Let’s keep it real! A real fun card game is the fuel for an entire week of work ahead of us. Card games are our ways to break the (mostly) boring everyday routine. 

Planning a game night is more like planning a break from, well, everything. 

Got the drinks, got the friends/folks/family, but got no idea about the cards, right? A fun, exciting, easy to learn card game would be pretty convenient, right Charlie?

Well, we went through each adult card game, one by one through our extensive research and reviewed them to finally select the best ones for you. 

The best ones for a good time with friends, family, your partner only (winky face), and yes, DRINKING.

Adulting is slightly easier with a fun adult card game, right? Right?!

You’ll find the 29 best adult card games to make your night unforgettable (and more), below:

1. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

This is such a perfect drinking game through which you get to know more about your friends, family or whoever you’ve got the balls to play it with. 

If knowing more about the people you’re playing with is not of any of your concerns you will still love the game. 

Never Have I Ever has 550 cards which makes it suitable for 4-12+ players. Besides the cards, the game comes with the rules, which are very very simple. The questions are fun, and the drinking definitely adds the fun to this favorite card game. 

2. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Opened Package

This one is the papa. It doesn’t even need an introduction, however for those of you who don’t know yet: It is indeed a party game for horrible people. 

This game includes 600 cards which make it suitable for 4-20 players. 

It has been, and it is one of the top favorite adult card games. 

The rules of Card Against Humanity are fairly simple, and the game lasts as much as you’re willing to play. It has editions and expansion packs which you can absolutely use to refresh the game.

3. Exploding Kittens


Exploding Kittens is a family game, for adults also. The game has 56 cards and it is suitable for 2-5 players. The rules of Exploding Kittens are easy to learn; it takes around 5 minutes. 

If you feel like stepping up the game a little, there are just enough Exploding Kittens editions and expansion packs out there. If you want to have it more “adulty”, then it is simple: Get the NSFW Edition!

4. What Do You Meme?


What Do You Meme? has 435 cards, and its rules of playing make it perfect for 3-20 ADULT players. It is one of the classics, if you will.

If you’re an adult and are interested in card games, or at least play card games, then you shouldn’t miss out on this one!

The rules of What Do You Meme? are of the simplest, just enough so you don’t spend so much of your time trying to learn it.

You will have a fun time playing it though! In case you ever get bored of it, you will find plenty of What Do you Meme expansions and editions

5. New Phone, Who Dis?


New Phone, Who Dis? has 540 cards and it is suitable for 3-20+ players. We’ve all seen and loved the message memes.

This one will give you the chance to create the funniest combinations while playing with people that also have a chance to create the funniest combinations.

It has an expansion just in case you play the core game too many times,  or you just simply want to make it more fun. 

6. That’s What She Said


That’s What She Said consists of 458 cards which can be played by 4+ players. 

This is a party game which you decide how twisted it is, or how long you want it to last (that’s what she said). You can think of it as some type of a version of Cards Against Humanity. 

The rules are just as simple, and the game lasts pretty long. It is awesome for parties with the ladies, or just any party really. You’re more than 4 people? You can surely play, and enjoy!

P.S. You can make the game last longer with its expansion pack which you can find on Amazon. 

7. For The Girls


For The Girls has 500 cards, and it can be played by 3+ players. You can tell by the name, this is for our adult ladies. Designed exactly for those girls night parties. You will need two other girls, and you’re ready to start playing.

The game has colorful cards, which also come with a die (6 different colors, matching the cards). The cards come in 5 different colors, each having a different pile of cards. 

The simple rules, and the fun make it very perfect for any girls’ night actually. Bachelorettes, reunions, you name it! 

8. Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard has 360 cards, which can be played by up to 4 players. 

This one has a lot of potential for dark humored combinations, which also raises the potential for the combinations to be offensive; with these two raising, so does the fun [raise]. 

If you like Cards Against Humanity, and don’t mind the dark humor and the level of offensiveness it provides, then you will surely like and enjoy this one too. Also, it is just as simple to play.

9. Buzzed

Buzzed WDYM

Buzzed has 250 cards, suitable for 2-20 players. This game is specifically designed for 21+ people. Because…Drinking, ya know!

It is super simple and super fun to play. If a party is being fun so far, this game will add the super to the fun. You will all have another reason to drink and laugh so loud to disturb yourself. 

Another great thing about this game is the player interaction. It is needed at high levels. You love card games? You’re an adult? You like drinking? Buzzed! 

In case you’re wondering, Buzzed has an expansion which you can find on Amazon. 

10. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

100 cards that will get you drunk, and just enough to be played by 2-8 players. 2-8 players that are ready to drink and have their eyes half opened, and laughing their lungs out. The cards will indeed get you drunk – they’re all about drinking. 

Your friends will screw you over, or you will screw them over. At the end of the night (hopefully), you will all find yourselves screwed over. You will love it!

Remember, things are not fun when overdone, especially alcohol!

11. Monikers


Monikers has 440 cards, and it can be played by 4-12+ players. This game is considered to be the perfect game by New York Times. 

Monikers is super simple to play. It will make you act and feel silly and enjoy it! Whoever you’re playing with will enjoy it too; since they will be acting and feeling just as silly as you.

Monikers also have other games which can be mixed with one another, or you can play them as stand alone games. 

12. Do or Drink

Do or Drink

Do or Drink has 350 cards, and it can be played by 2+ players. It is the perfect party game for those who like drinking, those who like dares, and those who like actual fun card games.

As it says on the package, win or blackout. The rules are very, very simple so you don’t have to worry about the time it might take you to know how to play the game. 

Do or Drink has got expansion packs, even themed expansion packs. The more cards, the more players!

13. Fear Pong: Internet Famous

Fear Pong: Internet Famous

Fear Pong has 100 cards; suitable for 2+ players. Doesn’t matter how the party is going; Fear Pong will save it!

There are 200 dares in those 100 cards. You need a little set up with some drinks which you’ll drink sooner or later when playing the game. The rules are super simple, super easy to understand. 

The dares are so well thought, so very well written, and absolutely fun especially when combined with drinking. It’s going to be a blast!

14. Sotally Tober

Sotally Tober

Sotally Tober has 125 cards, and it can be played by 2 or more players (21+). 

It is a drinking game for all the drink lovers out there. You’ll get just as drunk as going at the bar, except with Sotally Tober you’ll have an absolute blast with your friends or family, or anyone you’re playing with really. You’ll Sotally love it!

15. Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

This party game has 250 cards, and 3+ players can play it. 

Through those 250 cards you will realize who of the players is most likely to do a certain thing. Now, besides the fun you get to have while playing, you will also get to know more about each other. 

You’re sure of who’s most likely to do something? Well, this game might just surprise you. 

Drunk Stoned or Stupid has expansions which when it comes to such card games are of course, always welcomed. More cards, more players, more fun!

16. Cards Against Disney

Cards Against Disney

Has 828 cards which are suitable for 4-20+ players to have a blast playing it. 

If you think that it is a Disney edition and it is kid friendly, you’re wrong. It is 17+ because it is all about Disney, but a dirty, funnier version. The high number of cards make it very suitable for large groups of people, hence the laughter and the noise to be louder. 

Gather your adult family members (with which you feel comfortable to joke about ANYTHING), or your adult friends, or anyone who loves Cards Against Humanity, and have a good time!

This is not an official edition, so if you’re wondering check out Who makes Cards Against Disney and Where to buy Them?

17. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity

This game has 150 cards, and it can be played by 4-12+ players.

This one is a little something different. The most ‘innocent’ looking ones might just be the dirty minded ones, this game is the game to expose them. 

Hours of laughter and discussion on adult and inappropriate topics. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

It has an expansion pack, and a family edition if you feel like playing with your family too. Add the fun, why not.

18. Bad People

Bad People

Bad People has 290 cards which are designed to be played by 3-10 players. 

This one is most suitable to play with people which you’re comfortable with. You will get to see how the other players see you, and so will they.

At the end of the game, you will find out a lot of things you didn’t know about the ones you played with, and so will they about you. 

You better choose them right. Besides knowing more about one another, you will go home feeling more connected to one another. As cheesy as it sounds, it is true. 

We’re all bad people at some point. Make fun of it with the Bad People card game, which by the way has expansions you can add to it. 

19. F*ck The Game

F*ck The Game

F*ck The Game has 64 cards, a small number compared to other games, but surprisingly enough this one is suitable for 2-8 players.

This one requires your brain to function a lot more than most adult card games. Despite the fact that it is simple to play, F*ck The Game will make you say F*ck I’m not as vigilant as I thought I am. 

Making a mistake will lead to laughter, and perhaps a little bit of mocking (the funny kind), hence the fun of the game keeps growing with your mistakes and laughters. 

20. The Voting Game

The Voting Game

The Voting Game is made of 260 cards designed to be played by 5-10 players. I absolutely had to share a warning from the manufacturer:

“Warning: Not recommended for accountants and other people without a personality”

Out of those 260 cards, 160 of them are question cards which you will answer, and which will most probably lead to sharing interesting stories, and discussing interesting topics; 

Meaning it’ll lead to fun AND good conversations. Not all the adult card games can do this. 

21. CoolCats & AssHats

CoolCats & AssHats

This party game has 425 cards, and it is suitable for 4-20 players.

This game is for everyone; This will adjust to every type of adult people. Its humor is not as vulgar as you’re used to seeing in other adult card games, yet it is one of the funniest ones. 

The larger the group of people to play it, the louder the noise; be careful of the complaints from the neighbours. 

If you want to get louder, you can get the expansion for this game.

22. Quickwits


Quickwits has 150 cards, 3-10 is the recommended number of players for this game. 

It turns dirty pretty QUICK. Whether you want to play it with friends, or family (the adult members!), it’ll be a blast. 

Plus, the small number of cards makes it very easy to travel with. You can take it wherever you wish, it won’t take too much place. 

What are you waiting for? Join the party.

23. Charty Party

Charty Party

Charty Party includes 294 cards which are recommended to be played by 3 or more players. 

If you don’t know much of charts and want to be confident about it, Charty Party!! The cards are hilarious, the game is absolutely easy to understand.

It is fun for family gatherings (without kids under 17), friends gatherings, or any type of gathering really if you want to make it fun. 

It’ll get loud, and you will love it.

24. Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech has 400 cards, which can be played by more than 4 players.

This is the game in which you get to explain everything about the word on your card, but you can’t say the word itself. All this with the pressure of time, because there’s an electronic timer which should be added to the game (it comes with the game, you don’t have to purchase it elsewhere). 

It is absolutely fun to play with people you feel comfortable with to talk about very adult things in a funny way. 

25. Disturbed Friends

Disturbed Friends

The game ‘that should be banned’ has 380 cards, it is suitable for up to 10 players.

If you don’t feel comfortable playing Cards Against Humanity, then you’ll feel just as uncomfortable with Disturbed Friends. 

For those who are ok with dark humor and don’t feel insulted by heavy jokes, you’ll have a blast playing this one. 

26. Personally Incorrect

Personally Incorrect

Personally Incorrect has 390 cards that are meant to be played by 5-10 players.

Want a wilder and dirtier game than Cards Against Humanity? 

Well, Personally Incorrect might just be the game you’re looking for. Take this as a warning if you’re sensitive to dark humor, or just simply are a person that gets offended easily. 

27. Our Moments

Our Moments

Our Moments is a game of 100 cards, and it is designed to be played by couples; meaning 2 players. 

Having a partner is fun and all, but then the everyday life hits you both and all of a sudden you stop paying attention to the details you did in the beginning of the relationship. 

This card game will remind you of those little details that lit up the spark between you two. Will lead to deep conversations, and perhaps something extra later on…

28. Talk Flirt Dare

Talk Flirt Dare

Cards; suitable for 2-4 players

Whether you’re married, or just started the relationship, this game will do the work. You can choose from the piles, you can also play with another couple. Do the talking, the flirting, and the daring. 

A mild warning: It’ll spice things up, in a good meaning.

29. Travel Dirty Minds Card Game

Travel Dirty Minds Card Game

Travel Dirty Minds has 112 cards and it is suitable for more than 2 players. 

If the content of the game disturbs you, know that the game is not dirty, your mind is. It is very simple to play; it is hilarious and dirty as much as you want it to get. 

Also, the package is travel friendly – easy to carry if traveling.

Other Card Games Ideas You Might Like

29 of the best and more, we promised you. 

Here are some other fun games you might want to try. Perhaps you already know about them, but a good reminder didn’t hurt anybody. 


Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns has 135 cards and it is suitable for 2-8 players (14+).

It is one of the games that doesn’t need much of an introduction. Trust the unicorns, gather whoever you want, adults and people aged 14+, have a blast! 



Comes with 249 cards, a card stand, and a timer. It is suitable for 2-8+ players (14+).

This is a word game, the more players the more lively the game becomes. It is not your boring, generic word game. This one will make you use your imagination, and get involved in it. 

BAD CHOICES – The Have You Ever? Party Game

Bad Choices Game

This party game has 400 cards which are designed to be played by 3 or more players (age: 17+). 

This game will get you and your friends (or whatever your relation with the players might be) screwed over by each other, but this time you’ll laugh about it. All of you. 

Dark humor included, take it as a warning. 

Bad Choices also has an expansion called NSFW Savage Edition, which you can add to the game. 

If You Had To

If You Had To

This party game includes 250 cards which are suitable for 3 and more players.

The scenarios are pretty horrible, and if you’re into that type of humor, they are hilarious. It is a party game, so it is a good one when gathering with people, and when wanting to have fun playing a card game.


There you have it. The best card games for adults. You might have a hard time when deciding which one to choose, but whatever the choice, you’ll get one of the best. 

Just pick one, Margret!

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