Rick & Morty Drinking Game: It’s Just a Chemical Reaction!

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If you were looking for a sign to start rewatching Rick & Morty series, this is it! Well, there are so many ways for you to have fun while watching the episodes. You could binge-watch all 6 seasons, have a movie night sort of thing with your favorite people, or use this series to get you drunk. Needless to say, the latter is our favorite of all time! 

We may have a tiny issue if we’re thinking about playing this drinking game… Where do we get the rules? And what do we precisely need to play, just the TV show? Good news, you guys! This is what this guide is about. To give you all the required instructions and even extra tips. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! 

  • Supplies needed to play;
  • Take a sip when they say;
  • Take a gulp every time;
  • Down your drink when;
  • Conclusion;

Supplies Needed To Play

We have this huge obsession with movie drinking games (tv-shows, in our case), and one good reason is that they are actually costless. Below you’ll find out what equipment you need, and then you’ll see our point:

  • Rick & Morty series. There are many options for how you can come to that. The show is available on Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, ESPN+, and even on Netflix for specific regions. 
  • A device to watch the show. It is preferred to use a projector or a TV (if there’s a large group playing) but a laptop works just as fine. 
  • Drinks of your choice. As usual, we recommend beer or anything as light as beer, since you’ll have to drink a lot, and we don’t want you to get drunk by the 5th rule. 
  • Our list of rules. You could just keep this guide near the ‘watching scene’ or you can write them down so there’s only one screen being appreciated.

Basically, this is all. We know it’s magical. The game itself is. 

Take A Sip When They Say Any Of The Below: 

Take A Sip When They Say...
  • “Uhh… Rick!”;
  • “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub”;
  • “Bitch!”;
  • “Slow Down”;
  • “Butter Robot”;
  • “Hungry for apples?”;
  • “Tiny Rick”;
  • “I’m sorry, but your opinions mean very little to me.”;
  • “Mr.Meeseeks”;
  • “Decoy”;
  • “Burger Time!”;
  • “Morty”;
  • “My man”;
  • Aw geez, Rick!”;
  • Ovenless brownies”;
  • “Rick”;
  • “The plot buurrrrpp thickness”;
  • “I dunno Rick”;
  • “What is my purpose?”
  • “Weddings are basically funerals with cake”;
  • “Boom!”;
  • “Concentrated dark matter”;
  • “Ghoulish overkill”;
  • “Devil”;

Take A Gulp Of Your Drink Every Time…

Take A Gulp Of Your Drink Every Time...
  • Someone goes through a portal;
  • Beth drinks wine;
  • They break the 4th wall;
  • There’s a reference to one of the previous episodes;
  • They say the name of the episode;
  • Rick belches at some point;
  • One of the characters pit on someone;
  • A penis is drawn into the scene;
  • Rick makes fun of someone for being narrow-minded;
  • Summer gets annoyed;
  • You see a new side character;
  • Morty blows up;
  • Jerry says or does anything stupid;
  • Rick drinks;
  • There’s a reference to Morty being slow;
  • One of the spaceships appears;
  • A fight scene begins;
  • Rick takes Morty out of school when in math class;
  • Morty doesn’t trust Rick’s plans;
  • Beth being a horse surgeon is brought to the conversation;
  • A character stammers;
  • Summer is on her phone, typically;
  • Balls are mentioned;
  • You giggle before a joke starts because you know what’s going on;
  • Rick opens a portal;
  • Beth is caught drunk;
  • Squanchy appears on the screen;
  • Summer joins in the mission;
  • Rick & Morty Gets real;
  • Someone has “w” lips;
  • Jerry makes a dumb, not-funny-at-all joke;
  • Rick burps mid-sentence;
  • Morty mentions Jessica;
  • Rick accurately guesses the current situation;
  • One of the characters uses their portal guns;
  • Rick and Morty travel into a new dream;
  • Jerry and Beth discuss their marriage;
  • Someone mentions a dimension;
  • A new invention is shown (most likely by Rick);
  • Morty wants to bail;
  • Anyone criticizes Jerry;
  • Rick calls Morty by his name while talking to him;
  • There’s a flashback;
  • Naked Morty appears on the screen;
  • Your head gets messed up and you forget what’s going on;
  • An alien name is said;
  • There’s dark humour (ever darker than Michael’s from The Office);
  • Rick whips out a zaneay invention;
  • One of the characters smokes anything;
  • A brand new character comes to the show;
  • Rick drinks from his flask;
  • Morty curses (don’t so that kids!);
  • Someone uses a new piece of technology;

Finish Your Drink If…

Finish Your Drink If...
  • One main character dies;
  • Rick destroys a planet;
  • Morty snaps;
  • A reference to Pop Culture is made;
  • There’s a sudden profound moment surrounded by surreal comedy;
  • Council of Rick shows up in the episode;
  • Evil Morty unveils a new world;
  • An intergalactic is being introduced;
  • There’s a super unexpected dark turn in the episode; 
  • Rick passes out drunk;
  • Anything related to Mr. Poopybutthole;
  • Morty shoots an alien;
  • An explosion happens;


One thing’s for sure: once you start playing, there’s no one to stop you. We got one last tip… While organizing and hosting the game, make sure you go through the rules first and see what you could use. It is not necessary to apply all of them to the game since you could get really drunk. However, that’s all up to you. It always works best if played with people you’re comfortable with and to be frank, that’s the secret key to having fun. 

As Morty would say, ‘We’re all going to die. Come watch TV!’…

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