Let’s Turn Tinder Into A Gratifying Drinking Game! 

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Ahh, Tinder, the house of love! You already know the app is hugely successful, but I bet you didn’t know that it has over 10 million daily active users! Tinder is a great dating app, but wait till we tell you about the drinking game! Yes, you heard it right. It’s a no-cards drinking game made to get you and your mates tipsy, and have the best time of your life.

Primarily, the game and the rules are all related to Tinder profiles, pictures & captures on them, and even some red flags! We broke it off into 3 main drinking categories, which require you to drink different amounts of alcohol, but the probability of specific situations isn’t the same either. Follow our instructions and tips, and get ready to have a blast with your Tinder people <3

  • The objective & the game rules;
  • Take a sip;
  • Take a shot;
  • Finish your drink;
  • Conclusion;

The Objective & The Game Rules

Well, Tinder’s goal is to help you find your soulmate and make you fall in love or whatever that is, but, what’s the Tinder drinking game’s objective? Well, it’s simply all about bringing you some laughs and making you drink. It kills boredom and gives you a good excuse to drink. Here’s what you need to play:

  • The Tinder App, which is available in both App Store and Google Play
  • A bunch of friends. You can play with as less as 1 friend, and fortunately, it also works fine as a drinking game for large groups;
  • Drinks of your choice. Ask the other players about their preferences so everyone enjoys the drinks. 

Playing the game is just as simple as it seems. You go to your Tinder home page, scroll down through the profiles, and drink every time they have any of the specifics mentioned in our rules. We’ll show them to you after a few minutes. 

It’s recommended that only one phone, respectively only one tinder account is used, but if you’re too many people playing, and not a small group, you may use two phones. Especially if you’re half girls & half boys, so the players separate into gender groups they belong to.

So, once any of the below-mentioned situations happen, you drink. Well, if it’s something like: ‘drink if there’s a kid in their profile pic’, all of you drink. But, if it’s based on personal opinions & knowledge, such as recognizing the bar, or liking the person, then only the people who actually do relate, have to drink. 

Take A Sip If:

Take A Sip If...
  • They have a duck face posed profile picture.
  • You have a match;
  • He/she has clearly edited their photo;
  • You’ve seen the person before (drink twice if you’ve seen them live);
  • There’s an empty bio on the profile;
  • If they mention that they like traveling;
  • Someone in the profile is wearing camo;
  • They have a hilarious caption;
  • There’s more than one person in the profile pic;
  • They have a child;
  • You recognize the place they’ve taken the picture;
  • There’s an animal in the photo (typically a dog or a cat);
  • You think they’re a walking red flag;
  • Their profile picture is a bathroom mirror pic;
  • They tell they like to workout (but it doesn’t look like it);
  • They’ve been married before;
  • They mention anything about cars;
  • Another player has been already matched with that player before (drink twice if they’ve met each other);
  • They’ve lied about their age;
  • They are just too many emojis used in the profile bio;
  • They tell they’re looking for something ‘serious’;
  • They’re taller than you (if you’re a girl) & shorter than you (if you’re a boy);
  • They play any sports;

Take A Shot If:

Take A Shot If...
  • Their profile screams fake profile;
  • They’ve posted a mustache pic (well, most likely men);
  • Men show their abs;
  • The profile belongs to any of the people in the same room as you;
  • They’re a celebrity;
  • You, unfortunately, reach your swipe limit;
  • The profile has posted a yearbook photo;
  • You come across the same sex profile (or the opposite if you’re not straight);
  • You’ve seen them live and they’re nothing like the picture;
  • You don’t like their name at all;
  • You’re already stalking them on social media;
  • You think they’re hot;
  • They have posted a photo in the gym;
  • Their pickup lines are corny;
  • In a way they tell that a one-night stand would be okay for them;
  • Their bio is cringe;
  • Someone hotter than them is in the picture;
  • They post pics with Snapchat filters;
  • They ask for your number;
  • The person plays an instrument (2 shots if it’s the guitar);
  • They’re the opposite of your perfect match (for example, you like blondes and he/she’s a brunette);
  • There are both genders in a photo;
  • There’s a random bio line, such as ‘Live life at the fullest’, ‘Not looking to hook up’, ‘Just here for fun’, or anything similar.
  • You have a feeling that they like couples drinking games;

Finish Your Drink If:

Finish Your Drink If...
  • You’ve already hooked up that person;
  • You went to the same school;
  • They reply to your message in less than 30 minutes;
  • Their ex is in the picture;
  • They’ve posted a shirtless pic;
  • They have blue eyes;
  • You accidentally swipe right;
  • They use a fire pick-up line (just as Friends ones, you know);
  • They’ve posted a photo with a celebrity;
  • There’s a naked picture in their profile;
  • They look different in all their photos;
  • They have 2 or more kids;
  • They work at a fancy place;
  • You two have the same mother tongue;
  • They’ve added their star sign to their bio;
  • There’s a fish pic in their photo;
  • They’re 10 years older or younger;


Turns out that Tinder’s not only about helping you find a girlfriend or boyfriend. It also helps you to get drunk! Here’s a Youtube video of 3 people playing it: Tinder Drinking Game Extended, just so you have a glimpse of how the game goes. Make sure everyone is okay with drinking and with Tinder, so every player is satisfied and comfortable. 

If at any point, any of you feel sick or simply don’t want to drink anymore, don’t put pressure. You can use non-alcoholic drinks instead or just let the others drink. 

Well, even though it’s not a drinking game app, we may turn it into one!

Tinder lovers, here we go!

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