The Rage Cage Drinking Game: Instructions And Noteworthy Extra Rules!

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We have an indescribable love for all games containing balls and plastic cups filled with beer. It’s a thing. Beyond all the other great ones we mentioned in this category, including the Chandelier, it’s Rage Cage’s time to shine! You’re gonna fall in love with its simplicity and the way it makes everyone in the room energetic. 

Time has proven that Rage Cage also works amazingly as a pre-gaming thing, something that would bring life to the party. However, it could be the one and only single game you would play with your closest mates. If you’re willing to have a few drinks and play something that doesn’t require any thinking or some type of brain activity, keep reading! 

  • Important pieces of information;
  • The aim & setup;
  • The gameplay;
  • Additional rules you could use;
  • Final takeaways; 

Important Pieces Of Information

In simple words, Rage Cage is a game that requires bouncing a ping-pong ball. It works best as a drinking game for large groups, ideally, 6 or more people. There’s no specific recommended age for it, however, everyone older than 21 can play.

Playing the game will be potentially costless! Here’s all you need:

  • A table, which in the best scenario would be a round one, since it’s easier to interact with one another. 
  • Plastic cups. 20 to 30 cups are usually needed, but to make sure, get 4 or 5 cups per player. Obviously, it depends on the number of players and the amount of alcohol.
  • An extra cup. This would be our King’s Cup, which should be placed in the center of the table. 
  • Beer or other beverages. Beer usually performs best, but that’s all up to your choice. If you wish, you can even get non-alcoholic ones. 

The Aim Of The Game & The Setup 

Rage Cage Setup

Well, no matter if you’re playing individually or in teams, your goal is to win (if you’re competing). The game’s main objective is to get y’all tipsy and competitive, while in each round, the players aim to bounce the ball into the cup as fast as they can. 

Setting Rage Cage up is simple. To begin with, place the largest cup in the center of the table (a.k.a. the King’s Cup), which should be filled with alcohol. Then, lay all the other plastic cups around it (with ⅓ beer), creating a circular pattern.

 Continuing further, make sure everyone is sitting at the same distance from the cups (this is why we prefer having a round table). Then, two players have to bounce at a time, which ideally would be players who sit facing each other in the circle. These 2 players should each have their ping pong ball. 

The Gameplay Of ‘Rage Cage’

Rage Cage Gameplay

You guys, we’re finally here! Once we took care of all details and finished with the setup, you’re ready to start playing. To start the game, one of you should count backward (3,2,1) and the two players who are holding the balls must pick whatever cup is closest to them (from the outer layer, obviously), chug down the beer, and try to bounce the ball into that cup. 

If a player manages to bounce it successfully, they pass the ball and the empty cup to the player next to them (which shouldn’t be bouncing), going clockwise. Once one of the players makes it into the cup while the next person is still bouncing, they must stack their cup into the next one, and the ‘losing’ player must pass this stack to the next player. 

Then, the same player must pick another cup, drink its contents, and proceed to play as usual. Once one player makes it into one of the middle cups (including the special one), they have to drink the beer in it, stack it onto their previous cup, and continue trying to bounce the ball into that stack of cups. As you may have understood already, by the end of the game, there will be a tower of cups! 

Ending The Game

The game ends whenever all the cups have been stacked and there is no beer left. If you’re all playing as a team, no one wins or loses. Everyone just drinks and tries to leave no beer-filled cup left. If you’re competing individually or in teams, whoever has drunk the least beers, wins the game. Just as simple as that is! 

Additional Rules You Could Use

The game is perfect the way it is. However, some extra rules would hurt nobody, right?

‘Time Is The Enemy’ Rule

Time Is The Enemy Rule - Rage Cage

To make it even more enjoyable and competitive, add time pressure to the game. The minutes are up to you, but for instance, tell everyone that they have 5 minutes only to drink the contents, bounce the ball, stack, and do all the other tasks. To go extra, make it 2 minutes and watch everyone freak out!

‘The King’s Cup – Everyone’s Cup’ Rule 

Do you know how if you bounced into the King’s cup, it would be all the same? You drink the contents, stack the cups, and so on… This time, if you manage to make it into this specific cup, everyone playing must drink from the cup they find closest. 

The First Try Bounce

Remember how you had to pass the ball to the next player clockwise once you bounced the ball successfully? Now, if you are successful on your first try, you may pass the equipment to a player of your choice. The only rule is that that player shouldn’t be bouncing at that time.

Bouncing At The Same Time

Since there will be 2 players bouncing their balls at the same time, if you two make it into your cups at the same time, you have the privilege to think of a player you’d like to drink. This only works if you’re playing individually because if in teams, you are against each other, therefore, you wouldn’t have common teammates. 

Final Takeaways

  • Rage Cage is a no-cards drinking game that includes bouncing a ping-pong ball and drinking the beer in the cups. 
  • To play you’ll need a round table (preferably), plastic cups, and beverages of your choice.
  • The center cup should be full of alcohol, while the others around it should have at least ⅓.
  • Two players bounce at a time and if one player makes it into the cup they drank from, they pass the ball and the cup to the player on their left. 
  • If one player makes it into their cup while another player is still bouncing, they have to stack the cup and pass it to the ‘losing player’. 
  • There are also extra rules, relating to bouncing on the first try, being under time pressure, bounding at the same time as the other player, and so on.
  • The game ends when all the cups have been consumed and there you have a tower of plastic cups! 

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