The Shrek Drinking Game: Fill Your Life With Magic!

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Since Shrek is our comfort animated film franchise, we couldn’t help but present a drinking game about it. Shrek isn’t a single movie, right? It has a bunch of different films, which, needless to say, are related to one another. But how will we deal with and make a particular game for each and every creation? 

That’s the best part! The rules below can be applied to all Shrek movies, and they just fit perfectly. We’ll give dozens of ideas, and all you gotta do is drink every time the instructions relate to the scene or phrase. You can always add new rules & modify them, just so you enjoy the game to its fullest. 

Reminders Preparatory To Playing

Simply like thee other Disney drinking games, if you decide to play the Shrek drinking game, you won’t need to get any extra equipment at all. To make sure you have all things you need, here are some reminders:

  • Invite a group of friends over. It works fine with just as few as 2 people, to as many as you wish. It’s always more lovable if all people playing actually like watching Shrek;
  • Play one of the movies. Could be a new one, or the group’s favorite. It’s all up to you;
  • Get your preferred alcoholic drinks. This also depends on how drunk you want to get. Bring some non-alcoholic ones as well, you don’t want to get alcohol poisoning, I assume;

Depending on the repetition of the scenes, we categorized our rules into 3 main groups, so the game can get more interesting and entertaining. Get all players seated and enjoy!

Take A Gulp Of Your Drink Every Time…

Take A Gulp Of Your Drink Every Time...
  • Someone says ‘Ogre’ or ‘Swamp’;
  • The Gingerbread man talks;
  • Donkey falls asleep;
  • Shrek does one of the usuals: farts or bumps;
  • Anyone does a sad dramatic face;
  • Shrek holds something in his right hand;
  • Fiona pretends she’s not an ogre;
  • Shrek carries someone;
  • Puss makes cute eyes;
  • Fiona fixes her hair (she does that quite often);
  • Shrek smiles awkwardly;
  • ‘We don’t even have dental’ is said;
  • The Donkey starts talking at himself (well, he gotta talk with some smart creatures);
  • Someone talks about true love;
  • Donkey flirts, inone way orr another;
  • Shrek does something he doesn’t want to do;
  • Anyone is fung through the air;
  • Fiona hurts someone (even if it’s without her will);
  • One of Fairy Godmother’s potions is mentioned;
  • Shrek says ‘Zipity Zek my name is Shrek’;
  • The words ‘Really, really’ are spoken;
  • Someone gets annoyed or pissed off;
  • The dragon makes an appearance;
  • The love birds (Shrek and Fiona, obviously) have a romantic moment;
  • Donkey’s ears go down;
  • Somebody whistles;
  • Fiona says ‘Shrek’ or vice versa;
  • Fairy Godmother zaps her wand;
  • The three blind mice’s blindness is the source of a joke;

Take A Shot If…

Take A Shot If...
  • The Donkey sings;
  • The characters break into a song;
  • Shrek fights someone;
  • There’s another language being spoken (other than English);
  • Shrek yells or gets angry;
  • Someone says ‘Farquaad’ or ‘Lord Farquaad’;
  • The muffin Man is brought up;
  • There’s the faiy gomotherr shown;
  • Someone says ‘Far, frr away’; 
  • One of the characters makse a joke about Farquaad’s height;
  • They say ‘charming’;
  • Someone threatens Shrek;
  • There’s a bear onthe  screen;
  • A song plays;
  • Fiona does one of the transitions;
  • They reference another movie;
  • A bodily function joke is said;
  • Fiona stands up for herself;
  • A character eats or drinks something (I wish they knew about our drinking games though…);
  • There’s a fight scene;
  • Shrek yells at Donkey;
  • There’s an adult joke the Viagra bottle, Donkey’s sexual dream, the ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ lyrics, and more);
  • One of the three pig says ‘yoohoo’;
  • You laugh longer than 5 seconds;
  • Pinochioo lies
  • Someone says some wise words;

Finish Your Drink When…

Finish Your Drink When...
  • The dragon breathes fire;
  • You can’t stop laughingath a scene;
  • The Gingerbread lsess a limb;
  • ‘Hallelujah’ is playing;
  • Donkey is singing Shrek Whoops the ass of somebody;
  • There’s a true love’s kiss;
  • Shrek becomes a father;


Since this was a highly requested game, we hope you enjoyed every piece of it. These movie drinking games can really make you end up drunk, especially the one we just talked about. Gather around your favorite people (needless to say, fans ofthe  Shrek franchise), get them all seated up, play your favorite movie, and keep drinking. Let me spoil it for you: you’ll play it dozens of times and not get bored of it! 

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