The Voting Game Review – Is It Honestly Worth It?

The Voting Game Front
The Voting Game Front

A good card game can be exactly what we need sometimes. Some good company by family or friends, or anyone really as long as it is good company. A drink or two, some snacks, and laughter. 

We reviewed Cards Against Humanity (one of our favorites), and other card games that are worth playing. This time, it’s the turn for The Voting Game to review.

Does it get the recognition it deserves? Is it honestly worth it? 

These are only a few questions that will be answered by the end of this article. Let’s find all about it!

  • About The Voting Game
  • What are the rules of The Voting Game?
  • The old version of The Voting Game
  • The Game Experience of The Voting Game – The Goods and Bads
  • What’s the competition of The Voting Game
  • The Voting Game – Should you honestly buy it?
  • Final Thoughts on The Voting Game

About the ‘The Voting Game’

  • Designer: Tom Rohlf
  • Artist: Unknown
  • Year released: 2014
  • Number of cards: 260
  • Suitable for ages: 17+
  • Suitable number of players: 5-10
  • Time: 30-90 minutes
  • Box Dimensions: 4.02 x 2.51 x 4.02 inches

The Design of The Voting Game

The Voting Game Back

Let’s start from the box! I personally like this one, because it is quite simply designed. Nothing too extra, black and white. And one thing that I love is the mat finish that the box has. 

It is pretty simple looking. So it has a black background, and the logo, the writings are in white. 

The back of the box has also a black background 

The Cards of The Voting Game

The Voting Game CARDS DESIGN

The cards are the pretty much the most important part of a card game, because you know, it’s a CARD game.

We will first start to check out what’s the deal with the cards’ design of The Voting Game, and after we see what’s on the outside, we will check out what those cards have in their content. Let’s waste no more time! 

Cards’ Design

There are 3 types of cards: 

  1. Black Cards – Question Cards (160)
  2. White Cards – Voting Cards (90)
  3. Colored Cards – Player ID Cards (10)

The Black Cards have “Question Card” written on the back in white, since the card is, obviously, black. On the front of the cards, on the bottom right there is the logo and “Voting Game” written next to it.


The White Cards have “Voting Card” written on the back of them in black. The front of them has a white background, and a number written in the middle of the cards with a certain color(depending on the number too), they also have the number written in two corners (opposite from one another) of the card. 

Meanwhile the Colored Cards have these colors: 2 shades of Blue, Red, Yellow, Grey, and Purple. Besides the colors, they’ve got numbers written on the back – one to six. 

The design is quite simple, pleasant to the eye. The letters are clearly written, the font looks pretty good. And of course, the mat finish is to be cheered. 

DuoCards rates the design of the cards(The Voting Game): 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

Cards’ Content

We’ve seen the design, we liked it quite a lot, now it’s time to check out the content of these well designed cards. 

Black Cards:
Contain questions as they’re called ‘Question Cards’. For example:

“Whose standards drop the most after a few drinks?”

There are 160 of those cards in the set. 

White Cards:
Contain numbers which I’ll explain to you later on in this article why those numbers are needed.  

What are the rules of The Voting Game?

The Voting Game Instructions

The rules are quite simple, just like the design of the box, cards, and almost anything else about this game. 

The goal is to have fun, laughter, and by the end of the game a person that got 6 Question Cards. Of course, if you feel like going for a winner.

DuoCards rates the rules (regarding the easiness): 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The Game Experience – What it’s like to play The Voting Game?

The Voting Game Experience

You all gather around friends or family whoever you feel comfortable with, and whoever you think that knows your dirty, your good, and your bad. 

The game is about reading a certain question like “Who would be the creepiest clown?”, and there will be the voting part, and then the guessing on who voted the most. 

It has a lot of potential to light up debates (the funny ones), and absolutely laughters and hours of fun.  

For example, the question “Who would be the creepiest clown?” would have those “Why mee?”, which then would be passed by laughter and comments on why they voted that exact person. 

There are countless amazing questions, that are not only fun, but also induce interesting (perhaps even long) and genuine conversation.

If you want to make it more fun add drinks. Seriously! A couple of drinks will make the game unforgettably almost forgettable, ya know. 

Since the game is about voting about who is the most likely to do/say/make something, or who does/say/makes something; you can also expect some light upsetting from someone who is more sensitive. But, with a little talking and explaining you’ll get back to the fun and laughter, don’t worry. 

Here are some questions:

  1. “Who would look the best as the opposite gender?”
  2. “Who has hooked up with someone less than half their age plus 7?”
  3. “Who would drink their own urine for the least amount of money?”
  4. “Who will get into a fight with an elderly and lose?”
  5. “Who had the most serious relationship in Kindergarten?”

Just like the slogan: Find out who your friends are. If we add the game experience too, I think it’ll sound more realistic if we’d say “Choose which friends you want to know more about”. 

But that sounds boring, so we’ll stick with the original one. 

If you don’t like or don’t see any of the question cards suitable for the group of players, you can always remove the cards you think won’t fit you. 

At the end of the day you will find out a lot of things about your friends, and your friends will find out a lot of things about you as well. 

Just like any other card game out there, The Voting Game too, can get a little boring if you play it way too many times.

That’s why most card games have expansion packs to refresh the game, and why not, make it last longer. 

The old version of The Voting Game

The Voting Game Old Version

It used to have the same design, and colors, except for the box size. 

The size of the box used to be 4.02 x 2.51 x 4.02 inches. Which, I’d prefer personally, because it looked firm and it didn’t seem to require much place to put it in. It could fit anywhere really. 

It also had a different slogan: “Tell it like it is.”

It is in fact still available on on Amazon for a price of $24.95 (plus shipping).

Does The Voting Game have expansion packs?

The Voting Game EXPANSIONS

Yes. The Voting Game has expansion packs, three of them which I’ll list down below because I’m such an angel!

Keep in mind that these are expansions, and in order to play with them you’ll also need the core/main game (The Voting Game). Learn terms of card game definitions and their meaning them.

1. The Voting Game – NSFW Expansion

The Voting Game NSFW

Available on Amazon for $14.95

It includes 100 Question/Black Cards, and of course, since it is NSFW I believe you already know that this one is not suitable for people under 17.

To be honest, every game needs a NSFW expansion! 

2. The Voting Game – Fill in The Blank Expansion

The Voting Game Fill In The Blank

Available on Amazon for $12.95

The Fill In The Blank expansion is suitable for players aged 17+. It has 100 Question Cards, and it comes with 3 additional house rules. 

Each Question Card has a fill-in-the-blank space, it makes the game more fun, and adds that little extra that every card game (that’s been played way too many times) needs.

3. The Voting Game – Create Your Own Expansion

The Voting Game Create Your Own

Available on Amazon for $34.99

Create Your Own expansion also comes with 3 additional house rules. And 100 new cards which you’ll use your creativity to create, and make them good enough so that they can fit in the game. 

100 cards, don’t waste them. 

What’s the competition of The Voting Game? How strong are they?


Card games are really fun, and very wanted by people because of their effect they give. Hence the competition between card games can be felt. The Voting Game makes no exception. 

We did our research, and finally came up with these:

1. Hot Seat

Hot Heat

Price on Amazon: $24.95

This game has 200 cards which are designed to be played by 3-10+ players aged 10+. The rules are pretty simple too.

2. Bad people

Bad People

Price on Amazon: $29.95

Bad People is suitable for 3-10 players aged 17+. The gameplay can last 20-60 minutes. The game has 320 cards in total. The rules are pretty similar to The Voting Game rules.

3. Over-Rated


Price on Amazon: $16.49

Over-Rated has 500 cards which are suitable for 3+ players that must be aged over 17. 

Over-Rated is a game from the creators of the famous card game called What Do You Meme?. The rules are fairly simple, and the number of cards makes it a good game for a party game.

4. I Wish I Didn’t Know

I Wish I Didn't Know

Price on Amazon: $19.99

I Wish I Didn’t Know includes 500 cards, they’re meant to be played by 3+ players who must be aged over 17.

As you can tell from the picture, this game is made by the creators of What Do You Meme?, so you cannot expect it to be anything else than hilarious.

The difference between The Voting Game and its competition

The Voting Game1. Player interaction
2. Playing time
1. Takes a while to learn the rules
Hot Seat1. Simple Rules1.  Replayability
BAD People1. Player interaction
2. Has an official website
1. Takes a while to learn the rules
Over-Rated1. Number of cards1. Doesn’t have any expansions
I Wish I Didn’t Know1. Number of cards
2. Game simplicity
1. Doesn’t have family friendly editions

The Voting Game – Should you honestly buy it?

The Voting Game Is It Worth It

Here will be a sort of a sum up of what you read above. It’s the honest pros and the cons of this card game. 

The simplicity of the rules
Player interaction
Simple design Has expansions
Can be offending for certain people
The Voting Game

It has simple rules, simple design, player interaction which are amazing. But then it is not as much ‘replayable’ since you can stubble upon the same questions and it might feel a little boring. BUT, that can be solved with the expansions. 

So, is it honestly worth buying it? 

Sure, a new fun game to make you laugh and bond with friends, never hurt anybody. 

DuoCards rates The Voting Game: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Purchasing The Voting Game Online

The Voting Game PURCHASE

From the manufacturer, you’ll find it available online for $25.00 plus shipping, depending on where you live. 

And besides the manufacturer, one of the safest, easiest options is Amazon. The price on Amazon is $24.95.

This is a price in which the shipping it’s not included, however, you should expect a shipping price depending on where you live.

Purchasing The Voting Game in stores

Here, you’ll find the list of stores in which you can find The Voting Game:

  1. Barnes and Noble – $24.95
    You can find it online too at, which also has the option to buy online, and pick up at store. 
  1. Target – $19.99
    You can also find it online at
  1. Walmart – $21.99
    Of course Walmart too! If you wish to know more details, it is available online too:

As you can see, the prices differ from one to the other. Have it shipped to your house, or go and buy it at the store, it’s up to you!

Final Thoughts on The Voting Game

The Voting Game Final Thoughts

It is hilarious, at times it’ll make you feel embarrassed, at times you’ll feel glad to be the “embarrasser”. 

As you saw from above, DuoCards rates the game 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

It is worth it! Get it before it gets too famous.

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