The Call Of Duty: Warzone Drinking Game Rules: Amazing, Innit?

Warzone Drinking Game - Cover Photo

We’re used to playing movie drinking games. Why don’t we upgrade to video games now? The Call Of Duty drinking game is the best one to start with. In the following, you’ll find the list of rules and everything needed to play this rocking game!

  • Before you begin;
  • Take a sip;
  • Drink a gulp;
  • Down your drink;
  • Wrap-up

Before You Begin To Play

Pretty sure you’ll need these pieces of information before you start drinking and playing. First things first, the Call Of Duty: Warzone drinking game works great with 2 to 20+ players, however, if you wish, you can also play it as a single-player game. Because of the drinking rule, only people who are 21 or older can play. 

The game could be played in all versions, however, the Battle Royale performs best. All you need to play this COD game is a copy of the game and a few drinks for the group. Once you have these, start playing the video game and watch over our rules (which are divided into 3 categories) to start drinking!

Take A Sip Of Your Drink If:

Warzone Drinking Game - Take A Sipjpg
  • You buy a load-out drop;
  • You drop into prison;
  • One of your teammates dies on the battlefield;
  • You miss a deployment at the start of the game;
  • You self-revive;
  • You get hit by a rock in Gulag;
  • Armor gets cracked;
  • You open a legendary chest;
  • You enter the gas;
  • You have to say ‘cover me’, or ‘downed’;
  • You lose the Gulag;
  • You get downed from an RPG;
  • You are downed;
  • One player finds a supply crate;
  • You’re redeployed by a teammate;
  • You get third partied;
  • You ask for plates, a gun, or ammo;
  • You mute someone;
  • You get called a hacker;
  • Your team gets a bounty;
  • You are blown up in a vehicle;
  • You kill someone in a vehicle;
  • You swear while playing;
  • You get thirsted; 
  • You get hit by flash in Gulag;
  • You forget to drink (while playing the drinking game);
  • Anyone on your team complains about being outplayed;
  • You land at the storage town;
  • You die while doing a recon contract;
  • You get domed out of nowhere;

Drink A Gulp Whenever:

Warzone Drinking Game - Drink A Gulp
  • You get executed;
  • A suicide happens (blowing self up, breaking legs);
  • Your team is eliminated;
  • There’s an equipment kill;
  • One of your teammates dies to any shotgun;
  • You land at the hospital;
  • Anyone falls off a building;
  • You are sent to the gulag;
  • You survive storm;
  • There’s an assassinate using melee;
  • You make someone rage;
  • Someone from your team dies from their own explosive;
  • You get a sniper headshot;
  • Your enemy self revives;
  • Your killer tea bags you;
  • The gas mask causes you one kill;
  • There’s a headshot;
  • You start a contract;
  • You kill someone with a killstreak;
  • Someone complains about loot;
  • You complete a contract;
  • The team gets wiped;
  • You or your team lose a match;
  • You die in the storm;
  • There’s a fire sale or jailbreak;
  • You buy someone back;
  • Someone uses a UAV;
  • You get killed by the zone;

Down Your Drink If:

Warzone Drinking Game - Down Your Drink
  • You are the first player to be eliminated;
  • You place higher than 35th;
  • Anyone from your team gets interrogated;
  • You die due to an explosive device;
  • There’s a helicopter kill;
  • You get killed while parachuting;
  • You claim victory;
  • You forget to parachute;

Here’s a Youtube video of people playing the game (in case you wanna check how fun it is): So I Turned Warzone 2.0 Into A Drinking Game.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to play COD sober anymore! This drinking game has all you need: works for all numbers of players, rules can be customized & refreshed, and you’re gonna drink tons. Now, salutes! 

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