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Box Against Bangtan is the Cards Against Humanity BTS-themed unofficial edition.

Your favorite boys Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, and this Cards Against Humanity BTS-themed (unofficial) edition is all about them.

  • Cards Against Bangtan is perfect for BTS boys a.k.a ARMY
  • Playing Time: 30min – 90+min
  • “Live life with no worries”
  • Version: Digital (Unofficial)
  • Number of Cards: 162
  • Age: 17+


This unofficial edition has 162 cards, all about BTS – your favorite boy band.

Bangtan is one of the most popular, and favorite boy bands. K-Pop is being listened to everywhere nowadays. And then we have Cards Against Humanity, which is also one of the top favorite card games.

A combination of one of the top favorite boy bands, and one of the top favorite card games put into one box: Box Against Bangtan.

The cards are all about Your favorite boys Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

This Box is 17+, even though its content is not as dirty as most of the C.A.H editions. However, it is not recommended for people under 17.

The cards are fun, the boy band is fun, the game is fun!!

How to Play?

If you’re familiar with Cards Against Humanity rules, you already know that they are super simple.

Box Against Bangtan is an (unofficial) edition of C.A.H, so the rules are just the same.

If you didn’t play Cards Against Humanity in a while, here’s how you do it:

The cards that ask the questions, or require a fill-in-the-blank, are the Black Cards.

The ones to answer or fill-in-the-blank are the White Cards.

Simple, right?

You decide who’s going to be the Card Czar of the round. Which is the fella that’ll judge which one is the funniest combination of the round. They’ll announce the winner of the round.

Everyone except the Card Czar of the round gets 10 White Cards (answer cards). The Card Car reads the black cards so all the players can hear them.

Players pick the card they think is the best suit for the black card, but it is faced down on the table. After all of you put your answer cards on the table, the Card Czar reads each of them out loud (recommended), and decides which one is the funniest combination.

The one who got selected wins the round, and the player gets an Awesome Point.

Repeat until you can no more. Until you feel like relaxing for a while and listen to BTS.

You might be curious about how the combinations of Box Against Bangtan might look like? Well, here:

Card Combination Examples

BTS's Newest Bangtan

J Hope And Jimin

Black Card:
Is this just another terrible Bing mistranslation, or did Jimin really tweed about________?

White Card:
Constantly dealing with computer viruses because you download way too much porn.

Black Card:
Jin attempted to fit in with the cool kids today by trying out__________.

White Card:
Being a part time food pornograhper.

Black Card:
Jimin, you got no_________.

White Card:

Joke about your favorite boy band, with your favorite friends who also love your favorite boy band.

All that fun and 162 cards that come with the Box Against Bangtan can be purchased online here in our store for only $9.95.

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  1. Robert

    I’ve played with my ARMY friends and it was so fun.

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