30 Of Best Adult Card Games: Conversations, Drinking & More!

Welcome to the world of the Best Adult Card Games where age is just a number and fun is limitless!

As a matter of fact, adult card games have been around for centuries and have become increasingly popular in recent years. They not only provide a great way to have fun and socialize but also offer a range of benefits, including reducing stress, improving mental agility, and enhancing social connections.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the best adult card games on the market, and provide you with valuable tips on how to get the most out of your gaming experience. Our recommendations are based on extensive research, expert analysis, and customer feedback, ensuring that you can trust our advice.

So, whether you’re looking to spice up your game night with friends, impress your date, or just have a good time, this article has got you covered! Let’s dive into the world of adult card games and discover what makes them so exciting and engaging.

  • How To Host The Perfect Adult Game Night;
  • Buying Guide;
  • Editor’s Best Picks;
  • Our Final Word
The Game List:
  1. Cards Against Humanity
  2. Dirty Thoughts
  3. Drawing Without Dignity
  4. What Do You Meme?
  5. Loopy
  6. Drunk, Stoned Or Stupid
  7. You Laugh You Drink
  8. Incohearent
  9. Live, Laugh, Lose
  10. Search History
  11. Love Lingual
  12. Bad Choices
  13. Sotally Tober
  14. Date Em Or Hate Em
  15. Never Have I Ever
  16. Red Flags
  17. These Cards Will Get You Drunk
  18. Talk, Flirt, Dare.
  19. F**k The Game
  20. For The Girls
  21. Truth Or Drink
  22. Never Say Never
  23. New Phone Who Dis?
  24. WTF did you say? 
  25. Intimacy
  26. Twisted Vulgarities
  27. WTF
  28. So…
  29. Bad People
  30. Flatter Me

Buying Guide

To help you choose the best game for you & your company, check out these tips:

  • If they don’t like making dirty jokes, skip the games with such content. While reading the game descriptions, you’ll see what the games contain. If your friends get offended easily, look for other games in the list.
  • Do you want to know more things about your company? Check the conversation starters, they have deep & interesting questions inside, so you’ll connect with your friends.
  • Check the drinking card games, if you all drink. We found amazing drinking games for you. If any of your friends doesn’t drink, it isn’t necessary to drink alcohol (of course, if all the others want to play that game).
  • Is the number of cards enough for your team? If you’re planning to play for a longer time, and if you’re playing with many people, the number of cards matters a lot.
  • If you think that you’ll need more cards, check which of the games has expansions. Lots of our card games have a few other expansions or extra packs (check the game terms), which make it possible to expand the game.

Editor’s Best Picks

  1. Best Adult Game: Incohearent
    “The game of fun, concentration, fast-thinking & problem solving”
  1. Best Drinking Game: Sotally Tober
    “Starting from the name, is a hella creative game. You won’t stop playing it!”
  1. The Game Of Endless Laughter: What Do You Meme?
    “This game literally ages like fine wine. It is hilarious & needs creativity.”
  1. The Perfect Game For Couples: Talk, Flirt, Dare
    “The romantic game where you connect & learn more about each other!”
  1. The Creative Game: Red Flags
    “Can you create characters? Well, only if you’re creative & funny enough!”

1. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity
  • Amazon OR Target: $25.00;
  • 600 Cards;
  • Ages 17+, 4-20+ Players.

This has to be one of people’s all time favourite card games! What makes Cards Against Humanity even more special, are the many amazing expansions and themed packs and of course, the unofficial (fan-made) packs.

You still don’t know the rules? Where you livin’? You have to find a white card that you think is the funniest match for the black card the Card Czar read. The simplest game ever! Perfect for any occasion.

Video: How To Play Cards Against Humanity

2. Dirty Thoughts

Dirty Thoughts

You’ve got some dirty thoughts messing with your head? Well, take them out with this game! You have key cards, and based on them you have to write a list of answers, but, you CAN’T write the same answers as your opponents.

Besides the cards, inside the box, you’ll also find a sanded timer, 6 pens, binders, etc. A completed pack, isn’t it? A fun game to play at a birthday party with people you’re really close to. Check out some other dirty card games that might interest you.

3. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity

Leave your dignity aside while playing this game! Don’t be fooled by the name, drawing skills are not required. It’s even funnier when you have no talent at all, the game becomes hilarious!

You have to draw the things the card asks for: drug lord, blue balls, Michael Jakson, booze cruise, and lots more. Perfect to play in a game night with your friends, or even family if you’re close with them. It also has 1 expansion pack to add more fun!

Video: Explaining Drawing Without Dignity

4. What Do You Meme?


What do you meme? What can you meme? This is a game where you’ll either be called boring, either the Meme King of the group. There’s Nothing in between!

What makes the What Do You Meme? Even greater are the simple rules and the big number of expansions and the themed editions.

 We highly DON’T recommend playing it with the family, it’s great for every adult party though… 

Video: How To Play What Do You Meme+ People Playing It

5. Loopy


Let’s take a minute of silence for our single ladies & gentlemen… This isn’t the game for you… Find a partner first! This game includes 210 questions which will take your relationship to another level.

It’s great for all couples, but especially for the people who just met each other, and are in the beginning of their relationship. A good game for a lovely night with your partner to get to know each other even more.

6. Drunk, Stoned Or Stupid

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid
  • Amazon: $18.00 OR Walmart: $22.99;
  • 250 Cards;
  • Ages 17+, 3+ Players.

You think that this was a drinking game? No, not yet… It was named Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid because chances are high that when you were tagged for a card, you were drunk, stoned or stupid… 

Perfect for a sleepover, there are cards like:Is allergic to everything, will make out with absolutely anyone, has s*x while watching TV… so you kinda have to tag a person with that card, “Who’s most likely to…”!

Drunk, Stoned Or Stupid has also the first & second expansions, master edition and the extreme pack.

Video: Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid Instructions

7. You Laugh, You Drink!

You Laugh You Drink
  • Amazon: $15.00 OR Walmart: $19.55;
  • 150 Cards;
  • Ages 21+, 3+ Players.

Yes, finally, a drinking game! It’s always You laugh You Lose, but not this time, this time you’ll drink, a lot! It’s very easy, you read the card in silence, and you do what the card says, trying to make one of your opponents laugh. If he laughs, he drinks, if not, you drink.

It isn’t necessary to use beverages, but where’s the fun? Game nights always are fun when you drink, especially when playing You Laugh You Drink!

Video: How To Play You Laugh, You Drink

8. Incohearent


It’s the Incohearent people! There is the judge, and the other players. They all use the same cards: The judge uses the front, and the other players can read the back of the card, which has a coded word.

The first player to decode words such as: real agents sip gulls (relationship goals), pet oaf vial (pedophile), wins that round. The judge is allowed to give one hint per round. Great for a game night with your friends or even family!

You can find the extra packs: 1st expansion, NSFW version, family edition, etc.

Video: Incohearent Game Play

  1. Live, Laugh, Lose
Live Laugh Lose

What’s better than making people you love laugh? That’s right, nothing! I absolutely love playing it on Christmas nights with my family (all adults ofc). List of some best Adult Christmas Party Games that you can play.

You’ll need some ‘acting’ skills in this game. You have to read a card as if you were in a specific situation:(The Joke) The person who invented knock-knock should get a no-bell price.(The Delivery) Read the joke in a Siri voice.  It’s hilarious!

Video: Live, Laugh, Lose Instructions

10. Search History

Search History
  • Amazon: $17.95 OR Walmart: $19.00;
  • 200 Cards;
  • Ages 17+, 4+ Players.

Ahh, it’s scary seeing the adults’ search history, isn’t it? This game is kinda like it… Every card has 3 search sentences you have to finish: Is it offensive _____, is murded legal in____, etc.

You can also play it with your family if they’re all adults,(there’s also a family edition of this game), because you choose how the sentence will end, you have to write it down on the card. At the end, you have to find the most searched answer of your friends… You can’t even imagine what they’ll ‘search’ for!

Video: How To Play Search History

11. Love Lingual

Love Lingual
  • Amazon OR Ubuy $24.95;
  • 150 Cards;
  • 2 players, of course.

We need these kinds of romantic games once in a while. Love Lingual is all about telling your whole life to your partner. The cards belong to 5 categories: Couple, Past & Future, Individual, S*x & Intimacy, and the most important, Family.

This is designed to be played by you and your lovely partner, but there’s also a Friends & Family version of this game, because love also means love for your family or friends!

12. Bad Choices

Bad Choices Game
  • Amazon: $19.95 OR Walmart: $24.95;
  • 300 Cards;
  • Ages 17+, 3+ Players.

This is basically a game of questions. You get to ask your friends some questions, and often, you will embarrass them with such stuff: “Do you think you’re the funniest person in the room”, ”Is it OK to cheat on your partner if they gain 100 Ibs?”, “Would you rather be with someone smart than someone gorgeous?”, and the list goes on.

There are extra cards, just as skip and draw +1 or +2, and there is also a NSFW Edition of Bad Choices, even though the version I just showed is NSFW as well… Great fun for a game night with close & fun people!

Video: Bad Choices Game Play

13. Sotally Tober

Sotally Tober
  • Amazon OR Etsy: $17.95;
  • 125 Cards;
  • Ages 21+, 2+ Players.

This should be my favourite game name of all time! Seriously… It’s just so smart! Inside the box we find 5 types of cards: Activity, Skill, Curse, Secret & Degree.

Everyone should drink based on what the cards say. Lots of challenges & questions, and for sure, you’ll not be sober at the end of this game. It is one of the best games to play on weekends.

Video: Playing Sotally Tober

14. Date Em Or Hate Em

Love Em Or Hate Em
  • Amazon OR Etsy: $22.40
  • 200 Cards;
  • Ages 17+, 3-10 Players.

Will you love the choice, or will you hate the choice? It’s a kinda Would You Rather game. These are the type of cards you have to choose in between: Gets off on smelling the cat litter box VS Will indefinitely be pursuing a career as a stripper. 

Such an amazing game to play at a bachelorette or bridal showers. Guess what? Here’s a free link to download the game if you don’t want to spend money buying it: PDF Link Date Em Or Hate Em.

Video: Date Em Or Hate Em Commercial

15. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever
  • Amazon OR Walmart: $24.95;
  • 550 Cards;
  • Ages 17+, 4-12+ Players. 

Never have you ever what? Never have you ever: Talked to your pet about your problems, accepted a date to get a free meal, given someone a drug without them knowing… Yes, these are the questions. But let me tell you, these were the innocent ones!

Great to play at parties, but, only with people who are open to any humour, because the game can get embarrassing to sensitive people and it just wouldn’t be that fun!

And yeah, it has other expansions: The Girls Edition, Family, Parents & Trump.

Video: Never Have I Ever Instructions

16. Red Flags

Red Flags
  • Amazon: $25.00 OR Walmart:$26.64;
  • 400 cards;
  • Ages 17+, 3+ Players.

Do you ever tend to ignore the red flags? We all do… But, you for sure won’t ignore these cards. You’ll love them! There should be a player (the single), you have to create a character they should go on a date with, and you have to convince him/her to choose your combination…

You’ll definitely have endless laughter in your next party with these cards: Literally has the face of a pug, Worst smelling person in the world, Constantly plotting to kill you… And, there are also expansions: The 1st Expansions, The Dark Red Flags.

Video: Playing Red Flags

17. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk
  • Amazon: $15.99 OR Walmart: $20.60;
  • 100 Cards;
  • Ages 21+, 2-8 Players.

Will these cards get you drunk? Will they? There are Compete Cards, Vote Cards & Screw Your Friends Over Cards. Simple rules: You just have to do whatever the card asks you to…

I played this on a drinking night with my closest friends, and we had lots of fun. It can also be played with your family members (21+), of course, if you’re really open to them and you don’t care if you lose your track in front of them!

18. Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Talk Flirt Dare
  • Amazon: $24.50 OR Etsy: $20.00;
  • 150 Cards;
  • 2+ Players.

Finally, a game you can play with other couples! The level of ‘difficulty’ depends on the card you choose: Talk, Flirt or Dare. In your opinion what’s the craziest thing you have ever done as a couple?  What is your favorite perfume for your partner to wear?, Give your partner a seductive massage…

Perfect for a date night for you and your partner, or even better, with some other couples you are related to!

Video: Instructions & Content Of Talk, Flirt, Dare

19. F**k The Game

F**k the game
  • Amazon: $16.50 OR Ebay: $21.85;
  • 60 Cards;
  • Ages 18+, 3-8 Players.

We always say F**k, but when we write it we have to censor it. Sad, isn’t it? You have to say the color of the text in the card, or the card color… You can say the swear words, except for the word F**ck.

Besides the main game, the manufacturer also made: Double Pack, DIY Pack, Edición En Español, Édition Française.

Video: How To Play F**k The Game

20. For The Girls


It’s obvious, this is a game for the girls. A special card game for the beautiful girls. There are 100 cards of each color, 5 colors in total. You have to spin the spinner and pick the color wherever the spinner stops. Based on the color, pick a card from that color pile.

Do whatever the card says: Give this card to whoever is the biggest flirt, First to mess up (Pizza Toppings) loses a card, and lots more. Perfect for sleepovers, bachelorettes, or any girls’ night! For the Girls Game Review.

Video: Instructions & Content Of For The Girls

21. Truth Or Drink

Truth or Drink

Will you tell the truth or will you drink? Inside the big box are 5 smaller boxes, divided into 5 types: On The Rocks, Extra Dirty, With A Twist, Happy Hour, Last Call. It’s in your hand to answer: How would you describe your nipples to a blind person?, or to drink…

160 ‘Truth Or Drink’ Fun Questions To Make Your Party Enchanting!

It’s actually one of the best games for every party with crazy friends, but definitely not a game for family time. These are the other 2 extra packs: Sin Expansion and What Up Fam Expansion.

Video: Truth Or Drink Group Play

22. Never Say Never

Never Say Never

Well, sometimes you need to say NEVER. Especially considering the cards of this game: Ask your mom how she grew that mustache, fart loudly in a job interview, eat e ghost pepper…

You pick a card that you think is the hardest situation and read it out loud. If all of them say ‘Never’ you win a point, if not, whoever says they can do that, should give you details. I love playing this game at my birthday party!

23. New Phone Who Dis?


Since Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme? are two of people’s favourite games, here’s another amazing one in that style. It’s like texting without a phone, you have to find a funny card as a ‘reply’ to the previous text.

Find a reply to: Do you think you can make it to my hamster’s funeral tomorrow? /Idk if you can come by anymore, my cat really doesn’t vibe with you… And these two were just 2 of the few clean cards. It’s the perfect game for any party, and it also has an expansion pack!

Video: How To Play New Phone Who Dis?

24. WTF Did You Say?

wtf did you say
  • Amazon: $18.99 OR Walmart: $26.24;
  • 594 Cards;
  • Ages 18+, 3-17 Players.

Oh, how often we say this phrase! If you already know about Cards Against Humanity, it’ll feel like having an expansion. Definitely not to play with your family, it’s too dirty.

We played it on game night and it had hilarious cards: Are you allergic to nuts?, Someone needs a bath, fake it till you make it, and others. (These were the white cards, because basically, you and your answers make the game funny!)

25. Intimacy


I promise, this is the last couple games I’ll show… Let’s have some respect for the single dudes out there! The Intimacy Deck has 6 different types of cards inside: gray (past), yellow (random), green (life), blue (relationship), red (intimacy) and dark blue (about you).

With such cards as: Describe our first kiss!, What do you think are my best qualities?, What first attracted you to me?, and lots more, you’ll connect more with your partner!

Video: A Couple Playing Intimacy

26. Twisted Vulgarities

Twisted Vulgarities

Let me tell you: This game is way too dirty. Pay attention to who are you playing it with! These are some of the cards: Hot Yoga, Shocked, Dinner For 2, King, etc.

So, first, the player on the Hot Seat should put the card on their forehead, and the other players have to help him/her guess the word. Then, the player on the Hot Seat has to complete the other card’s sentence with the guessed word, ex. I ______ everytime I eat Mexican food. It’s perfect for game nights!

Video: Explaining Twisted Vulgarities

27. WTF

WTF Card Game
  • Target: $17.99 OR Walmart: $38.68;
  • 250 Cards;
  • Ages 18+, 3+ Players.

WTF? Another WTF game? Yes! The ecards can be red, blue or orange. Each card has 4 cards on it: Name an offensive character from e television show, Show me something that bulges, Which US state contains an item of female underwear in its name, and lots more.

The cards are for adults only, and for those who don’t take everything very seriously. Me & my company usually play it when we gather together for dinner, and we decide to have some fun after.

Video: WTF Game Play

28. So…

So... card game
  • Amazon: $15.99 OR Walmart: $21.81;
  • 56 Cards;
  • Ages 12+, 2+ Players.

This is probably one of the best conversation starters, for real! There are 5 ways to play: Classic, Raffle, Solo, If I Were You, Lightning Round, about which you can read in the instruction card.

What usually are your first thoughts in the morning?, In what ways has your life exceeded your expansions?, What’s a common trait shared by everyone you’ve dated?, are just 3 of the amazing cards! There is also a 18+ version of the game, and an Unstuck Yourself edition.

29. Bad People

Bad People

The game for bad people… With this game, you and your friends will see what you all really think about each other! Besides the main game, there are also: The NSFW Edition, White, Red & Green Expansion Pack.

Check the content: Who will be the most difficult old person to be around?, If we were all police officers, who would be the dirty cop?, Whose funeral will have the smallest attendance?, and more. Perfect for parties!

Video: Game Rules Of Bad People

30. Flatter Me

Flatter Me
  • Amazon: $19.99 OR Walmart: $27.05;
  • 250 Cards;
  • Ages 13+, 2 Players.

What if I say that there’s a game where you compete with each other to receive more compliments? Yes, that’s Flatter Me! You draw cards and see if that matches your opponent.

It makes a great gift, you show how much you love that person because the cards have the cutest & meaningful compliments ever: You’re open-minded, You are full of life and adventure and sparkle, You have a delightful and entertaining vocabulary, and 247 more!

Video: Unboxing & Playing The Game

How To Host The Perfect Adult Game Night

Of course, when inviting people over to play some games, the most important thing is finding a good game for everyone. But… But! There are some other details you should take care of if you want to be their favourite host:

  • Try to invite the perfect number of players for that game. After choosing the game, the box usually tells us about the appropriate number of players. But sometimes if a game is for example 2+ players, it can be boring with only 2 players, so make sure you know the details. 
  • Have some good backup games. Sometimes even though people say good things about a specific game, it may be boring (or sometimes offensive), for your group of friends, and you can’t know without playing. So, if they don’t like the game you have chosen, keep 1-2 other ones on your shelf.
  • Make a comfortable place. It doesn’t really matter if you have a large place or not, the important thing is to make that place comfortable, cozy and lovely for your friends. Clean the room, use some cushions or comfortable chairs, and make sure you have good lighting…
  • Make/ order good snacks & drinks. Last but not least, is having enough food & drinks. You can make some finger food, grilled cheese, muffins, or you can also order some pizza. For the drinks, you can get alcoholic ones(based on your preferences), or if you all aren’t into drinking, buy some sodas, juices, and water. You have to stay hydrated!
Hosting The Game Night

These were just some of the important ones. If you want to know more, be sure to read this: How To Host A Game Night

Our Final Word

We made it to the end. It was a long journey, wasn’t it?

We really hoped you enjoyed all that, we tried to choose the best games possible, and tried to include different adult games: Drinking, conversation starters, couples card games, games similar to Cards Against Humanity and more, as you just read.

For the best choice, let me mention it again, follow our buying guide at the beginning of this article, also, if you’re still in doubt about specific games, watch the videos, you’ll see the content & learn the instructions!

Till next time, take care and keep playing!

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