23 Card Games To Help You Know People Better: Strong Connections Are In Their Way!

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Did you know that some card games ACTUALLY help you connect with people more? How is that possible? Aren’t card games just a bunch of cards that will bring some fun and make you laugh a bit? Well, yes, there exist these kinds of card games as well, but, we’re about to bring something more in-depth & meaningful. 

They’re all about making you open your hearts to each other, feel empathy about what the other’s feeling, expressing stuff that maybe was making you all anxious and unhappy, and most of the time, they’re the conversation you needed for a very long time. It’s like talking to a therapist, which will make you feel way relieved. And of course, they’ll also bring some laughs in addition!

On the other hand, if you’re hosting a game night, and you’ve invited different people, who probably don’t even know each other, these card games will do their jobs. Of course, there are different types of games included, so, depending on the occasion, and of course, depending on the relationship with the other people you’re planning to play with. We won’t spoil the stuff. Okay, just one spoiler: you’re gonna love them!!!   

  • The card games included in the article: 
  1. Why Don’t We?;
  2. Icebreaker;
  3. Table Topics;
  4. Talking Point;
  5. So…;
  6. Who’s Most Likely To…;
  7. For The Girls;
  8. How Do You See The World?;
  9. Uncommon Questions;
  10. Topix;
  11. Never Have I Ever;
  12. Spotlight;
  13. Building Blocks;
  14. Vertellis;
  15. Big Talk;
  16. You Know;
  17. Say Anything;
  18. The Drunk;
  19. Loaded Questions;
  20. Better Together;
  21. Pricetitution;
  22. Tabletopics Girls Night Out;
  23. Create The Love;
  • How to choose that one card game that will help you get to know someone?;
  • Conclusion;

1. Why Don’t We?

Why Don't We

Buy it at Amazon (for $21.99) or Walmart (for $21.99)

Why is this game unique? 

‘Why Don’t We’ tend to connect people and create stronger bonds. This is all done by the well-thought & creative cards, which can be different categories. 

Pieces of information about ‘Why Don’t We’:

Why don’t we do what? Well, why don’t we start knowing each other more? This getting-to-know-your-people card game contains 120 conversation cards, which could be: talk to me, quick rounds, who knows who, break the ice, it’s getting hot in here, what if’s.

It can be played by people who are 18 or older, because of the content. Even though it may be considered a card game to get to know your partner, there’s nothing wrong with playing it with other people. But of course, go through the cards once, to see if the content isn’t too embarrassing to play with people you don’t know that much. 

What are some of the cards?

  • What instantly makes you dislike a person?;
  • If you could be born at any point in time and history, which era would you choose and why?;
  • What is your idea of a hot date?;
  • Where would you like to live when we retire?

2. Icebreaker 


Buy it at Amazon (for $24.99) or BestSelfCo. (for $25)

Why is this game unique? 

Icebreaker is one of the games to stop feeling anxious when you meet new people and you don’t know how to start the conversations. 

Pieces of information about ‘IceBreaker’:

Icebreaker is an icebreaker. It has 150 prompt cards inside, which belong to 6 categories: Life, Random, Deep, Experiences, If You Could, and Would You Rather. Knowing the category color, for example, the deep deck is gray, you can always remove decks of cards, depending on who you’re playing it with. 

What makes it even more special, is that they work great with different types of people. It undoubtedly can be used to start knowing people in the room, to create deeper relationships with people you already know, such as in your friendships, relationships, or even family, and it is work-appropriate as well!

What are some of the cards?

  • What’s the most illegal thing you’ve done?;
  • Would you rather end the life of one human or 100 puppies and kittens?;
  • If you could only drink one type of alcohol for the rest of your life, what would you choose?;
  • What were the three biggest turnings in your life? 

3. TableTopics


Buy it at Amazon (for $25.00) or Walmart (for $25.00)

Why is this game unique? 

TableTopics always brings good stuff. The Best Things Ever edition brings out the best (or worst) of people. Let me tell you, you have no idea how many topics are included…  

Pieces of information about ‘TableTopics’:

Just the name tells us a lot. TableTopics has 135 surprisingly good cards inside, which include different topics of life, and makes all the players speak their hearts out, in case they couldn’t do that earlier. 

You can play it with your family, friends, relatives, but mostly with people you haven’t been in touch with lately (or never). These cards will tell a lot about their mindset and all their opinions in different spheres. It works great for everyone, starting from teenagers, ages 13+.

What are some of the cards?

  • Which comedians make you laugh until your sides ache?;
  • Who’s the best boss you’ve ever had?;
  • If you could receive a bouquet of many flowers, what would it be?;
  • Which band would you wish would get back together?

4. Talking Point

Talking Point

Buy it at Amazon (for $24.97)  or Talking Point Cards (29.95)

Why is this game unique? 

We all need a talking point sometimes, especially when it comes to the family. They make you create a deeper connection with each other. 

Pieces of information about ‘Talking Point’:

Well, sometimes you need to have some conversations with your family because it feels like you’re not very updated when it comes to their life. Talking Point is a great helper on that. There are 200 cards inside, which can be: Get To Know You, Family Time, What Makes You, You, and Fun & Random. First, you select a category and then choose a card to answer. 

Even though it is made for family times, you can also play it with friends or other people. The cards inside are very meaningful and tell a lot about a person. Ps. There is also a Couples edition, Generations, Christians, and more. 

What are some of the cards?

  • What do children know more about than adults?;
  • What are the most important things you’ve learned from your family?;
  • What’s something about yourself that you hope will never change?;
  • What’s one special talent you would like to have?

5. So… 


Buy it at Amazon (for $15.99) or So Cards ($14.99);

Why is this game unique? 

The motto of the game is: Go from ‘How are you?’ to ‘Who are you?’, and I don’t think there’s anything to add. 

Pieces of information about ‘So…’:

So… it’s all about deep conversations. There are only 55 cards inside, but you don’t know how worthy they are. You can play the game based on the ways written in the rules card, such as Classic, Raffle, Solo If I Were You, and Lightning Round.

It is great for adults or even teens and works great if played at a party when meeting all new people. These situations are a bit awkward, aren’t they? Well, So… cards make it all easier, by making you all talk a little about yourself and things you love.  

What are some of the cards?

  • If you could punch anyone in the face without repercussions, who would it be?;
  • What’s a common trait shared by everyone you’ve dated?;
  • What something you’ve said or done that still makes you cringe?;
  • What usually are your first thoughts in the morning?

6.  Who’s Most Likely To…

Who's Most Likely To...

Buy it at Amazon (for $18.00) or Target (for $14.99);

Why is this game unique? 

Helps you learn more about people while guessing about statements, and hearing other people’s opinions, which will be told if they’re correct or not.  

Pieces of information about ‘Who’s Most Likely To…’:

Sometimes the best way to start knowing someone better is to hear everyone’s opinions, and the actual person telling if it stands or not. This card game contains 250 cards and will make you guess who’s most likely about a fact in your group.

This is a clean edition, so you won’t be embarrassed if you’re playing with people you haven’t ever met before. Works great with 4+ players, only if they’re ages 14+ (or not, who cares). Here’s another good thing about the game: it has a great sense of humor in the cards, you’ll prove that yourself!

What are some of the cards?

  • Owns a snuggie/pillow pet;
  • Makes a terrible first impression;
  • Will do anything for $5;
  • Has heart-to-heart with a homeless guy. 

7. For The Girls

For The Girls

Buy it at Amazon (for $24.09) or Target (for $24.99);

Why is this game unique? 

It is a special game for the girls, which makes it very lovely and heartwarming. We love how girlish the content is, and how great they make girls feel. 

Pieces of information about ‘For The Girls’:

For The Girls is for the girls, duh! Let me tell you, it is one of the girls’ favorites. I bet you know how girls are supposed to start new friendships every day, this game will just make it easier! It has 500 cards inside, which are divided into 100 cards for each color: blue, purple, green, orange, and pink, which also represent categories.  Good for 3+ players, starting from 17+.

If the girls in the room are a bit shy and want to start random stuff first, you can remove, let’s say, the ‘do the dare to keep this card’ deck, just in case anyone doesn’t feel that comfortable. It also comes with a spinner which tells you what card you should pick. The first girl to have 25 cards wins. 

What are some of the cards?

  • Keep this card if you’ve ever given the wrong number on purpose;
  • First to mess up loses a card: Fashion Designers;
  • Keep this card if you’ve ever broken a bone;
  • Give this card to whoever was the youngest to get their period;

8. How Do You See The World?

How Do You See The World

Buy it at Amazon (for $19.99) or Walmart (for $24.99);

Why is this game unique? 

Helps you see how everyone’s mind works, and this is how you start knowing them better.

Pieces of information about ‘How Do You See The World?’:

How Do You See The World? Isn’t all about personal questions. It includes 100 cards, and each has 5 questions. Lots of the questions are your personal opinions on different life topics, and this is how you understand everybody’s mindsets. Works great for all ages, including here kids, and can be played by as many players as you want. 

What are some of the cards?

  • How much money is enough?;
  • What is one truth you know, but most people do not agree with you?;
  • Who or what has shaped your beliefs the most?;
  • How does your past influence your future?

9. Uncommon Questions

Uncommon Questions

Buy it at Amazon (for $18.95) or Walmart (for $24.99);

Why is this game unique? 

There are some provocative questions in here, which will make you and your (future) partner say things out loud, even if accidentally (whoopsie).

Pieces of information about ‘Uncommon Questions’:

Well, they’re a few uncommon questions, we can agree on that. This card game has 200 cards inside, and works best for couples, especially for the ones who’ve just met each other! They work great as conversation starters, in case you’re both shy and don’t know what to talk about with each other! You’ll find out something you had no clue about!  

What are some of the cards?

  • What experience in your life do you wish your significant other could have witnessed to better understand you?;
  • If you could train a robot to complete two tasks as perfectly and frequently as you do, what would you choose?;
  • What is your favorite pair of shoes you’ve ever owned?

 10. Topix 


Buy it at Amazon (for $29.00) or Ubuy (for $36);

Why is this game unique? 

It opens great discussions between all the players and also dives deep into everyone’s thoughts and feelings. 

Pieces of information about ‘Topix’:

Topix has a set of 212 cards, two questions on each card, which brings us to a total of 424 questions. There are 3 ways to play the game: pick whatever card you want to answer, make someone answer your cards, or choose a card that every player has to answer. It’s all up to your preferences! Let me tell you: there will be some meaningful & deep conversations started!  

What are some of the cards?

  • How do you make big decisions? Do you patiently analyze? Do you ‘go with your gut’?;
  • You can have any item once owned by someone famous. What do you choose?;
  • How superstitious are you? 

11. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Buy it at Amazon (for $24.99) or Walmart (for $24.95);

Why is this game unique? 

Makes everyone announce if they have done a specific thing or not, which leads us to understand what type of characters they have. 

Pieces of information about ‘Never Have I Ever:

C’mon now, it is Never Have I Ever, the all-time famous game! This box comes with a total of 550 cards, divided into 485 questions and 65 rule cards to mix the game up! One of the players has to read the cards, and everyone should announce if they did that or not.

The main rule is that everyone should be honest, to have a good, meaningful game. Works great for 4 to 12+ players, and you should all be 17 years or older. 

What are some of the cards?

  • Never have I ever made a dangerous turn on the road just because the Waze told me to;
  • Never have I ever taken a nap and missed all my classes for the day;
  • Never have I ever paid for Instagram followers.

12. Spotlight


Buy it at Amazon (for $19.95) or eBay (for $24.00);

Why is this game unique? 

It is a drinking game, and the content may be a little more adult than the previous games, but, who doesn’t love that?

Pieces of information about ‘Spotlight’:

Oh, finally, a drinking card game! It has 110 questions, which doesn’t require any special instruction to play: each player has to answer a specific question. In case they don’t want to, they have to drink or complete a dare. Just as easy as that. 

We’d recommend you to play it only if all the players are chill, and don’t take things very seriously, so no one gets hurt. No. This can’t be played with your family. Spotlight works best with 2 or more players, ages 18+. You’ll either connect more or get drunk. There’s no in-between.

What are some of the cards?

  • Have you ever shared your best friend’s secrets with someone else?;
  • What is a somewhat weird fetish that you would try?;
  • If I looked into your nightstand, what would I find?

13. Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Buy it at Amazon (for $24.95) or Ubay (for $35.00);

Why is this game unique? 

It is specifically made for you and your colleagues, to create a stronger connection between all the people in the workplace. 

Pieces of information about ‘Building Blocks’:

Sometimes, for the work to be done as perfectly as it could be, there should be a kinda friendship between the people in the workplace. The Building blocks card game it’s gonna help a lot. There are 101 questions related to your job, team, connection with coworkers, and so on. Cards are divided into 6 types: personal, team, education, hobby, future, and scenarios. If you’re working from home, go play it in a zoom call! 

What are some of the cards?

  • What three qualities for must-haves for new hires joining the team?;
  • What is one non-work-related goal that you would like to achieve in the next five years?;
  • The zombie apocalypse is coming, who are the 3 people you want in your team, and why?

14. Vertellis


Buy it at Amazon (for $19.00) or Walmart (for $25.59);

Why is this game unique? 

You’ll have the chance to talk about your future and all your most important things in life. You’ll see another side of the other person you’re playing with. 

Pieces of information about ‘Vertellis’:

Let’s be clear, even though it says it is a couples card game, it can also be played with you and other people you’re looking forward to creating a connection with, even if it’s a friend. There are 46 questions, which can be: reflecting on the past year, sharing dreams & plans for the coming year, and getting to know each other even better. You’ll love the extra noteworthy questions, believe me!

What are some of the cards?

  • What will you do for the first time in your life?;
  • On what do you want to devote more time?;
  • What are the three things that gave you the most energy?;
  • Who has inspired you most?

15. Big Talk

Big Talk

Buy it at Amazon (for $25.00) or Walmart (for $35.00);

Why is this game unique? 

You won’t have to have small conversations anymore. You’ll start meaningful talks, which will make y’all feel very comfortable.

Pieces of information about ‘Big Talk’:

Big talk starts big talks. It has 90 cards inside, and it is a big help if you’re trying to connect with someone. Based on our experts, it works great in therapies as well, this is how powerful it is. Yes, it helps you know someone better, but, even if you’re playing with your best friend, or family, it will definitely teach you something you didn’t know about them, we guarantee that! 

What are some of the cards?

  • If you could talk to everyone in the world, what would you say?;
  • What subject would you save if your house was on fire?;
  • Where would you like to wake up tomorrow?;
  • If you could create and run your whole country, what would it be like?

16. You Know

You Know

Buy it at Amazon (for $23.99) or Walmart (for $22.99);

Why is this game unique? 

You’ll dive deep into each other’s souls, that’s for sure. It will help you with your communication & confidence skills. 

Pieces of information about ‘You Know’:

You know, or you don’t know, that’s the question… This card game includes a total of 108 cards, divided into 2 decks. There are 4 colors of cards: blue, green, red, and yellow. There are also special cards, such as Take 2, Wild, Skip, Reverse, and more, but let them remain a surprise. The game itself helps you recreate a more positive self-image, which is wonderful! After each question is a ‘why?’, and it helps start deeper talks.  

What are some of the cards?

  • Would you rather change one thing about the world or one thing about yourself?;
  • Would you rather live with your favorite people in a glacier, or live and travel anywhere, but always alone?;
  • Would you rather everyone in your family have 1 wish, or have 3 wishes all to yourself?

17. Say Anything

Say Anything

Buy it at Amazon (for $14.99) or Walmart (for $21.20);

Why is this game unique? 

It makes everyone answer the same question, so you’ll see everyone’s opinions on different topics. Besides that, you’ll also pick your favorite answer! 

Pieces of information about ‘Say Anything’:

Just say anything, c’mon now!!! This card game can be played by 4-8 players, ages 13+. There are 400 questions, and each card has 5 questions on it. Simply, you (or another player) have to read a question, and all the other players have to write an answer to it. Next, you all (secretly) pick one favorite answer from all, and everyone has to guess your favorite. It also comes with tokens (stickers) and answer boards. 

What are some of the cards?

  • I’m in jail. Why?;
  • What should always be done by experts?;
  • Never come home with a bag full of ________;
  • Beauty fades but _____ is forever. 

18. The Drunk

The Drunk

Buy it at Amazon (for $18.99) or Walmart (for $18.99);

Why is this game unique? 

It’ll get you drunk. I mean, you won’t have to drink just out of randomness, only if you relate to the card. This is how you tell other people lots of details about you!

Pieces of information about ‘Drunk’:

Drunk, just as the name suggests, is another drinking game. There are 250 cards included, and basically, one of the players reads the cards, when someone relates to it, has to take a sip of their drink. So, while drinking, you won’t have to say much. It immediately tells you that you agree to the card, and this is one more piece of information about yourself that the other people in the room will know. Cool, huh? 

(Ps. this isn’t a very innocent game, so make sure you go through the cards if you don’t want to get embarrassed later. If you don’t care, that’s great!) 

What are some of the cards?

  • Anyone who is a vegetarian – good for you. Now drink;
  • Anyone who has been kicked out of a bar, drink;
  • Anyone who posted on social media more than one today, drink;
  • Perform your best version of the robot dance. If the group thinks it sucks, then drink.

19. Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions

Buy it at Amazon (for $18.99) or Walmart (for $18.99);

Why is this game unique? 

Besides that creating stronger bonds between people, it also brings good laughs, because that’s how amazing the questions are!

Pieces of information about ‘Drunk’:

Wow, there’s a huge set of cards, a total of 800! First, the players should roll the dice (taking turns) and go through the colored board. Based on the color, they read the question, and all the other players have to write a personal answer to that question. The players that read the question now pick their favorite answer and also guess who wrote what. Every time they are correct, they advance a space on the board, until they come to the winning point!  

What are some of the cards?

  • What have you surprisingly never tried?;
  • If you could be ‘the best’ at something, what would you choose?;
  • What is your most useless talent?;
  • What is NOT a good thing to bring to show-and-tell?

20.  Better Together 

Better Together

Buy it at Amazon (for $20.95) or Better Together Cards ($20.95);

Why is this game unique? 

It is specifically made for thoughtful moments & conversations, especially for you and your better half. You’ll learn things you never thought about… 

Pieces of information about ‘Better Together’:

Just as the name says, we know you’re better together! It includes 100 cards, and their mission is to make you understand the true importance of each other, and also speak out personal & deep things. There aren’t any set rules, it’s just cards that start conversations, so, both of you answer the same questions, or take turns reading different questions each. It’s up to you! 

What are some of the cards?

  • What’s the best relationship advice you’ve ever gotten?;
  • What’s the biggest thing on your bucket list?;
  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to do as a child, but never got to do it?

21. Pricetitution


Buy it at Amazon (for $19.99) or Walmart ($45.13);

Why is this game unique? 

Prictetitution has a great way to make you talk about yourself. You have to set a price for a specific action, which tells if you would do it or not. 

Pieces of information about ‘Pricetitution’:

It’s Pricetitution, don’t you dare read it any other way. Different from the other ones we mentioned, Pricetitution doesn’t directly ask you questions. There are 130 cards, and each of them asks you how much money it would cost you to do something, which tells everyone how adventurous, emotional, or other traits you have. The cards are pretty unique from one another, and put you in different situations, so, think well before giving an answer dude! If you’re 16 years or older, go for it!

What are some of the cards?

  • How much money would it take me to tell a preschool class of 20 kids that Santa isn’t real?;
  • How much money would it take me to get a tattoo on my arm of the last food I ate?;
  • How much money would it take me to delete all my social media without an explanation?

22. TableTopics Girls Night Out

TableTopics Girls Night Out

Buy it at Amazon (for $25.00) or Walmart ($25.00);

Why is this game unique? 

Everything made for the girls is unique, there’s no doubt about that! There are astonishing conversation starters to create connections between girls. 

Pieces of information about ‘TableTopics Girls Night Out’:

Another TableTopics edition, yey! The girls’ edition has 125 question cards, but they’re only recommended for women who are 21 or older, because of the content. There’s a diversity of questions, just because they include various topics, some girls stuff (you don’t need to know about it!). So yeah, you all give your personal opinions about different questions. Ps. it makes a great gift for every woman!   

What are some of the cards?

  • Have you ever let a man come between you and a friend?;
  • If you had to gain 10 pounds what would you eat to gain weight?;
  • For which store would you like to win unlimited free shopping?;
  • If you could do a risky activity once with no risk, what would you choose?

23. Create The Love 

Create The Love

Buy it at Amazon (for $24.95) or Walmart (for $49.48);

Why is this game unique? 

Strengthens relationships, especially the just-met-each other ones. Each card, besides the question, has a little advice for that situation below. 

Pieces of information about ‘TableTopics Girls Night Out’:

Last but not least, Create The Love, creates the love. It has 80 cards inside, and they all address specific situations while making questions, which you have to answer. For each of the questions, for example, something related to arguing, there’s an opinion or advice from Mark, the game creator, and Human Connection Specialist. 

What are some of the cards?

  • If you were to become famous, what would you like to become known for?;
  • How do you expect your partner to talk about you on social media?;
  • How do you like others to show you that they love you?;
  • Under what circumstances is lying okay?

How To Choose That One Card Game To Get To Know Someone? 

Who are you planning to play the game with? Let me elaborate it real quick. I know you’re trying to get to know someone, but, there may be two situations: you don’t know that person at all, or you kinda know them but want to create a stronger connection. By reading the cards you’ll understand exactly what content the game is, so, you won’t make yourself or the other person feel uncomfortable. You’ll start with basic questions first, icebreakers. 

If you just started a relationship, look for the couples games. Not all of the games on our list are for couples. I mean, they work great for every connection, but, the couples games are specifically made for you and your (future) significant other. So, we’d recommend you check Uncommon Questions, Vertellis, Better Together, or Create The Love. The questions have to do with the future, your life before you met him/her, your traits, things you love, and many more important details.

You should look for the ice breaking games if you’re looking for something for a party. Since most of the times parties, or even sleepovers include different people, strangers, people you want to start knowing better, icebreakers, conversation starters are the ones you should look for, I mean, you don’t need embarrassing questions for now. Such games can be Icebreaker, Most Likely To…, Pricetitution, Say Anything, and some more on our list. 

We also included drinking card games for the drinking lovers! Yes, there are lots of people who like drinking even if they don’t know the people in the room. That’s understandable. So, what you wanna do is play a card game where you will learn lots of stuff about each other, but you’ll also drink a bunch of shots. We can mention here 2 of the most appropriate ones we found, The Drunk, and SpotLight. 

There are also special card games for the fabulous gender, girls! Yes, girls always want to create new friendships and know more and more people each day, so, why not mention some games that would help it. These games can be For The Girls and TableTopics Girls Night Out edition. Can be used on birthday parties, sleepovers, bachelorettes, or just random hangouts. Your girls will love ‘em, believe me! 

Is There Anything Else We Forgot To Mention?

Well, it was a long journey, wasn’t it? We included all the details about each card game, telling what’s unique about them, so we wouldn’t talk about similar games. We’re sure you’ll find at least one of them that fits you and your situation best. 

Communication is the key, but sometimes you don’t know how to start that communication. But it is necessary if you want to know someone better. So, that’s why these card games were created! To make it all easier. Will break the ice, and make you share information about things you love and things you don’t. 

Most of these question card games work great for all people, such as when you’re trying to know your partner, lover more, or even if you think you have to ask your family something about them, but you can’t just randomly ask them. Anyways, we also included special games, such as drinking and girls’ card games. 

Don’t forget to follow our buying guide if you want to have the best results. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did when we tried them. Don’t forget: you’re amazing!!!  

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