100 ‘Who Knows The Bride Best?’ Questions: You’ll Fall In Love With Them! 

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The first and essential thing you should take care of while planning your Bachelorette is definitely the party games. Regarding this category, ‘Who Knows The Bride Best?’ is one of the greatest contenders to be the best. The latter is a questions game, which helps the bride-to-be understand which of her people knows her better. Therefore, it will start a cute competition between them! 

The most crucial part for the game to go perfectly is choosing the right questions to ask. We’re going to give you a hand on that. That will happen by listing down a few categories with different types of questions, levels of depth, topics, and more. Before continuing with the questions, we will give you our guide on how to play, and some pretty useful tips. 

  • How to play the game?;
  • Ice-Breaking questions;
  • Deep questions;
  • Funny questions;
  • Not-so-innocent questions;
  • Questions about her future;
  • Windup;

How To Play The ‘Who Knows The Bride Best?’ Game?

How To Play The Game

Even though the gameplay and setup are respectively simple, follow the steps below to organize the game in the best possible way:

1. Write down a list of 10 to 20 questions.

We would always go with 20 since it’s a better way to understand more about the players, but however, anything more than 10 works fine. It also depends on the time you’re planning to spend playing and the people you’re playing with. To make a good list, pick your favorites out of the categories and remove anything that sounds inappropriate to you.

2. Print the papers

If that’s possible, write the questions in a good template (just like we did with ‘Would She Rather?’) and print one paper per person or team. We prefer you print them days before the party, so there’s no chaos created on that day and you have everything settled down. 

3. Hand out the papers to everyone

Prior to that, make sure you decide if they will be playing in teams or individually. If there are more than 6 people, we would recommend you play in teams. Nevertheless, that is a personal choice. Give every team or every player one piece of paper and one pen, and you’re ready to go.

4. Set the timer

Tell the players that they have 5 or 10 minutes (you decide) to answer all questions. The available minutes depend on the number of questions and the pressure you want to give to them! 

5. Ask the bride-to-be to fill out a sheet of questions

This will help you know the right answers and count the points. This part could also be done earlier, once the game starts, or simultaneously with the active players. Ps. make sure they have no clue about the bride’s answers. 

6. Count the points

Once everyone finishes, compare the players’ sheets with the bride’s to check who answered correctly. You could also swap sheets between the players, so everyone checks someone else’s, so you know, there’d be no cheating. 

7. Give the winner a prize

Whoever got the most correct answers, wins the game, therefore, it means that the player knows the bride best. Make a DIY gift, purchase something (Disney gifts are always a good option), or simply just write an appreciation note to them. It’s all about the effort and the fact that it would be a good memory for them. 

Ps. you could also turn the game into a drinking game. For instance, whoever player has the lowest points, or the group with the lowest points, has to drink.

Ice-Breaking Questions

A great way to start the party is by asking the girls some fun, innocent questions just so you break the ice and help everyone get to know each other better, using some random topics. The answers are pretty obvious and don’t require much thinking. 

  1. What color are the bride’s eyes?
  2. Does she have any pets?
  3. What is the bride’s middle name?
  4. What are her phobias?
  5. What are the three items she never leaves the house without?
  6. Is she a coffee or tea person?
  7. What’s her favorite movie and actor of all time?
  8. What car does she drive?
  9. Does she think she can sing?
  10. Is she a mommy’s or daddy’s girl?
  11. What’s one thing she could change about her Bachelorette shirts?
  12. Does she believe in astrology and what is her zodiac sign?
  13. What was the bride’s first job ever?
  14. What’s her signature drink?
  15. Where did she meet her future husband?
  16. Does she love cats more or dogs?
  17. How many wedding dresses did she try on?
  18. What is her go-to card game?
  19. Is she a night owl or an early bird?
  20. Did she ever travel to another country?
  21. What were her grades in high school?
  22. Does she have any annoying habit?
  23. Who is her most embarrassing crush?
  24. Which one does she hate most, doing the dishes or cleaning the house?
  25. What is her biggest pet peeve?

Deep Questions To Ask About The Bride

Some in-depth questions are always welcomed. Especially if you’re all close friends who want to get in touch with every little detail about the bride-to-be. In lots of cases, the answers may make the bride cry, just so you know! 

  1. Which family member is the most connected with?
  2. What is her ideal way of spending her free time?
  3. What’s her biggest insecurity?
  4. Is she more of a ‘long-term’ person, or all about ‘here and now’?
  5. What’s her way of showing love?
  6. Did she get into her dream job?
  7. What are her goals in life?
  8. What did she like most about her future Sprouse?
  9. What is the name of a friend she’d had since childhood?
  10. How many children does she wish to have?
  11. What is her comfort place?
  12. What’s her favorite memory back from when she was a child?
  13. Is she stressed & overwhelmed about the wedding?
  14. What’s one feature she loves most about herself?
  15. Is career or family more important to her? Is the bride-to-be more of an introvert or extrovert?
  16. What’s her dream vacation?
  17. When does she think is the perfect time to have kids?
  18. What are the top 3 things she couldn’t live without?
  19. What is one scent she loves (perfumes or whatever)?
  20. Who does she look up to? What is her role model?

Funny Questions To Ask About The Bride

Funny Questions

No Bachelorette or Bridal party would be perfect if it weren’t for funny questions. They just add some sparkle and make everyone feel comfortable. It’s okay if they make her blush a bit. That’s actually the point! 

  1. How many times did it take her to pass the driving test?
  2. What’s the bride’s party trick?
  3. What is her spirit animal?
  4. Does she count her steps when walking?
  5. What’s the dumbest way she’d been injured?
  6. What’s the cringiest nickname you’ve ever been called?
  7. Has she ever gone a day without underwear?
  8. What are 3 strange items she would purchase at the grocery store to get a weird look from the cashier?
  9. Is she scared of horror movies?
  10. Where does she stand in the pineapple-on-pizza debate?
  11. What is the healthiest and unhealthiest thing she does on a daily basis?
  12. Did the bride-to-be have a favorite fairy tale while growing up?
  13. Does she ever bring shampoo bottles or similar stuff home from the hotel?
  14. What magazine cover would she like to be on?
  15. What are her ridiculous goals in life?
  16. Which is her family’s weirdest tradition?
  17. What’s the worst date she has ever been on?
  18. What’s her favorite curse word?
  19. If she was a man for a day, what’s the first thing she would do?

Not-So-Innocent Questions

Not-So-Innocent Questions

Some spicy questions shouldn’t miss. This is what makes her spill all the tea and maybe get a bit embarrassed. We’re pretty sure all the girls will enjoy using these questions. However, make sure you play with people you’re comfortable with. 

  1. Is she a good girl or a bad girl?
  2. What’s her favorite spot to be kissed?
  3. Has she ever been arrested?
  4. When was the last time she got a speed ticket?
  5. If her life was a movie, would it be safe for y’all to watch it with your families?
  6. What is the drunkest she has ever been?
  7. Did she ever break the law?
  8. What are her fetishes?
  9. Does she ever watch romantic movies (or even deeper types);
  10. If the bride-to-be had a free pass, which celebrity would she like to spend a night with?
  11. Has she ever been handcuffed (in whatever sense you take it);
  12. What is the most embarrassing thing she has ever done?
  13. Does she prefer kissing in the rain or the dark?
  14. What is the worst way to be proposed from her point of view?
  15. What’s her favorite underwear color? (the best friends know it!);
  16. Is there a turn-off she finds in her man?
  17. Does she have a high tolerance for alcohol?
  18. Has she ever smelled her husband’s underwear secretly?
  19. Is she good at lap dances?
  20. Would she ever visit a nude beach?

Questions About Her Future

Once we’ve had some laughs and made the bride-to-be blush, we can’t leave without talking about her future. It’s very cute and it makes everyone connect deeply. You never know what her goals in life are until you play this…

  1. What is her biggest career goal?
  2. Where are they spending their honeymoon?
  3. If she could ever be part of a show or sitcom, which one would it be?
  4. What is one bad habit she wants to get rid of?
  5. Does she love girls or boys more?
  6. What is one name she had always wanted to name her future kids?
  7. What is her dream car?
  8. Once the wedding’s over, what will the bride’s new last name be?
  9. What is one thing she has to achieve to make her 10-year-old self proud?
  10. Would she ever want to get a tattoo?
  11. What are 3 things she will bring with her on the wedding day?
  12. Does she think she will be the same party animal after 5 years?
  13. For what question will she call her mom in the following years?
  14. Where does she want to live together with her husband?
  15. What is she the most passionate about her future?
  16. What’s one thing that scares her most about her future?


It’s heartwarming how some simple questions could change the whole party’s mood. Make sure to target the right people and then pick the right questions, just so everyone feels comfortable, specifically the bride. Make sure to go through all categories and only use questions you think you could relate most to. Take it easy and remember that the goal of the game is to see who knows the bride best! 

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