How To Play UNO All Wild: The Newest Mattel Piece Of Fun!

UNO All Wild Rules - Cover Photo

We remember the day we found out that Mattel released the UNO All Wild Deck. Yup, it was just as exciting as it sounds! UNO has never failed to amaze us, with any of the decks. The Giant UNO, Marvel Edition, BTS, Retro Edition, Pride, UNO Flip, and literally every other deck. However, apart from all the blasts each of them offers, the UNO All-Wild deck has a special place in our hearts. 

Even though it had been released just one year ago, in 2021, it burst out immediately and became one of the fans’ favorites. If you’ve waited for a sign to get the game, this is it. In scratch, it has similar rules to the standard deck, but anyways, there are some specifics and special instructions. And guess what? That’s why we’re here. To explain them to you! 

  • Introduction of the game & the objective;
  • The box & the cards;
  • Setting the game up;
  • How To Play UNO All Wild;
  • FAQ;
  • Key takeaways;

Introduction Of The Game & The Objective

Every time we play UNO, we run into wild cards, don’t we? Well, the standard deck, besides having several action cards, number cards, +2 cards, and many more, also has a total of 8 wild cards (counting the Wild Draw 4 cards). Now, does the UNO All Wild Deck have anything to do with the wild cards? 

Yes! The UNO All Wild, the newest edition of UNO, brought by Mattel, has a deck that is full of wild cards. This time you won’t have the normal Skip, Reverse, Draw 2 cards. In the UNO All Wild deck, you’ll meet Wild Reverse, Wild Skip, Wild Targeted, and other cards, which we’ll discuss in a bit. 

The objective: Everyone tends to be the first player who earns 500 points, and be the winner.

The Box & The Cards

Take a look at how the box looks:

UNO All Wild Box

This is it. This is our beloved colorful box. It all starts with the game name & edition, and right below, you’ll find an explanation about the game in 4 different languages, which is lit! On the bottom left corner, you’ll find the basics to start the game, which are the number of players and the required age. 

Let’s head to the cards, the main characters of the game, obviously. The deck contains a total of 112 cards. All the cards may belong to any of the 8 categories: Wild, Wild Skip, Wild Reverse, Wild Draw 2, Wild Skip 2, Wild Forced Swap, Wild Draw 4, and Wild Targeted Draw 2. Don’t stress out. We’ll tell you what each card does meticulously. 


UNO All Wild - Wild Card

The classic Wild card of UNO. In the main game, the Wild card can be played anytime and has the ability to change the playing color. Since in UNO All Wild there aren’t any color cards, the Wild card doesn’t have any special function.

Wild Skip

UNO All Wild - Wild Skip Card

It’s wild – can be played anytime, and makes the next player give up their turn. 

Wild Reverse

UNO All Wild - Wild Reverse Card

The Wild Reverse (just like the normal reverse), changes the direction of the play. If it was going to the left, after the card was played, it continues to the right.

Wild Draw 2

UNO All Wild - Wild Draw 2 Card

Once you play this, the next player has to draw 2 cards from the deck, and they can’t play any cards in that turn. And yeah, having many cards isn’t such a privilege in UNO…

Wild Skip 2

UNO All Wild - Wild Skip 2 Card

It’s double the Wild Skip card. Now, two players in turn lose their turns. Wait, what happens if only 2 people are playing?

Wild Forced Swap

UNO All Wild -Wild Forced Swap

Probably the coolest card. If you have a Wild Forced Swap, you may swap your hand of cards with any player of your choice. Follow your gut!

Wild Draw 4

UNO All Wild - Wild Draw 4 Card

Y’all know what this is. Once you play it, the next player has to draw 4 cards and lose their turn as well.

Wild Targeted Draw 2

UNO All Wild - Wild Targeted Draw Card

If you play a Wild Targeted Draw 2, you have the chance to pick a player who has to draw 2 cards from the deck, but this time, they don’t give up their turn.

Check the UNO All Wild TikTok video to see the cards one more time!

Setting The Game Up

UNO All Wild - Setting The Game Up

We already know what each of the cards does. Now, once it’s all figured out, how do we start the game? Here’s what you need before playing:

  • A group of 2 to 10 people, ages 7 and up;
  • UNO All Wild deck of cards. You can get it in many online shops (and locals), counting Amazon (starting at $7.79), Walmart ($5.97), Target ($6.49), and more options. Mercifully, it is one of the games under $10.  

Now that you have the equipment, you’re ready to start the game. Pick one of the players to be the card dealer. Following the main rule, each player gets 7 cards, facedown, and no one can see each other’s cards, besides their own. Next, place the remaining deck facedown in the center of the table, which creates the draw pile. 

The first card on the draw pile should be turned face-up, and that makes the discard pile. Then, the play continues to the dealer’s left. A piece of cake! 

How To Play UNO All Wild?

UNO All Wild - Playing The Game

Where were we? Oh yeah, the player on the dealer’s left starts first. Remember when in normal UNO, you had to play cards only if the number or the color matched, or if you had a special card? Well, let me remind you once again: this time all cards are wild. This means every player in their turn will play cards and follow the actions. 

The game continues clockwise and the instructions (for all the cards besides the Wild Targeted Draw 2) are applied to the player on your left after you play the card. 

The only way you’ll be drawing cards this time, is if the previous player makes you do so (draw +2, draw +4, and so on), differently from the standard game where every time you wouldn’t have a matching card, you had to draw cards from the draw pile. In simple words, you won’t draw cards by your choice on your turn.

Can we repeat one of the main rules of UNO, which corresponds with the game name into the bargain? Yes. Once you have only one card left in your hand, you have to announce out loud ‘UNO’! If you forget to do so, you get a penalty of 2 cards. 

There’s only one scenario where you get to draw cards, willingly. If it’s your turn to play, the next player has only 1 card left in their hand, and your card isn’t an action card (which means they win if you don’t do something), you can draw another card from the draw pile and immediately play that card. Now, the rest is all up to fate.  

How Does The Game End? 

Now, a round ends when one of the players runs out of cards, specifically, after they play their final round. Now, once a player accomplishes that, he gets points based on what cards are left in their opponents’ hands. For instance, normal Wild cards are worth 20 points, while all the other Wild action cards are worth 50 points. 

Once a round ends, the dealer becomes the player who was on the first dealer’s left. The game repeats as usual: deal 7 cards, make the draw pile 7 discard pile, and start playing. After several rounds, whoever gets 500 points is the winner, and the game ends.

Ps. if you play the game several times and get bored from it, don’t forget to check the card games similar to UNO!


1. What happens if you’re only 2 people playing and you play Wild Skip 2?

  • Well, logically, and based on the rule, if you play Wild Skip 2, it means that it has to skip 2 people. In this case, it skips the other player, you, and then the turn goes to the other player. Basically, nothing happens, but you only gave away one card.

2. Can you mix the All Wild deck with the normal deck of UNO?

  • Of course. That is a total blast. Mix these two decks and the new version brings endless fun.

3. What is the size of the cards? 

  • Cards are 3.5” x 2.2” (8.9cm x 5.6cm) just like the standard UNO cards. Yes, they fit perfectly fine on the card sleeves.

4. Does the game get intense?

  • Because the cards are all wild, yes, it’s quite more intense than some other versions of UNO. To have a glimpse of the game, check this youtube video: UNO Gone Wild

5. Is there a Tin container version of UNO All Wild?

  • Yes. It costs a little more, about $10.99 on Amazon, and it’s amazing, but if it happens that you have a UNO cards storage box or case, all wild cards fit perfectly in them, so your cards are protected even without the Tin container.

Key Takeaways

  • UNO All Wild is a special edition of UNO which came out in 2021.
  • The main feature of this deck, which sets it apart from the others, is that all cards are wild. Some of them are wild actions as well. 
  • The game can be played by anyone who is 7 years or older. To play, you need a group of 2 to 10 people. 
  • This card game is available in lots of online & local shops, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and many more.
  • There are 8 groups of cards: Wild, Wild Skip, Wils Reverse, Wild Draw 2, Wild Draw 4, Wild Skip 2, Wild Forced Swap, and Wild Targeted Draw 2.
  • To start the game everyone gets 7 cards. The remaining cards create the draw pile, while the discarded ones during the play, create the discard pile. 
  • The game continues from the player on the dealer’s left, going clockwise, everyone plays cards from their hands, and even draw cards from the pile if the previous player made them.
  • The round ends whenever someone plays their final card. After that happens, cards are shuffled and the new round starts. The whole game ends when one of the players gets 500 points.

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