The Great American Challenge Drinking Game: Everything You Need To Play

You know some games that make absolutely nonsense but you still love it to death? The Great American Challenge drinking game is one of them: all about smoking, drinking, eating, and solving a puzzle. How did we put these things on the same page? Well, you’ll find out everything in a bit. 

  • Pieces of information prior to playing;
  • How to play the game;
  • The First Phase;
  • The Second Phase;
  • The Third Phase;
  • The Fourth Phase;
  • Final thoughts;

Pieces Of Information Prior To Playing

Not only as the game of the last day of finals but this game can also be used as a 4th of July drinking game. Foremost, the game can be played by as many teams as 4 people as you wish. However, there should be 2 or more teams. To play, each team needs this stuff:

  • 30 to 35 beers (up to you). Make sure you use cheap, light beer since it may end up thrown up anyways;
  • Around 2 grams of weed or cigars (or anything the team prefers to smoke);
  • 2 large pizzas or hamburgers for each player;
  • A 50 or 100 pieces puzzle (the more pieces, the higher the level of difficulty);
  • A timer;

We prefer that you also have an extra player to be the referee since they can keep track of the game and take care of any injustice or penalty during the game.

How To Play The Great American Challenge Drinking Game

This drinking game isn’t based on complicated rules. It’s all about having fun and going wild. The game in total is organized into 4 phases: drink, smoke, eat, and use your brain. Each phase must be completed if you want to continue to the other phase. 

Teams take turns playing. Once they are ready, the referee starts the timer and the team can continue to the first phase. However, if you wish, you can also play all teams at once, and whoever finishes first, wins. Though, the latter is more intense and can create a mess.

The referee besides dealing with the timer, also has to issue penalties. For instance, if any of the players spill beer, cheat or throw up, they get a penalty. The nature of the penalty is up to you (or the referee), but usually, it is something like sucking the beer or vomit off the table or floor, or some kind of time penalty. Get creative with the punishments!

The First Phase: Drinking

This is where the challenge starts. Each team has to drink all their cans of beer (as we mentioned, 30 to 35 beers is approximately okay). This doesn’t mean that it has to be divided up evenly between the team (if there are 32 beers, it doesn’t mean that all the four players have to drink by 8 necessarily). So, whoever has a higher tolerance or drinks faster, can drink more. The only goal is to finish all cans. 

Here’s a good idea for the beers if you don’t wanna lose time: The Great American Challenge.

The Second Phase: Smoking

The Great American Challenge - Phase 2 Smoke

Just like the first phase, this one is pretty simple as well. Simple when it comes to rules, not to our stomachs, just so we’re clear. However, all you gotta do is pass the cigars or weed along the team (or any other smoking device), and finish all 2 grams. Right after you finish the full 2 grams, your team can move to the other phases. 

The Third Phase: Eating

The Great American Challenge - Phase 3 Eat

We’re pretty sure this is gonna be your favorite phase, no doubt. Once you finished drinking and smoking, you can continue to eat 2 large pizzas. Or a few hamburgers, if you prefer that more. There is no time limit, but the fastest you eat, the easier. 

The Fourth Phase: Use Your Brain

The Great American Challenge - Phase 4 Use Your Brain

Now, you could choose between puzzles of 50 or 100 pieces. Well, a 50-pieces puzzles may look extremely simple, but once you’re high and drunk, it won’t be as simple as a piece of cake… In simple words, you have to solve a puzzle and make the final picture. Once again, whoever finishes all 4 phases first, wins the game!

Final Thoughts

As you probably understood, this challenge is not for the weak! There aren’t any difficult rules, but the tasks are daunting. Gather your favorite people and get ready to play the funniest, most challenging, dumbest game ever!

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