Adulthood Fun: 16 Dirty Card Games To Have A Blast!

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Oh, you funny, but dirty, very dirty humans! Why are you looking at this article, aren’t you embarrassed? 

Just messing with you, of course being an adult means you’ll want to play dirty games, and use your dirty mind, that’s what we call fun!!!

But like, can we just play some random adult card games? Yes, we can! But do we want something extra? Duhh, of course, we do!

Now, we won’t say we chose the most appropriate ones and blah blah, because, you should know what dirty means, I mean, that is not a part of the appropriate things…

Of course, there are tons of these types of card games, but as always, we tried to make a list of our favorite ones, considering here mostly our experience with these games, and the reviews, ratings, people’s stories as well…

Specifically, what are this article’s key points?

  • What to keep in mind when talking about dirty card games?;
  • People’s Best Picks;
  • Games list;
  1. If You Had To…;
  2. What Do You Meme NSFW;
  3. $#!% Happens;
  4. Freedom Of Speech;
  5. You’re An Idiot;
  6. Over The Line;
  7. Dirty Drawers;
  8. Twisted Vulgarities;
  9. Whatever;
  10. Midnight Taboo;
  11. Utter Nonsense;
  12. Unstable Unicorns NSFW;
  13. Overrated;
  14. Dot Dot Dot;
  15. Box Of Dares;
  16. Give Me 3;
  • What are our tips for picking the best dirty card game?;
  • Our final thoughts;

What To Keep In Mind When Talking About Dirty Card Games?

The content is really dirty. I know you already know that, but just to make sure. The cards are not appropriate for everyone, of course, but, everyones’ answers & ideas make it even dirtier… It’s all about who you’re playing it with!

The age, the important detail! The first thing you pay attention to when looking for a game of these types is age. We don’t recommend you to have kids around, obviously, a dirty card game can’t be kid or teen-friendly, there’s no way! But anyway, if, let’s say, the game is designed for ages 18+, if you’re close with a 17-year-old, you’re free to play with them!

It doesn’t mean everyone who is over the recommended age can play. I mean, there are lots of sensitive people out there, specifically, lots of people are sensitive when it comes to specific topics. Make sure you know details about the players, you don’t wanna hurt them, do you?

These games work great if you’re close with the people you’re playing. As I mentioned, there isn’t random stuff. You don’t wanna open your dirty mind with people you barely know, none of you would feel comfortable. I mean, if you just met someone, it isn’t ‘ethical’ talking about intimate things, I hope you know that!

Not every game has the same level of ‘dirtiness’. Even though we’re talking about dirty card games, they’re pretty different from each other. I mean, some of the games just have some specific dirty cards that can easily be removed by the game, and play it as a completely clean game. On the other hand, in some of the games, every card is a dirty one, there’s nonsense removing them all!

People’s Best Picks

The Dirtiest One From The Dirtiest Games: If You Had To…

“It’s extremely funny – but dirty, yes it is… You have to choose between 2 situations, in fact, horrible situations!”

The One With Dirty Drawings: Dirty Drawers

“The cards are, uhm, interesting. But, what makes it dirty, are your amazing (or not) drawings!”

The Most Competitive One: Midnight Taboo

“You all compete to guess the dirty word, without using the forbidden ones. If you do, I’m sorry mate, you’re burned…”

The Creative Dirty Card Game: Unstable Unicorns

“Our lovely, cute Unstable Unicorns. Well actually, they aren’t going to be cute this time, but anyways…”

The Best One To Be A Drinking Game: Whatever

“Whatever is cool, even if it isn’t a drinking game. But adding some shots, oh, that is a whole new level!”


1. If You Had To… – $18.00 

If You Had To...

Number of cards: 250 | Players: 3+ | Age range: 17+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

If You Had To… is a dirty version of Would You Rather! It makes you choose between horrible situations! Made by the hilarious creators of Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Both your parents are porn stars;
  • Share a studio apartment with a horny moose; 
  • Have David Blaine f(beep) with you;
  • Declare yourself as a sex offender to everyone you meet;

2. What Do You Meme NSFW – $11.99

What Do You Meme NSFW

Number of cards: 90 | Players: 3+ | Age range: 17+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

Oh, an expansion of What Do You Meme?, how cool is that! This is not a stand-alone, because it comes only with caption cards. Meaning, you’ll need the main game or other editions to use the picture cards! 

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • When you’re daughter says ‘Pass the salt, Daddy’, and both you and her boyfriend reach for it;
  • When he’s the man of your dreams but his thing tastes like hot dog water;
  • When you haven’t gotten ass since the Vietnam War so you make Siri say some dirty shit.

3. $#!% Happens – $14.99

$%!% Happens

Number of cards: 200 | Players: 2+ | Age range: 18+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

You’re about to rank the cards based on their shittiness… Every card has its points written on it, and you have to guess where to place it. The first player to collect 10 cards in a row, wins! I almost forgot, every card has drawings ( sometimes dirty ones) on them!

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Finding a dead hooker in your room;
  • Sx with the oldeest person you know;
  • Explosive diarrhea every time you orgasm;
  • At restaurant: find condom in burger;

4. Freedom Of Speech – $29.99

Freedom Of Speech

Number of cards: 400 | Players: 4-20 | Age range: 17+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

It’s very intense. Everyone draws a card and has it to explain to their team, so they can guess what the word/sentence is. It also comes with the timer. The first team to collect 21 cards, wins!

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Nipple rings;
  • Cock block;
  • Fire crotch;
  • Horny grandma;
  • Sideboob; 

5. You’re An Idiot – $24.99

You're An Idiot

Number of cards: 400 | Players: 3-10 | Age range: 17+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

Hmm, this can be considered similar to Cards Against Humanity… It’s all about making the funniest card combinations. Every player is dealt 6 cards, 3 white & 3 orange. You’ll get a spinner with the game, which tells you which of the players is the idiot, meaning, you have to make combinations about that idiot!

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Went hog hunting;
  • … during a threesome;
  • …. and cried like a little bitch;
  • Fell off a stripping hole.

6. Over The Line – $24.95

Over The Line

Number of cards: 350 | Players: 4+ | Age range: 18+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

Are you that amazing that you can act & or draw things, and make your teammates guess? This is all about Over The Line! But, there isn’t unlimited time. You only have 90 seconds to guess!

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Kicked in the vagina;
  • 3-D porn;
  • Atomic wedgie;
  • Lap dance.

7. Dirty Drawers – $34.99

Dirty Drawers

Number of cards: 169 | Players: 3-7 | Age range: 17+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

Oh, since we were talking about drawing and stuff… There are drawing requests on every card, and the good thing is that it isn’t necessary to be good at drawing. Actually, the worst drawers always make the game way funnier!

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Bathing on a pool of alien-engineering sx toys;
  • Dildo-horned;
  • In a manhole;
  • Going into a vagina cave.

8. Twisted Vulgarities – $19.99

Twisted Vulgarities

Number of cards: 325 | Players: 3-15+ | Age range: 17+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

It is very intense and painfully funny, let me tell you! You’ll probably be looking forward to saying the stupidest, dirtiest phrase, that will make you all laugh your asses off! P.s. This for sure looks like a fan-made expansion of Cards Against Humanity!

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Sexting;
  • Penis Pump;
  • _____ is fun until your mom sends you a picture of her tits;
  • _____ feels great until you get dog hair on your genitals.

9. Whatever – $24.99


Number of cards: 200 | Players: 4-8+ | Age range: 17+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

Whatever. No, we aren’t saying ‘whatever’ about the game, we’re mentioning its name (um, it rhymed). You’re about to do some risky challenges, just wanted to let you know!

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Bring all the boys to the yard with your milkshake for 20 seconds. Open to interpretation;
  • Sniff a butt. We mean it – nose up in there. Spin to find a butt;
  • Text 3 friends not in the game, insinuating that you’re either pregnant or got someone pregnant.

10. Midnight Taboo – $19.99

Midnight Taboo

Number of cards: 264 | Players: 4+| Age range: 18+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

This is kinda a dangerous word, I guess… Each player gives their best to describe the word or situation, without using the taboo words, the forbidden words!

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Slippery nipple (drink, lawyers, shot, breast, cocktail);
  • Sausage (hide, breakfast, dick, mask, bangers);
  • Blue balls (color, frustrated, tease, men, sports);

11. Utter Nonsense – $23.00

Utter Nonsense

Number of cards: 500 | Players: 4-20| Age range: 17+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

You finally have the chance to show your accent skills! There are the accent/voice cards, and the phrases, which you have to read in the specific accent. You can be a Batman, Pirate, Redneck, Chicken, etc…

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • My tush is a tad tender after that Tinder bender;
  • Do you think I could get my boob job funded on Kickstarter?;
  • When I’m drunk, your personal space becomes my personal dance studio;
  • If you like hardwood floors, you should feel under my pant leg;

12. Unstable Unicorns NSFW – $20.00 

Unstable Unicorns

Number of cards: 135 | Players: 2-8| Age range: 21+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

Unstable Unicorns is one of our all-time faves! But this NSFW edition is undoubtedly a whole new level! It is fully played on its own, but it’s even better if you mix it with the main game or some other expansions.

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Buck naked;
  • Straight but curious corn;
  • Unicorn vibrator;
  • Horse with a dildo

13. Over-Rated – $19.99


Number of cards: 500 | Players: 3+| Age range: 17+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

No, it isn’t overrated… We love it. The players try to find their funniest (and you know, the dirtiest) review card, for an already drawn location card.  You see, competition!!!

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • I lost my virginity here, lol;
  • I think I saw a porn video shot in this exact place;
  • Got the best sexual education of my life here. Kids – sometimes it’s best to learn OUTSIDE the classroom.

14. Dot Dot Dot – $19.95

Dot Dot Dot

Number of cards: 350 | Players: 4+| Age range: 17+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

It’s like texting without a phone. But it’s way funnier, and it doesn’t hurt your eyes! Fill in the blank on some hilarious cards, and continue the conversation without the card! 

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Fantasizing about hot dads;
  • Twerking;
  • My oversized labia;
  • Farting in harmony.

15. Box Of Dares – $10.99

Box Of Dares

Number of cards: 100 | Players: 2| Age range: 18+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

Finally, a couples card game! Very romantic, challenging, but funny, oh, very funny! There are lots of dares which definitely will make you laugh out heartily, I know that…

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Let’s get it on. If you’re normally loud, be quiet. If you’re normally quiet, turn it up!;
  • Play strip trivia. If you answer wrong, you lose an article of clothing;
  • Make a naughty date night jar. We each have to put five ideas into the mix. Now, let’s pick one.

16. Give Me 3 – $29.90

Give Me 3

Number of cards: 440 | Players: 3+| Age range: 17+

Why do dirty minders like it? 

You’ll love it, especially if you have a competitive spirit! You have to name 3 specific things, names, in 10 seconds. If you give them correctly, it’s your turn to read a card!

What are some examples of dirty cards?

  • Give me 3 really most inappropriate locations to have sex;
  • Give me 3 reasons to become a sperm donor;
  • Give me 3 things that smell bad but taste good.

What Are Our Tips For Picking The Best Dirty Card Game? 

Do you really want it to be that dirty, or you know, you just want to have some dirty words on them? It depends, not every card game has the same content. Based on your preferences, and the people you’re playing with, you can choose a game that is awfully dirty, just as ‘$#!% Happens’ game. On the other hand, there are games such as ‘Over-Rated’, which of course is dirty, but not every card. I mean, if you want you can remove specific cards, and play it with your family!

Would you like to add some drinks to your dirty card game? Of course, drinking card games are always fun, no matter what! In some of the games we mentioned on our list, let’s say in ‘Midnight Taboo’, if any of you use the taboo words, you have to drink, we don’t care! One more example can be ‘Whatever’, actually, here are the: ‘Whatever’ drinking game official rules!

Are you planning to ‘go dirty’ with a small or large group of people? This matters a lot. If you’re only 2 people, look for some games that are recommended for 2 or more players. Of course, we mentioned lots of games where there’s an unlimited number of players, 3+, 8+, 18+, and so on. But, some games can be played up to, let’s say, 8 people, for example, ‘Unstable Unicorns’, or up to seven people, just as ‘Dirty Drawers’, and more…

Are you more into completing dares, or just making some combinations or other stuff? This is basically all based on your preferences. Some people love challenging themselves, and a good way to do that is playing ‘Whatever’ or ‘Box of dares’ (if you’re playing with your partner. Some others like making funny combinations, we mean ‘What Do You Meme? NSFW’, ‘Over-Rated’… Or else, there are lots of intense games, including here ‘Freedom Of Speech’, ‘Midnight Taboo’ and of course, some more. Oh, let’s not forget the amazing games where you have to draw (and it all just becomes dirtier)!

Our Final Word

This is it, you lovely, funny, dirty humans!No, we’re not judging… Does it look like that?

Anyways, we really enjoyed working on this, including extensive research, hours of watching and reading reviews & comments, but definitely, it was fun (not as much as playing these games though)…

If you do not like cards at all, you can find some drinking games that you can play with no cards at all.

Since we made a mix of games, drawing ones, games where you have to make card combinations, talking-speed ‘testers’, games full of dares, and lots more, we don’t have time to mention them all, we know you may find it hard to pick one, they are a lot!

We thought of that as well… If you accidentally missed our buying guide, check it now. You’ll find some tips that, based on people’s reviews, help a lot while choosing the game that fits you best!

Ps. if you look for the question card games, you may find some similar ones to these games we just mentioned!

Till next time, keep rocking!

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