SuperFight Card Game Review For The Super Fighters!

Superfight Card Game - Cover

My gut tells me that we will never have enough of these matching-cards games. Considering all the fun they bring, and the way they make every party 360° better, that is understandable. Wait, no… It’s 180° actually because with what I just said, we get back to the starting point. Never mind, it’s just me and my nonsense thoughts.

I can’t help but tell you the surprise: SuperFight is a family-friendly card game, so, such a great one that can be played by all people & ages, starting from kids to elders. The point of the game is basically to make the funniest reply or match to an already drawn black card. 

Oh, we’re running ahead a bit. We’ll talk about all these in detail in the following sections. Foremost, it is important to know that it is a super fight! You’ll also create your characters in the game, which will make you show all your creativity, imagination, and a few manipulation skills (we don’t judge you from all that);

Now honestly, what are these characters? How is this game supposed to be a fight, isn’t it just a card game? Are we sure it can be played by kids, so, there aren’t any words that can make you blush by asking (you know how innocent they are? Of course, the answers to these questions and many more details will be explained in this lovely review! Let’s begin this journey: 

  • What should you know about this game?;
  • How does the SuperFights’ box & cards look?;
  • The game instructions;
  • Sharing my game experience;
  • The card game’s price &  competitors;
  • Does it have any expansion or edition?;
  • Wait, is it that fun?

What Should You Know About This SuperFight Card Game?

  • Superfight card game was released in 2013 (first release);
  • The game idea came from Jack Dire, and was published months later by Skybound;
  • The box’s dimensions are 4 x 2.5 x 7 inches;
  • In 2014, 30% of the content was recreated;
  • When talking about the game type, it is a party card game;
  • It can be played by 3 or more players, starting from kids over the age of 8;
  • The core game has 500 cards inside;
  • To this day, there are available 20 expansions and editions (or more?);
  • Shortly, the point of the game is to be the player with the most matches at the end of the game;

How Does The Superfight’s Box & Cards Look? 

Even though the box doesn’t have to do much with the gameplay, there’s no doubt it makes us create the first idea, without even playing it. Usually, it also helps us understand the basic rules about a specific game, and also information about the manufacture. Curious to see the Superfight’s box?

Superfight - Box

A black shiny box, filled with white colors, written in pretty fonts. There is the game name, a short description about it, yes, a game with absurd & hilarious arguments, the game brand Skybound in the middle below, and as you can see, a kinda lightning bolt, which is also the logo of the game. We can say that it means that the game is a lightning bolt, that fast is the matchings… Anyhow, we gave enough attention to the front of the box. Let’s head out to the back: 

Superfight - Back Of The Box

It explains a bit what the game is, what it contains, and what are the basic rules. There are also some examples of the cards (for which we’ll talk no longer than some seconds later), and give us information about the manufacturer and where can we find them as well, including here the social media. 

Now, it’s finally the time to talk about the ‘Superfight’ cards. Yey!!! Here’s how it looks right after you open the box, you curious humans! 

Superfight - Inside The Box

Just to remind you over again, Superfight has 500 cards in the main game, which belong to 2 categories: 160 Characters cards (which are the white ones) and 340 Attributes or power cards  (obviously, the black ones). To help you create an opinion, here’s how these card list look (some of them):

Superfight - Cards 1

Since when does Zombies have a beard made of bees?? Well, I wasn’t knowledgeable about that, but okay…It sounds funny visualizing it though, lol.

Superfight - Cards 2

What’s better than a college acapella group, I mean with all that harmonizing and stuff?? Ahh, lovely! No one could beat it! 

Superfight - Cards 3

Justin Bieber made of sand? Oh, pray Biebers don’t see this card, you’d be in trouble dude! 

Superfight - Cards 4

Too much white in a pic, huh? These are some of the white cards in the game, and believe me, you have no idea what cool characters can be made by these cards. 

Superfight - Cards 5

Well, after every white comes a black, doesn’t it? Hands glued to hips is one of my favorites, I’m gonna be honest. Anyhow, all of them are surprisingly funny…  

What, you were scrolling down for more cards? Well, you gotta wait for a little, we’re not gonna show you all the 500 cards, isn’t that too much? But, okay, we’ll show you a few more in the following (let it remain a surprise)… 

The Game Instructions: Is It Complicated To Play?

While seeing all the cards, you know, black and white ones, and after you understand that it is a kinda matching game, the game style & design may look similar to the famous Cards Against Humanity, but, let me tell you, there’s a little twist in here, and we’ll discuss it right now!

You should know that to play Superfight, there should be more than 3 people, and tbh, their age doesn’t matter. Yes, it is recommended to be played by 8+ ages, but, if you think it’s not appropriate for an 8-year-old kid, that’s okay, or, on the other hand, if you think even a younger kid can play it, go for it!!! 

First and most importantly, 2 first players should draw 3 cards of each color, so 3 black cards and 3 white ones. After drawing the cards, both of you try to match or pair 2 cards together, which you think makes the best character, or in our case, your Ultimate Fighter.

PS. make sure when you draw your cards they remain secret, and also, after choosing your 2 favorites, place them face-down in front of you at the table.

Just to make it clear, the game doesn’t start at first with all the players. It is always between two people, the two that go in a super fight, and this is actually why the game has this name. So, if there are, let’s say, 10 players, the first 2 start the super fight, and the other 8 remainings are the judges. 

Anyways, the other cards remaining, so, 4 cards from both of the players, should be placed in the discard pile.  Just to be clear, only black cards are part of the discard pile when playing. You need the white cards to start the new rounds.

Anyhow, back to our point, after the 2 players make their characters, their card combination, they should reveal it, and next, draw another black card, without seeing what it is until you turn it over to use.

So, the black card can either be a big help or a big hindrance, it’s all up to how you use it. After seeing the card, you have to explain your character, while mentioning the two black cards, and telling the group why your character is the best. Next, the group (or if it’s just a single person) votes for their favorite character. The player that wins that round, starts the new round with the other player. 

The game goes in the same flow until the judge votes for their favorite match & explanation. The game goes on until all the cards are discarded, or until the players get tired of playing, and choose to end the game. I know the combinations aren’t always the best they could be, not because of you, but because of luck, but it doesn’t matter.

It all depends on how creative you are, how good you use your black cards as strengths, and how much of a debater you are. 

Did I just make it complicated? Well, here are the rules in thick lines:

  • The game can’t be played by less than 3 people. 3 and more works fine.
  • Two players compete first, making it a super fight;
  • Both of them draw 3 white cards and 3 black ones, 6 total cards;
  • Put the other cards remaining in the discard pile in the middle;
  • Both draw another black card from the pile, without seeing it;
  • Turn the black card over and use it to add strength to your character;
  • Both of you should do your best to describe why your character is better;
  • The judge decides which is their favorite character; 
  • The winner of that round starts the new round with the other player;
  • The game continues until all the cards are discarded, or someone wants to end the game.

My Game Experience: How Creative Was I While Making The Characters? 

You already know that I adore card games, I can’t even explain why… Thank God, my family and friends have noticed it, and they don’t forget to give me these kinds of gifts. Honestly, if you’re ever wondering to buy me a gift, just because of how good this article is, don’t you bother looking for something else rather than a card game. Am I being too modest?

Back to being serious (we’ll laugh again in some seconds), Super Fight was a gift from my fiance, one of the best ones. Since we read the rules and found out it can be played with all ages, we decided to play with the family in law. There were 5 players, including his 10-year-old brother. Was the game too offensive to him? We’ll find that later! 

The first ones to start the game were me and my man, since we already knew the rules, and wanted to show them how the game goes. Not that we knew exactly how to, but anyway, practice makes perfect, right? We both had to draw 3 black and white cards and left the remaining pile in the middle of the table. We took our time and chose 1 white card and 1 black card, which made the base of our character. 

My combination was Mummy (black card) armed with a baseball bat (white card), while his cards said Heisenberg (black card) armed with a samurai sword (black card). After drawing the black cards from the pile, this is how our characters completely looked: 

Superfight - Experience Cards 1

Now let’s be honest, his last card made it a little difficult to win this round. That blind 10 seconds was an issue, but, let’s see how he handled it… Wait, I can’t keep this anymore: I won this round. You know, mommy can hit you with a slipper or anything she has in hand, and still be powerful. I don’t know how she does it. Now, imagine her having a baseball bat. And an extra, stealing the opponent’s abilities with touch. 

How could this character not win these battles? I even used Heisenberg’s strong points my boyfriend mentioned, because since Mommy was able to steal the opponent’s abilities, which in this case was Heisenberg, she took all his best skills as an advantage, and was a perfect character was created. Yes, Mommy beat Heisenberg… I don’t say it, the judges said it, don’t yell at me, we know Heisenberg was successful!

Moving on, since I was the winner of the round, I started the new round with our little brother, since we guessed he understood the game better because you know, kids, fresh brains… Anyhow, I was stuck between letting him win, because he’s our little love, and keeping the game real. I had no idea he’d beat me like literally beat me. Moral of the story: Don’t underestimate kids’ skills!

Here’s how our characters turned out to be:

Superfight - Experience Cards 2

Look, my character was the one on the left ( I didn’t want it to be shown that much, because this is how bad he beat me) and his character was made by cards on my hand. My creation was great, you know, I said that Mr.Rogers has the most beautiful hat, which also had superpowers, such as hitting people just by looking at them. That ‘throws cats’ cards made everything worse, how could you even relate to that? 

Well, what that little pumpkin said, is that his character was a narcoleptic doctor, who always keeps a cone mask, because every time he tends to fall asleep, he starts licking and biting people until they give up. No, no one could stop him. Look, even if I were the judge, I would vote for him. None of us could compete with a child’s imagination and creativity skills. Don’t even bother! 

Next, my boyfriend’s sibling, the one who beat me, had to compete with his mom. You know, women first. My father-in-law was the judge one more time, but he wasn’t getting tired from it, he loved doing that! These were the new characters of this next round:

Superfight - Experience Cards 3

The first character once again belonged to the 10-year-old kid. The second one was his mom’s character. They were both funny, they both understood the assignment, and we had a really hard decision to make. Our boy said that what makes Star-Lord very powerful is that he is covered in gasoline, but he doesn’t burn even if we combine it with oxygen.

He also was armed with such a bright laser pointer, and we all know how amazing a laser tag is, and how much people are scared of it. The mother-in-law explained the character as a Godzilla who is chained to his evil twin, which makes him twice powerful… that a gift didn’t help her that much.

Yes, one more time, he won the round. The youngest one in the room won 2 rounds, and he wasn’t planning to stop! He won the next round, against his dad, who was a king at card games!!! These three cards made his winning character:

  • Dolphin;
  • Riding a segway;
  •  Laser eyes.

Look, I have no idea how his brain works, and how he managed to connect this 3 different stuff from each other, but he won, again and again! Until the last round.

We continued the game for like 30 minutes, and we could play more, but we were afraid it would get boring, and we wanted to play another time. My fiance’s brother won about 70% of all rounds, and I have no idea how. I guess it’s a superpower being a kid…

Did we love it? Yes! Did it get competing? Well, yes, but it was mostly about having fun and laughing our hearts out. Did we play the game again? Duh, of course, we did. Until we remembered every single card.

What’s The Price of Superfight & The Card Game’s Competitors 

Is it easy to find a super fight? I mean, the card game, not a battle. We don’t wanna see violence in here… Since it is a super-duper card game, lots of shops (especially online ones) sell it. We’ll give you some ideas, and you feel free to order it depending on your previous experiences with any of the shops:

Okay, we made an explanation about the price and mentioned the most famous shops you can buy it, but we got another question to answer: what are Superfight’s competitors? Turn your patience on, we’re about to talk about them in a moment: 

1. Kids Against Maturity – $24.99

kids against maturity

Another kid-friendly matching card game! This is one of the kids’ favorites, made in the CAH style. Kids Against Maturity (as they are) contains 600 cards in total, including question cards and answer cards. Recommended to be played by 4 or more players, and the age doesn’t matter. All people, starting with little kids, can play, in case they know how to read, of course. 

It has super simple rules, such as matching two cards to make a funny combination, and is enjoyed by all. Kids Against Maturity is extremely funny, and there isn’t any non-appropriate card, so, you’re safe!

Read our Kids Against Maturity Review.

2. Not Parent Approved – $29.99 

Not parent approved

So, you’re saying this is not parent-approved? The twist is that it is a great game for the whole family, kids, teens, parents, and everyone gathered together! It is designed to be played by 4 to 10 players, starting from kids who are 8 years and older! There are 455 premium cards, divided into fill-in-the-blank cards, and answer cards.

The instructions are pretty understandable, and everyone can learn how to play in some minutes. The point of the game is obviously to have the funniest matches, this is how you win it, fella! 

3. What Do You Meme Family Edition- $19.99

What Do You Meme Family Edition

I bet you all have heard of What Do You Meme? at least once in your life. If you haven’t, I truly recommend you to check it out! One of the most lovely editions is the family one. It has 300 caption cards and 65 photo cards, and just by reading details on the box, you find out it can be played by everyone starting from 8 years. The game works best for 3 and more players! 

The rules of this game are similar to Cards Against Humanity rules, nut, the big difference is that there will be photos in order of fill-in-the-blanks, and that makes it very special. Simply, you have to find the picture that matches the text on the other card best. 

Does It Have Any Expansion Or Edition? – The Extra Packs 

Superfight would be fun even if it had only a core game, but, for the lovers of this game, it is better to have many options, in case they play one several times and it starts getting boring. Yes, Superfight has a large number of expansions and editions, more than 20. Here’s how most of them are named (we may forget any since there are lots of them) : 

  • Expansion One;
  • Expansion Two;
  • Blank Cards;
  • ‘80s Deck;
  • ‘90s Deck;
  • The Fortress Deck;
  • The Hero Machine;
  • Dungeon Mode;
  • The Sworn & Sorcery Deck;
  • The History Deck;
  • The Dystopia Deck;
  • The Naughty & Nice Deck;
  • The Horror Deck;
  • The Mindcrack Deck;
  • The Street Fighter Deck;
  • The Walking Dead Deck;
  • The Challenge Deck;
  • The Challenge Deck 2;
  • The Anime Deck;
  • The Anime Deck 2;
  • The Red Deck;
  • The Red Deck 2;
  • The Purple Deck;
  • The Purple Deck 2;
  • The Green Deck;
  • The Classic Bundle;
  • The Sci-Fi Deck;
  • The Mythology Deck;
  • The Nerdy Dirty Deck;
  • The Blue Deck;
  • The Blue Deck 2.

You need to know that every deck has unique cards, and not all of them are designed for kids as well, it doesn’t make sense for an 8-year-old playing the ‘80s pack! Now, of course, we won’t talk about each one of them, but here are two examples, just to help you get more information: 

1. Superfight Expansion 1

Superfight - Expansion One

The first expansion adds 100 cards to the main game. The cards are new, and they’re supposed to be mixed with the main game, even though, if there aren’t many people in the room, it’s okay if you use this expansion as a stand-alone, so you get to play the same game, but with all brand new cards. 

The rules stay the same, so you can play it with the whole family. The content hasn’t any inappropriate words, and kids are allowed to play too! Some of the characters in this expansion are:

  • Skeleton;
  • Vampire;
  • Snake;
  • Your Mom;
  • George Washington;
  • Nasa;
  • Indiana Jones;

2. Superfight Challenge Deck

Superfight - The Challenge Deck

Here are 100 other cards to add to your Superfight! This expansion is special because the cards mean challenges. So, after creating the character, each of your fights to see who would complete a specific challenge and give reasons for that. That means that these are extra cards, which makes the game even more enjoyable. 

Instead of the character fighting to the death, you know, who would kill the other, these challenges ask who would be the best in different situations. We’ll show some of them below. Also, there’s the 2d version of this same edition, where the difference is in the challenges, meaning that they both have different challenges.

  • Football;
  • Quidditch (ah, for the muggles);
  • The Game Of Thrones;
  • Best babysitter;
  • Karaoke;

Wait, Is It Really That Fun?

You game lovers, I bet you judged the game yourself! Considering the unique content, dozens of extra packs, the creativity in the core game and all the others, the simple rules, the cute design in each box, and every other little detail, we think it is undoubtedly worth it.

To sum this stuff up, here’s what we love and what we don’t about this card game:

Good StuffBad Stuff
Can be played by all ages;
The main game has a gigantic number of cards;
Has lots of expansions;
The boxes are very well-designed;
There are no complicated instructions;
Works great with large groups of people;
Can be found on many online shops;
The prices are reasonable;
Helps everyone expand their creativity and imagination;
Breaks the ice on a party for the introverts;
Makes everyone want to be the winner!
The main game can seem a bit too simple to adults;
You should always be concentrated.

Have fun playing it, you super fighters!!!

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