South Park Drinking Game – These Rules Are Nice, M’Kay?

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Do we have fans of South Park here? Yeah, I could guess. Well, if you’re looking for a way to have some drinks while watching your favorite animated sitcom, we have the perfect solution: the South Park Drinking game!!!

  • What to prepare before playing?;
  • Take a sip of your drink when they say;
  • Drink a gulp every time;
  • Finish your drink;
  • Final thoughts;

What To Prepare Before Playing?

Just like other movies (and series) drinking games, the South Park one doesn’t require special equipment either. Here’s all you need to play:

  • The South Park series, which are available on HBO Max, Comedy Central, fubo TV, and for free at South Park Studios. It’s preferred to be watched on TV or other large-screen devices for a better experience.
  • Drinks of your choice. Ideally, you should get large cups since you need to take sips, gulps, and also finish the whole drink. However, the drinks you put on them are up to you (we prefer beer because it’s lighter). 
  • Friends of yours, in case you wanna host a party and share the experience with them. Nevertheless, this is optional since you can also play it as a single-player game.
  • Our list of rules. Yes. This is necessary. 

FYI, the game can be played by all people who are 21 or older. Once again, it can be played by 1 to as many players as you wish. The more the merrier! 

The game rules include nothing complicated. All you gotta do is play a random episode and keep an eye on our rules. Every time a specific thing is said or done, you all drink. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  

Take A Sip Of Your Drink When (Words & Phrases Edition):

South Park Drinking Game - Take A Sip
  • Someone says ‘South Park’;
  • Cartman says ‘Girls are funny!’;
  • A character says ‘wieners’;
  • Mr.Mackey says ‘M’Kay’;
  • Kyle says ‘I learned something today…’;
  • They say ‘serial’ instead of ‘serious’;
  • Cartman says ‘skewl’ or ‘kewl’;
  • Mr. Garrison says ‘You go to hell! You go to hell and you die!’;
  • A Canadian says ‘buddy’;
  • Randy shouts ‘Shellyyyy’;
  • Toung Lu Kim says ‘shitty’ instead of ‘city’;
  • ‘Hello there, children’ is said by Chef;
  • Someone says ‘Kyle’;
  • Jimmy says ‘What a terrific audience!’;
  • Kenny has to explain something, and you again don’t get it;
  • Cartman says ‘the fuck?’ (mostly in the “Fatbeard” episode);
  • Someone swears and it gets beeped;
  • ‘Oh jeez’ is said;
  • Chef gives life-changing advice;
  • ‘Dude’ or ‘kickass’ is used by Stan, Kyle or Cartman;
  • Kenny says something sexist or dirty;
  • Cartman says ‘Cyuuul’;
  • Stan or Kyle slowly pronounce a word, a longish one;
  • Stan mispronounces a long word (hermaphalite instead of hermaphrodite);
  • Pip says ‘I’ll pay $50 for one’;
  • Michael Jackson says ‘ignorant’;
  • The word ‘bitch’ is said out loud;
  • Characters are mentioned by name;

Friendly reminder: there also exists Cards Against South Park

Drink A Gulp Every Time…

South Park Drinking Game - Drink A Gulp
  • A minority is made fun off;
  • Kyle’s Judaism is mentioned;
  • Kenny dies;
  • Someone makes fun of Kenny for being poor or Token for being black;
  • Mr. Garrison taught the class something unimportant (e.g. TV shows);
  • A child outsmarts an adult;
  • Stan pukes on Wendy;
  • Timmy successfully manages to spell words other than his name;
  • Kyle acts as the voice of reason;
  • Randy has a poor idea;
  • There’s an epic battle sequence;
  • Butters is grounded, and it’s not actually his fault;
  • Cartman does something bigoted (and that happens often);
  • A scene change is accompanied by banjo notes;
  • Someone curses;
  • Cartman yells at his cat;
  • Someone’s speaking in a foreign language;
  • The townspeople do something stupid;
  • There are Title Drops;
  • A character gets kicked in the groin;
  • Cartman denies that he’s fat;
  • The sheriff does something oblivious;
  • They burst into a song;
  • A Canadian farts;
  • Jimbo says something through his Cancer Kazoo;
  • Butters is injured in any way;
  • Someone dresses up as a character from a popular movie;
  • There are disgusting sexual acts;
  • Cartman is being insensitive;
  • Mr. Garrison is portrayed in a homo or transsexual way;
  • Cartman makes fun of Kyle for being Jewish;
  • One of the main four boys leaves the South Park;
  • A character wins money;
  • Uncle Ned and Jimbo kill someone;
  • Adults of the show are drinking;
  • Ike appears;
  • Stan corrects himself after saying something offensive to Ms. Crabtree;
  • Cartman whines or squeals;
  • One of the main character’s parents is shown on screen;
  • There’s vomit;
  • Chef songs one of his songs about sex;
  • Stan or Kyle is in a middle of a monologue;
  • Cartman says anything anti-semitic or racist;
  • Something gets censored;

Finish Your Drink (Read: Beer) If:

  • A new broadcast begins;
  • A penis is visible on the screen;
  • Something living catches fire;
  • A celebrity gets killed;
  • Jesus makes an appearance;
  • One real-life event is addressed;
  • Someone brutally dies;
  • Kenny doesn’t die by the end of the episode;
  • A celebrity shows up;
  • One of the characters learns a lesson;

Final Thoughts

Not all of the above-mentioned rules are present in all episodes, just so you know. You can select 10-20 of your favorites and use them only, remove or modify anything. South Park drinking game, here we come! 

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