The Office Drinking Game: It’s Worth The Dundie Awards!

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Do you have any clue on how we’re going to make it up that they removed The Office from Netflix? You wouldn’t guess, but we’ll tell you about a drinking game you can play while watching the show, and the fun is even! Let’s back up a while: The Office is one of the most popular sitcoms which started in 2005 and ended in 2013, bringing a total of 9 seasons.   

We all know people who’ve watched it more than 10 times. The whole series. At some point, all you want to do is find a way that makes watching it from a… different point of view, we may say. It’s about time we list down all the drinking rules (about a drinking game without cards, plainly) for your favorite mockumentary sitcom. Yup, so that you can go bonkers with the other Dunder Mifflin residents. 

  • Essentials before playing;
  • Take a sip when…;
  • Take a shot when…
  • Finish your drink;
  • Conclusion;

Essentials Before Playing

Essentials Before You Play The Office Drinking Game

Guys, yes, Cards Against The Office isn’t the only cool The Office game. There’s also one called The Office Drinking Game! Let’s do a brainstorming… What do you think you need before you start playing? Well, enough with the thinking, here are the equipment: 

  • As many friends as you want. Invite all your Jims, Merediths, Dwights, Ryans, and of course, you’re gonna be Michael! If you ever feel like the “Survivor Man”, you can also play by yourself only.
  • Drinks of your choice. We recommend having both shots and wine or cocktails.
  • Shot glasses and larger glasses. You’ll need both.
  • Last but not least, a laptop or other device to play the series. 

To start the game, get blindfolded (hyperbolically) and play one episode of the Office on your favorite device. You can go with your favorite or the funniest, but we think it’s always more fun when you pick it randomly. 

Now, we categorized all our rules into 3 main sections: take a sip, take a shot, and finish your drink. That’s all because of the repetition of the scenes & phrases, just as in The Friends drinking game. Of course, you’re just gonna get comfy, have some snacks, watch the episode, and all of you drink when the rules tell you so. 

Take A Sip When…

The Office Drinking Game - Take A Sip When...
  • Jim succeeds in Dwight’s pranks.
  • Michael says his very famous line ‘That’s what she said!’.
  • Jim is zoomed in on the camera and he smiles.
  • Kelly is addicted & attached to Ryan. And doesn’t even try to hide it.
  • Jim & Pam show that they’re in love with each other and you’re being ‘AWWW’.
  • Michael tries to do an impression.
  • Andy flirts with his colleagues and turns out a failure (typical of him).
  • Everyone meets up in the conference room;
  • Michael shows his emotional side even though he’s always making fun of others.
  • Dwight or any other character mentions that he’s the Assistant To Regional Manager.
  • The ‘World’s Best Boss’ cup is shown on screen.
  • Jan & Michael’s situationship is brought out.
  • Dwight talks about his farm and adds some fictional stuff.
  • Angela talks or shows anything about her cats.
  • Someone reminds Oscar that he’s gay.
  • Michael Mispronounces a word;
  • The Party Planning Committee organizes something.
  • Kevin smiles and gives us his heartwarming smile.
  • Dwight complains to Michael (which happens often).
  • Michael bullies Toby. But he doesn’t care.
  • Pam goes with her typical ‘Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.’.
  • Michael succeeds in making people feel uncomfortable (two sips if they get embarrassed).
  • Someone in the Office (read: Andy) sings.

Take A Shot When…

The Office Drinking Game - Take A Shot When...
  • Michael shows he’s a Beyonce fan!
  • There’s a party going on in the office.
  • Kelly and Ryan break up (well, that happens quite often).
  • They make any joke about Meredith, especially when it has to do with her physic.
  • Someone quits the job or moves to another office (a.k.a Stamford).
  • There’s sexual tension between Jim & Pam;
  • The office’s camera spies someone;
  • Michael calls a meeting for absolutely nothing;
  • Andy refers to someone as ‘Big Tuna’. We all know who someone is.
  • Dwight is successful in his fight-Jim pranks.
  • Any of the characters drink alcohol (on the show).
  • Meredith relates to sex or alcohol;
  • Michael is desperate & becomes a cry baby;
  • Bob Vance is mentioned.
  • Michael talks about Jan’s boob job (not the blow job), and doesn’t even get blushed!
  • Kelly bullies other characters (or says that Jessica farted).
  • Someone takes a snack out of the snack machine;
  • The Scranton boss (Michael) says anything inappropriate to his boss (es).
  • Anyone supposes (or there are proves) that the branch is failing;
  • There are some large group games going on.
  • Angela & Dwight meet secretly.
  • Erin talks about her adoption and all that sad stuff.
  • Kelly wears something extra just to get attention;

Finish Your Drink When…

The Office Drinking Game - Finish Your Drink When...
  • Michael tends to start his own paper brand;
  • Kelly Kapoor lies that she is pregnant;
  • It’s Christmas spirit in the Office;
  • Everyone finds out about Pam’s pregnancy (most importantly her grandma);
  • The other characters appreciate Michael & their love.
  • Michael becomes very supportive, especially the Pam’s Art Show.
  • Someone is super drunk.
  • It’s Pretzel day at work!
  • Roy & Pam break up.
  • Ryan becomes the corporate executive.
  • Cousin Moze shows up.
  • Pam & Jim finally get married.

Conclusion: Is It Worth The Hype?

This one will be unforgettable! That’s what she said… Well, The Office drinking game will definitely be unforgettable, especially if you and your people are fans of the show. No matter if Michael’s rude character is your type, Pam’s innocent one, or even the talkative Kelly’s, you’ll definitely find yourself and laugh with every single joke. 

The drinking game is one good reason for all the fans to watch episodes again, even after everyone has said ‘you’re watching The Office, AGAIN?’. Now you may say that it’s only because of the game (guilty). While hosting the game night, and organizing this drinking game, don’t forget to add your own jokes & game rules as well. They always add spice! 

I am your host, Michael Scott, and I just wanna tell you, please, please, do not drink and drive. Because you may hit a bump and spill the drink.

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