Personalize Your Own Cards Against Humanity Set: Card Ideas (And More)

Your shitty jokes

Attention! Attention! Attention! This may be the coolest thing.

Well, we already know that Cards Against Humanity is breathtaking itself, and it also has some amazing expansions & themed packs and lots of unofficial editions, but… But! What if we say that we’ll show you something extra?

What if we say that you can create your personalized set of Cards Against Humanity?

There’s nothing wrong with downloading PDF version blank cards and printing them, or just use some random papers you find in your house and write questions & answers on them, but, I don’t know if it will feel like owning the game, to be honest.

Blank White Cards

That’s why, here’s a special pack: It is called “Your Shitty Jokes Pack”. And what’s so special about it? Well, you’ll have 50 blank cards, 40 white ones and 10 black cards.

Your shitty jokes

Here’s what you can do with this pack. If you want to create a whole set, you can buy 3 or more packs (depending on the number of players), write the sentences on them, and play it just like the main game. Or, you can use it as a refresh to the main game or any expansion you want. 

Of course you can play it just like the core version, in a normal way, as a drinking game, with only 2 and 3 players, and many other ways.

Now, the blank cards problem is solved. But, what can we write on the cards? Don’t stress out. That’s why we made this article… We’ll show you some amazing Cards Against Humanity blank cards ideas.

We’ll show you some amazing & funny sentences to write on your white & black cards. We divided them into dirty & clean, so you’ll find what you’re looking for. Check the clean section if you want to have fun with your family, or with people you’re not very open to, and check the dirty if you wanna have some adult fun: 

Dirty Cards Against Humanity Card Ideas

Yeah, you’re nice people, but you still wanna have some dirty jokes and stuff. Adulthood, huh? Here are some hilarious dirty card ideas:


  1. When my wife caught me cheating with ______she _______.
  2. When I tripped, I fell into _____.
  3. After masturbating I like to  _______.
  4. In Mexico you can do ____ while you’re ______.
  5. What’s the first thing I do when I’m out of prison?
  6. Twenty bucks would buy _____.
  7. Why do bitches be trippin?
  8. When I blacked out, I woke up with ______.
  9. (name) was shocked when he walked into his room and found_____.
  10. All girls love ________.
  11. B*tch better have my ______.
  12. When I saw your mom naked it reminded me of_____.
  13. A fatal attraction to ______.
  14. You should open a restaurant because ______ is worth 5 stars.
  15. I’m just doing what I do best: ______.
  16.  ______ is like heaven in my mouth.


  1. Hookers and cocaine.
  2. A black hole of alcoholism.
  3. Waking up naked in jail.
  4. Dildo bikes.
  5. (Being) an analrapist.
  6. Hermione’s inner thigh.
  7. Used panties.
  8. Urine that smells like cupcakes.
  9. A small blue d*ck.
  10. Shrinking, just to travel up to my butthole.
  11. A pirate ship of horny bunnies.
  12. Mexican man boobs.
  13. A proper way to suck on deez nuts.
  14. Weed brownies.
  15. Yeastly lesbos.
  16. Twerking for jesus.
  17. Chasing the cock.
  18. Two girls, one cup.
  19. Pyrophilia.
  20. Giving grandma & grandpa the shocker for Christmass. 
  21. Dating an Asian woman and giving her an exquisite blowjob. 

Clean Cards Against Humanity Card Ideas

Now, it’s time for some sweeter, not too ‘adulty’ cards. The sets you can play with your family, or even with the kids (we know kids are not that innocent nowadays). Here are the lean cards we have chosen for you:


  1. Congratulations, you just earned a one-way ticket to _______.
  2. Hot girl summer is over. It’s time for _____.
  3. Damn, ______ you scary!
  4. Head, shoulders, knees and _______.
  5. Love is ______!
  6. Boys night out will always include _______.
  7. Every night children pray for ______.
  8. If at first you don’t succeed, try ________.
  9. Better late than ________.
  10. What is really at the end of the rainbow?
  11.  _____, the struggle is real.
  12.  ______ was invented by the Mafia!
  13. What do old people smell like?
  14. If you go to jail you can count on _____.
  15. All supermarkets should have an aisle just for _______.
  16. I’m not emotionally equipped to deal with ______.  


  1. Donald Trump.
  2. Family video.
  3. A nerd with glasses.
  4. Puberty.
  5. Five Guys.
  6. Seeing your name spelled incorrectly in a Starbucks cup.
  7. The ‘shy’ kid in the corner.
  8. A fart that came with its own company.
  9. Proposing to your stalker.
  10. 50 shades of hunger.
  11. Too hot to sit like a lady.
  12. Annoyed at first sight.
  13. Real sick of wearing underwear and responsibility.
  14. Running and farting in panic.
  15. A long romantic walk to the fridge.
  16. Joining the fan club of Hitler.
  17. Mosquitos that suck fat instead of blood.
  18. The talentless children of celebrities.
  19. A chocolate box of vegetables.
  20. Gas station fried chicken.
  21. A pack of angry vegans.
  22. Thoughts and prayer.

How To Come Up With New Ideas About Cards Against Humanity?

Some of you people are too picky! Maybe you didn’t really like the card ideas we showed you. Well, it hurts, but nevermind…. but also you can see some funny Cards Against Humanity Combos that might inspire you.

Also see Meanings Cards of Cards Against Humanity might give you a direction.

Just kidding, we love to see you do things on your own. Here are some instructions to write your ideas in the best way possible:

  • Give details. Don’t write your cards in general. For example, don’t say: ____ is an animal’s favourite, instead say: _____ is a horse’s favourite. ( You see my point, this really was a shitty example, I KNOW!)
  • Imagine yourself saying it. Imagine the scene. Imagine you’re saying it, playing it. You’ll know if your new card is funny or not.
  • Don’t add unnecessary words. Why saying “in the view of the fact that”, and not saying because? If your sentence is longer, it doesn’t make it funnier!
  • Check if it matches with the other cards. That’s how you can test your card. Match your new black card with other white cards, or vice versa, to see if that idea sounds good.
  • Write about a topic you’re informed about. How can you write about Muggles, when you hate Harry Potter, it’s no sense dude. Write about something you love, something you know about, something you’re a fan of. Believe me, the card will be way better. If you’re a fan and you love the card, you’ll know that other fans will love it as well.


Sentences you just read, are a collection of those we found after extensive research, and also some original ones we made for you.

The ones we found online, occasionally we edited them a bit, some grammatical ‘errors’ usually, and that’s how we made them sound better!

Oh, and we forgot to mention. Of course you can add your own ideas! Some of you are very creative, and have an amazing sense of humour, so, why not?

Feel free to get ideas from here, to edit our sentences and add your own details, but even better, to create your original ones, because you know better what kind of people you’re playing with, and you know the appropriate number of cards and the appropriate content.

Keep having fun, you horrible artists!

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