17 Most Lovely Printable Bachelorette & Bridal Shower Party Games – Totally Worth It!

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Will we ever stop writing about bridal shower games? Probably not! The most affordable, and exciting category of such games is printable ones, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love them as much as we do, if not more. Each game below is unique, played using simple instructions, and helps all the guests connect with each other. The entirety of your Bachelorette Party needs!

  • The game list:
  1. Do You Really Know The Bride?
  2. Drink if….;
  3. Would She Rather?;
  4. Bachelorette Bingo;
  5. Scavenger Hunt;
  6. Photo Challenge;
  7. He Said, She Said;
  8. Bachelorette A-Z;
  9. Over Or Under?;
  10. The Party Mad Libs;
  11. Dare-To-Do-List;
  12. Quiz The Groom;
  13. Well Wishes;
  14. What Did The Groom Say?;
  15. Bachelorette’s Cup;
  16. Bridal Scattergories;
  17. Find The Guest!
  18. Dirty Minds;
  19. Wedding Mix-up;
  20. Ever Or Never?;
  • Final thoughts;

1. Do You Really Know The Bride?

Do You Really Know The Bride

‘Do You Really Know The Bride?’ is a game that tests how well each of the guests knows the bride best. Questions are related to the bride’s personality and facts about her life, so every close person of hers should have a clue for at least some of them. For your information, there’s also a version for the Couple and for the Groom, and you might find them here

2. Drink If…

Drink If

We never say no to a drinking game, if that isn’t obvious already. This Bachelorette version of Drink If, makes the bride & her girlies drink for specific prompts. This way you won’t only get tipsy but understand a lot about the life experiences of everyone participating in the Bachelorette Party! 

3. Would She Rather?

Would She Rather

Besides being an incredible icebreaker, ‘Would She Rather?’ makes the girls pick between two answers, which most of the time are simple, considering that there are two options only. Yes, these questions are pretty basic (guessing what she would pick between wine or beer, coffee or tea, flats or heals), however, bring a great vibe. 

4. Bachelorette Bingo

Bachelorette Bingo

Bachelorette Bingo, your very loved drinking game, is best played in teams of 2 or more. The goal of each team is to complete challenges in a line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The first team to do so, and have proof (pictures, or others), wins the game! Keep the picture of challenges in your phone, or print the papers out for each team, and get ready to slay them all! 

5. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a 10/10 idea for a Bachelorette party! The idea of the game is completing tasks (such as dancing on a bar or table, taking a picture with a cop, or kissing the bartender), and earning points, depending on the category that challenge is in. Lots of them require to be completed outdoors, including bars, parties, and more. 

6. Bachelorette Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge

Are you up to taking pics with total strangers? I mean, a bartender, people at another bachelorette, a police officer… Not only do your team have to do all these, but take pictures too – a photo challenge, indeed! Mark every completed photo challenge, and once the specific timer’s up (30 minutes or 1 hour), the team who completed the most wins! 

7. He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said PDF Game

Considering you’re barely waiting for it, He Said, She Said is a bridal party printable game that includes the groom too! Firstly, the almost-married couple must write their answers down, but not share with the others. Then, all guests (from the groom’s and bride’s sides), have to guess who said what. Whoever gave the most correct answers, wins! 

8. Bachelorette A-Z

Bachelorette A-Z

I guess we’re done with innocent games now. Bachelorette A-Z makes you (in teams or individually) write down naughty words for every letter of the alphabet. It’s not as simple as it seems though! You only have 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your choice, to write all these answers down. Whoever has the most answers, wins the game! 

9. Over Or Under?

Over Or Under

Over Or Under makes you guess if the actual number of a specific fact, is over or under than the statement written in the paper. So, if the line is ‘The bride and groom met 2 years ago’, you have to guess if they met over 2 years, or under 2 years ago. There’s no in-between. Certainly, you must write your guesses down, and calculate your points to see who wins. 

10. The Party Mad Libs

The Party Mad Libs

Bridal Mad Libs is made only for those who have enough nerves to deal with grammatical terms. This printable game for the Bachelorette isn’t a competition. You simply have to write grammatically correct words in the blank spaces, with only one condition: all the words must make sense in this tiny romantic story. 

11. Dare-To-Do List

Dare-To-Do List

Similar to other challenge lists we’ve mentioned earlier – but riskier, the Dare-To-Do list comes to your party to save it. For each completed challenge, you get points, depending on how tough it was. We prefer you play individually, but if there are many people, playing in teams works well too. We bet this will create hilarious memories you’ll cherish forever! 

12. Quiz The Groom 

Quiz Groom

Here’s a challenge for the bride-to-be. Type of a groom & bride bachelorette trivia game… If you want to include this game in your party, first, ask the groom to answer these questions, keeping them a secret from the bride. Then, once the Bachelorette Party starts, the bride-to-be has to guess the questions, from the groom’s POV. For every incorrect guess, she takes a drink! 

13. Well Wishes

Well Wishes

Even though challenging games are fun, Well Wishes is one of the most meaningful printable activities ever. Make sure to give each guest one paper, and they must all fill in the blanks with words of their choice. Don’t forget to write your names down, so years later, when the couple goes through their memories, they find the words that came from your heart.

14. What Did The Groom Say?

What Did The Groom Say

We tested the bride, it’s time to test the groom and make him feel embarrassed! ‘What Did The Groom Say?’ is a list of questions related to the bride, which must be answered by the groom-to-be. After you get the confirmation from the bride for each question, check how correct the groom was. Don’t forget to make him drink or complete dares for each incorrect answer! 

15. Bachelorette’s Cup

Bachelorette's Cup

King’s Cup is forever a blast. Wait till you try the Bachelorette’s Cup though! To play, besides the printable paper, you’ll need a deck of cards too. Now, taking turns, you’ll draw cards, and each card brings a special rule. Needless to say, most of these rules include drinking too. At the end of the day, is Bachelorette that fun without a few drinks? 

16. Bridal Scattergories

Bridal Shower Scattegories

If you were asked to name the most enjoyable Scattergories (or games like Scattergories), how long would it take you to say the Bridal Shower Scattergories? You gotta start by deciding on 3 letters, which must be written in empty circles, and then give everyone 5 minutes to fill in the columns. As might be expected, all categories are related to the wedding! 

17. Find The Guest

Find The Guest

Yes, we agree that all guests were included in previous games. But, a Bachelorette printable game made precisely for them, is an even better idea! The point of the game is for guests to guess which one of them relates to a statement more, even though some might barely know each other. Reveal all correct answers once everyone’s done answering, so guests get to know each other deeper. 

18. Dirty Minds

Well, I guess we’ll never have enough of R-rated Bachelorette party games. Bridal Dirty Minds makes you guess things, with the help of a description. But be careful: the word is not dirty, even though it’s the first thing you’ll think of. Whoever has the least dirty mind, and comes with the most innocent answers, wins the game! 

19. Wedding Mix-Up

A Wedding-themed Scramble is a great idea to put everyone’s brain into function. All words are related to the bride & groom, and the wedding ceremony in general, so they’re not that tricky to guess. Put on a time limit, and see how quickly your guests can think. Yes. Owgn stands for the gown. You guessed it. 

20. Ever Or Never

Ever or Never, is just another fun way to play Never Have I Ever. Simply, everyone must guess if the bride has ever done the statements written on the printable paper. Or, if you wish, everyone can answer for themselves, just so everyone gets to connect more with one another, rather than testing how well they all know the bride.

Final Thoughts

The thing we love most about printable bachelorette games is not that they are affordable. Absolutely not. They add magic to your party, and most importantly, make the bride-to-be feel the most loved. Pick your favorites, and get ready to be part of a Bachelorette gathering that no one will ever forget. Especially if you consider the Bachelorette Party shirt ideas too!

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