All You Need To Know About Waterfall Drinking Game: Rules, Ideas & More!

Waterfall Drinking Game - Cover Photo

It’s unbelievable how creative a human’s mind could get. They name a drinking game WATERFALL! Imagine having a waterfall but with beers instead of water… Okay, let’s get back to reality. This drinking card game is what you’ll need for your next party.

I feel like you need to know that the basic rules of this drinking game and others, such as King’s Cup, Circle Of Death, and Ring Of Fire, are substantially the same. 

Our top favorite things about Waterfall are the minimalist equipment, the super simple instructions, the well-fit gameplay for large groups, the no-point scoring, the inclusion of some alcohol, and of course, the great jollification it brings! All you need to do is gather your favorite people together and ask if they’re up to some fun! 

What Do You Need To Play Waterfall? 

Just as you thought, we may consider Waterfall a DIY drinking card game, just because you’ll most likely create your own game. Here are the essentials you need to play: 

  • A bunch of friends. The game works best for 3 or more players. As we always like to say, the more the merrier!;
  • Playing cards. Any deck of standard cards works, however, we recommend waterproof ones, they come handier.;
  • Empty glasses or cups. Yes, every player should have their glass.;
  • Alcohol or any other beverage. You may pick the majority’s favorite drink, or just let everyone drink what they want. If anyone wants to stay sober, non-alcoholic drinks work fine!;

Yup, that’s all it takes. I bet you all have the abovementioned at home. Cheap & fun. Now, let’s continue with the other exciting parts! 

The Aim Of The Game

The Waterfall is not a competitive type of game. There is neither a winner nor point-scoring. All it tends to do is make you all spend a pleasant time with your beloved. Okay, we may say the game aims to get you drunk. Or just simply enjoy some drinks, in case you’re high-tolerant. Also, it does bring all the players together & creates stronger bonds. 

Before playing, make sure everyone is okay to drink & agrees to the rules. Cheers!

Setting Up The Game

There’s no simpler set-up than Waterfall’s, we don’t even doubt it! All you gotta do to start this drinking card game, is place the alcohol bottle, or any cup in the center of the table. Next, shuffle the deck of cards, and start spreading them around the bottle, one card at a time. 

Make sure each card is touching one another. This is what it may look like once you arrange the cards:

Waterfall - The Set-up

Pour every player something to drink in their cups. Next, choose a way to select who starts the game first. It could be the player whose birthday is the nearest, the youngest player, the player who uses their phone most, or just randomly. Decide if the game will go to the left or the right. Then, taking turns, each player draws one card at a time.  

Playing Waterfall Drinking Game

Waterfall - Cards

Now that we have completed the set-up, we’re ready to start playing. As I mentioned previously, when it’s their turn, each player should draw a card. Now, each card resembles a specific effect. Here’s what we suggest (we’ll rank cards just as we were playing any Poker game):

If you draw a:

2 (Two) – You have the chance to give out 2 drinks for 2 different players or make 1 player take two sips. That’s up to you.

3 (Three) – Sir, now you gotta drink. Take one (or if not too much, 3) sips of your drink. 

4 (Four) – All the single ladies, all the single ladies… and the taken ones, drink. Yes, all the girls playing have to drink if there’s a four drawn. 

5 (Five) – Men will not remain sober too. If you draw a five, all men should drink.

6 (Six) – The floor is lava! The last player who has their foot on the floor after a 6 is played, has to take a sip.  

7 (Seven) – Once a 7 is played, everyone points to the sky. The last player to do so, drinks. 

8 (Eight) – If you draw an eight, you have the chance to choose another player to be your mate. This means that that player has to drink every time you do.

9 (Nine) – For the nine, you have to rhyme! The player who draws a 9 should say a word out loud. Continuing clockwise, every other player says another word that rhymes. Whoever takes too long, or fails to say a word, drinks (as if we were playing The Rhyme Time!). 

10 (Ten) – It’s your time to choose a category. Again, going clockwise, each player has to name one thing related to that category. The first player to mess up takes a sip.

Jack – If you play a Jack, you should start a game of Never Have I Ever. Start asking the questions, and the first player who admits that they have done something, drinks. 

Queen – If you’ve drawn a Queen, you may ask a player of your choice a question. After answering, that player can ask another player a question. It goes on until one player refuses to answer. That one player has to take a drink.

King – Whoever plays a King can make a rule of their own. It could be anything, and it could be applied to anyone they want. Here are some ideas:

  • If during the game any player says anyone’s name, that player whose name was mentioned, drinks; 
  • Make everyone do a unique animal noise. If they fail, they drink;
  • Everyone has to drink with their weak hand. If they’re right-handed, they drink using their left hand;
  • If it is a (just an example) red heart-suited card, that player drinks twice. 

Ace – Ace is the card no one can be saved from. If there’s an Ace played, everyone drinks. 

Usually, Jokers are removed from the deck. However, you may include them and make up your instructions. 

This is all about the rules. Keep in mind that you can also add your house rules, modify any of our instructions, or add brand new ones. 

FAQ About Waterfall 

1. Can’t it be played with only 2 players? 

  • Yes, it may be considered a drinking game for 2 people, but it won’t be that fun. Usually, the instructions apply to more people, and you’d be binge drinking. Anyhow, if you want to, modify the rules a bit and go for it! 

2. Why is it named Waterfall?

  • By our PoV, since there’s a bottle or a glass in the center, and all the cards around it, it looks like a waterfall. You know, cards are flowing from the waterfall (bottle).

3. What sets Waterfall apart from Ride The Bus?

  • Yes, both are drinking card games. While playing Waterfall, each card has a specific rule. On the other hand, on Ride The Bus, actions are completed based on the card rank, color, and suit, and the game has several rounds. 

4. Can we play the game without using alcohol?

  • As we mentioned in previous sections, yes. Choose the drinks in agreement with the others. If they want to stay sober, drink some sodas, juices, water, or anything non-alcoholic. The game will go all the same. 

5. What ages can play?

  • If you’re thinking about the content, anyone can play. There isn’t anything inappropriate. But, if you drink alcohol – just as the game is made, only people over 21 can play. 


  • The Waterfall is a drinking card game that requires minimalist equipment to play;
  • It is pretty similar to King’s Cup, Ring Of Fire, Circle Of Death, and more;
  • To play the game you only need a classic deck of cards (Jokers removed), some alcohol, cups for each player, and an extra cup or bottle; 
  • It works best with 3 or more players. Since there’s alcohol, only people over 21 can play;
  • To set up the game, place that cup or bottle in the center of the table, and spread the cards around it;
  • Each player, taking turns, draws one card from the table and performs the rule;
  • All the cards, starting from Ace to King, has their own rule; 
  • You’re free to add your own house rules or modify any of the already written ones;
  • There’s no winner or loser. The game aims to have fun (and probably get you drunk).

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