Stump: Rules To The Craziest, Most Amusing Drinking Game!

Stump Drinking Game - Cover Photo

Who would’ve thought that people would innovate a game that includes hammers and nails, and all that carpentry stuff? Hard to believe, but yes, they did. It’s called Stump (you may also find it as Hammerschlagen) and it’s one of the funniest, dumbest, and probably most dangerous drinking games. 

  • The game aim & required equipment;
  • The setup;
  • Playing Stump;
  • Additional rules;
  • Final thoughts;

The Game Aim & Required Equipment To Play

Stump Drinking Game - Required Equipment

The main goal of playing Stump is to throw a hammer in the air, catch it, and use it to spike the nails down. Simply, you have to hit the other player’s nails before they hit yours. Each player’s aim is to be the last nail standing, and get drunk! However, be careful or you can get injured, kids… 

Here’s what you need before beginning to play:

  • A tree stump (a level, flattened-up one);
  • A normal-sized hammer (preferably something that’s not too heavy);
  • One nail of 4-5 inches for each player;
  • Drinks for the whole group (most likely beers);
  • Two or more players. If there are more than 8 people (or even larger groups) it’s better to team up and play in teams of 2 or more.

The Setup Of Stump 

Stump Drinking Game - The Setup

As an outdoor game, Stump takes a bit of effort before starting to play. First things first, one player should be designated the woodmaster. That player has to prepare the stump, meaning, hammer all the nails, which should be spreaded all around. The nails have to be straight and sturdy, but as little as possible in the wood. 

Then, all players have to touch one nail on the head, so they indicate which nail is theirs. Once you complete these steps, you’re ready to start playing. However, one more thing: make sure you have a drink in your hand at all times. Keep filling the cups once you run out of liquor. 

Playing Stump – The Game Rules

In the first place, pick someone who will start the game. It could be anyone; the oldest of the group, a rock-paper-scissors loser, the most-voted player, or even the best swimmer (since you could be playing it as a beach game). Then, the game goes clockwise and all the players repeat the same flow. 

Players, taking turns, have to flip the hammer (at least 360 degrees), catch it by the bottom grip, and then whack one of the opponent’s nails. Whoever nail gets hit, that player has to take a gulp of their drink. If the thrower can’t catch the hammer or hit their own nail, they drink. If surprisingly, once the hammer and the nail have contact, sparks fly, all players must drink.

Now, be careful to not hammer the whole nail into the stump. You just need to hit it just so it starts going down and makes a difference. Once a player’s nail is completely in the stump, they’re out of the game. The last nail standing (isn’t completely knocked out) is the winner.

Additional Rules You Could Use

Stump Drinking Game - Additional Rules

Stump, the drinking game, is a total blast just by using the rules we mentioned above. Nevertheless, we’ve got a surprise for you: some extra rules to make the game outstanding! 

Extra swings

For every extra way of flipping you get extra swings. For instance, if you flip the hammer under your leg and catch it, you can knock 2 nails (or one nail 2 times). If you flip the hammer behind your back and catch it in front, you get 3 swings. Last but not least, you get 4 swings if you flip the hammer behind your back, over your head.

Drink depending on how far you were nailed in

Remember how we said that you had to take a gulp of your drink if someone hits your nail? In this additional rule, your amount of drinking depends on how far the thrower hit your nail.

The Waterfall Rule

Do you know that you get out of the game if your nail is fully nailed in the stamp? Once that happens, while you go out, all the other players have to waterfall (not the Waterfall game), meaning they have to drink continuously. 

Fixing The Bent Nail

If, at any point in the game, your nail is crooked or bent, you may fix it because this is how it will make it better for everyone. However, there’s one side-effect: you have to take a gulp of your drink if you want to fix it. 

Don’t Put Your Drink Down – Rule

One of the main rules of Stump is to always keep a drink in your hand. If you put down your drink without having a reason or taking permission, you are punished with 1 drink.

Final Thoughts

You may still have second thoughts about the game… Let me tell you, it’s a hilarious, crazy, most adventurous game ever! Drink carefully and play carefully. Nothing is impossible in the game: you may even crush your fingers!

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