Do You Really Know The Couple/ The Bride/ The Groom – 60 Heartwarming Questions


  • 60 questions to create lots of fun.
  • For the bride, the groom or the couple;
  • Good for bachelorettes, bridal shower /groom to be;
  • PDF version;
  • Appropriate for all ages;
  • A good tester to see if you really know the bride or groom (or both)!


How Well You Know The Bride (often known as Who Knows The Bride Best), is one of the ‘brides to be’ favorite bridal shower games! How can it not be? It is a mix of fun, laughter, but most of all, a good way to create a connection with the whole party guests & the bride!

Having some good snacks, an amazing playlist, getting the bachelorette t-shirts… Can it get any better??

Now, let’s not leave the man aside. They deserve some fun as well…We also made 20 questions for a man bachelorette party, you know, they want to have some fun with their mates! We made the questions based on males’ favorite stuff… Of course, we didn’t use the same questions as in the first one!

Looking for something different? Then might Bachelorettes Against Decency a Bachelorette Party Game.

Last but not least, our ’Do You Really Know The Couple’, is a total blast! The nights before the wedding, when you gather your closest people together, this game will make you and your partner feel extremely loved & happy!

We made sure every question is a question made with love, and as always, we paid attention to every little detail, because that’s what really matters! What we cared about was to write questions about different topics, including here: family, career, the future, their relationship & things they’ve been through, and more details.

Since all of the content is clear, I mean, there’s no offensive or adult words, these 3 versions can be played with all your guests, no matter if they’re kids or even elders… Yeah, bridal showers don’t have an age range, you invite whoever you want (but of course, you take care of the activities, you don’t want to get blushed).

To make it even more fun, you can add some drinks to the game(obviously, if you’re all adults in the room)! For example, the player who guessed the least questions has to drink… On the other hand, of course, the winner gets a prize (can be anything, just something they’ll keep as a good memory).

What Are People Saying About These Questions?

Some weeks ago, right before we decided to publish these printable versions, to make sure they were worth it, we tested them!

We knew some people who were about to get married and gave them these questions, they loved them! Specifically, this is what they said:
“Dude, we definitely had a blast! I didn’t know some grown-up man can get this happy just with a simple question game. We all enjoyed it, and yes, we added some drinks, it just made it more awesome!” – David
“I played similar games earlier, but this was the best one so far. Besides the good creation of questions, the design was incredible & very cute! All my girls loved it – the 12 years olds as well!” -Sarah
“1 week before our lovely wedding, we found out about this game. It was one of the best parts of our ‘gather the friends before the wedding’, we all just started to connect more and more with each other”- Charlotte & Benjamin

Ps. Don’t forget your friends after you get married! Have a great party & wedding you amazing people, you deserve it!


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