The Star Wars Drinking Game: The Rules Apply To All Episodes & Movies

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Apparently, Cards Against Star Wars isn’t enough for the multimedia franchise fans. Star Wars was created in the 1970s and it’s to this day one of the most popular franchises in cinematic history. It has developed a total of 12 movies and 9 series, including Rogue One, the Starwars Story, A New Hope, Galaxy Of Adventures, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and dozens of others. 

Because people love Star Wars this much, and since you’re here we suppose you love it as well, we’re about to show you the ultimate Star Wars drinking game. The loveliest thing about this drinking game is that it can be applied to all Star Wars movies, no exception. Even though binge-watching the series and the movies are cool, you could never go wrong with having a few shots with your favorite people.

  • All you need to know before playing;
  • Take a gulp of your drink;
  • Take a shot;
  • Chug your drink down;
  • To sum it up;

All You Need To Know Before Playing

Just like the other no-cards drinking games, you don’t need any extra equipment to play the Star Wars drinking game either. Here’s what you have to prepare before playing: 

  • A bunch of friends. It works well with just as few as 2 players, to as many as you want. It works great as a drinking game for large groups tho’.
  • Get one of the Star Wars movies or episodes of one of the series ready. Preferably play it on the TV or projector, so you get full satisfaction. 
  • Shot glasses and cups, since you’ll need both. You’ll drink shots and you’ll take sips of your drinks too. 
  • Alcohol of your choice (preferably beers and vodka). Take some water or other non-alcoholic drinks if you want to take a rest during the game.

Pretty much this is it. You’ll only need things you already have at home. 

Below, there are 3 cases for you to drink: take a gulp, take a shot, and chug your drink. The logic behind it is that, for example, if a scene or a phrase gets repeated several times, you can’t finish your drink every time that happens, since you would get alcohol poisoning. Instead, you’ll take little sips and be fine. Get it? 

There is no special rule. You start watching one of your favorites and drink every time the scene or phrase is mentioned in our rules. Feel free to modify or add your own house rules to make the most fun out of it. 

Take A Gulp Of Your Drink When…

Take A Gulp Of Your Drink
  • One of the droids talks;
  • Someone is hit by the laser;
  • Things happen at light speed;
  • A Skywalker whines about something;
  • C3PO scolds R2D2;
  • Someone beats Obi-Wan up; 
  • ‘I have a bad feeling about this.’ is said out loud;
  • Somebody talks about the Force;
  • A ship explodes;
  • R2D2 makes a good point;
  • Any of the Force-users forgets to use their main power;
  • One of the characters gets force choked;
  • A wipe transition is shown on screen;
  • Any character is mind-controlling;
  • An explosion launches someone throughout the air;
  • Anakin crashes a ship;
  • Grievous becomes angry;
  • Someone escapes the scenes;
  • Luke doesn’t accept someone’s advice;
  • A Curb-Stomp battle happens;
  • R2 saves the day;
  • Ahsoka is knocked out or kidnaped;
  • Obi-Wan strokes his beard;
  • The interior of the Senate is on screen;
  • Someone says Dooku’s name in an insulting tone;
  • A girl (except Leia) is shown on screen;
  • Somebody’s hand gets cut off;
  • Princess Leia uses a gun;
  • Whatever 2 characters kiss;
  • Yoda uses bad grammar, typically;
  • Something’s going on about the Millenium Falcon;
  • Boba Fett talks;
  • Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off;
  • C3PO annoys something;
  • A character eats or drinks something;
  • Storm Troopers wants to shoot anything but the target;
  • Anyone says ‘Luke’ or ‘Jedi’;

Take A Shot When…

Take A Shot
  • Greedo takes the first shoot;
  • One character is talking to themselves;
  • Somebody says ‘It’s a trap!’;
  • A Force ghost appears;
  • Someone gets electrocuted;
  • Any of the characters scream ‘Nooooooo!’;
  • Jar-Jar steps in poop;
  • ‘Midichlorians’ is said out loud;
  • Anakin tries to blame someone else for the ships;
  • Someone makes a sarcastic comment;
  • Jar-Jar screws/pretend to screw something up;
  • A character uses the Force;
  • Anyone says ‘may the force be with you!’;
  • Chewie finally lets out his Wookie call;
  • One of the characters loses a limb;
  • Vader tries to kill his kids;
  • Luke is upside-down;
  • One of the Ewoks dies;
  • Fantastic technology is explained;
  • Someone tries to get money from Han;
  • A TIE fighter explodes;
  • Princess Leia insults somebody;
  • Numbers such as 1138 or 2187 are referenced;
  • The Imperial March plays;
  • A large space weapon is obliterated by rebels.
  • Someone does a very unnecessary flip;
  • Tractor beams are used;
  • Yoda says something wise;
  • Stormtrooper misses a shot;
  • Obi-wan complains about flying;

Chug Your Drink Down When…

Chug Your Drink Down
  • The Death Stars explodes;
  • A gigantic technological marvel explodes in a single blast.
  • You hear the Wilhelm Scream;
  • Chewie rips someone’s arms out of their sockets;
  • Han shoots first;
  • Anakin changes the subject to Padmé;
  • A Tauntaun or Rancor dies;
  • The dialogue gets painful during the prequels;
  • The scene ignores the laws of physics (the masses of objects, the real force field, or even the Space Is Noisy;
  • The lightsaber is purple;
  • You get nostalgic;
  • A character enters a wacky space bar;
  • Luke kisses his sister;
  • Carbonite unfreezes.

To Sum It Up: Is It Worthwhile?

No wonder this drinking game is the Star Wars fans’ favorite game ever. It’s a perfect mic for those who want to drink and watch their favorite movies and series at the same time. What we absolutely adore about the rules, is that they can be applied to all the Starwars’ outputs, so you won’t be limited and watch what you don’t enjoy. 

Simply, choose your favorite movie or episode from specific series, and get ready to get drunk. While hosting the game night, try to make a comfortable place to sit & a good device, so it really feels like you’re at the movies. But of course, there’s a plus, you will have alcohol and can lay down on your couch! 

Till next time, may the force be with you!

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