Top 10 UNO Cards Storage Boxes & Cases – Case Solved! 

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Ah, that feeling when you love a thing that much, and you wanna protect it at all costs. This is what we’re talking about. We love UNO. It makes our life better, and we don’t want any of the cards destroyed, or even worse, lose somewhere under the couches. It would feel like a piece is missing when playing the game and trust me, we’ve been through that!  

Finding a good case, storage or box would fix this problem at the drop of a hat. The process of finding the perfect one seems a bit frustrating, just because the quality may be poor, it could be a total scam, or just comes about 10 times smaller than you thought it was. Just saying. Regardless, we’ll give you our top 10 cases, special for different situations, such as traveling, storing the cards, placing all the editions together, and so on.  

  • Buying guide;
  • Editor’s Best Picks;
  • The cases:
  1. Hard Travel Case;
  2. Plastic UNO Card Case Holder;
  3. UNO Cards Deck Holder;
  4. Travel Carry Case;
  5. Twin Deck Holder;
  6. Side By Side Deck Holder;
  7. Storage Box;
  8. UNO Card Holder;
  9. Storage Case;
  10. Caseling Card Game Case;
  • FAQ about UNO cases;
  • To sum it up;

Buying Guide about Uno Cards Cases

Before continuing further and showing you the cases, we believe that’s important for you to know some useful tips on choosing the case, based on your situation. Follow them below: 

Start with the number of cards you’ll store in the case/box. Think about how many UNO cards you have/ or plan to have. If you have many editions, consider one that fits more cards. If you only love one specific edition (most likely the main game), you don’t need a large case. It would look empty. You’ll find out how many cards fit each of the cases below.

Do you think you’ll buy other editions later? Unbelievably, there are 527 different types of UNO card games and spinoffs. If you think you’ll get one of them in the upcoming weeks, look up a case that has enough storage to fit all the cards in, so you have all the editions in one place. We prefer one that has some little divided rooms for each game, so, you don’t mix them all, and only play the game you want. 

Boxes don’t work well on traveling, let us tell you. If UNO is your traveling buddy, ignore the storage boxes or whatever. They’ll simply just get distributed when moving too much, and create a mess in whatever place you’re in. Traveling cases are the best in this situation. They have a very secure zip and keep the cards in their place. You can carry them wherever you go, and there is no risk of losing any of the cards. 

If you drink while playing UNO, check the waterproof cases. No matter if you play the Drunk UNO, or just like to drink while playing the classic game, get a waterproof case, just like plastic. This is how you won’t destroy any of the cards, or very importantly, the case you just bought. We know all the storages and cases you’ll find below are very qualitative, but, the leather ones, or other materials other than plastic, may leave any mark to show you that someone has spilled drinks on them.

A case with movers is perfect when you don’t exactly know what you’ll place in it. Movers help a lot. If you have just one deck of cards, fine, just let the movers aside. If you decide to get more decks later, that’s fine too. Add them to the case and just divide them with the movers. The case won’t either look empty or too messed up. 

Editor’s Best Picks

1. The Best Traveling Case: The Hard Travel Case

It is cheap, has a great quality, fits your favorite UNO deck, and doesn’t take much place on your bags.

2. The Best Traveling Case For More Decks: Caseling Card Game Case

The greatest thing is that it fits up to 630 cards, and has 5 movable dividers to help you organize the cards.

3. The Most Waterproof Case: Plastic UNO Card Case Holder

Simple and yet wonderful. For everyone who likes drinking when playing UNO, this case protects all your cards.

4. The Finest Deck Holder: Side By Side Deck Holder

Besides being a great box to keep your UNO cards, it’s also very useful to use as a deck organizer when playing the game.

5. The Largest Storage Box: UNO Card Holder

Divided into 2 main sections, and fitting around 1300 cards, it is for sure the largest & coolest storage box for all your UNO decks.

1. Hard Travel Case – $10.99

Hard Travel Case

Amazon ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars


  • Size: 4 x 2.5 x 1.3 inches;
  • Material: EVA;
  • Color: black;
  • Brand: Hermitshell;
  • It has two 2 parts and each has a ribbon, so the cards stay in place.
  • There’s also a Red & Yellow version for $12.99. 

What do we like about this case?

The design is very simple but practical. Has enough room for a whole deck of UNO cards, or 2 decks of regular classic cards. The ribbons help with placing the cards, and taking them out of the case when you want to play. It’s perfect for traveling since it doesn’t take much space. Some little accessories, such as a keychain, would help you attach it to your bag, and make it useful & pretty at once. The zipper is super secure, so there’s no chance that your cards will get out of it accidentally. It’s so sturdy and easy to carry, and the ribbons hold the cards in their place, even if you forget to close the zipper up.  

2. Plastic UNO Card Case Holder – $12.99

Plastic UNO Card Case Holder

Amazon ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars;


What do we like about this case?

It is so basic, doesn’t have any special design, but does the job perfectly. Since it is plastic, the case’s waterproof and there’s no chance for the cards to get damaged, even if you spit drinks on them. One case fits a deck of UNO, or other cards but is no larger than 3.5 x 2.5 inches. If you’re a card collector, these cases are wonderful since you can separate all the different decks, and keep them in a place. Another good thing about this plastic case is that it is see-through. This is great when you have many decks, and you don’t have the nerves to open each one of them to get the deck you were looking for. It has a very stable snap, which makes it easy to open and shut. 

3. UNO Cards Deck Holder – $8.99

UNO Cards Deck Holder

Etsy ratings: 5 out of 5 stars;


  • 3D printed cardholder; 
  • Brand: LilRed3DFactory;
  • Material: polyester;
  • Comes in 20 colors!;

What do we like about this card holder?

Aesthetically it looks great. It has that little hole (if I may say) on the top, so the whole game name is readable. It is made of two lids, which makes it simple to get the deck. Also, because of the mechanism, when two parts are connected, it keeps the box in place. You won’t spread the cards if you accidentally just hold the top of the holder. What’s so heartwarming about it is that it comes in dozens of colors, depending on your order, so you can match the color of the cards with the cardholder. You can use it for other card games as well, as long as there aren’t more than about 120 cards. The material itself is waterproof, but because of the hole on top, it can’t provide cards from drinks or whatever. 

4. Travel Carry Case – $12.99

Travel Carry Case

Walmart ratings (for the seller): 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • Size: 5.5 x 3 x 1 inch;
  • Color: black;
  • Brand: USA Gear;
  • Material: neoprene;
  • Comes with a belt loop and carabiner clip;

What do we like about this case? 

First of all, it fits one deck of UNO cards, a total of 112 cards. The case is very flexible, so it can’t easily get torn, but it is also sturdy enough to protect the cards. Besides fitting the cards, there’s also an extra room for any other game equipment or something you’d like to have while playing. Both parts get stuck with each other by an adhesive bandage, so nothing falls out from it. Because it has some special accessories we mentioned, it is super easy to carry. Clip it to your purse, or belt, or just throw it on your bag or luggage. It’s super-secure & good-looking. Because of its flexibility, it’s very comfy fighting the cards or taking them out. 

5.  Twin Deck Holder – $47.19

Twin Deck Holder

Etsy ratings: 5 out of 5 stars;


  • Size: 4.13 x 3.15 inches;
  • Material: leather;
  • Color: black;
  • Brand: CathianLeatherGoods;
  • Comes with 2 decks of UNO cards;

What do we like about this case? 

For people who love spending some extra money, this case is made out of real leather, which feels and smells great. It fits 2 decks of UNO cards, which are secured by the tapes on each of 2 parts. The case is very constructive to carry, especially when going on trips. It is very handy to fit in any of your bags, or just to hold as a bag of its own. It is the perfect case, especially if you have 2 favorite decks that you always want to bring with you, no matter where you go. After all, it makes a great gift as well, especially for card game lovers. The zip of this case has a great quality, so it doesn’t show any trouble opening or closing the case. 

6. Side By Side Deck Holder – $11.69

Side By Side Deck Holder

Etsy ratings: 5 out of 5 stars;


  • Size: 5.25 x 4 x 1.5 inches;
  • Material: polyester;
  • Brand: KreativeDillaDesigns;
  • Comes in: red, blue, purple, white & black;

What do we like about this deck holder?

Besides the fact that it comes in 5 different colors, the good thing is that it fits two decks of UNO cards or 4 decks of regular cards. It is great storage but also for use during the gameplay. Since it is plastic, even if you pour drinks on the case, it won’t cause any damage. The two parts of the case fit perfectly, but we wouldn’t recommend carrying it. It is made as a deck holder, meaning placing it on a table or the floor, but not moving it too much. Because of the design inside, the spaces, and all that, it is very practical taking the cards out of it. One amazing thing is that you can also use it when playing, dividing both the draw and the discard deck, so all cards are organized. 

7. Storage Box – $18.29

Storage Box

Etsy ratings: 5 out of 5 stars;


  • Brand: RTDesigns;
  • Size: 3.8 x 2.5 inches;
  • Material: polyester;
  • You may also order it in other colors;

What do we like about this storage box? 

First things first, the design is one of my favorites. Looks like a mini pretty toolbox to me, and I bet it gives the same vibe to you! It is specifically printed to be a UNO cards box, as you can see from the letters on top. Normally, this box fits a deck of UNO cards, but you can get extra boxes for other decks. What makes it great is that the snap is very well-built, so all your cards stay in their place, and the box stays together, as it should. We wouldn’t recommend it for traveling, since it is plastic, and you may just hit it with something, but for sure it is one of the best to store your cards and keep them in your room, or have organized cards while playing UNO. 

8. UNO Card Holder – $21.99

UNO Card Holder

Amazon ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars;


  • Size: 10 x 7.5 x 4 inches;
  • Brand: GWCASE;
  • Material: plastic;
  • Color: orange & transparent;
  • Has a handle to carry;

What do we like about this box? 

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: a card holder that fits more than 1300 cards! Something amazing about it is that it has a handle that helps you with carrying the box or hanging it on the hatstand. Because of its qualitative material, the case is scratch & waterproof. There’s a foam base placed inside the box, which has 2 card slots to help you organize all the cards, and divide each deck. Based on the number of cards, means that you can find about 12 decks of standard UNO or any other game edition you want (including the All Wild Deck!). Well, if you do not have enough cards to fill the box, use it for some snacks, game tokens, or whatever you want! 

9. Storage Box – $10.99

Storage Case

Walmart ratings: 5 out of 5 stars;


  • Size: 8 x 4 x 2 inches;
  • Brand: UNO;
  • Color: white & red;
  • Material: plastic;
  • Comes with a deck of UNO cards;

What do we like about this case? 

Here’s another storage case that we truly believe works great even as a travel case, and that’s wonderful! So special about it is the very well-thought design, which makes the case very simple to use. The two parts of the case fit perfectly with each other, so there isn’t any chance for it to get scattered. The top is transparent, so if you have many cases and many decks, you don’t have to open each one of them to get that specific one. There’s the name of the game printed on the case, in a simple font, which we think is just enough. Because of its perfect fit, and the fact that it feels so secure, we would recommend it for traveling, it doesn’t take much place, and is waterproof. 

10. Caseling Card Game Case – $14.99

Caseling Card Game Case

Amazon ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars;


What do we like about this case? 

Traveling cases are never enough, especially when they are this good! The casing case, our favorite, fits a total of 630 cards. Besides all the features, it also has 5 movable dividers, which you can use based on your needs. It is sturdy on the outside and soft on the outside, which protects the cards from scratch, or even worse, tearing. Once the zipper is closed, cards will be in their world, because that’s how secure it is. It is great for traveling since you can just put it in your bags, or just hold the case alone wherever you go because it does look like a pretty black bag. Use the dividers to divide different decks you have, or just make up someplace for anything extra you like to have with you when playing UNO! 

FAQ About UNO Cases

  1. Which is the best case for UNO cards?
  • We can’t answer that. The best depends on what you need the case for, what size you need it to be, the number of decks, and the material. Follow our buying guide to help you through that. 
  1. Should the case be necessarily waterproof?
  • No, not at all. If you’re the type of player who likes drinking when playing, or mostly, who knows that you can’t drink without spilling anything on the cards, yes, a plastic, or any other waterproof material would be recommended. In other scenarios, such as having a traveling case, which perhaps will be next to some clothes, we don’t find it important to get a waterproof one.
  1. Does the price of the case say something about the quality?
  • All of the above-mentioned cases have somehow a similar price, except the leather one, which is understandable. About the others, the quality of them all is excellent. After all, they do their job perfectly: keeping the cards safe. 
  1. What’s the difference between a case, a box, and a holder?
  • So good you asked this question. A case is usually something you use to carry the cards around, such as when traveling, and usually it is made of EVA or cardboard. A box, (which can be made of plastic, wood, cardboard, etc) is anything you use to organize the cards and just place them on your table, or even use when playing. A holder, on the other hand, is anything that holds the cards. Yes, it could be both a case or a box. 
  1. Can you use other card game cases for UNO cards, and vice versa?
  • Definitely yes. The thing is that cases that are made for UNO, have the perfect size for the cards, you know, they fit. Also, most of them have something related to UNO in their designs. But, similar card games, such as CAH, Exploding Kittens, Never Have I Ever, and many more, fit well enough. Yes, you can also use a Cards Against Humanity case for UNO cards, no doubt! 
  1. Why don’t we just continue using the box the cards come with?
  • There are several reasons for that. You can for sure use it, but, after some time, because it is made of paper material, it can get torn off. Once you pour any liquid on it, it won’t live long. After you open it, it won’t be simply putting the box back again together, and cards most likely will fall off. Also, it only fits one deck, and sometimes we need more than that. 

To Sum It Up

To come up with this list of cases, we’ve done tons of research, including here asking people about their experiences with each case. Also, we’ve bought some of them ourselves and tried them out. The quality’s high, the designs are good enough, and they secure the cards from any damage. 

To help you out in choosing the perfect case, here are the pros and cons of each one: 

CaseWhat we likeWhat we don’t
1. Hard Travel CaseIt doesn’t take much place and the ribbons don’t let the cards move or fall. It only fits one deck of UNO cards.
2. Plastic UNO Card Case HolderIt is waterproof and the cards fit in perfectly. Can be used when traveling, or even just as a storage box.The design is too simple.
3. UNO Cards Deck HolderWe love the design and the fact that there are 20 colors available. It is simple to get the cards out of. If you put too much pressure or accidentally press the parts wrong, you may break the snaps of the box.
4. Travel Carry CaseGood that it has one extra room for extras, and has accessories to help you carry it. Cards fit in it well.A sturdier material would be somehow better., instead than neoprene. 
5. Twin Deck HolderThis is great especially when you have 2 favorite decks. It even looks stylish when carrying it, it’s leather you know. Because it is made of real leather, it costs more than the other cases.
6. Side By Side Deck HolderBesides being a great deck holder, as a storage box, it is great to use even when playing, as a deck organizer. It may get frustrating opening it sometimes, especially when you’re in a rush… 
7. Storage BoxThe design is one of our favorites. It’s large enough for the card size.We’d prefer a divider and a larger size of this storage box for more than 1 deck.
8. Card HolderIt fits a large number of cards, a total of 1300. We like how each room is divided, and how simple it is to carry. A more artistic design would be better.
9. Storage CaseThis is very different from all the others. We love how both parts of the box fit so perfectly together.Taking the cards out can get a bit stressful.
10. Caseling Card Game CaseThe dividers are the main character. Has enough space for many decks, and you can make a room for each.It isn’t waterproof.

You lovely humans have a blast!

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