He Said, She Said – The Amazing Party Game For The Bride/ The Groom Bridal Shower!


’He Said, She Said’ is a game of guesses about some specific statements, all about the bride & groom. It helps you find out if you really know them & their characters!

  • 20 amazing questions;
  • Fun for every bachelorette, bridal shower, or basically any ‘before the wedding’ party;
  • Works great for both genders – the bride & the groom;
  • This is the PDF version;
  • No complicated instructions;
  • Flexibility when it comes to the number of players;
  • Very creative, with the lips and mustaches…


This game, together with Do You Really Know The Couple, are definitely our favorites!

What makes it special is that this is so simple to play, no extra rules at all, and yet, very enjoyable! Brings the fun back, gathers the whole team together, and gives you tons of laughs…

Besides that it makes you all feel good and touches you directly into your soul, it also tends to bring you all closer, because you know, you share stories after answering the questions, give personal opinions, and these are amazing conversation starters!

I mean, yes, it’s all easy for the girls, they have these party games, lots of bachelorette card games and so on, they always get privileges! But what about the groom and his man out there??

Actually, this is why we love this game! It’s unisex (if we may say!). Based on our research & experiences, it in fact works better if it’s played at a party before the wedding when there are the bride’s side (bright side) and the groom’s side.

You know, there are disagreements, ‘wars’ between the bridesmaids and the groomsman, and it’s just hilarious to watch!

Jokes aside, it’s very intense and competitive as well! You may divide all the guests into 2 teams, and see if the groomsmen know the groom, as well as the bridesmaids, do know the bride!

So, you can play individually, you know, everyone writes their names and you see who knows you two better, or in teams. It’s all up to you & your preferences!

As I mentioned, no hard instructions here. On the left side of the paper are the ‘statements’, and on the right side, you can see the lips (meaning the bride), and the mustache (obviously, the groom).

You give them all specific minutes (5-10 is just enough), and see if they can guess the questions in that set time. As you understand (hopefully), everyone has to circle the lips or the mustache, based on who they think said that sentence.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the bride or the groom said the statements. I mean, the point is, you have to guess who could’ve said that, pretty similar to Who’s Most Likely To. You get it, don’t ya?

Some of the questions are really touchy, such as ‘I was the first to fall in love’ and some others are really funny, and will get all your friends putting on their thinking hats!

To add some extra sparkle, if you’re all 18+ (or even better 21+), take some shots with you! It’s up to you to make the rules! The loser (the one who guessed the least) drinks, you drink a shot for every 2 wrong guesses, or basically anything you want!

No, this is not a dirty version. Bachelorette parties sometimes can be a mix of all ages, you know, your teenage relatives, or even your mother (or father- for the groom) in law… And we don’t want to make you feel embarrassed!

As I mentioned in the product details, it can be played by any number of players, starting from 4- You, your partner, and two other friends, up to any number of players you want!

A Sum Up Of “He Said, She Said”

Just like the name, the game is very creative itself. It has no cons, you know…

What we think makes the game very unique, is that it is very heartwarming, funny, a great conversation starter works great for both genders, all your guests (no matter their age) can play, it has absolutely no complicated rules and the list goes on!

Here are some of the comments we got when we first tested these questions on some couples who were having parties right before their wedding, Here are the reviews!

  • “We were struggling to find some good games for our bachelorette party, you know, simple ones that aren’t complicated to play. This one was it. Not complicated at all, very fun to play!”Charlotte.
  • Oh, finally, a game that doesn’t make you feel blush if you play with your family in law! Yes, we invited them to our bridal shower, and guess what, they just loved how amazing ‘He Said, She Said’ was!Abigail
  • “First, we got it as a regular game, and extremely liked the game idea. But, while reading the description, we turned it into a drinking game… We kinda got drunk after the game ended, but anyways, that was the point!”Logan

Oh, and yeah, if you have any ideas, or you think there is a question that needs to be included in this game, we’re always open to your suggestions!

We know it, you bachelorette will rock!


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