them? If yes, it’s your time to shine! The player that messes the name, drinks!

What are the main rules of ‘The Name Game’?

Just by reading the name, you probably got the point! The Name Game is all about celebrity names, anyone you want! 

The main rule is that the first player says a name, the next player has to say another name that starts with the first letter of the previous celebrity’s last name. Ugh, I complicated it a bit…

Look, an example: If someone has said, um, let’s say, Ariana Grande, the next player can say Gey Z, or anyone you want…

7. Two Truths And One Lie

Two Truths And One Lie

2 or more players

When do you have to drink & what’s the point? 

Anytime you don’t guess the lie in someone’s two truths and one lie, you have to take a shot!

What are the main rules of ‘Two Truths And One Lie’?

You probably heard about this game, the couples edition Two Truths And One Lie, or any other, I mean, the rules are the same! 

What you have to do is say out loud 2 true facts about you and 1 lie, without telling which one is the lie. Everyone has to guess which is the lie. What happens next? It’s simple: everyone that guesses wrong, has to drink. 

A special rule: If everyone has guessed correctly, you’ll have to drink… I mean, your statements weren’t confusing enough!

8. Shot Roulette 

Shot Roulette

3 or more players

When do you have to drink & what’s the point?

If you’re the player who had to drink vodka, and you keep a straight face, you pick someone else to drink! 

What are the main rules of ‘Shot Roulette’?

Figuratively, this is roulette, because you don’t know what you have to drink. How do you make the game setup? First, you take shot glasses (one for every player), and fill them all with water, except one that should be vodka.

This is how one player drinks & you all laugh at them. But, just in case that player can be super serious and we can’t tell if they really drank vodka, they have to pick another player to take a shot! 

9. Piccolo 


2 or more players

When do you drink & what’s the point? 

Picolo is actually an app, a ‘technologic’ drinking game. There are some sentences which tell you if you should drink or not!

What are the main rules of ‘ Picolo’? 

First things first, Picolo can be found on AppStore and Google Play, and it’s totally free! It asks you some questions, it challenges you & makes you complete them, and for sure, makes you take some shots, which are obviously the most fun…

You add the names of the players or the teams (if you’re many players and you want to divide them all in teams), and the app will not forget any of you! ‘Brian, do us the honor of finishing up your drink’, ‘go around the room and list 4 TV talk shows, the first to run out of answers drinks 4 times’, are just 2 of the contents.

10. Beer Pong

Beer Pong

2 or more players

When do you have to drink & what’s the point?

If any player from your opponent team throws the ball into one cup on your side, you have to drink that cup! 

What are the main rules of ‘Beer Pong’?

It’s usually played in teams ( even if you’re just 2 people), and first you have to make a pyramid of cups on both sides of the table, and fill them with different drinks (some can be non-alcoholic). 

Everyone takes turns trying to throw the ball in any of the cups on the other side. If you shoot correctly, any of the teammates from the other team has to drink that cup…

So, you try to be as correct as possible & pray the other team isn’t good at it…

11. Mind Meld

Mind Meld

2 players or teams

When do you drink & what’s the point?

If you and your opponent have telepathy, you’re both safe. If not, and you both save different stuff, you both have to drink. So, you’ll either both win or both lose…

What are the main rules of ‘Mind Meld’?

This game requires the most concentration from them all. It works great until you’ve lost your track…

You have to look at your opponent’s face (which can be a single player, or a player from the other team), you count to three and say 2 things out loud. Next, you have to meld your minds into one, and say a common thing for those 2 things you mentioned.

For example, if you said ‘games’ & ‘television’, it would be okay if you both say ‘PlayStation’. I mean, unless you want to drink and you both say completely different stuff…

12. TV Show/ Movie Drinking Game

Tv OR Movie Drinking Game

2 or more players

When do you have to drink & what’s the point?

While watching a famous TV Show / Movie, or basically anything, specific lines are mentioned too many times. Make a list of these lines/scenes, and anytime they are caught on the TV, you all drink! 

What are the main rules of ‘ TV Show/ Movie Drinking Game’?

I bet you remember this one from Santa’s Hat, I mean, it’s kinda similar, you know, with the movies and stuff, but here, we don’t have to do it with a Christmas hat, obviously…

You just pick a random movie, or anything in the TV. It’s good if any of you ever watched that before, so you know what is mentioned the most, so you can make the list in the best way possible… Every time anything on the list is caught on the movie, you all drink! Yupp, that’s it!

13. Forbidden Words

Forbidden Words

3 or more players

When do you drink & what’s the point? 

Anytime you or your friends use any of the forbidden words while answering a question, have to drink! 

What are the main rules of ‘Forbidden Words’?

I bet you all played this as a kid. You know, when you asked each other ‘do you love me?’ and they could answer anything besides yes, no, or maybe… 

This is all the same. The good thing is that it is up to you to make the ‘forbidden words’, depending on the questions’ content. You can also use the same words, the basic ones: yes, no, maybe!

This means that if any of the players say one of these words out loud, they have to take a shot!

Best Drinking Games For 3 People

14. Medusa! 


4 or more players

When do you drink & what’s the point?

If you catch someone looking directly into your eyes, you both take shots, so, avoid that eye contact.

What are the main rules of ‘Medusa’?

This may seem too simple, but you have no idea how fun that is! First, you start the game by placing your heads on the table, and count to (let’s just say) 5 seconds. 

Next, everyone looks up and stares at another player at the table. If randomly you catch someone’s eyes looking at you, so, you have a pretty eye contact, you yell ‘Medusa!’ and you and the other player take shots!

15. Quarters


2 or more players

When do you drink & what’s the point?

In case any of the players throws the quarter correctly into the shot glass, that player picks one other player to drink & some extra rules! 

What are the main rules of ‘Quarters’?

First, every player takes turns throwing the quarter. They have one try per round. In case any of the players shoots it correctly, they pick another player to have a shot, and also, another chance to try throwing the quarter. 

If the same player shots it 3 times in the row, they make a rule for the whole game. It’s in your hands to make the rule, it could be anything: No one is allowed to say ‘drink’ for 5 rounds, everyone has to drink twice…

16. The Eight-th

The Eight-th

4 or more players

When do you drink & what’s the point? 

Well, if a number that isn’t allowed to be mentioned gets mentioned, that player has to drink…

What are the main rules of ‘The Eight-th’?

The name doesn’t tell much, yes, we do agree… What is this ‘Eight-th’ game? First of all, we picked number 8 (this is my lucky number), but you can pick any number you want.

You all start counting from 1-100 (or even more), and if you picked, let’s say, number 8, every time the numbers that contain 8 are mentioned, just like 8, 18, 28, 38… and so on, you should say a word instead of the number (it could be any word, a basic one, such as ‘shot’ works great!).

The players that forget to say the word and say the actual number, have to drink. To make it even more complicated, you can also apply the rule to the numbers that when we add the numbers together it’s equal to 8, for example 17, 26, and so on….

17. Paranoia 


4 or more players

When do you drink & what’s the point?

If you’re the curious one, everytime you want to know why that player pointed to you, you drink! Wait, that doesn’t make sense?

What are the main rules of ‘Paranoia’?

Well, for people who don’t really care even if the world is on fire, they barely have to drink… But, for the curious people out there who really want to know everything, man, ur about to get really drunk!

No complicated instructions: You ask another player a question, and their answer should be someone else in the room, so they have to point at them. If the player who was pointed at wants to know what the question was, they have to drink! 

18. Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle

3 or more players

When do you have to drink & what’s the point?

You’ll drink anytime you refuse completing a challenge or answering a question!

What are the main rules of ‘Spin The Bottle’?

I mean, it’s Truth Or Dare, but the classic way… You can play this in two versions: You have two options, that obviously are truth or dare, and, if you choose one, and you don’t want to answer, or act, you can win points by drinking…

On the other hand, you can choose if you want to make it a game of truths or dares, so, it would be truth OR drink, or dare OR drink… So, the players can choose if they want to drink, or to complete the ‘task’ (even if that’s just a basic question).

19. Mister Freeze 

Mister Freeze

3 or more players

When do you have to drink & what’s the point? 

If you’re the last player to freeze, which means you didn’t see that people started freezing, you drink! 

What are the main rules of ‘Mister Freezer’?

This may seem like a kids game, but do kids drink? Umm, I don’t think so… It’s always fun when the game is so simple!

You alert the players that during the night (or day) each of them can ‘freeze’ themselves, and this is how they become Mister Freezer. The last player to see that people are freezing, which leads them to becoming the last one to freeze, has to take one shot… 

20. Straight Face

Straight Face

2 or more players

When do you have to drink & what’s the point?

If you can’t keep a straight face while reading a specific letter or text, you drink! 

What are the main rules of ‘Straight Face’?

You’ve probably played this game several times. Hands down, the drinking version is way cooler! 

The point is that you write some letters, some could be funny, and some others can be difficult texts to read, you know like, coded words or stuff, and taking turns, each player has to read one by them, trying to keep a straight face. 

If at any time they laugh, or make a confused face, they have to take a sip of alcohol…

How Do You Choose The Best Drinking Game For Your People?

How Do You Choose The Best Drinking Game For Your People

We told you why these games are fun, we made an amazing list, what’s something we left out? Found it! We have to deal with some tips, which will be life-savers while deciding to play a game because you know, sometimes choosing a movie to watch takes more time than actually watching the movie… 

Here is the guide to follow if you want to pick the game that fits you best:

Do you know how large the group of people you’re gonna play with is? Mostly, it doesn’t matter up to how many people you’re playing, but it for sure matters the minimum number. Some of the games in our list work great even for 2 players, such as ‘I’m Going To The Bar’ or ‘Never Have I Ever’, but, a considering number works best for 4 or more players. Ps. While we were talking about games for smaller groups of people, let’s not forget that you can play Cards Against Humanity with 2 or 3 players!

What’s the level of difficulty you prefer? I mean, some of the games are pretty basic and very simple to play, which are more preferred if you’re one of the people who get drunk really fast and can’t concentrate when they drink, and the best games, in this case, would be ‘TV Show/ Movie Drinking Game’, or ‘Medusa’. But, if you like challenging yourself and testing your limits, where you’ll have to really put on your thinking hats, you can try playing games such as ‘Mind Meld’, ‘The Eight – Th’, and so on…

Is your team more into talking, or completing challenges? Of course, some of you like taking action, doing some dares, and all that, but, while being drunk, that can be challenging sometimes. I mean, playing ‘Spin The Bottle’, or even ‘Picolo’, it can be quite complicated when you’ve lost track, that’s why, there are lots of games that just ask you to talk (hopefully you like doing that), and here we can mention ‘Most Likely…’, ‘Two Truths And One Lie’, ‘Paranoia’, and lots more!

Would you like the whole team to drink, or just the ‘loser’? We included games that make all the players drink, so, when an action is taken they all drink, or at least the chances are higher than most of them drink, such as in  ‘Quarters’, ‘Beer Pong’ and more, but, on the other hand, in ‘I’m Going To The Bar’, or ‘Shot Roulette’ (and some other ofc), you can survive without drinking if you’re really wanting to stay sober! 

Final: Do These Games Really Get You Drunk & Are They Fun Enough?

Duhh, of course, they’ll get you drunk! Well of course, excluding if you’re really looking forward to winning and want to stay sober till the end of the night! 

Are they fun? Of course, they’re fun… 3 of the most important reasons are that they cost nothing, except the drinks of course (it’s more fun when you know you didn’t spend money buying them…), they’re very simple to play & they’ll get you drunk, which is actually the main point of drinking games! 

Don’t forget to follow our choosing-the-game guide, because we truly believe- and people are proving that it really helps, especially if you’re stuck between two games… 

Take some drinks, while playing, and while reading this article as well! Jokes aside, be careful with the amount of drinking, because yeah, we agree that we should have fun until it messes up with our health! 

Till next time, enjoy! <3 

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