Best of Cards Against Humanity Expansions & Themed Packs Review

absurd box new box

One thing we all already know is that Cards Against Humanity is undoubtedly one of the most favorite & beloved games of people.

What makes it even more wonderful, is the fact that it can also be played as a drinking game, and it can be played with only 2 or 3 players as well, even though these card games are designed for 4 and more players.

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Now, you may struggle here a bit. What’s the difference between the expansions, the themed packs, the editions…Your mind’s troubleshooting right now, I know, I know.

They usually have a smaller number of cards than expansions. Besides these, there also exist the series, stand alone expansions, and lots of other card games terms.

In this article, we’ll show you our favourite expansions and themed packs.

Editor’s Top 5 Favourite Picks

The Best Cards Against Expansion: Absurd Box

“It’s hard to choose the funniest, but I’m sure you’ll agree if you play this game.”

The Most Special Box: Glow In The Dark 

“Who doesn’t love things that shine? I don’t know who doesn’t. We do.”

The Best Dirty Expansion: Everything Box

“How can a question be that dirty? Well, you never know…”

The Girls’ Favourite: Period Pack

“The special pack for girls. The only thing that makes period fun.”

The Most Artistic One: Theatre Pack

“What do you people drink that you have this creativity? Hilarious cards!”

Best Cards Against Humanity Expansions

Based on our research & experience, the best Cards Against Humanity expansion is the Absurd Box, continuing further with the Everything Box.

Find the table below:

GameGlow in the darkEverything BoxRed BoxBlue BoxGreen BoxAbsurd BoxNerd Bundle
Number of cards300300300300300300192
SpecialtyThe box glows in the darkDifferent topicsIncludes the 1st, 2d & 3d expansionThe 4th, 5th & 6th expansionPeople’s favourite color boxThe weirdest boxA 6-in-1 pack

1. Glow In The Dark Box – $20.00

CAH Glow In The Dark Box


  • 300 cards;
  • An expansion of the Family Edition;
  • Ages 8+ or older;
  • Glows in the dark;
  • Some cards are written by kids.

Not accidentally we started with this game. Family is the most important thing. That’s why we chose an expansion that is appropriate for family nights and is kid-friendly.

We think that is such a reasonable price considering a large number of cards.

It doesn’t really have inappropriate cards, but of course, you have to be open and free with your kids, because there are some little jokes that may make you blush.

Here’s the back of the box, and you’ll also see 4 examples of the cards:

CAH Glow In The Dark Box Back

What we adore about the game, is that some cards are written by innocent lovely kids. Check out the cards list: Glow In The Dark Spreadsheet.

2. The Everything Box – $20.00

CAH Everything Box


  • 300 cards( 49 black cards, 251 white cards);
  • Ages 17+;
  • Expansion;
  • For 4+ players;
  • Contains everything!

It is called Everything Box because you can’t imagine what it includes. Lots of cards, lots of topics, lots of fun.

We really recommend you play this with people you know well and you know are not very sensitive, because there’s a lot of adult content. You don’t want to be embarrassed, do ya?

The designer must have been really hungry while making the box. Look at that doughnut. It looks healthy tho’. 

It can also be played as a stand alone, but it is really recommended to mix with the core game. 300 cards are enough, what do you think?

We know you love to create the first impression before buying the game. Here’s the Everything Box card list: The Everything Box Spreadsheet

Cards Against Humanity Everything Box Card list
blackYo, is _____ racist?
I’m Ted Cruz, and I’m proud to endorse _____.
A new adventure awaits at Walt Disney’s Magical Kingdom of _____!
The year is 2150. The president is _____.
There is a video circulating the Internet that does not represent who I am. I made a vile mistake in my youth, and I deeply regret it. Please don’t watch the _____ video.
Now on Disney+! Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of _____.
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood- I choose _____, And that has made all the difference.
Welcome to the jungle! We’ve got _____.
My favorite rapper is “Lil _____.”
Alright, I’m done with _____. It’s time for _____.
Incredible! Biologists have discovered an octopus capable of _____.
How am I, the Card Czar, going to die?
Momma always said, “Life is like _____. You never know what you’re gonna get.”
The first rule of Fight Club is: don’t talk about Fight Club, The second rule of Fight Club is: don’t talk about _____.
Lord, please guide my baby girl back to you and away from _____. Amen.
Every Tuesday, I purchase a box of donuts. I sit on the toilet. I eat the donuts. I remember _____, and I cry.
You _____, bro?
Today’s technical challenge comes from Paul Hollywood. He would like six identical pastries in the shape of _____.
You’re on a first date. What’s an instant red flag?
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of _____.
Mr. Musk, as your legal counsel, I must strongly advise against _____.
Hey look everybody! It’s “_____ Guy.”
Welcome to Hidden Creek Water Park. Please remember that we do not allow _____ in the pool.
Hey, check out my podcast! It’s just two regular guys talking about _____.
I’m that bad type
Make your mama sad type
Might seduce your dad type
I’m _____.
What’s better when clowns are involved?
And now, from WHYY in Philadephia, it’s “_____ with Terry Gross.”
It’s very simple. You give me sex. I give you _____.
After phasing out orca shows, SeaWorld is now attracting custoers with _____.
Join our peaceful community. We eat grapes. We live in tents. We enjoy _____, together.
What’s big, sweaty, and fantastic?
FIRST LOOK: Nike drops hot new sneakers designed exclusively for _____.
Because I could not stop for Death-
He kindly stopped for me-
The Carriage held but just Ourselves-
And _____.
Emily Dickinson
Holy MOLY!
Now THAT’S what I call _____!
I’m _____, you’re ____, let’s party!
Mom! Mom! Look at me, Mom! I’m _____!
Few remember Beethoven’s lesser-known symphony “Ode to _____.”
You better lose yourself in the music
The moment you own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance for _____.
Lucky to be ALIVE! Kylie Jenner’s TERRIFYING encounter with _____.
Men like _____.
What’s kind of sad, kind of beautiful, but also kind of funny?
WARNING: _____ may cause _____.
As a feminist, I cannot support _____.
Ready or not, here comes _____!
My penis is _____.
My vagina is _____.
Psst. You go around back I’ll distract the guards with _____.
Up next on Fod News: Are college students being radicalized by _____?
I only saw my fathe rcry twice: onec after Mom died, and once after _____.
Me: Hey, Randy! What’s going on?
Randy: Aw nothing, man. Just _____.
whiteTwo dudes just bumpin’ their balls together.
How sad it is that Tom Hanks died of COVID.
The official company motto of Starbucks: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit-one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”
9/11 but with monkeys.
A BIg Mouth Billy Bass that just screams.
The terrible computer virus that put all this incest porn on my laptop.
Bleeding through another jumbo tampon.
Janky tits that go clankety-clank.
Being acquired by Amazon.
Having a thousand best friends but they’re all pigeons.
Hootin’ and hollerin’.
Wearing the condom the proper way, around the balls and penis.
Putting the Pop-Tarts in the toaster like a self-respecting person.
Choking to death on a Werther’s Original.
Dissolving my husband’s body in acid.
Personal growth.
Organized religion.
Laying a Nintendo at the Tomb of the of the Unknown Soldier.
70s bush.
A geisha who is clearly Ronald McDonald.
Feeding a three-course Italian dinner to a mailbox.
A shirtless Uber driver.
Black Republicans.
Permanent brain damage from football.
A meeting that could have been an email.
Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Getting drafted and having to be in the army.
Getting dick tonight.
Spending way too long picking a resturant.
Escaping from North Korea.
Falling down the stairs.
Getting swole.
Being a pervert.
Sponsored content.
Couples therapy.
A little boy in a sailor suit.
Punching my dad in the face and stealing his car.
Buying things to fill the emptiness inside.
a red wheel barrow
glazed with rain water
beside the white chickens
The Swamp of Unlimited Pleasure.
A chode.
Any kind of sex with anybody.
Peomoting democracy in the Middle East.
Bad music for stupid people.
A viable third party candidate.
Knowing the legal age of consent in all 50 states.
Expanding the British commercial interests in Nigeria.
Fucking a pregnant clown.
Domestic terrorism.
Saying “fuck it” and stepping off a cliff.
Watching you poop.
Drag queens.
An $80,000 bill from the hospital.
A fuck swing.
Doing nothing about climate change.
Fucking me.
Playing the cello like a gorilla having a stroke.
Divorced billionaire energy.
My landlord.
Being nercous around white people.
Whatever Master desires.
Making friends as an adult.
Crankin’ my hog in the middle of a Zoom call.
Returning all money to its riteful owner, Jeff Bezos.
Fleeing the country.
White trash in a kiddie pool.
Bad stand-up comedy.
Making love atop a windswept mesa as the sun blooms on the horizon.
Figuring out how to stop Black people from voting.
Lowering your standards.
My man, Horace.
The Annual San Diego Confrence of Blowjobs.
Eating a huge bowl of pasta like a fat piece of shit.
The breakup of Yugoslavia.
Recieving anal pleasure at Burger King.
Having divorced parents.
Shittin’ me britches.
Nelson Mandela.
Building systems and coordinating processes.
Getting tazed in the balls.
Farting out a little boy’s birthday candles.
Your father’s throbbin’ rockin’ penis.
The profound humanism of Iranian cinema.
Running my tounge all the way from your forehead to your asshole in one long, creepy stroke.
An arranged marriage.
An avalanche of ground beef.
Grandpa jerking it to Betty Boop.
Asking the dentist for more teeth.
The world’s ugliest baby.
Thong crust.
Wearing a MAGA hat.
Staging a coup.
Bangin’ bimbos and boppin’ bongos!
The duck who eats bread out of my ass.
Shattered hopes and dreams.
A national conversation about race.
The horrible things that giving birth does to your vagina.
Huge American children.
Getting crunched into a ball and slammed through a hoop by LeBron James.
Livin’ la via loca.
Namazu, the giant mythical catfish.
Aging terribly.
What the State of New Jersey describes as “public defecation.”
Crying “Yes, Father!” while getting spanked.
Shitting into a Coinstar machine.
Giving $5 to Black lives Matter.
The guillotine.
Saying grace before sex.
A perfectly ordinary object, like a pen.
Thunderous lovemaking.
Getting spayed.
My beautiful granddaughter.
Literally fucking the police.
Being the product of icnest.
Wearing a bicycle helmet during sex.
Faking a pregnancy.
Being mindful of cyclists.
Stompin’ around, humpin’ and dumpin’.
A little heroin here and there.
Russian propaganda.
A sexually charged game of chess.
Being a bad, racist policeman.
Texting a picture of my asshole to Ted Cruz.
idk lol
Taking a nap, and then taking another nap.
Showing deferece to the King of Thailand.
A bird funeral.
Losing custody of the kids.
A bit of a tarantula problem.
Gathering all the world leaders in one room and showing them my pussy.
Smearing feces on the walls.
Passing as white.
Smokin’ a joint, eatin’ some cat food, and watchin’ Law & Order SVU.
What I assume to be semen.
A dentist named Funboy.
Watching someone fuck my wife.
Deteriorating mental health.
Sucking period clumps through a boba straw.
Affermative action.
Getting bukkaked by twenty Spider-Men.
Shitting out part of a turd, sucking it back in, and shitting it back out over and over so you’re basically fucking yourself with your own shit.
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bi Salman.
Brain, the man who works at the Guitar Center.
I am a goat.
Thy anus.
Inhaling a bird mid-yawn.
Glittering my pubes.
A dangerous new type of onion.
Having six weeks left to live.
Sturdy Bulgarian women.
Unresolved childhood trauma.
Bush’s Baked Beans.
Holding a lantern and saying, “Who goes there?”
Quality custom upholstery at unbeatable prices.
Resonating with the Earth’s vibrational energy.
Taking forever to cum.
The pile of triceratops shit from Jurassic Park.Having an affair.
Slappin’ dat pussaaayyyyyy!
Refering to a mozzarella stick as a “bad boy.”
Throwing your dad into a dumpster and yelling “Now I am dad!”
Getting involved in local politics.
The song “Uptown Funk” coming on.
All y’all motherfuckers.
The weird noises mom makes when she’s swallowing big veggies.
Having a bad life.
Killing God.
Norwegian mansluts.
More cowbell.
Lying face-down in wet cement.
Getting waterboarded.
The long fingernail guy from The Guinness Book of World Records.
Mitch McConnell.
A restraining order.
Crandolph, my sweet egg boy.
Pulling Grandpa’s pants down and smacking his old butt.
Ribs, the food that’s got BONES!
Imposter Syndrome.
The Electoral College.
Being 1/16th Native American.
Refusing to pay federal or state income taxes.
Some sort of alien lobster handjob contest.
Squeezing an egg out of my bird pussy.
A sexy little bald guy.
Some piece-of-shit birdhouse my kid made.
A missed period.
Muh truck.
Tounge-fucking them toes.
Going to a Maroon 5 concert in 2007.
Asking for money.
Googling “lenny kravitz penis.”
Having a really cool nickname, like “The Sledgehammer.”
The joys of motherhood.
The Great British Baking Show.
Big snake!
Leonardo DiCaprio having sex with a jar of mango salsa.
Rudy Giuliani.
Renouncing Christ.
Remembering that Donald Trump was the president.
Sexy stinky werewolf boys.
Asking to see the manager.
A mule that can say “Walmart.”
Threatening legal action.
Swallowing an unopened can of beer.
Getting white-girl wasted.
Putting a bookmark in your pussy to remind me where I left off.
A huge swan that wants to fuck.
The kind of diarrhea that the ancient bards wrote songs about.
Anxiety-baking a hundred muffins.
Profiting off the exploited labor of the working class.
Stabbing a motherfucker in the face.
Looking at an infographic and saying “wow.”
A penis with its own smaller penis.
A skinny submissive husband.
The legacy of slavery.
The ten largest men from my village.
The Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Clitoris Stimulator.
A VR horse-fucking simulator.
A siploc bag of soup.
Falling in love with a turkey.
Having an affair.
The American healthcare system.
Running a marathon because oooooh look at me!

3. The Absurd Box – $20.00

absurd box new box


  • 300 weirds & hilarious cards;
  • 255 white cards, 45 black;
  • Requires the core game;
  • First released in 2018;
  • Version 1.2.

This is one of the newest updates, currently at version 1.2.

The new version has a very colorful box, while the old version had a box that looked like it ran out of colors. Just like an old TV screen lol.

You should be really clever and funny to play this expansion. A sense of humour  is really required, trust us!

Of course it is an expansion, but it can also be played as a stand-alone game, even though you can’t fully enjoy it because there are just 300 cards.

This is definitely a weirder version than the main game. Take a quick look at the changes from the older version:

Cards Against Humanity Absurd Box Card List

(New white cards)

  • JFK’s smiling, exploding head.
  • Slavery.
  • Traditional gender roles.
  • My biological father.
  • Masturbating to ISIS beheading videos.

(Removed white cards)

  • Slaves.
  • All manners of horrors.
  • Hiding from border patrol.
  • My real dad.
  • Outdated gender norms.

(New black cards)

  • I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills like ______.
  • That was worst sex I ever had. It was like twenty minutes of ______.
  • This ain’t no rodeo, kid. Mama knows her way around ______.

(Removed black cards)

  • Goldfinger! He’s the man, the man with ______.
  • Here’s a little something I learned in business school: The customer is always ______.
  • I was so drunk I ______.

4. The Red Box – $20.00

The Red Box CAH

The Color Name Box has the same details, so we are not repeating information all over the boxes as we putting here once, Here are some overall information the same details goes for other color boxes.


  • 300-card expansions;
  • The color has nothing to do with the content;
  • All three are better to add to the main game;
  • Go well mixing with each other;
  • Updated versions;
  • Ages 17+.

I started with the color of love. Romantic, isn’t it?

Well to be honest, the old version was a not so red Box. The new box is waaay prettier. It is shinier, blacker, and lets us know that it really is a red box.

This expansion contains the 1st, 2d and 3d expansions of Cards Against Humanity.

It definitely adds more fun to the core game, but there’s nothing wrong with playing this as a stand alone expansion, but not for a long time. 300 cards are not the most perfect card number if there are a considerable number of players.

Except for the boxes, these two versions also have some changes in the content. Here’s a short list of the removed and added cards:

Red Box Card List

(Removed White Cards)

  • A slightly shittier parallel universe.
  • A sweet spaceship.
  • Flying robots that kill people.
  • Syphilitic insanity.
  • Bosnian chicken farmers.
  • Loki, the trickster god.
  • Nunchuck moves.
  • Putting an entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich into the VCR.
  • Ryan Gosling riding in on a white horse.
  • Savagely beating a mascot.
  • The black Power Ranger.
  • The new Radiohead album.
  • Weapons-grade plutonium.
  • 24-hour media coverage.
  • Dining with cardboard cutouts of the cast of Friends.
  • Dorito breath.
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome.
  • Fuck Mountain.
  • Insatiable bloodlust.
  • Jumping out at people.
  • Subduing a grizzly bear and making her your wife.
  • Words, words, words.
  • A surprising amount of hair.
  • Moral ambiguity. 

(Added white cards)

  • Wearing sweatpants to showcase the penis. 
  • Burning in hell. 
  • Winning first place at the Tallahassee Pig Fucking Tournament.
  • Being useless.
  • Antifa.
  • A real sad guy.
  • A special kind of yogurt called “cum.”
  • Syphilis.
  • Being a danger to myself and others.
  • Your dad, who says “hi.”
  • A drone strike.
  • Gout.
  • Cumming deep and hard inside of a Cobb salad.
  • The Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Swedes.
  • Grandma shakin’ her ass.
  • Cheap immigrant labor.
  • Exchanging sex for career advancement.
  • My puffy clit.
  • Getting older and uglier.
  • An active shooter.
  • Yodeling into a pregnant woman’s vagina.

(Removed Black Cards)

  • ______: Hours of fun. Easy to use. Perfect for ______!
  • Dear Sir or Madam, We regret to inform you that the Office of ______ has denied your request for ______.
  • In a pinch, ______ can be a suitable substitute for ______.
  • In Rome, there are whisperings that the Vatican has a secret room devoted to ______.
  • What’s harshing my mellow, man?

(Added Black Cards)

  • When the dog bites When the bee stings When I’m feeling sad I simply remember ______ And then I don’t feel so bad.
  • In Irish culture, mourners express their grief through a traditional practice of ______.
  • What makes me cry every time?
  • ______ is back! Only at McDonald’s.
  • What makes Grandma feel young again?

I heard you were planning to play this game with your kids. Think again…

5. The Blue Box – $20.00

blue box new

Yes. You guessed it. Another color is named box.

It has the same characteristics, and the two versions have the same differences as the Red Box.

The Blue Box contains the 4th, 5th and 6th expansion of Cards Against Humanity.

Here are the removed and the new white cards: 

Blue Box Card List Updated

(new white cards)

  • • Mediocrity.
  • • Potato.
  • • A lil’ stupid ass bitch.
  • • Storing a bunch of acorns in my pussy.
  • • Getting down to business to defeat the Huns.
  • • The right amount of cocaine.

(removed white cards)

  •  Important news about Taylor Swift.
  • A chimpanzee in sunglasses fucking my wife.
  • Some sort of Asian.
  • AIDS monkeys.
  • Being John Malkovich.
  • Finally finishing off the Indians.

6. The Green Box – $20.00

green box new

Last but not least(drumrolls…) the green box!

This expansion has 245 white cards and 55 black ones. 

The cards are very funny, and few of them are really dirty as well. You already know that you can’t play it with random people. Choose your company!

This is how the back of the box looks:

The Green Box Back

The update is the same, just as the Red and Blue box. This new version has a better box and is greener of course.

Here are the card changes between the two versions:

Green Box Card List

(Added white cards)

  • Being very rich and incredibly stupid.
  • Consequences.
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  • The white man.
  • Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Thick sluts.
  • Attention to detail and follow-through.
  • Shitting on my tits.
  • A dildo signed by Jimmy Carter.
  • Body image issues.
  • Being pleasured by a thousand tiny Adam Sandlers.
  • A groundbreaking new masturbation technique.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience.
  • Getting laid like all the time.

(Removed white cards) 

  • The LGBT community.
  • A slowly encroaching circle of wolves.
  • A X-Man whose power is that he has sex with dogs and children.
  • Being sexually attracted to children.
  • Falling into a pit of waffles.
  • The mysterious fog rolling into town.
  • A negative body image that is totally justified.
  • Getting this party started!
  • How sad it will be when Morgan Freeman dies.
  • Rolling so hard.
  • Taking the form of a falcon.
  • Showering praise upon the Sultan’s hideous daughters.
  • Making out and stuff.
  • Condoleezza Rice.

(Added black cards)

  • Awww shit! ______ in da house!
  • I just took a DNA test. Turns out I’m 100% ______.

(Removed black cards)

  • ______ be all like ______.
  • What’s a total waste of Hillary Clinton’s time?

7. The Nerd Bundle – $20.00

Nerd Bundle


  • Contains 6 packs;
  • 192 Cards;
  • Fantasy, Sci-Fi, WWW, Geek, A.I., Human.
  • Refreshed;
  • 10 more extra cards for you nerds;
  • Requires the main game.

Why buy 6 packs when you can buy a 6-in-1 Nerd Bundle? This is for people who are ‘addicted’ to science and fantasy stuff.

This is one of the most existing boxes so far.  Now, you may assume that this is an educational game, that could also be good for your kids.

No, don’t you think these are just some innocent science questions. Definitely not. The content is really adult-friendly, and sometimes too dark.

Here’s the box from other points of view:

The Nerd Bundle Sides
The Nerd Bundle Back

Themed Packs

It’s time for the amazing & hilarious themed packs. As we mentioned earlier, these packs have a specific theme and are recommended only for those who are ‘fans’ of that thing.

GamePicture Pack 1Picture Pack 290s Nostalgia2000s NostalgiaDad PackPeriod PackTheatre Pack
ThemeDifferent picturesDifferent picturesThe 90sThe 2000sFatherhoodPeriodsTheatre
Number of cards30303030303030

1. Picture Pack 1 – $5.00

picture pack 1

These are the details for both packs because they are the same. It would be nonsense repeating the same things twice, wouldn’t it?


  • 30 new cards;
  • 18 white cards and 12 black ones;
  • Pictures on the cards;
  • Ages 17+;
  • Similar to What Do You Meme?;
  • Meant to mix with the core game.

Don’t be confused. Don’t let these pictures confuse you. It’s the same game, the same rules.

The Picture Card Pack 1 contains 30 photos, 18 of which are white and 12 are black.

It’s obvious that you have to mix it with the main game (or even with other expansions), because it’s impossible to play a game with only 30 cards.

Check out the cards:

picture pack card list photos 1

2. Picture Pack 2 – $5.00

Just as the first Picture Pack, this one is another themed pack, a special pack of Cards Against Humanity.

Every card has a picture, and sometimes some words on it. If you mix these two picture packs, you’ll have lots of funny pictures and captions.

This is how the Picture Card Pack 2’s cards look:

picture pack cards list photos 2

3. 90s Nostalgia Pack – $5.00

90s nostalgia pack


  • 30 Cards;
  • 23 White & 7 Black Cards;
  • Themed Packs;
  • A price of $5;
  • 90s & 2000s kids.

Where are my 90s kids at? This pack will definitely get you nostalgic. 

With 30 cards, you’ll get to remember some few things from the 90s, but let me tell you, in a very dirty way…

Someone who’s born in 2003 or idk, can’t feel this pack. It’s nonsense. How would you remember things you didn’t experience?

Here are some of the cards:

90s Nostalgia Pack Card List


  • Sunny D! Alright!
  • A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, and my libido.
  • Log.™
  • Jerking off to a 10-second RealMedia clip.
  • Deregulating the mortgage market.
  • The Y2K bug.
  • Wearing Nicolas Cage’s face.
  • Stabbing the shit out of a Capri Sun.
  • Kurt Cobain’s death.
  • Freeing Willy.
  • Liking big butts and not being able to lie about it.
  • The Great Cornholio.
  • Pure Moods, Vol. 1.
  • Yelling “girl power!” and doing a high kick.
  • Pamela Anderson’s boobs running in slow motion.


  • Siskel and Ebert have panned ___________ as “poorly conceived” and “sloppily executed.”
  • Up next on Nickelodeon: “Clarissa Explains _________”
  • I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m ___________.
  • How did Stella get her groove back?
  • Believe it or not, Jim Carrey can do a dead-on impression of ___________.

4. 2000s Nostalgia Pack – $5.00

2000s Nostalgia Pack

It’s time for the 2000s… These packs are just black, shiny and pretty simple.

But, the inside is way more creative. Don’t judge the book by its cover dude!

You already know that this requires the main game. How can you play a game with only 30 cards? That’s right, you can’t.

This pack is all about your memories, the things that happened starting from the year of 2000.

The 2000s Nostalgia Pack includes these cards:

2000s Nostalgia Pack Card List

5. Dad Pack – $5.00

Dad Pack


  • Fatherhood;
  • 30 Cards;
  • 24 White Cards & Black Ones;
  • Dad Jokes;
  • The Perfect Gift For Your Dad.

We usually take care for the mothers day, we buy gifts for them, but what about our dads?! They deserve some fun as well.

The phrases in the cards are just amazing. With white cards like: Going bald, divorce, making the printer work, emotional unavailability, and lots more, and black cards just like: Whaddya think, money grows on trees? I’m not paying for _______,Hey kids I’m Konor’s dad, but you can call me Mr.________., etc, you get that this is the perfect game to have fun with your lovely dad.

Dad Pack Card List

Note: Not every card is the same as the ones I just showed you, some can be inappropriate if you’re not very close with your dad. 

Dads, make your fatherhood cool with this game!

6. Period Pack – $5.00

Period Pack


  • 30 Cards;
  • A Special Pack For The Girls;
  • Often Comes With A Pad And A Heart Shaped Chocolate.

Boys, nothing against you, but close your eyes for now, or just skip this pack. This is not the one for you. Sorry not sorry!

Finally, a good thing about periods. Finally!

This is a pack for all the girls who want to have fun. It feels like this game gets us, feels us. A special pack for the most beautiful gender (someone had to say it).

Here are some of the cards for my girls:

Period Pack Card List

The cutest game. PERIOD.

7. Theatre Pack – $5.00

Theatre Pack


  • 30 Cards;
  • 25 White Cards & 5 Black Cards;
  • Theatre Themed;
  • Meant To Add To The Main Game.

Artists! Artists! Artists! Your time has come.

Just when you think Cards Against Humanity can’t get better, you find out about the Theatre Pack.

You should actually have some basic knowledge on art and theater if you wanna get the jokes.

We know you love spoilers, check some of the cards:

Theatre Pack Cards list
Theatre Pack Cards 2

Enjoy it, drama queens!

How to decide what is the best Cards Against Humanity Pack suggest you follow our buying guide:

  1. How many cards do you want? If you want just a few cards to refresh the game a bit, with any specific theme, get yourself a themed pack. If you want a bigger amount of cards, an expansion is the one.
  1. Buy an expansion with an appropriate theme for you. Don’t pick a theme you have no clue on. Buy something you’re informed about. Someone born in 2001 can’t feel the 90s nostalgia pack. Nonsense.
  1. Do you have the old versions? You’ll see later that some expansions were just updated. They existed earlier, but they thought that some cards should be removed, and some others should be added. We tried to compare the 2 versions, and you’ll see if the new version is worth it. As you will find yourself wasting money for the same thing.
  1. If still in doubt, do some extra research. If you feel that you need more information, you can find comments and reviews for every game in lots of platforms.(Including online shops, forums, social media, etc.)
  1. Check the cards’ content. If you’re a sensitive person (or any of your friends is), maybe you should pay attention to the content. Some of the cards can be really offensive for certain people.

Conclusion of CAH Expanions & Packs

Dear amazing Cards Against Humanity lovers & dear readers!

We made this article to make it easier for you, if you want to get another expansion for your deck. That’s how you don’t have to do much research, you have them all in one place.

We chose our favourite expansions & themed packs, and tried to include different contents. For the best choice, make sure to follow our buying tips.

Till the next article, enjoy this, you funny horrible people!

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