The Rules of The Voting Game – Easy or Difficult?

The Voting Game Instructions
The Voting Game Instructions

DuoCards rates the rules (regarding the easiness): 4.5 out of 5 stars.

You read the rules, and they seem complicated to understand, or you knew them but forgot them… For whatever reason, you’re here, welcome!

The rules are not difficult, not as easy as Cards Against Humanity rules though, anyhow, here they are explained clearly and shortly:

Overview – The Voting Game

The game is not all about winning. There are options though, if you feel like having a winner by the end of the game. Most importantly, you want to have fun quality time with your friends (or whoever else you’re playing with).

What’s in the Box – The Voting Game

PLAYER ID CARDS.  There are ten of those. Each player gets one since they’re meant to identify the player.

VOTING CARDS. You place votes. Each player gets one of every number except their number (the ID Card number).

QUESTION CARDS. Contain the questions that will be read each round in order to be voted. 

Set Up – The Voting Game

ASSIGN. Each player gets an ID card (the colorful cards with numbers). They should be faced up so that everyone can see. In a few words: each player has a number as an ID placed in front of them so that everyone can see it. 

DEAL. Each player will have Voting Cards (from the White Cards now) from number one to the number of players you are (e.g you’re four players, each of you get the voting numbers 1-4 except for yours). 

Playing The Game 

QUESTION. The one who most recently called their mother will go first to read the Black Card or the Question Card.

VOTING. Each player selects their voting number, and puts it faced down on the table (so that the voting is anonymous).

REVEAL. The one who read the Black Card will check out the voting cards and reveal them.

GUESS. Everyone who was voted will have to take a guess on who voted for them. (each gets only ONE guess!)

REPEAT. Each gets their voting cards back so that they have all voting cards for the next round, and someone else reads a new Black Card (Question).

Scoring (optional)

WINNER. The player with the most votes wins the round, and of course, keeps the question card of that round. The one that gets to collect 6 Question Cards, wins the game. 

OWN IT. The winning player must post a picture of the question cards they earned, somewhere in their social media. 

Note: If there is a tie (e.g 2 players got two votes each), the one who read the Black Card will decide who is the winner. 

House Rules – The Voting Game

DRINK. When it comes to the guessing part of the game, if you guess correctly the person drinks, if you guess incorrectly you drink. 

DRAW THREE. When it’s your turn to draw the Question Card, simply draw 3 cards from the Question Cards deck, read all three of them (not out loud), and finally choose one of them (don’t forget to put back the 2 other cards back in the deck). 

ORIGINALS. Make up original questions instead of reading cards from the Black Card Deck. 

ABSENT. Miley Cyrus? A friend that didn’t make it to the game night? Simple. Assign an ID Card to whoever you want! 

SHOTS. This one is 21+. If you get 100% of the votes (excluding yours), you get to have a shot. Bottoms up!

SELFIE. Each gets your voting number too. You can vote yourself too now. In this version 9 is the number of max players.

STRAIGHT UP. Know you’ll know who voted who. Reveal your votes at 3. You know the fun counting like it’s new year.

ON THE SPOT. Make up a question if you feel like it. Once it is your turn to draw the Question Card, you say your question instead of drawing and reading the question. 

There sure is a warning: The game is not meant for accountants and other people without a personality. 

Hell of a warning innit?

Some Extra Fun Rules You Can Add to The Voting Game:

Instead of the winners collecting the Black Cards. You can have a different way of winning.

Remember the part where you had to guess who voted for you? Well you can use that part to indicate the winner. 

– Everytime someone guesses their “voter” correctly, they get a point. 

You can have a score number before you start the game, and once one of you reaches it wins the game. 

Psst… the higher that score number, the longer the game. 

Don’t forget to:

  • Spice it up as you wish, with drinking, awarding, punishing 
  • Read the instructions every now and then

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