Who Can Do It: A Game Of Extraordinary Challenges – Card Game Review

Who Can Do It - Game Review Cover

Who can do what? Calm down, you’re so impatient… We’re gonna tell you everything in detail, keep reading! 

‘Who Can Do It?’ is an amazing adult card game that works great for every possible party, and it makes all the nights fun, no matter what! Something matters, you CAN’T play it with kids or even teens, let me tell you that before beginning… 

What we adore, is the simpleness the game is made with, the good energy it creates, the way it turns the game into a very fun competition & makes you all laugh your heart out! 

But, what ages can exactly play it, how many players, what’s the cards’ content & how many cards are there, what do the players have to do, does it have any bad side, can it be played as a drinking game?… questions like these and lots more, we’re going to answer as clearly as possible! 

Specifically, these are the main points of this review:

  • Details about ‘Who Can Do It?’;
  • How does the box look?;
  • Information about the cards;
  • The rules & my game experience;
  • Where can we buy it & Does it have competition?;
  • More fun facts about the game;
  • Our Conclusion: What Can We Say More About ‘Who Can Do It?

Details About ‘Who Can Do It?’ Game

Product dimensions: 4 x 2.9 x 5 inches OR 10.16 x 7.5 x 12.7 cm
Box color: Red
Product weight: 1.3 pounds OR 136 grams
Manufacturer: DSS Games
Made in: China
Release date: May 20, 2020
Game type: Party card game
Age Range: 17+
Number of players: 3 or more
Cards: 250
Amazon ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 1087 ratings.

How Does The ‘Who Can Do It?’ Box Look?

I know, I know… Sometimes you have no clue that a specific game exists, and one day you randomly see it in your local market, it looks so pretty, and you decide to buy it. This is what happened to me… Do I regret it? Nooo, not!

Let’s get impressed with the front of the box first, get ready!

A red, shiny, pretty box. Red is always attractive, don’t even try to change my mind! It has a pretty simple design, basically, just like every card game’s front of the box. As you already saw, you can only see the game name, and find out it is a party game. Just as simple as that! 

Take a deep breath, you’re gonna get lots of information on the back of the box:

Who Can Do It - Box On The Back

That quote is a bit offensive, to be honest… You know what? We don’t care, we love it! There are examples of the cards (5 of them), information about the basic requirements to play this game, which are the age range (17+) and the number of players (3+).

You can also see how many cards are inside the box, and some little details about the manufacturing… By the way, we love that handsome man on the box, it feels like he’s talking!

We’re not gonna show the sides of the box,  you already saw them, and there aren’t any details that should be mentioned… We already know it’s about a PARTY!

Information About The Cards

Can you please help me open the box? It’s pretty awesome there! 

Who Can Do It - Cards

‘Who Can Do It’ has a huge set of cards, a total of 250. All of them have different content, but one thing we know for sure: Each is funnier than the other! There are lots of challenges, as the name says: Who can do it? (This was a spoiler about the rules, but anyways…)

The cards’ background color is white on the front, with some details such as the card number with hashtags (for example #3), and red, with the game name in black and white, on the back, just as the box: 

Who Can Do It - Cards' Design

I know you’re hardly keeping the curiosity inside, that’s why, here are how some of the cards, specifically, the dares look: 

Who Can Do It - Card Example 1

Oh la la, this is gonna do a great favor to you! You know that person you always wanted to unfollow, but you couldn’t find a good enough reason? Well, this is it! 

Who Can Do It - Card Example 2

You may get blushed, but we don’t care! That’s exactly where the fun is! 

Who Can Do It - Card 3

If you’re a polyglot, it’s your time to shine! If not, test yourself how fast you can search for that word on the internet, and say them out loud! 

Who Can Do It - Cards 4

Since the cards with explicit content are hardly mentioned, here are the most sensitive (dirty) cards in the game, we thought you should see them:

Who Can Do It - Dirty Cards

 Are you still doubting about the age range while reading these cards? Umm, okay, if that’s what you think…

The Game Rules & My Game Experience: Was It As Challenging As We Thought?

First and foremost, let me mention it again, in case it skipped your eye, it can not be played by people under the age of 17. That’s a spoken and written rule, I bet you got that while reading the cards! 

Next, it can be played by 3 or more people, it all depends on the party. As always, the more people the better, this is a fact! It’s important to remind you that age doesn’t necessarily mean that a person can play!

The content is pretty adult-friendly, and some challenges are meant to be completed by people who are adventurous and test their limits, not for people who skip after the first, easiest dare… No, we don’t need that! 

Anyways, back to our point, one of the players should be the judge of one round 

(or the whole game, if wanted), or as we’d say in CAH’s language, the Card Czar! He gets the privilege to judge who completed the challenge best, this is how they choose the winner… The player who wins 7 rounds, meaning they have 7 points, wins the whole game! 

You understood the rules, now, it’s probably my experience’s time to shine! My best friend was organizing a sleepover, and since she’s an introvert, she had invited only 2 people, including me! I was thinking of taking a gift with me, and thank God I found out about ‘Who Can Do It’! 

I was the game judge at first since I read about the game and knew the rules. These were our first 3 challenges:

  • Swear in a foreign language;
  • The person with the most unread emails wins;
  • Sit on someone’s lap and yell 5 things you want for Christmas.

The host of the sleepover won all the 3 rounds, especially the one with swearing in a foreign language. You know, when you hear the ‘good kid’ swearing, it’s always fun!!! Anyways, when they got the point, how the game goes and stuff, we started being the game judge in rounds, I wanted to have some fun & show my ‘talent’ as well! 

This was our next card, gladly, I wasn’t the judge:

Who Can Do It Experience - Card 1

I don’t know about you, but it always enjoys flirting with your girlfriends, just for fun! Let me tell you something: I won this round. You may ask how? Well, since I am the biggest Friends fan on Earth, I used Joey’s pickup line, it always works! How u doin’?

My ‘opponents’ pickup line was: ‘Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?’… Which was funny, of course, but you know, Joey always wins! 

It’s never enough explaining ‘Who can do it’, but anyways, here’s another card we had while playing: 

Who Can Do It Experience - Card 2

Since party tricks make the parties (in our case, sleepovers) way better, this challenge was welcomed! The sleepover host was the judge this time, this is how I had one more chance to show all my amazing skills! 

The other friend as a trick wanted to pop the balloon with orange peel, while, I wanted to do something more interesting, so, I tried to flip an egg in a shot glass, and I did great! 

We hate spoilers, so, we won’t spoil all the cards, anyhow, we’ll show you a few more cards from our game: 

Who Can Do It Experience - Cards 3

The last one in this photo was, hands down, the cutest one ever, especially for me, which has a whole album of little me in the gallery! 

As you saw, some of the cards immediately declare the winner, as the one with unread emails, but, most of them, matter on who did that specific challenge best, which is judged by the game judge of that round! 

Even though we had lots of fun, we laughed our hearts out, we wouldn’t recommend it to be played with 3 people as we did, because we always stand by this rule: more people, more fun! There are more ideas, more competition & more energy! And anyway, it’s way better with different groups of people, because you already know all your besties’ stories!

I took the game to another party we went to some weeks later, we were about 10 people, it was way funnier! After some rounds, we also turned it into a drinking game, we didn’t want to stay sober, sorry not sorry! 

Where Can We Buy ‘ Who Can Do It?’ Card Game? & Does It Have Competition?

When it comes to card games, sometimes it’s very challenging finding a good shop to order the game from, you know, because of the quality, shipping details, and different prices between shops… We know you had such experiences, we all had! 

We evidently can’t tell you which of them is best, that’s why there are different shops from where you can get ‘ Who Can Do It?’. We highly recommend you to buy it at Amazon or DSS Games (which is also the official website), for a price of only $18.00…

Now, is it possible to be this fun, and not have competition? Nah, I don’t think so… Of course ‘Who Can Do It?’ has competition. Here’s to whom I’m referring: 

1. Drunk, Stoned Or Stupid – $18.00

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid is undoubtedly everyone’s one favorite drinking game… It’s the drinking version of Who’s Most Likely To, the cool version! There are 250 cards inside, and they’re recommended for adults only (obviously), meaning, ages 17+.

The manufacturer recommends it to be played by 3 or more people, and yeah, you’ll either get drunk, stoned, or stupid… It’s up to you!

2. Truth Or Drink – $35.00

Truth Or Drink - Competitor

Is it that obvious that we love drinking games? Truth or drink is the classic, fun party game, with 275 cards, and over 400 questions. Designed for adults, and it works great if played with 2-8 players! 

‘Truth Or Drink’ questions are endless fun… You have no idea what an amazing icebreaker they are, and how much they connect all the guests, it’s lovely! You won’t have to complete dares, you’ll drink! 

3. Daring Contest – $12.99

Daring Contest - Competitor

The name says it all, doesn’t it? The Daring Contest is the classic daring game, which makes the party way cooler… It has 220 cards inside the box, which are divided into 5 categories, and each of them has points from 1-5, based on its difficulty. 

As you can see in the box, it is recommended for 4-8 players, ages 18 or older. A good game usually lasts 30-45 minutes, you’ll love it, let me tell you!

In conclusion, here’s a table to compare ‘Who Can Do It…’ with its competitors. Enjoy! 

GameWho Can Do ItDrunk, Stoned, Or StupidTruth Or DrinkDaring Contest
Number of cards250250275220
Designed for3 or more people, ages 17+3 or more people, ages 17+2-8 players, ages 21+4-8 players, ages 18+
SpecialtyTests everyone’s limitsWill get you all drunkConnects the people It feels like a contest, a funny one
Amazon ratings4.5 out of 5 stars, 1,089 ratings4.4 out of 5 stars, 13,693 ratings4.6 out of 5 stars, 7,639 ratings4.4 out of 5 stars, 199 ratings

More Fun Facts About ‘Who Can Do It’

  • It is manufactured by DSS Games, which also made ‘Drunk, Stoned OR Stupid’, ‘You Laugh, You Drink’, ‘Best Story Wins’, and lots more!
  • It can also be played as a drinking game, for example, the last person to complete a challenge has to take one shot. Or, the winner makes someone drink. It’s all in your hands!
  • You can also download the official how-to-play instructions, if you want more game details explained to you, by the manufacturer…
  • Quickly, see how the game goes by this youtube video. It explains the rules, and you’ll also see some people playing it. 
  • You can become a game retailer. If you really like the game, and you own a shop, you can become a DSS Games Retailer.
  • It was ranked #78 in Dedicated Deck Card Games, which in other words is Amazon’s bestsellers, and this is such a great value!
  • It can be played at any party, including here birthdays, game nights, hen parties, drinking nights, or even as a bachelorette card game

Our Final Thought: What Can We Say More About‘Who Can Do It’?

To be honest, we mentioned all the details about the game, and we don’t think there is anything else we have to talk about unless making a general conclusion. Here are all the pros and cons of the game:

What we loveWhat we don’t
Large deck of cards (250);
Beautiful game design;
Simple instructions;
Works for up to any number of players;
Different topics in the challenges;
Good quality of cards;
Reasonable price ($18.00);
Can also be played as a drinking game.
Some of the cards are pretty dirty and can offend sensitive people.

Once more, please take care of who’re you playing the game with, we don’t wanna hurt anyone… If you have an open mind, and a good humor sense, you’ll definitely have endless fun!

Who can do it? Well, you won’t know until you try!

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