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Cards Against Minds – is a Cards Against Humanity edition themed with the Criminal Minds series. Guaranteed to bring you hours of fun with the most hilarious content from the series, the game comes to you in a digital version to every house party!


  • For all the Criminal Minds fans out there that have a will to laugh
  • Number of playing Cards: 311
  • 231 White Cards; 80 Black Cards
  • Comes as a pdf file
  • Easy to print


Criminal Minds is a TV series that has been loved by people from 2005 to 2020. If you’re one of those people, this is for you!!

Game Against Minds is a Cards Against Humanity edition themed with Criminal Minds the series. The package contains 311 cards (80 Black Cards, 231 White Cards).

For all those Criminal Minds fans out there that have a will to laugh, and to joke about things… Well this is the game for you! It’ll keep your eyes tearing for hours.

The cards are pretty well thought and Criminal Minds lovers have been loving the game too.

The way you can get the cards is by purchasing and digitally downloading them. You can follow the steps below:

  • Purchase the product;
  • Download the pdf files (for the White Cards, and Black Cards);
  • Print them at your convenience.

Digital Download

You can purchase the digital download of the cards for a price of $4.95. Because of the digital way that the product is purchased, you cannot get any refunds if you’re not satisfied with the product.

The quality of the cards is unquestionable.

You can download them as a pdf file, and get the cards printed in the dimensions you wish. In order for them to feel more original, and to give you that original Cards Against Humanity, you can also get your cards laminated after printing them on normal paper.

We recommend getting your cards laminated after printing them on normal paper. The cards feel more firm, and they can last longer.

Of course, if you don’t care much about how the cards feel on your hands, it will be just the same if you print them on normal paper.

It is important that you enjoy the game.

About the Cards of Game Against Minds

Despite the fact that this is not officially released by Cards Against Humanity, the quality of the content in cards is just as good as the official editions.

Here are some examples of Black Cards and White Cards, and possible combinations:

Black Cards:

  1. Rein has a shrine dedicated to___________.
  2. ____________: Directed by Mathew Gray Gubler.
  3. JJ prefers her coffee with___________.
  4. What makes Prentiss awesome?
  5. Reid will name his first child ____________.
  6. Describe Spencer Reid in one word_____________.
  7. Why did Rossi divorce his last wife?
  8. Reid’s 4th PhD is in___________.
  9. Cat Adams could____________ and I’d thank her.
  10. JJ prefers her coffee with________.

White Cards:

  1. Morgan’s perfect abs.
  2. Garcia learning how to play the ukulele.
  3. Hotchner’s closet containing only suits.
  5. Sergio the cat.
  6. Adding even more trauma to Garcia’s life.
  7. Raging sarcasm.
  8. Strauss’ alcoholism.
  9. Everyone staring at Reid after everything he says.
  10. The Sexual Harassment Seminar.

These are only 20 out of 311 cards there are. You can already see the combinations, and hear the laughs of your friends.

Criminal Minds Funny Example
Spencer, you are not alone! We all are questioning our life choices!


Criminal Minds card example
What would your plan for world domination be? Weapons, politics? Oh, no! We prefer Sunshine and Rainbows.


Criminal Minds Hilarious Card Example
Oh, come on Dr.Tara!  Can we reconsider this?

Criminal Minds Cards Combination examples:

Black Card: Garcia likes it when Morgan calls her_______________.

White Card: Constant trauma.


Black Card: Reid will name his first child:______________.

White Card: Wrong.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to play with someone who hasn’t seen the series, since almost none of the cards would make any sense to them, and it would simply ruin the laughing mood.

If you have a favorite friend that’s a fire at Cards Against Humanity then make them watch the series, and play this game together with your other friends that have already seen them.

Buy the cards for only $4.95, and enjoy playing with the other Criminal Minds fans! It’s never been easier to have fun!

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  1. Debra Rainville

    Can’t wait to play this!! This is perfect gift for Criminal Minds fans.

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