That’s What She Said Card Game Review: Is That What She Really Said?

That's What She Said - Cover Photo

Only the OGs know what ‘That’s What She Said’ stands for. Especially The Office lovers! However, today we’ll discuss everything related to a card game named after this phrase: the cards, rules, competitors, and even our experience! You’ll fall in love, that’s what she said…  

  • Essential information;
  • The box & the cards;
  • Game rules & our experience;
  • Price & Competitors;
  • Extra packs;
  • Final Thoughts;

Essential Information

  • Release year: 2016;
  • Manufacturer: That’s What She Said Inc.;
  • Creator: Mohsin (Moe) A. G; 
  • Box dimensions: 2.9 x 7.6 x 6.9 inches;
  • Game type: Party card game;
  • Cards: 458;
  • The number of players: 4 and more;
  • Recommended age: 17 and up;
  • Playing time: 30 to 60 minutes;
  • Expansions: 3;
  • Website:;
  • Amazon ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars (23,882 ratings);

The Box & The Cards

Let’s start with the first impression of the game, a.k.a., the box! Take a look:

That's What She Said - Box

The front is simple n’ pretty. There are basic pieces of information, such as the age range, game time, and the number of players in the bottom right corner. The illustration as well describes pretty good the game name. In the background, there are a few typical ‘that’s what she said’ hilarious phrases! 

Let’s continue with the back of the box, shall we?

That's What She Said - Back Of The Box

Now, in the back, you’ll find a good preview of the cards and a short description of the game. However, there are also details about the manufacturer, including their official website, social media, and the hashtag you may use when posting the game. It’s all very well thought out! 

This is all about the box babes. Now, let’s deal with the cards. ‘That’s What She Said’ contains a total of 458 cards, which belong to 2 main groups: 400 white (phrase) cards and 58 red (setup) cards. Here’s how they look: 

That's What She Said - Cards

The back of the cards looks exactly like the box. However, what’s important is the text on the front of the cards. That’s the main character of the game. We’re pretty sure you’re curious to read some of the cards. Here we go:

That's What She Said - Cards 2

What about you? What do you think when you look at a cucumber?

That's What She Said - Cards 3

Well, these answers are definitely ‘that’s what she said’!

That's What She Said - Cards 4

‘Shake those pom poms!’ will be your favorite happy hour drink too! 

Game Rules & Our Experience: Was The Content Worth It?

That's What She Said - Rules

In one way or another, all card games relate to Cards Against Humanity. This ‘That’s What She Said’ has pretty similar rules to the latter. To start the game, let someone be the game judge. Ask all other players to draw 5 face-down white cards from the deck, and let the remaining cards in the center of the table, next to the red cards’ deck. 

On each turn, the game judge (read: Card Czar) has to read one red card out loud. Then, all players have a few seconds to pick the best match out of their 5 cards, to make the most hilarious combo with the red card. Cards should be passed face-down to the judge, which picks their favorite and gives 1 point to that player.

Once we’ve dealt with the rules, we know you’d kill (not literally) to hear about our very sincere experience. Now, as y’all know, I’m crazy about these types of games. This is why my close friends bought this for a game night I hosted. We decided that I should be the game judge, since for once I wanted to be the one who decided which is the funniest answer. 

I started the game with this first setup card:

That's What She Said - Experience Card 1

I was super excited to see what 4 of my friends would come up with… These were their answers, and my favorite was the third one, just so you know! 

That's What She Said - Response 1.1
That's What She Said - Response 1.2
That's What She Said - Response 1.3
That's What She Said - Response 1.4

You know, all my people have that excellent humor sense. Anyways, another fun card I drew and read said this:

I broke up with my girlfriend when she came home with a tramp stamp that said ____________.

Just so you know, all responses were hilarious. However, this one below made me cry out of laughter: 

That's What She Said - Response 2

Just imagine your girl comes home with a tramp stamp that says this. Personal attack, definitely! 

The game went on and on with tons of laughs, and often I was in very difficult positions while picking my favorite answers. A few rounds later, this is what the red card said: 

That's What She Said - Experience Card 2

Just imagine how creative people may get with these questions. Let me list down all the responses I got:

  • Shake it a little and squeeze the tip;
  • I hate getting wet when I do this;
  • Are you allergic to nuts?;
  • I’ve room for one more;

I’ll let you guess my favorite. I know you’ll guess correctly. I know it’s getting late, but I can’t help but show this one last card to you:

That's What She Said - Experience Card 3

What could you possibly answer to this? Well, my fellas are hilarious. This is what the winner of the round said:

That's What She Said - Response 3.1

Guess why we couldn’t continue further? Because we were dying of laughter! Well that also, but we decided to end the game with this card you just read since it was one of the funniest in history. 

The greatest thing is how you could say ‘that’s what she said’ after every possible answer. It’s breathtaking. It’s important to know that we used the main game and two expansions when we played, so we would have the best experience. Also, we’ve found a way to turn it into a drinking game, so, you better check the rules here.

Ps. here’s a video of people playing the game on TikTok and having the time of their lives: Playing Twss.

Price & Competitors

We know you might say that any price would be worth it when the game is this fun. Well, guess what? It has a pretty reasonable price too! You can purchase it on:

When a game is this good, by default it has a few competitors. Here are the competitors of ‘That’s What She Said’:

1. Kinder Perfect – $14.00

That's What She Said - Kinder Perfect

Starting from the jokes to the color of the cards, this game is pretty similar to ‘That’s What She Said’. It contains a total of 400 cards and works great for everyone who is 17+, especially for parents. The idea of the game and the rules are exactly like the ones we explained above. 

2. Cards Against Humanity – $29.00

That's What She Said - Cards Against Humanity

CAH is undoubtedly a strong competitor. This famous game of over 600 cards, works fine with 4 to 20 and more players, including everyone who is 17 or older. The content is hilarious, and makes you bond with people more, especially after you share some good laughs! 

3. WTF Did You Say ?!? – $18.99

That's What She Said - WTF Did You Say

Turns out there are lots of games that belong to this game category, and they all are hits! This one has a huge deck of 594 cards and shares the same instructions as the above-mentioned games. Gather around 4 or more people, ages 18 or older, and get ready to have fun! 

Extra Packs Of ‘That’s What She Said’

Yes besties, just when we thought the main game is enough, they came and brought us 3 extra packs. Let’s deal with them: 

First Expansion

That's What She Said - First Expansion

The first expansion is nothing else but 100 extra cards for the main game. It includes 50 white cards and 50 red ones, which are a great refresh to the game. All cards are new, but the jokes and the idea are just like the old cards. 

That's What She Said - First Expansion Cards

Second Expansion

That's What She Said - Second Expansion

Once again, you’ll have a total of 100 new cards to add to your core game, or even to your first expansion. However this time, there are 70 white phrase cards, and 30 red set-up cards. You know the rest…

Third Expansion

That's What She Said - Third Expansion

They made sure to get creative while adding new cards. Differently from the other two versions, this time you’ll find 70 white phrase cards, and 30 red set-up ones. Do the math, and again you’ll have 100 brand-new cards!

That's What She Said - Third Expansion Cards

You can purchase all three expansions on the official website ( for $9.99 each. 

Final Thoughts

About this card game, people have said ‘it’s the funniest game ever’, ‘hilarious’, ‘party hit’, ‘great game via video call’ (playing online), and more, and we can do nothing but agree with each of them. Make sure you pick the right people and we promise you’re gonna have unforgettable memories. Thank us later! 

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