20 Astonishing Bachelorette Card Games For The Bride And Her Maids!

Bachelorette Card Games

What’s girls’ favourite night ever? Yes, the Bachelorette!!!

It’s all fun and that, until it comes to organizing the party…AGHH!!

Wait, calm down. We’ll make it easier for you. Long story short, here’s what you have to take care of:

Yes, games are one of the most important things. Where’s the fun without the card games? No fun at all…

The game that is taken by storm Bachelorettes Against Decency a Bachelorette Party Game

Well, of course, you can just pick an adult card game, but, all the games in this article are bachelorette or girls-themed!

Here’s what you’ll find in this article:

  • Buying Tips;
  • Editor’s Best Picks;
  • The Games We’ve Chosen:
  1. Bachelorette Bash
  2. For the girls
  3. Bachelorette Dare Cards
  4. Family Feud Bachelorette
  5. Basic Betch 
  6. Our Moments Women
  7. Off Topic Ladies
  8. Drink If
  9. Talk, Drink, Dare
  10. Zenagame
  11. What The Cluck
  12. Never Have I Ever Girls
  13. Bubbly
  14. Table Topics For Girls
  15. That’s what she said
  16. Know That Couple
  17. How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette?
  18. I’ve Never
  19. Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk
  20. Do Or Drink Bachelorette
  • Printable Activities 
  1. Bachelorette Dares
  2. Drink If
  3. How Well Do You Know The Bride
  4. Bridal Sccategories
  • Our Conclusion

Buying Tips

  • How many people will you invite? The most important thing, of course! Choose the game based on how many people will be in your bachelorette. Some of the games are up to 8 people, up to 12, and some are not limited, for example just 2+.
  • Do all of your bridesmaids drink? We wrote about some drinking games, but it’s gonna be uncomfortable if any of your guests don’t drink. If they don’t drink, ignore the drinking games, there are lots of other non-drinking games!
  • Did you invite your closest friends, or lots of people, including relatives or people you’re not really open to? Well, some of the cards in specific games are personal and are not that appropriate for every person. So, if you have invited lots of people, choose a more ‘superficial’ game. You know, not a game about you and your partner’s intimate things… That’s only something for you and your besties!
  • Buy 2-3 games if you’re planning to play longer. Who cares about money when it comes to bachelorette? And, if you invite lots of guests, you’ll need more games, after all, you’ll try different things and have lots of fun. You can combine games that are made in the same style and this is how you make a whole new set!

Our Favourite Games (Best Picks)

  1. The Best Bachelorette Game: Bachelorette Bash
    “The game of all-in-one. You get to know each other & you have endless fun!”
  1. The Funniest One: Bachelorette Dare
    “Yes, this is the funniest. The challenges are hilarious and make you do stuff you never thought you would!”
  1. The Dirtiest Game: Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk
    “Oh, you’ll never know until you have the game in your hands. Time to get your face blushed…”
  1. The Game Of Conversations: How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette
    “Deep & funny questions all in one box. So many things you didn’t know about the bride-to-be!”
  1. The Favourite Drinking Game: Talk, Drink, Dare
    “You can talk, drink, or even dare. It’s your choice, but you’ll love them all!”

1. Bachelorette Bash – $19.97

Bachelorette Bash

It’s the Bachelorette Bash y’all! Let me spoil you something: You and your bridesmaids will love it! This game has 205 cards, and based on the manufacturer, it is recommended to be played by 4-12 players, all 21 years and above!

What we really love are the 6 categories: Most likely to, Would she rather?, Know the bride?, I have never, Truth or dare? and The wild card. 

They’re all hilarious: Who’s most likely to get a freaky tattoo, what’s the bride’s zodiac sign, choose a player to answer a challenge, to check the others, buy the game!

2. For The Girls – $24.99


Of course, for the girls. All this article is for the girls! If you’ve already heard about What Do You Meme?, it’s all gonna be easier! For The Girls contains 500 cards, it is designed for 3 or more players, and your girls should all be 17 years or older! Review about For The Girls Card Game.

There are 100 cards of 5 different colors: purple (keep this card), blue(give this card), orange (first to mess up loses a card), pink (do this dare to keep this card) and green (give this card).

It also comes with a spinner, which tells you which card color to draw. Here are some of the cards: Keep this card if you’ve ever dyed your hair, give this card to whoever is the biggest hippie, first to mess up (s*x acts) loses a card… And lots more hilarious questions & challenges!

3. Bachelorette Dare – $10.99

Bachelorette Dare

Oh, the time for some dares!!! Lovely, isn’t it? The Bachelorette Dare card game contains 52 cards, it can be played by up to 12 people, and, for adults only, of course!

NO, not every dare is worth the same! Each card has the point written on it: 25, 50 or 100. Based on the level of difficulty.

We love the cards, they’re a little risky though! Pay attention to who you’re playing with: Remove a man’s sock and keep it, Pinch a guy’s bottom and tell him he has a nice butt, Write your name with lipstick on the chest of a willing male… and loots more!

4. Family Feud Bachelorette – $24.99

Family Feud Bachelorette

You’re probably familiar with the Family Feud Game, definitely. The Bachelorette Edition is way cooler, a special one for the amazing bride: 200 playing cards, designed for 2- 8 players, ages 17+.

To play, you should all be divided into 2 groups, and the point is to guess the most popular survey question!

Here are some of the questions: What is a man’s garment of clothing that turns  most women off?, What’s the best way to break the ice on the first date?, What’s a secret people might keep from their partner’s parents?….

5. Basic Betch – $24.99

Basic Betch

Basic Betch time! We love the box, all pinkish, girlish! Inside this box we find 420 cards, appropriate for ages 17+, for 4-10 players.

Basic Betch is designed in the style of Cards Against Humanity, pretty simple rules though: Find a funny card to match with the question card.

Some of the cards: Keep calm and______, Why I’m getting pulled over?, Giving both boobs equal attention, drinking wine from a can, etc. Besides the base set, there are also: Career Expansion Pack, Celebs, College, Music and Tv & Movies Expansion Pack.

6. Our Moments Girls Night Out – $18.95

Our Moments Girls Night Out

Our Moments is probably one of the best conversation starters! The Girls Night Out  Edition contains 100 cards, and the game is designed for 2+ players, of course ages 17+.

Here are some of our favourite cards: What is the most attractive pickup line you’ve ever heard?, What was the most ridiculous fashion trend you ever followed?, What is a dream you’ve never said out loud?, and lots others.

7. Off Topic Ladies – $29.99

Off Topic Ladies

The box is literally the cutest! And these little draws? Amazing! Let’s open the box: 16 playing cards, 20 sided-die, 8 white boards, 10 dry erase markers and a sand timer!

And who can play it? Girls of course, but over the age of 17. To play off topic you should be 2-8 players.

Say yes to the _____, And I will always love _____ (Whitney Huston’s voice), Reasons to get married, Things you find in your purse, are just 4 of the amazing questions, which you’ll have to answer!

7. Gurls Nite Drink If – $13.99

Gurls Nite Drink If

It’s not girls night, is Gurls Nite! This has 40 cards inside, and is basically appropriate for any number of players, and for every age that is allowed to drink. 

Drink if: You have sent nudes before, you had a one night stand this month, you drunk text, you have ever stuffed your bra, wild card: everyone drinks, and 35 other hilarious cards.

No extra rules, read the card & see if that relates to you, then drink. You’ll love it!

8. Talk, Drink, Dare – $21.50

Talk Drink Dare

Besides the Talk, Flirt, Dare for couples, there’s another cool one: Talk, Drink, Dare for the bride & her beautiful bridesmaids. It comes with 150 cards, and it is recommended for ages 21+, and you can play it with as many players as you want.

Let me show you some of the cards so you’ll create an idea:Never Have I Ever taken a nude picture of myself and sent it to someone, Your dare is to go up to a random guy and ask him to buy you a drink, take an embarrassing selfie and post it as your profile picture, etc.

It makes a great bachelorette gift for sure. You’ll have the chance to talk with each other, to share secrets, to drink some shots, and to challenge yourself!

9. Zenagame Girls Fever – $9.99

Zenagame Girls Fever

Girls Fever? Really? It comes with a huge set, 300 hilarious cards, and we recommend you to play only if you’re all 17 years or older, and if there isn’t a specific number of players, it works with any number of girls.

There are 6 card categories: Have you ever, Vote, List, The most likely to, Would you rather and Dare. All in one, huh?

Keep this card if you’ve ever had a crush on a close friend, To keep this card take a screenshot of a conversation and send it to the same person again, Would you rather have Kendall Jenner’s body or face, are just 3 of 300 amazing cards. 

11. What The Cluck? – $21.78

What The Cluck

No, it’s not that word you think it is. It is Cluck! Includes 50 double-sided cards, 30 bingo sheets, 2 envelopes, 4 pencils and 20 prize cheques. It is recommended for ages 17+, and guess what? It can be played by 3-30 players!

The bride chooses 16 questions she wants her friend to answer, to see how much they know her. She gives ‘prizes’ to her 2 guests who knew the most questions!

With deep questions like: What would be my dream job?, Who’s my weirdest celebrity crush?, There’s a free bar in front of me, what do I order?, and more, you’ll for sure connect with each other in the best way possible!

12. Never Have I Ever Girls Edition – $24.95

Never Have I Ever Girls

Just when you think Never Have I Ever can’t get any better, you find out about this pinkish girl edition! Here’s what you get: 224 cards, 8 custom paddles and a spinner. You can play it if you have 2-8 players, of course, all adults, 17+.

This is the naughty edition, lol: Gotten fired with cause, french kissed my pet, checked my significant other’s private messages, taken a selfie at a funeral, and yes, there’s more….

13. Bubbly – $14.97


First, let’s discuss the box. I love it, okay? End of discussion. Now, what’s inside it? 210 cards! But, who can play it & how many players? Girls over the age of 21, 4-12 players!

6 categories of cards: Five seconds, go!, I have never…, This or that?, Most likely to…, Truth or dare? and The wild card!

Want to know what’s on the cards? Check them: Name 3 ways to annoy your partner, Does size matter?(Why yes/no), use this card to refuse a challenge… You get it why it’s 21+, huh?

14. Table Topics For Girls – $25.00

Table Topics Girls

You’ll cry while playing this… The questions are so deep, girl! There are 135 question cards, conversation starters, and it is supposed to be played by women that are 21+, and the number of players is unlimited.

You’ curious about the cards? Of course you are: What do you love about men?, Have you ever let a man come between you and a friend?, Would you rather run into an old boyfriend with no makeup on or after gaining 20  pounds?, and some other funny & heartwarming questions!

15. That’s What She Said – $24.99

Thats What She Said

Really? That’s what she said? You never know! Anyways, this game has 458 cards inside, and based on the manufacturer, it can be played by 4+ players, ages 17+.

The rules are pretty simple, find a good white card that you think matches best & is the funniest answer for the red card. Oh, and this also has 2 other expansions to add to the main game.

Let me mention some of the cards: (Red) One time while gently petting my dog I thought to myself ______, The chunky child jumped on Santa’s lap and said____, (white) I have this thing with animals, it’ll look big in your hands, just beat it, and lots of funny ones!

16. Know That Couple – $19.99

Know That Couple

Finally, a game if ‘accidentally’ any male enters your bridal game party. Now seriously, this is a game to get to know both the bride and the groom! With 97 cards, for 2-10 players, and the cool thing is that it is ages 10+, so if there’s a kid or a teen around, they can join you!

These are some of the cards: What are the names of the bride’s brothers and sisters?, What would the groom say is the best feature of the bride?, How old was the groom when he met the bride?, Who takes longer to get ready?, etc.

Do you think you know the couple? Well, find it out!

17. How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette? – $4.00

How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette

Do you really know the Bachelorette? Do you? Well, this game will absolutely tell you! It has 52 cards, appropriate for ages 14+, and probably for as many people as you think!

Another game to get to know the bride with these questions: What’s the bride’s biggest fear?, What is her favourite band of all time?, Which animal would you compare her to and why?, How many guys did she date before she met the groom?, and other deep ones.

It would be perfect for the early hours, just to break that ice between the guests and to connect with the bride!

18. I’ve Never Bachelorette – $10.95

I've Never

You’ve never what? This is the game of truths and drink! With around 110 cards + 10 blank cards (to make your own), I’ve Never is recommended for ages 21+ (because of the content), for 2 or more players.

I’ve never wished my boyfriend had a bigger thing, Read my fiance’s text messages without him knowing, are 2 of few innocent cards in this game, you’ll be ‘shocked’ how embarrassing the cards are, so, don’t play it with random people!

There’s one rule: If that sentence in the card is true, you don’t drink, but, if it’s vice-versa, take a shot!

19. Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk – $52.77

Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk

Yes, girls just wanna get crunk!!! No doubt! This pack comes with 262 cards, and it is designed for 4+ players, ages 21 or above!

There are six categories: Taking Center Stage, Get Out Of Jail, Oh No She Didn’t, OMG This Is Totally You, Drink Or Dare and Quick Fire.

The cards: Give someone a lap dance, most likely to do it on a first date, if you ever sent nudes… You’ll get crunk, and you’ll also get drunk! 

20. Do Or Drink Bachelorette – $12.99

Do Or Drink Bachelorette

 The sad thing is that… this is only an expansion of the main Do Or Drink. We don’t care, it is cool! 50 brand new cards to add to the main game (buy that first), 2 or more players, and of course, all 21 years or older!

So yeah, every card challenges you to do something, and you can either accept it, or drink a shot! Yeap, that’s easy!

Make Your Own Games For Bachelorette – Printable

Yes, buying games is all great and stuff, but why not make some DIY ones? I mean, you can use both, you’ll have enough time during the bachelorette..

Find best printable games for Bachelorette and Bridal Shower.

We did our research, and came up with these ideas: some photos you can print and use as a new activity in your bridal party.

This is such a cool thing, and the bachelorettes love it. It costs nothing, you just print them, and have fun.

1. Bachelorette Dares

Oh, here’s a list to complete before being his Mrs. officially. It’s very challenging though, for the cool brides only 😉

Dare Sheet Bachelorette - DIY Section

2. Drink If

This is how none of your guests will stay sober! If there are girls under the appropriate age for drinking, or any of them doesn’t really like drinking, they can use non-alcoholic drinks. Why not? You make the rules!

Drink If Questions - DIY Section

3. How Well Do You Know The Bride?

A mix of funny & deep questions to get to know many things about the amazing bride! You will all connect with each other and feel like you know each other for a lifetime! 

How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette- Diy Section

4. Bridal Sccategories

Oh, the bridal sccategories… but, no, not for the teens or kids invited to your bachelorette, no no no! You don’t want them to know some stuff, yet!

Bridal Sccategories - Diy Section


This one was the cutest article so far! All pink, all girlish. Lovely! <3 

Of course, as always, our goal was to inform you about the best games for a bachelorette party,  a bridal shower, a henna night, or even at a random girls night!

If you want extra activities, check out our last section, the cool Do-It-Yourself ones we found for you.

And don’t worry, you’re not being bossy. You’re being a bride!

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