100 ‘Quiz The Groom’ Questions To Test How Well He Knows The Bride!

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An extremely fun part of a bachelorette party is asking the groom a few questions and making him blush! This trivia game is such a great way to test how well the groom knows the bride. But if their answers don’t match, you should know that bride (or both) has to pay a price 🙂

  • How do you play?
  • Basic questions;
  • Hilarious questions;
  • Questions about them;
  • Risqué Questions;
  • Windup;

How Do You Play?

There’s nothing complicated about organizing a good ‘Quiz The Groom’ game. It is essential to know that both the groom and the bride-to-be have to answer the questions, but separately where they can’t hear each other’s answers. To make it clear, start by asking the groom some of the questions you’ll find below. For even more fun, record his answers.

Once you’ve got all the answers, make sure you ask the same questions to the bride at her bridal party. The idea is that she has to answer the same ones as her hubby, but if she’s incorrect, she has to pay a price (get creative since this is up to you). A version of the game we like is that the bride drinks for every incorrect answer, but the groom drinks for every correct answer she gives. 

After the bride has answered, you may play the recording of the groom, to make it fair, and more entertaining. This is all about the instructions. Now pick your favorite questions! 

Basic Questions

Let’s start with something simple & innocent, shall we? These work well in case you want to know some basic things about the bride, and at the same time know if her hubby knows her well. They’re safe to play with family members or even other people with who you might not be very close.

  1. What household chore does she hate the most?
  2. How was her first job?
  3. What’s her go-to cocktail?
  4. What was her childhood nickname?
  5. What was the name of her first pet?
  6. Does she have any big phobias?
  7. What is her favorite series?
  8. Does she like movie drinking games?
  9. What is one habit of yours that annoys her the most?
  10. What’s her favorite clothing brand?
  11. Where does she see herself in 5 years?
  12. What do you think is her biggest pet peeve?
  13. Does she have a favorite nail color?
  14. What is her love language?
  15. Where was the bride born?
  16. Since when does she have a driving license?
  17. What is her dream job?
  18. Is she more into books or movies?
  19. What is one thing the bride can’t live without?
  20. Has she achieved the carrier she’s dreamed of?
  21. What is one thing you cook she loves most?
  22. If she were a cartoon character, who would she want to be?
  23. Does she have a favorite karaoke song?
  24. Do you remember what her favorite dessert is?
  25. What’s the bride-to-be’s shoe size?
  26. What’s her ‘guilty pleasure’?
  27. We know it’s hard, but can you count all of her cousins?
  28. What country would she want to visit next?
  29. How many children does she want to have someday?
  30. Is the current wedding dress her first choice?

Hilarious Questions

Hilarious Questions

The Bachelorette should start well, shouldn’t it? Y’all need dozens of funny questions, just so everyone feels welcomed and breaks the ice between the guests. Of course, the groom and bride-to-be will have some good laughs as well! 

  1. If she could get rid of anything in your wardrobe, what do you think it would be?
  2. Which one of you two is always ready to splurge money on food?
  3. Who kills the spiders out of you two?
  4. Is she a big baby when she’s sick?
  5. Does she or you replace the toilet paper more often?
  6. Was she nervous to meet your parents?
  7. Do you think she would survive in MasterChef?
  8. What is her favorite curse word?
  9. Is she a drama queen or likes to take things calmly?
  10. What’s her ridiculous goal?
  11. If she had a free pass & you’d be fine, which celebrity would she sleep with?
  12. What is the clumsiest thing she has ever done?
  13. Does she believe in aliens?
  14. What’s her most illogical fear?
  15. Has she ever gotten high?
  16. What is the weirdest nickname she’s ever been called?
  17. How does she react when she’s scared of horror movies?
  18. What does she think about pineapple on a pizza?
  19. Does she share the blanket in bed?
  20. Do you think she would ditch all her girls for you?
  21. Does she have any ridiculous goals?
  22. How long did the bride woo you?
  23. What subject did she hate in school?
  24. Does she sing louder in the shower or in the car?
  25. What reality show would she want to join?
  26. How did she find out how babies were made?
  27. Would she rather wake up in underwear in class, or in a relative’s funeral?
  28. Be honest, out of you two, whose farts are louder?

Questions About Them

We wanna know everything: their firsts, favorite dates, gifts they’ve made each other, anniversaries, and all that. Let’s hope the groom guesses them correctly, or someone will be mad…

  1. Who spends the most money shopping?
  2. Where did you have your first kiss?
  3. How did you two meet?
  4. Who picked the engagement ring?
  5. What are the wedding colors?
  6. What’s your common favorite song?
  7. What is her favorite date you’ve had till now?
  8. What was the location you popped the questions called?
  9. How old was the bride when you two met?
  10. What is the first thing she wants to do as a married couple?
  11. How many answers does the groom think the bride will get right?
  12. Who wears the pants in your relationship?
  13. What is the worst gift you’ve given to her?
  14. Does she like it when you’re the big spoon?
  15. What is the stupidest thing she stayed mad at you?
  16. Did she ever try to teach you how to do skincare properly?
  17. Where did they go on their first getaway weekend together?
  18. Did you kiss on your first date?
  19. Where are you planning to go on your honeymoon?
  20. How long were you two together?
  21. What will be the first dance song?
  22. What was the first thing she said after you proposed, after ‘yes’?

Risqué Questions

Risque Questions

Who wouldn’t enjoy making the soon-to-be-married couple blush a bit? Well, we would! That’s why we also made a list of questions to embarrass them a bit and ask about intimate details. They will probably skip some of them, but we don’t mind, right?

  1. What’s her biggest turn-on?
  2. Don’t be shy, tell us her bra size!
  3. What is one thing she wanted to try in bed but failed?
  4. What would you say is the weirdest place you did it?
  5. Can you guess what is her favorite position?
  6. Does she think you’re a boob or bum person?
  7. Did she ever tell you she was pregnant once her period was late?
  8. What is the bride’s favorite body part of yours?
  9. Is she shy about what she wants to do in bed?
  10. What was the first sext she sent you?
  11. Does she like to do something when she wakes up?
  12. Is she a silent or a screamer?
  13. What excites her?
  14. How do you think she rates you in bed?
  15. What does she think of threesomes?
  16. Does she like it better without protection?
  17. Does she want to ever try stripping games?
  18. What was the last time you slept separately?
  19. Does she prefer kisses or cuddles?
  20. Does she ever tell you about her dirty dreams?


Bachelorette parties are all about making the couple happy and feel that they’re loved. These questions will undoubtedly do all that for you. These questions also connect all the guests and make them feel comfortable. Pick your favorite questions and make sure there isn’t anything that would make the bride or groom feel bad. Cheers!

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