Rom-Com Movies Drinking Game: The Loveliest Rules Ever!

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Believing that 2024 will be the year of rom-coms, you will for sure need a drinking game to help you enjoy the movies to their fullest. Besides laughing, bawling your eyes, and falling in love with the good-looking characters, you will also get tipsy, while in the company of your favorite people. And guess what? The list of rules below fits every rom-com movie!

  • Essential information;
  • Take a sip;
  • Take a big gulp;
  • Finish your drink;
  • Final thoughts;

Essential Information

Movie drinking games never fail to amaze us. Here’s what you need to know before playing: 

  • The drinking rules in the following work for every romantic-comedy movie out there. Even for the old elite ones. 
  • You might play with as many people as you wish, starting from 2 to 10 and more.
  • All you need to have before playing is our list of rules and a few drinks for everyone. Cheapest drinking games ever! 

Take A Sip When:

  1. 2 characters fall in love at first sight;
  2. There’s a love triangle;
  1. There’s a dramatic proposal going on;
  2. A misunderstanding causes a breakup;
  3. The female lead wakes up with makeup & looks flawless;
  4. The first meeting of the two lead characters includes bumping into each other;
  5. The main characters plan a fake relationship for several reasons;
  6. There’s a makeover montage;
  7. Right after the wedding, one of the characters tells their partner that they love someone else;
  8. One of the main characters is an architect/journalist;
  9. A secret that threatens the relationship is revealed;
  10. The female lead receives a pretty bouquet of flowers or a handwritten note;
  11. A character falls in love with their childhood crush;

Take A Big Gulp If:

  1. A wedding is called off;
  2. There’s a passionate monologue about love;
  1. The male lead discusses his relationship with his friend while playing video games;
  2. There’s a dog that makes the movie better;
  3. The female lead’s best friend makes her go out of her comfort zone;
  4. The title of the movie is mentioned through a conversation;
  5. A major declaration of love in front of a crowd is made;
  6. The new couple shares their first kiss;
  7. The two share a heartfelt conversation about their feelings;
  8. A romantic getaway is involved;
  9. The movie features Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, or Jennifer Anniston;
  10. The lead female gets embarrassed (spills coffee, or falls down in public);
  11. One of the main characters dedicates a love song to their other half;
  12. ‘I’m not sure about this’, or ‘you complete me’ are said;
  13. One of the characters goes back to their ex;
  14. The lead couple makes love;

Finish Your Drink If:

  1. Someone runs through an airport or train station to tell them they’ve fallen in love;
  2. 2 of the main characters kiss & it’s raining;
  3. A surprising twist enters the movie;
  4. A wedding is the last scene of the movie;

Final Thoughts

With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, a rom-com movie drinking game is just what you need. Helps you add magic to your romantic date night, or even for your girls’ date night and you want to get tipsy with your besties. Rules are appropriate for any of your preferred romantic-comedy movies, even the upcoming ones!

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