13 Team Drinking Games To Get You Competitive & Drunk

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Everyone already knows that we can’t go to a party without drinking games, and we love to admit that! There is a good deal of drinking games, for different numbers of people, with different equipment required, and so on. In general, there are two main types of drinking games: single-player & team ones. For big parties, we always go with team drinking games, since it gets super-complicated for everyone to play the same games alone, and to be frank, team drinking games are hella fun. 

There’s only one thing left to take care of: finding the right games. If you just pick whatever game pops out, you may either be lucky and that will be a good game, or the complete party becomes a disaster. Why risk that, when you could simply read our list, and find the top-tier team drinking games, accompanied with playing instructions and other important pieces of information. We think that these games make a difference, so, here we are! 

  • Crucial information about team drinking games
  • The games:
  1. Beer Pong;
  2. No-Hands Flip Cup;
  3. Titties;
  4. Beervenger Hunt;
  5. Regicide;
  6. Drinktionary;
  7. Sticky Wicket;
  8. Mr. And Mrs.
  9. Flong;
  10. Heads Up;
  11. Sink The Biz;
  12. Hashtag?;
  13. Cornhole;
  • Summarize;

Crucial Information About Team Drinking Games

  • Besides bringing lots of fun and drinks, team drinking games also have proven that they strengthen friendships, develop teamwork skills, and increase self-esteem. Also, what’s important is that these games can get competitive & this is how you test how well you work under pressure, and what a competitive spirit you have. 
  • Before playing, make sure you set some ground rules for the drinking games, such as announcing that no one can make someone drink unless they want to, there can’t be only one or two players playing each game (everyone should participate), there shouldn’t be any empty can or bottle of alcohol on the floor, and other rules, which can be adhered to your manners.
  • You choose the type of alcohol you want to use. However, we prefer drinking beers, because of the amount of alcohol in them. And when playing lots of games, we don’t wanna get drunk on the first game. We also recommend keeping some water or non-alcoholic drinks near, so we balance it all. 
  • Make sure the place you’re playing is safe. When getting tipsy, and considering that some of the games require moving while playing and competing, you don’t wanna have anything that could hurt any of the players in the playing area. Larger rooms or even backyards always perform best when playing team drinking games. 
  • Team drinking games are also the main character of Beer Olympics. Even though we have a special article about that, if you run out of games or at some point you need more, consider the games listed below. 
  • When making teams, don’t you ever team up the same people all over again, or even worse, people who’ve played similar games together, and people with no experience on the other team. We always go with randomly choosing the teams, such as playing ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ or drawing papers with names. 
  • Teams can be made of 2 and more players. The number of teams that can take part in a game depends on the game. For example, when playing Beer Pong, it works fair only when only 2 teams are playing. Keep calm, we’ll add all these details in the following. 
  • Last but not least, always drink carefully. Know your limits & also respect each other’s limits. Cheers! 

1. Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Equipment: 20 plastic cups, a table, alcohol, a ping-pong ball | Best for 2 teams

If there are 2 things we’ll never get tired of, it gotta be Beer Pong and Cards Against Humanity. The setup is a piece of cake. Each team stands facing each other on two sides of the table & arranges 10 plastic cups in a triangle in front of them. Fill the cups ½ with alcohol. In their turn, the team has one chance to throw the ball. The ball can be either thrown directly into a cup or first be bounced off the table. 

Once your ball lands on one of your opponent’s cups, they have to drink it and set the cup aside. This continues until one team removed all their cups from the table, meaning they had to drink it all. To make it even more challenging, call out which cup you’re targeting. If you shoot, they drink. If not, it’s their turn. 

2. No-Hands Flip Cup

No-Hands Flip Cup

Equipment: one plastic cup for each player, alcohol | Best for 2 teams

When we talked about 3-players drinking games, we mentioned Flip Cup, remember? Well, let’s modify that a bit. If you have no clue when playing this drinking game, two teams stand on the longer sides of the table, each player having a plastic cup filled with the same amount of alcohol in front of them. One by one, each player starts by drinking the liquor and flipping the cup top-side down. 

Your other teammate can not start their round until you finish flipping the cup. In No-Hands Flip Cup, as the name says, you’re not allowed to use your hands. This means that you have to take the cup up with your teeth or lips, drink the alcohol, and then flip it, again, using only your teeth and lips. Yes, it is messy and challenging, but we love challenges, right? 

3. Titties


Equipment: 12 plastic cups, 2 ping pong balls, drinks | Best for 2 teams

Is the game anything related to the name? Well, I guess we’re about to find out! Make 4 triangles of 3 cups in all four corners of a table. Teammates of a team sit diagonally facing each other, and each team has 1 ball. Both teams play at the same time, so there’s no turn-taking. One teammate throws the ball diagonally to their teammates, and they try to make a backboard with their chest, trying to sink the ball into the cup. 

When that happens, you give that drink to your opponents. This continues until you have only one cup left. Once that center cup is sunk (note: with a double bounce), the game ends. The team who did that, who also has no cups left, wins the game. Ps. just a friendly reminder, do not forget to clean the balls before you play! 

4. Beerveenger Hunt

Beervenger Hunt

Equipment: Cans/ bottles of beer (one for each player) | Best for 2 or more teams

Just like Scavenger Hunt, but with beers! If there are more players, make more teams, so the game becomes more fun. One of you is the hider (or whatever nickname you may give them). All of you stay in one room, while the hider hides the beers around the house. Make sure there is one beer for each player. Starting at the same time, one player from one team starts looking for one beer. 

Once they find it, they go to the ‘gathering’ room, open that beer & chug it. Once they finish the beer, the other player from the same team goes looking for their beer. This goes back and forth until one team finds & drinks all of their beers. Optionally, the winning team may give some dares to the other teams playing.

5. Regicide


Equipment: 12 plastic cups, alcohol & a table | Best for 2 teams of 4 people

Is this game something like Flip Cup? Straight answer: yes! It has some added twists that we love, therefore, we’re very excited to talk about this! Arrange 3 cups horizontally on each corner of the table. Teams get divided into sub-teams of 2 players. Each subteam sends one player to the table on each round. They have to drink the beer in each cup, and then flip them one by one. 

Once a player does that, they back away from the table, and wait for their teammate to finish. The last player who flips all their 3 cups successfully is eliminated from the game, even if they’re the last player on a subteam. This means that both subteams work together for the winning team. The team who has the last player in the game wins! 

6. Drinktionary


Equipment: Whiteboards/ paper, pens, drinks, a timer | Best for 2-4 teams

As a drinking game for large groups, Drinktionary shouldn’t be missing when you’re playing on teams. Just like a Pictionary, but with alcohol. Divide into teams of your choice. One player Each team takes turns playing. One of the teammates is the artist, while the others are guessers. Once the timer starts, one player of any other team whispers a word into the artist’s ear, without the others hearing. That’s the thing they have to draw, and the other teammates to guess. 

Now, for every 20 seconds that pass, the artist has to take one sip, because it means he isn’t drawing it properly. So, when they guess the word, if there have passed, let’s say, 1 minute, the artist takes 3 sips. You may play it several rounds but change the artist every time. The team who guesses faster wins. Just as simple as that! 

7. Sticky Wicket

Sticky Wicket

Equipment: 1 pin pong ball, 10 unopened beers & 2 empty bottles/cans | Best for 2 teams

Mate, this game is fun, but turn on your concentration mode! First, both teams get their 3 unopened beers. With the other 4 beers & 2 empty cans, make two pyramids on both sides of the table, with the empty can on top. We’ll call these 2 pyramid stacks. Now, players of each team take turns, throwing the ball into the stack. If they hit any of the cans on their stack, they start to drink the beer in front of them (only the thrower). 

They drink until the opponents retrieve the ball, physically touch it or catch it, and yell ‘OUT!’. Only the player who has the ball may yell ‘OUT!’. If the other players do so, it results in 1 penalty, and 1 penalty is equal to one drink. If the top can is knocked out from the stack, called the ‘Sticky Wicket’, the stack should be reconstructed before the other team yells. Whoever team finishes all the 3 beers first, wins! 

8. Mr. And Mrs.

Mr. And Mrs.

Equipment: A list of questions, drinks | Best for 2 teams

We felt guilty continuing without talking about at least one bridal shower party game, and it deserves the hype! It is best played when there is the bride’s team and the groom’s team. So, one of your besties should take care of the questions, without letting you see them. Next, both teams guess at the questions and write down their answers. Then, the bride and groom sit back to back, holding any alcoholic drinks. Now, every time the question relates to any of them, they drink.

For example, if the question says ‘Who said the first I love you?’, and the bride-to-be did that, she drinks. After you finish with all the questions, whoever made the list, checks which teammates guessed more, the bride’s or the groom’s, and that team drinks. This is a hella good way to get them two tipsy, and also to understand which team knows them better. If it’s looking like the ‘He Said, She Said game’, ur right!  

9. Flong


 Equipment: 2 plastic cups per player, a table, a ping-pong ball & alcohol | Best for 2 teams

Look, each player has 2 cups, right? Arrange all cups in horizontal lines on the longer sides of the table. Both teams play at once. Before starting to throw the ball, each player tells which 2 cups they’re willing to shoot. For example, I could say this: ‘I, player 1, am trying to throw the ball into cups 1 and 5’. The first player takes the ball and tries to shoot in the right cup. If they miss the shot or throw it into the wrong cups, they retrieve the ball and continue trying. Once they hit the right cups, they chug the alcohol in them and then flip that cup. When one player finishes with their cups, the next player of that team can start their journey. The team to flips all the cups first, wins the game. Easy peasy lemon squeezy….

10. Heads Up

Heads Up

Required: The phone app & drinks for everyone | Best for 2 or more teams (3 or more players per team)

The drinking game ‘Heads Up’ is a masterpiece itself! I bet you played it tons of times when you were a kid, but of course, without the drinking. Divide everyone into teams, and download the Heads Up app (available for both IOS and Android). Next, in each round, one player from each team has to hold the phone to their forehead, and the other players have to give clues. 

When you guess correctly, you tilt your phone down, and if you want to skip, you tilt the phone up. There are 2 ways of drinking: you take a shot every time you skip OR all the other teams drink when you guess the word correctly. There are various decks of words available on the app, and once you choose your deck, you have only 60 seconds to guess words. The team who guesses most this time wins the game! Yay! 

11.  Sink The Biz

Sink The Biz

Required: A metal pail, a glass cup, alcohol | Best for 2 teams

Sink The Biz, often found as Sink The Ship is a drinking game that works fine even if played individually, or in teams. However, team working is the key. All you have to do is fill that pail with a good amount of alcohol (most likely beer), and next place the glass cup on top of it, so you let it float. Taking turns, one person from one team starts pouring alcohol on the glass, as much as they want to. 

Then the other team continues. Next goes another player from the same team, and this goes on and on, until… until the cup is sunk. Whoever sinks the biz (the glass cup), has to take whatever’s in it. Also, their teammates have to take a shot, because it was one player from their team who did what they did… 

12. Hashtag?


Required: a phone, pens, papers, drinks | Best for 2 teams 

Living in this century full of technology, let’s use hashtags to have some fun! First, let one of you be the game master, who is in charge of the gameplay. Each player gets one small piece of paper and writes a word on it. It could be whatever: a noun, name, verb, or anything that crosses your mind. Next, fold the paper so no one else can see what you wrote, and give it to the game master. Out of all the papers, the game master draws 2 papers and this is how he makes the teams.

Next, all the teammates of both teams work together and combine their hashtags. By the end, they should make a common hashtag, which is related to theirs. You can make any connection you want. After both teams have said their final hashtags, the game master looks for the hashtags on Twitter or Instagram. If the hashtag exists, you’re safe, the other team drinks. But, if your hashtag doesn’t exist, all players on your team drink. It is a hashtag?

13. Cornhole


Required: A cornhole board, cornhole bags, alcohol | Best for 2 teams

The name doesn’t tell much, but we do tho’! When it’s one team’s turn, each teammate has to toss their bag. The total scoring of the team depends on the tossing. If the bag rests anywhere on the board, it is worth 1 point, but if it’s that type of board as in the photo, it also tells what ‘dare’ should that player do. On the other hand, if the bag goes through the hole, it is worth 3 points. Also, you should know that this game is played based on cancellation points, meaning, your points cancel out your opponent’s.

The first player to get 21 points or more, wins the game! You can make your DIY cornhole board, which is super fun, but if you’re too lazy to do that or do not have enough time, there are some models available on Amazon, which turn out to be very helpful. Enjoy! 


From Beer Pong to Cornhole, each game is fun, unique, brings lots of laughs, and tends to get you tipsy! The level of difficulty is different in each game, and you may easily understand that by reading the instructions. What we love is that all games awaken your competitive spirit, and honestly, that’s the point.

What’s important is that the teams are made fairly, the judge judges correctly, and there are the same rules for each player. Everyone should know their limits and stop drinking once they’re not comfortable. First, analyze your occasion, the alcohol tolerance of your people, and their game preferences, and then go read our games. 

Down the hatch!

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