20 Astonishing Bachelorette Card Games For The Bride And Her Maids!

Bachelorette Card Games

When organizing a bachelorette party (a.k.a the most fun night of all girls), besides taking care of the customized party shirts, you’ll undoubtedly need to find some good games. They are the secret ingredient for a perfect party. And, we’re here for it. We’re here for bringing to you the most amazing bachelorette party games ever!!! 

  • The Games;
  1. Bachelorette Bash;
  2. For The Girls;
  3. Family Feud Bachelorette;
  4. Basic Betch; 
  5. Our Moments Girls’ Night Out;
  6. Off-Topic Bachelorette;
  7. Gurls Nite Drink If;
  8. Talk, Drink, Dare;
  9. Zenagame Girls Fever;
  10. Margaritas & Mules;
  11. Never Have I Ever Girls;
  12. Bubbly;
  13. Table Topics For Girls;
  14. Bachelorettes Against Decency;
  15. That’s What She Said;
  16. Know That Couple;
  17. How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette?;
  18. Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk;
  19. Do Or Drink Bachelorette;
  • Printable games: 
  1. Bachelorette Dares;
  2. Drink If;
  3. How Well Do You Know The Bride;
  4. Bridal Sccategories;

1. Bachelorette Bash

Bachelorette Bash

Available on Amazon ($20.97) & Lulu & You ($18.97) | 4 to 12 players | Ages 21+ | 205 cards;

Details about ‘Bachelorette Bash’:It’s the Bachelorette Bash y’all! You and your bridesmaids will love this game of 6 categories: ‘Most likely to’, ‘Would she rather?’, ‘Know the bride?’, ‘I have never’, ‘Truth or dare?’ and ‘The wild card’. Yes, it’s basically all the fun categories in one pack. The content in the cards is fun and definitely crazy!

Card examples: 

  • Most likely… to get a freaky tattoo.
  • What did the bride want to be when growing up?
  • What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done? 

2. For The Girls


Available on Amazon ($24.42) & Target ($24.99) | 3 to 20+ players | Ages 17+ | 400 cards;

Details about ‘For The Girls’:Of course, this is all for the girlies. There are 80 cards of 5 different colors: purple (keep this card), blue (give this card), orange (first to mess up loses a card), pink (do this dare to keep this card), and green (give this card). It also comes with a spinner, which tells you which card color to draw, and makes the game even more lovely!
Card examples:

  • Keep this card if you’ve ever gotten a Brazilian wax.
  • Give this card to whoever has the hottest dad.
  • Send an email to your teacher or boss and ask them how their weekend is going.

3. Family Feud Bachelorette

Family Feud Bachelorette

Available on Amazon & Walmart $30.00 | 2+ players | Ages 17+ | 200 cards;

Details about ‘Family Feud Bachelorette Game’:You’re probably familiar with the Family Feud Game, definitely. The Bachelorette Edition is way cooler, a special one for the amazing bride-to-be, and her ladies.To play, you should all be divided into 2 groups, and the point is to guess the most popular survey questions!
Card examples:

  • Name the sexiest musical instrument a man can play.
  • Name a type of pet that could be a ‘deal breaker’ if a suitor has one.
  • Give me an emoji used in sexts.

4. Basic Betch

Basic Betch

Available on Amazon ($24.99) & eBay ($22.89) | 4 to 10 players | Ages 17+ | 420 cards;

Details about ‘Basic Betch’: You’re not basic betches, but you will definitely love the pinkish-girlish box! Basic Betch is designed in the style of Cards Against Humanity, pretty simple rules though: Find a funny card to match with the question card, and the content is all about stuff girls can relate to!

Card examples:

  • Why am I getting pulled over? / Keeping calm and _______. / On our first date he kept bringing up _________. (question cards).
  • Drinking wine from a can.
  • Being annoying but in a hot way.

5. Our Moments Girls’ Night Out

Our Moments Girls Night Out

Available on Our Moments ($19.95) | 2+ players | Ages 17+ | 100 cards;

Our Moments is probably one of the best conversation-starter games, especially when it comes to girls’ convos! The gameplay is pretty simple. You draw cards, read them out loud, and wait for everyone to answer. Questions range from simple, innocent ones, to provoking girls’ night questions.
Card examples:

  • What is the most attractive pickup line you’ve ever heard?
  • What was the most ridiculous fashion trend you ever followed?
  • What was your best sexual experience;

6. Off-Topic Bachelorette

Off Topic Ladies

Available on Amazon ($24.99) | 2 to 8 players | Ages 17+ | 8 sets of 16 cards;

Details about ‘Off Topic Bachelorette’:The box is literally the cutest! And these little draws? Adorable!! Playing Off Topic is simple. You pick a topic list, set the letter (while using the dice), and write the answers down. Whoever writes the most answers, within 2 minutes when the sand timer shows, wins the game! 
Card examples:

  • Words to describe your period;
  • Come up with your Spice Girl name;
  • Words to describe where you’re from, without saying where you’re from;

7. Gurls Nite Drink If

Gurls Nite Drink If

Available on Amazon ($9.99) | 2 to 8 players | Ages 21+ | 40 cards;

Details about ‘Gurls Nite Drink If’:We love ourselves some good drink if questions. What makes these types of card games super cool is their simplicity. Long story short, you have to read cards out loud, and if you relate to the prompts, you have to drink, and probably share the story related to it. Since there are 40 cards, you may use all the cards in one night. 
Card examples: 

  • Drink if you took a selfie today;
  • Drink if you took a nap before the party;
  • Drink if you are single and ready to mingle;

8. Talk, Drink, Dare

Talk Drink Dare

Available on Amazon ($19.95) & Walmart ($19.50) | 2+ players | Ages 21+ | 150 cards;

Details about ‘Talk, Flirt, Dare’:Besides the Talk, Flirt, Dare for couples, there’s another cool version: the Bachelorette one! Well, it includes all girls want to do: talk their hearts out, gossip, take some drinks, and complete risky, fun challenges! If you wish, you may also pick a favorite deck, and play that alone. We love a good 3-in-1! 
Card examples: 

  • Take an embarrassing picture and post it as your profile picture.
  • What three qualities of the bachelorette do you most admire?
  • Your dare is to go up to a random guy and ask him to buy you a drink.

9. Zenagame Girls Fever

Zenagame Girls Fever

Available on Amazon ($11.99) | 2+ players | Ages 17+ | 300 cards;

Details about ‘Girls Fever’:Greedy for Girls Fever? This card game includes 6 card categories: Have you ever, Vote, List, The most likely to, Would you rather and Dare. All in one, huh? Just like the other card games, this is pretty simple to play as well! Take turns drawing cards, and answer the question or complete the dare!  
Card examples: 

  • To keep this card, take a screenshot of a conversation, and send it to the same person again;
  • Would you rather have Kendall Jenner’s body or her face?
  • Give this card to whoever’s more likely to go clubbing at fifty;

10. Margaritas & Mules

Available on Amazon ($30.00) & Drunk In Love ($26.95) | 3+ players | Ages 21+ | 100 cards;

Details about ‘Margaritas & Mules’:If you remember the Drunk In Love game, the Margaritas & Mules is made by the same manufacturers! You simply take turns drawing the cards, and completing whatever they require. Most of them will make y’all drink, so you’ll probably enjoy them even more!
Card examples:

  • All players that actually take their makeup off at the end of a night out, deal 1 sip.
  • Choose three kinds of shots. The other players guess what they think you would trash, chug, and slam. Player(s) who guess correctly deal you 1 sip. 
  • If a player is currently wearing an item of clothing they’ve borrowed from another player, both players take 2 sips.  

11. Never Have I Ever Girls Edition

Never Have I Ever Girls

Available on Amazon ($32.99) & Walmart ($65.58) | 4 to 8 players | Ages 17+ | 224 cards;

Details about ‘Never Have I Ever’:Just when you think Never Have I Ever can’t get any better, you find out about this pinkish girl edition! Even though we’ve made a list of Never Have I Ever questions for the Bachelorette party already, the card game is a blast. You read the prompts, and either answer with ‘I have’ & ‘I have never’, or drink whenever you relate to a prompt. Endless fun!
Card examples:

  • Never have I ever accidentally texted my boss;
  • Never have I ever listened to a song more than 10 times in a day;
  • Never have I ever gotten fired with cause;

12. Bubbly


Available on Amazon ($18.97) & Lulu & You ($18.97) | 4 to 12 players | Ages 21+ | 210 cards;

Details about ‘Bubbly’:Bubbly has an astonishing box! This fabulous card game has 6 categories of cards: ‘Five seconds, go!’, ‘I have never…’, ‘This or that?’, ‘Most likely to…’, ‘Truth or dare?’ and ‘The wild card’. There’s a huge deck of cards, simple rules, and lots of creative challenges. The quality of the cards is great as well! 
Card examples:

  • Most likely to always be ready to party.
  • I have never talked my way out of a traffic ticket.
  • Does size matter? Why yes/no?

13. Table Topics For Girls

Table Topics Girls

Available on Amazon ($25.00) & Walmart ($23.99) | 2+ players | Ages 21+ | 125 cards;

Details about ‘Table Topics’:You’ll cry while playing this… The questions are so deep, girl! While at a Bachelorette party, you wanna let the bride talk her heart out, cry about beautiful memories, connect with her close people, and let things go. To play, you draw cards, read the questions out loud, and ask the bride & the guests to answer (if they feel comfortable).
Card examples:

  • If you had to gain 10 pounds, what would you eat to gain the weight?
  • Which women’s issues most concern you?
  • Should equality be women’s highest aspiration?

14. Bachelorettes Against Decency+

Available on muggles.cards ($9.95) | 4+ players | Ages 18+ | 384 cards;

Details about ‘Bachelorettes Against Decency’:Let’s meet one of my favorite card games of all time. Bachelorettes Against Decency is like a fan-made CAH edition, but the content is all related to the Bachelorette. The same rules just as when playing Cards Against Humanity are used: pick one of your white cards, to make a funny combination with the pink one! 
Card examples:

  • What’s going to make the bride late to the ceremony? / Thinking about getting married makes me feel like  _________. (pink cards).
  • One last drunken hookup.
  • Really big dildos.

15. That’s What She Said

Thats What She Said

Available on Amazon ($24.14) & Walmart ($18.00) | 4+ players | Ages 17+ | 458 cards;

Details about ‘That’s What She Said’:Don’t we all love to make the ‘that’s what she said’ jokes, anytime we get the chance? Exactly! If you already know how to play CAH, the rest will be simple. Find a good white card that you think matches best & is the funniest answer for the red card, and wait for your card to be picked as the most hilarious one. 
Card examples: 

  • Every time I look at a cucumber I think ______. / odd things to say while taking a spanking. (question cards);
  • Fake it till you make it.
  • Can I push your stool in? 

16. Know That Couple

Know That Couple

Available on Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($19.99) | 2 to 10 players | Ages 10+ | 97 cards;

Details about ‘Know That Couple’:Finally, a game if ‘accidentally’ any male enters your bridal party, or if you’re having a common party with the groom-to-be! This card game includes bachelorette trivia questions, to test how well all guests know the couple. Make sure to give a meaningful prize to whoever knows you best!
Card examples:

  • What would the groom say is the best feature of the bride?
  • What are the names of the bride’s brothers & sisters?
  • Who is a better cook, bride or groom?

17. How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette?

How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette

Available on Walmart ($10.47) | 2+ players | Ages 14+ | 52 cards;

Details about ‘How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette’:Of course, we love a good $10 card game! It’s a perfect way to test how well you know the bachelorette, after hearing you say how much you love her! Simply, let the bride read the questions, while all the other girls answer. It would be perfect for the early hours, just to break that ice between the guests and to connect with the bride!
Card examples:

  • What is the bachelorette’s biggest fear?
  • What song will always get the bachelorette on the dance floor?
  • Do you know the bachelorette’s shoe size?

18. Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk

Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk

Available on Amazon ($81.02) & Your Perfect Day ($17.99) | 4+ players | Ages 21+ | 262 cards;

Details about ‘Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk’:Yes, girls just wanna get crunk & drunk! This astonishing drinking card game comes with six card categories: ‘Taking Center Stage’, ‘Get Out Of Jail’, ‘Oh No She Didn’t’, ‘OMG This Is Totally You’, ‘Drink Or Dare’, and ‘Quick Fire’. You may play all decks in one, or really, just pick your favorite and continue with that. It’s fun either way! 
Card examples:

  • Take a sip if you’ve ever called someone by the wrong name during sex.
  • Give someone a lap dance.
  • Do an impression of your ex during an orgasm.

19. Do Or Drink Bachelorette

 Available on Walmart ($12.99) | 2+ players | Ages 21+ | 50 cards;

The sad thing is that… this is only an expansion of the main Do Or Drink. We don’t care, it is cool! So yeah, every card challenges you to do something, and you can either accept & complete it, or drink a shot! Yeap, that’s probably one of the simplest, and yet the best drinking games (to get you drunk, most likely).
Card examples:

  • Dm your last ex ‘I still love you’ or finish your drink.
  • Let the bride draw whatever she wants on your face for 1 minute and leave it for the rest of the game, or finish your drink.
  • Grab a chair and perform a dirty dance with it in the middle of the room or finish your drink.

Printable Bachelorette Games

If you’re looking for something cheaper, or simply want to have several options for your special party, consider these games. Even though we already have a special article about printable bridal party games, below you may find some of our favorites:

1. Bachelorette Dares

Oh, here’s a list to complete before being his Mrs. officially. It’s very challenging though, for the cool brides only 😉

Dare Sheet Bachelorette - DIY Section

2. Drink If

This is how none of your guests will stay sober! If there are girls under the appropriate age for drinking, or any of them doesn’t really like drinking, they can use non-alcoholic drinks. Why not? You make the rules!

Drink If Questions - DIY Section

3. How Well Do You Know The Bride?

A mix of funny & deep questions to get to know many things about the amazing bride! You will all connect with each other and feel like you know each other for a lifetime!

How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette- Diy Section

4. Bridal Sccategories

This bridal scattergories isn’t for the teens or kids invited to your bachelorette. You don’t want them to know some stuff, yet!

Bridal Sccategories - Diy Section

You simply download the paper, and print it out for your guests.


The best part about these card games for the bachelorette party we included, is that they’re all girl-themed, extremely simple to play, and bring the best out of your special night. You may pick several games, including printable ones as well, and have tons of fun with your girlfriends.

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