17 Most Similar Board Games To ‘Gloomhaven’: Analogous, That’s What They Are  

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Perhaps you’ve played ‘Gloomhaven’ countless times, and now your partner thinks you love the game more than them? Since we’re talking about a board game, precisely, a campaign-based board game that has sold thousands of copies, we don’t even blame you! But yeah, you have to give up on this game, right?

Gotcha! The great news is that you won’t completely get rid of the game! Based on our very own experience, we have made a list of games most similar to ‘Gloomhaven’. All games are unique from one another, but also hold some specifics of your favorite board game, and I bet that’s what you’re looking for! Further down, besides the games, we’ll also mention some pieces of information about the game, and answer most of your questions during our descriptions. And you, be blessed with them!

  • A short biography of ‘Gloomhaven’;
  • The games:
  1. Shadows Of Brimstone;
  2. Tainted Grail;
  3. Nemesis;
  4. Mage Knight;
  5. Mice & Mystics;
  6. 7th Continent;
  7. Mansions Of Madness;
  8. Legends Of Andor;
  9. Sea Of Legends;
  10. Imperial Assault;
  11. Descent;
  12. Middara;
  13. Aeon’s End;
  14. Kingdom Death
  15. A Game Of Thrones;
  16. Arcadia Quest;
  17. Spirit Island;
  18. Crimson Scales;
  • Conclusion;

A Short Biography Of ‘Gloomhaven’

Gloomhaven Box - Front
Gloomhaven Box - Back
  • ‘Gloomhaven’ is a board game designed by Isaac Childres, which was released back in 2017 by Cephalofair Games. 
  • It has won numerous awards, mentioning here the Golden Geek Award, Origins Game Fair, Origins Award Game, Scelto dai Goblin, and more.
  • This board game is recommended to be played by people who are 12 and older. 1 to 4 people can play at once. 
  • The surprise is that besides being a cool cooperative board game, ‘Gloomhaven’ has also been a role-playing video game since October of 2021. As you already understood, yes, the board game is the original one. 
  • The box contains very useful equipment, such as the rulebook, one map board, around 50 monster stat sheets, 30 map tiles, plastic stands, character boards & miniatures, and so on. 
  • Playing ‘Gloomhaven’ is not the simplest, compared to other board or even card games, to be frank. Especially when you want to master it. The game starts with each player picking one of the 17 classes, and choosing one playstyle between Brute, Tinkerer, Spellwaever, Cragheart, Mindthief, or Scoundrel. Next, the game continues with different scenarios played, using the help of details from the scenario book. Then, players operate their scenarios, play cards from their hands, inflict damage, and make the game itself a good campaign. 
  • Scenarios end when the goal is completed. The good thing is that it feels like the game doesn’t end at all. The story just continues and campaigns start getting more powerful. 
  • The gameplay in ‘Gloomhaven’ usually lasts about 90-115 minutes, but it all depends on the flow and how fast your actions are. 
  • Besides the main game, there are also a few expansions, counting the Forgotten Circles, Catacombs Of Chaos, Twilight Of The Lost Cabal, Memories Of Gloomhaven, Jaws Of The Lion, and more. 
  • The board game is available on Amazon ($140.00) & Walmart ($133.94). Unfortunately, it is not one of the under $10 games we’ve mentioned, but it’s undoubtedly worth it! 
  • Based on honest reviews we’ve gotten, the game always is very engaging, and not easy to get bored from. It is very related to character customization, strategic playing, teamworking, hard-decisions making… It’s also a good way to help you develop these skills.  

1. Shadows Of Brimstone

Shadows Of Brimstone

Available on Amazon ($124.99) | Ages 12+ | 1 to 4 players | 90-180 mins of gameplay

As a very famous fast-paced board game, ‘Shadows Of Brimstone’ has many expansions, but ‘City Of The Ancients’ is one of the two core games. The players start by picking one of the four characters: Saloon Girl, Bandito, Gunslinger, and US Marshall, and represent that while playing. All characters have their unique abilities and powers, which will be used in searching, depth tracking, spawning monsters, and more. You have to always protect your character from getting too many wounds or hits because they will punish you. 

The campaign mode also makes the game great. You’ll help your character grow, gain different powers, and most importantly, heal & suffer from all the scars you’ll get. There’s no game end, so you just play and upgrade your characters until any of you gets bored from the game. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

The game structure is similar in both games. ‘Gloomhaven’’s campaign is usually based on a storyline, while ‘Shadows Of Brimstone’ is more about the individual journey of each character. When playing the games, ‘Gloomhaven’ has a more tactical depth. 

2. Tainted Grail

Tainted Grail

Available on Amazon ($239.98) & Walmart ($249.99) | Ages 14+ | 1 to 4 players | 60-120 mins of gameplay

Let’s continue with another board game that contains a very rich story inside. Before playing, you should know that there are parts of the story that mention blood, horror, or other sensitive details, so, if you’re not a fan of these, let this game go. Once again, there are 4 characters available, and you play them while fighting in the battles, exploring locations, stumbling upon encounters, getting rewards, ending days, and so on. During the game, you’ll spend most of your days on the dangerous island of Avalon. 

Using equipment like miniature models, boards, small and large cards, tokens, markers, maps, and more, you’ll build your world. The game doesn’t end, but the days do. What happens when all characters run out of energy or pass away. Then you take your time to give them food, restore hearts, and advance your character. It really feels like exploring a whole different world, just a little fantasy! 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

Apart from ‘Gloomhaven’ which is more about tactics, TG is more about exploring different locations. About the theme, ‘Gloomhaven’ is more about a fantasy story, and Tainted Grail is (we can say) mostly about an Arthurian legend. Both though, have a very dark story behind them. 

3. Nemesis


Available on Amazon ($160.00) & Walmart ($160.00) | Ages 14+ | 1 to 5 players | 60-120 mins of gameplay

Who says no to upgrading to a Sci-fi game? The first impression about the game is, hands down, the very well-made board & other game items, especially the powerful-looking miniatures. Firstly, you pick your character and get your deck of cards. Each of the characters gets their two secret missions, and at some point, you have to choose which one to give away. There’s also one thing called the infection scanner, which tells if your character has been affected. 

The main thing to do in Nemesis is to explore the ship and the rooms, and then perform different actions, join combat, or use vents to cut off the crew.  Besides the individual player phases, you’ll also deal with event phases, which in simple words, are based on event cards. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

Unlike ‘Gloomhaven’, Nemesis has a specific theme. It is mainly about the Alien & Aliens movie. Also, the latter doesn’t include a campaign, which makes the game go faster. Science & fiction fans usually find ‘Nemesis’ more attractive because that’s its theme.

4. Mage Knight

Mage Knight

Available on Amazon ($79.99) & Walmart ($79.99) | Ages 14+ | 1 to 4 players | Approximately 2 hours of gameplay

‘Mage Knight’ is as magical as its name is! Let me repeat to you again to choose one of the available characters: Arythea, Tovak, Krang, Norowas, Goldyx, Wolfhawk, or Braevelar. Get your 16-character cards, pick one of the missions,  and set up the map to start playing. Each one of you represents a different Mage Knight, and visits villages, and encounters caves, monsters, and of course, magical towers. You’re allowed to kill monsters, exceed the enemy armor value,  increase character levels, and more. 

All you have to do, most importantly, is to control your reputation, acquire powerful Spells, explore dungeons, build your action deck, discover an artifact, and recruit units. In the beginning, the game may sound too complicated, but using the rulebook, and gaining a bit of experience, you’ll master it in a record time. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

Even though both games include campaigns, we conclude that MK is better when speaking of solo play. Mage Knight is more of an adventure, but ‘Gloomhaven’ has more story to it. They’re both fantasy-themed, have similar gameplay, and take a while to master. 

 5. Mice & Mystics

Mice & Mystics

Available on Amazon ($63.99) & Target ($63.99) | Ages 7+ | 2 to 4 players | 90 minutes of gameplay

Duh, finally a family-friendly game, even if there are kids! The first thing I thought about this game was Tom & Jerry, they give the same vibe: adventure! This time, the characters you’ll play won’t be some heroes, soldiers, or anything similar. They’ll be mice! You choose the story, and the mouse as well, which come with unique abilities and strengths. Using the storybook, you’ll know how many rooms you have to go through. During the game, you’ll fight, move, and complete the objectives listed in the storybook. 

What makes it very ‘themed’, are the cheese tokens, which give the mice power, just as in real life. As you assumed, yes, the mice will run into some enemies, including here spiders, and the GOAT, the housecat! In this cooperative family board game, once you fulfill all your objectives, you win. Otherwise, if you run out of time, you lose. After all, we love what an amazing imagination booster the game is, and trust me, not only for kids! 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

M&M is simpler, and a very kid-friendly game, far from ‘Gloomhaven’. However, if we analyze both games, what they mostly have in common is that both tell a story, and in both board games you always try to upgrade your character. Also, what sets them apart is that in ‘Mice & Mystics’ is a game end: when you complete your objectives. 

6. 7th Continent

The 7th Continent

Available on Amazon ($69.00) | Ages 15+ | 1 to 4 players | Approximately 2 hours of gameplay

No matter your location, this game will definitely send you to the 7th Continent. What you’ll love doing is exploring the continent like it’s your first time there. After everyone picks their characters, on each turn your pick an active player, which has to take an action. Continuing further, each action is resolved by the sequences: item, cost, result, skill, consequence, and hand size limit. Next, taking turns, players will go through temporary & permanent events, items, states, and so on. 

Yes, along with the game equipment, there are many types of cards, including adventure, action, character, clue, and so on. Using these cards, you’ll draw, discard, explore, spot, combine items, use or swap them, and more. The game is either won collectively or not at all. If you manage to fight all the curses y’all have chosen at the beginning of the game. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

In ‘The 7th Continent’ you work together trying to reach one specific goal and win when that’s achieved, while in ‘Gloomhaven’ the story just goes on and on. The game flow & basic equipment are similar, and tbh, it takes a while to learn how to play both games properly. In conclusion, the level of difficulty is somewhat alike.    

7. Mansions Of Madness

Mansions Of Madness

Available on Amazon ($72.00) & Walmart ($72.00) | Ages 14+ | 1 to 5 players | 2 to 3 hours of gameplay

Let’s have some fun in our mansions of madness, shall we? The game we’ll talk about now is the core game (ah, these game terms), but remember that there are dozens of extra expansions to add to the game. This is the second edition, which also includes a phone app for the game, which tells you about your missions and locations. The game starts with everyone taking the roles of investigators in different Cthulhu Mythos locations.  It starts with the investigator’s phase, which means that they have to do two of these actions: move, explore, attack, search, interact, etc. 

During the play, the board eventually will become full of enemies, and lots of challenges. You should be careful about your health as an investigator since once it reaches zero, you get an injury card, and you may even gain the insanity condition. At the beginning of the game, when the investigator chooses the scenarios of their play, that’s when they get a goal to complete, which they will only find out about during the game. Whoever completes their investigation, wins. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

To begin with, both games have good storytelling. In GH you have to put more effort into decision-making since it’s riskier. On the other hand, ‘Mansions Of Madness’ is mostly about exploration & luck. What makes the latter very unique, is the app-driven version. It helps with the gameplay and the tasks. 

8. Legends Of Andor 

Legends Of Andor

Available on Amazon ($51.00) & Walmart ($51.00) | Ages 10+ | 2 to 4 players | 60 to 90 mins of gameplay

Ladies and gents, the magnificent: ‘Legends Of Andor’! There’s one main important thing to know: Andor is in danger, and you’re the chosen one to protect it! The game’s a puzzle and an adventure all in one. It includes 5 scenarios, and you’ll get to deal with a considerable number of quests in them. You will have to fight the monsters and win the battles, but you should also be logical. If you don’t kill enough monsters, they occupy the castle. If you kill too many of them, you may lose the game. 

In simple words, you will gain powers, reveal tokens, gain money & buy equipment (just as in Monopoly), and of course, fight the bad ones. The main goal is to complete the tasks of each Legend (scenario), before the monsters overrun Andor’s castle. Each player (hero) should place their time markers on the sunrise box before the next day starts. You may play as long as you want, or until you complete all the scenarios and win. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

Based on many people’s experiences, LoA turns out to be a bit more complicated, especially if you want to win. The number of scenarios is different in both games: ‘Gloomhaven’ has 95, while ‘Legends Of Andor’ has only 5 scenarios, but of course, contains many tasks.   

9. Sea Of Legends

Sea Of Legends

Available on Guildhall Studios Store ($110.00) | Ages 12 + | 1 to 4 players | 90-120 mins of gameplay

This community, you being a part of it, is a sea of legends, I swear! It is a narrative-driven board game, which brings hours of fun. It all has to do with the sea, pirates, captains… Some of the things you’ll get to do once the game starts are picking your lover and nemesis, choosing NPC factions, getting bonus dice, visiting locations for special treasures, finding recruits, and so on. But, what is your ‘job’ in the game? Man, I forgot to mention: there will be 4 captains in the game, Ton, Speel, Cesar & Kahina,  and you’re about to be one of them! 

Each captain’s goal is to get 10 Notoriety wins, and that could be done in 7 different ways, including burying 7 gold, completing adventures, building a class 2 or 3 ships, raiding a port, and so on. Also, what you should know is that there are 2 card abilities: passive and assigned. Both abilities get activated in different situations, and they’re for sure a big help. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

What’s similar in these games is that there is a lot to do in both. There are different classes in each game, so there are different challenges. What sets them mostly apart is the theme obviously, since SoL is all about the sea. Also, in the latter, there isn’t any real campaign as there is in ‘Gloomhaven’. 

10. Imperial Assault

Imperial Assault

Available on Amazon ($81.00) & Walmart ($119.01) | Ages 14+ | 1 to 5 players | 60-120 mins of gameplay

For all of you ‘Star Wars’ fans, besides ‘Cards Against Star Wars’, we have another game made for you: the ‘Imperial Assault’! IN the scratch, there are 2 main important roles: the imperial (which will be one of you), and the rebels (the rest of the players). There are 10 scenarios in the game, and after each scenario, both the rebels and the imperials level up. The winners however get rewards, which could be extra XP, new weapons, abilities, powers, and more. There will also be a campaign happening during the game, and it is a whole Star Wars adventure on its own!

The main actions in the game are undoubtedly the missions. When playing a mission you’ll go through two main phases: activation and status phase. During the game you’ll move, interact, rest, attack, track activation cards, and many more. Each mission comes with its rules, and it tells which objective you have to complete in order to win that specific mission. The players’ goal is to win the last mission of the campaign, a.k.a. Winning the campaign. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

‘Imperial Assault’ is way more competitive than GH, since it is 1 VS. Many. The game mechanics are similar, but of course, IA is all built around the ‘Star Wars’ universe and that’s why all the equipment is customized. However, even if you’re not a fan, you can also play the last game using the very structured instructions that come with the game. 

11. Descent


Available on Amazon ($139.96) | Ages 14+ | 1 to 4 players | 3-4 hours of gameplay

Finally, it’s time to meet the very famous ‘Descent’, and we’re super-excited about that! One more time, the game is powered by a free mobile app, which helps you while guiding you through your tasks, informing you about your enemies, and more. There are six heroes: Brynn, Vaerix, Galaden, Syrus, Kehli, and Chance. Obviously, you have to pick the one you’d like to play, take care of their traits, level them up, face enemies using your hero’s powers, and so on.  Just as the name says, ‘Legends Of The Dark’, you will be legends facing some dark challenges… 

While playing, you’ll have the chance to explore forests and ancient locations and spend time on the enchanted land, but most likely, you’ll face the bad guys: demonic barbarians, undead lurking, and other monsters whose names we don’t want to mention… You will have to survive attacks, and also, complete the campaign you all work on. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

Each game contains that moving & attacking technique. Gloomhaven games tend to end faster, and the character development during the play is more visible. However, from our point of view, ‘Descent’ is more varied when speaking of scenarios, and that makes it fun. 

12. Middara


Available on Middara Shop ($200.00) | Ages 12+ | 1 to 4 players | 60 + mins of gameplay

Cheers to another magical-looking board game! What makes the game very cool is that there are 2 modes of playing: adventure & crawl, and it’s all up to you to choose your favorite. Instructions for both ways of playing are described meticulously in the rulebook. While playing, there will be scenes performed, many tasks, be part of adventures, join and leave parties, spawn, and more. We like to say that there are endless species of equipment, including different types of cards (adventure, initiative, story, monster, familiar), tokens (terrain, ability, effect, damage), rulebooks (bounty, crawl, diagram, adventure), miniatures, and more. 

If you’re curious to know, each one of you will again protect & play one unique hero. During your turn, you may be rewarded with stamina points, which will help you out when encountering objects, dodging, attacking, and more. Winning and losing are different in both game modes, but however, you should know that both have a win condition to complete, written in the specific books. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

Depending on lots of people’s experiences, ‘Middara’ is more complicated. But, people like that there are 2 modes of play, both with different techniques, different from ‘Gloomhaven’. Mechanics in ‘Gloomhaven’ though, are more deterministic. About the story, we think ‘Middara’ is richer. Commonly, both games include a campaign. 

13. Aeon’s End

Aeon's End

Available on Amazon ($49.88) & Walmart ($72.36) | Ages 14+ | 1 to 4 players | 60 mins of gameplay

Guys, I bet you’re gonna love this one. This is the second edition of ‘Aeon’s End’, but there are dozens of other editions & expansions you could choose from! Are you asking about the game goal? It’s all about protecting your home: Gravehold. Each of you gets their character’s mat & cards and then selects the nemesis deck. All of you, on your turn, have to go through several phases: casting phase (dealing damage), main phase (playing & gaining cards, open breaches, discard) & draw phase (obviously about drawing cards, no deck shuffling allowed).

Besides the heroes, the nemesis as well has the same playing phases. Be careful: if your life is down to zero, you’re exhausted, and the exhausting game will start for you. If (hopefully not) all players become exhausted, you all lose, and the game ends. But, if you manage to protect your home, before the Nemesis overruns it, meaning it has no life, cards in the deck, or power, y’all win! 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

A ‘Gloomhaven’ game lasts longer, it is more replayable & thematic. On the other hand, ‘Aeon’s End’ is simpler to learn, has a very cool theme, and instructions are very clear. Both games though have that fantasy side, which makes them both very enjoyable & fun to play. 

14. Kingdom Death

Kingdom Death

Available on Kingdom Death Shop ($420.00) | Ages 15+ | 1 to 4 players | 2 – 3 hours of gameplay 

Oh la la… Finally, a game that includes haunting. We love to see that! Well yes, during the game, you will be haunted for resources. While haunting, you’ll deal with some events, and eventually some monsters, which at all times are trying to kill you, or cause other damage. But, there isn’t only one level of haunting. This is actually what affects the needed steps to reach & kill the monster, so, it becomes more difficult going above on levels. Even if it may sound easy, you’ll have to deal with lots of challenges when trying to kill the monster. 

An important factor in this action is your weapons, powers & abilities. It doesn’t mean that once you hit the monster they’re dead. It all depends on their energy & power as well. The game sounds simple, but it’s not that simple. Especially when you want to win. You should always try to find out your own technique to win the game & put lots of effort into that. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

First, you see that ‘Kingdom Death’ is way more expensive than ‘Gloomhaven’. Considering the very unique setting & story of KD, we think that it’s reasonable. However, the last game gets you more tactical and makes you make your own way out of the game. In general, we may say both games have similar deck management. 

15. A Game Of Thrones

A Game Of Thrones

Available on Amazon ($53.99) & Walmart ($51.96) | Ages 14+ | 3 to 6 players | 2-4 hours of gameplay

GoT fans, no, we didn’t forget about you! I mean, yeah, you also have Cards Against Thrones, but we’re sure you need more! Straight forward, the game is played in a total of 3 rounds, and each round consists of these 3 phases: the Westeros phase (dealing with Westeros cards), the planning phase (taking care of tokens and organizing your unit), and the action phase (simply, where the game actions begin). Each player has one goal before the game ends: taking control over seven areas of a Castle, or Stronghold. 

During all phases, players will have to resolve, draw, play cards, muster ship units, assign and reveal orders, deal with tokens (such as the Iron Throne token), and many more actions. The game may end in two ways: the 10th round of the game is finished(and the players with the highest rank wins), or one of the players completely takes control of the 7 areas that contain a Castle or Stronghold. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

The main difference is hands down the theme. Obviously, ‘A Game Of Thrones’ is all about the series, and perfect for its fans. Compared to GH, this board game ends faster since it has only 10 rounds, and it’s easier to win. As we know, ‘Gloomhaven’ has a campaign on the game, and ‘A Game Of Thrones’ doesn’t. Both games require a competitive spirit and lots of concentration & creativity. 

16. Arcadia Quest

Arcadia Quest

Available on Amazon ($82.99) & Walmart ($82.99) | Ages 14+ | 2 to 4 players | 60 mins of gameplay

‘Arcadia Quest’ is a 10 out of 10, and whoever has played it will agree! This is another campaign game, where all players compete to be victorious against the Vampire Lord Fang. Each player starts by picking one of the four guilds: Lion, Eagle, Panda, and Fox, and then picks 3 heroes for their guild. The campaign on this board game is divided into 3 phases: the outer circle (coming with 6 scenarios), the inner circle (which includes 4 scenarios), and lastly, the final showdown, where all campaigns end. 

In each phase, there is a set–number of scenarios to be completed. Scenarios are set up using the lovely game equipment, including tiles, tokens, portals, dors, monsters, areas, and more. Each scenario has mini-quests inside, and once all the scenarios are completed, Arcadia becomes free. Whoever wins the last scenario of the game, that guild wins. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

To start with, both games include a campaign and different steps for that campaign to be finished. Also, both of them are super-replayable. ‘Arcadia Quest’s more cartoony, and has a bit of a humor sense, therefore, it is less complicated to learn. GH game ends faster and feels like the card management is intense. 

17. Spirit Island 

Spirit Island

Available on Amazon ($67.74) & Walmart ($67.74) | Ages 14+ | 1 to 4 players | 90-120 mins of gameplay

Wouldn’t you love to be your new island’s spirit? We know you would, baby! You won’t fight monsters anymore… You’ll fight people. People who want to colonize your island, even if that means killing the native people. Before you start playing, make sure you set up correctly the invaders’ boards, the island, the decks, the player’s board, and so on. Keep in mind that the invaders (the attackers) always act first, and then you start your turns. 

Every player in their turn has to perform these 5 phases: Spirit Phase, Fast Power Phase, Invader Phase, Slow Power Phase, and lastly the time passes. The game is either lost or won collectively. If you manage to wipe out the invaders, you win. If any of you is kicked out of the game, if you’re out of blight, or if you take too long to deal with the invaders, you lose. 

Comparison to ‘Gloomhaven’:

SI has a simpler setup. To be fair, the game is simpler as well, since most of the instructions are written on the board. In each game, to have a good performance, you always look to make the best out of your cards. Since ‘Gloomhaven’ is a big campaign game, it lasts longer & it’s more overwhelming. 


We honestly didn’t want this journey to end. Even while describing the games, we felt like playing them. We felt their uniqueness, their heart-made designs, and all the fun they offer. We know that it’s gonna be a hard decision for you to pick one… Make sure you pay attention to the details: difficulty, number of players, age, design, and most likely, the price. 

To be fully transparent to you, and to give you a hand on that decision, here are the pros and cons of each above-mentioned game: 

Board game:Pros:Cons:
1. Shadows Of BrimstoneHas a super- interesting leveling systemThe mechanics in some scenarios may seem too random.
2. Tainted GrailHas a very enjoyable story behind the game & an artistic design.Too pricey for most people.
3. NemesisIncludes a very unique theme, especially for those Sci-fi addicts.The quality of the board, cards & other equipment could’ve been better.
4. Mage KnightWorks incredibly well for solo plays.There should be too much effort put into the game maintenance. 
5. Mice & MysticsA kid-friendly board game & fun for all ages.It has low replayability without using expansions.
6. 7th ContinentIt’s very original. The playing locations (the continent) is large.If you loose, you get an exhausting way to the beginning of the game.
7. Mansions Of MadnessHas also a phone app to help you finish your task & play the game.Scenarios take too much time to be completed.
8. Legends Of AndorVery artistic & thematic, and has a very powerful story.The game may seem too complicated, especially if you’re looking to win.
9. Sea Of LegendsFor thalassophiles, it’s lovely that the whole game is built around the sea. The game system doesn’t make it very balanced during the play.
10. Imperial AssaultHas a well-designed mechanism and campaign structure.There aren’t many ways to show character progression.
11. DescentThe equipment quality and the customization are what we like best. Turns out to be a very complicated board game.
12. MiddaraIt has an amazing story diversity.Shows the best version only when 4 players play.
13. Aeon’s EndThe game is simpler to learn and has lots of co-operation.It doesn’t have high replayability.
14. Kingdom DeathIt gets very competitive & tactical and includes haunting.It is the most expensive game on the list.
15. A Game Of ThronesPerfect for all the GoT fans, and has actually very clear instructions. Not all non-GoT fans prefer playing it, because it is themed.
16. Arcadia QuestHas some kind of a sense of humor, which makes it enjoyable.Serious game collectors may find it not-so-serious.
17. Spirit IslandAmazing theme, mechanics, and scenarios.There isn’t much variety of Blight cards.

Have an amazing game, you’re welcome! 

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