17 Most Lovely Printable Bachelorette & Bridal Shower Party Games – Totally Worth It!

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Will we ever stop writing about bachelorette & bridal shower games? Mehh, no… Probably we won’t! What? They’re fun, don’t try to change our mind!

We know the brides’ (or even grooms’) biggest struggle is how to keep the guests energetic & how to make a fun party, which doesn’t get boring at some point. And what’s the best way to have fun? Playing games, obviously!

What we love most about these printable ones, is that you’ll spend no money on them (except if you want to get the ready-made pdf versions, which anyways cost a lot less than, you know, other games).

But, how do we know if a game’s good for us? Can a specific game be played by both genders? Do they have any adult language on them? Just because it is printable, does it mean it has no limit of players?, and many more questions are attacking your head, we know that! 

Patience is the key! We will talk about these details and lots more in the following. Take a drink, and enjoy them…. 

Oh, and this is the table of content, just in case you were wondering:

  • Some reasons why printable games are worth it;
  • How do I choose the best game to print?;
  • The game list:
  1. Do You Really Know The Bride/ The Groom/ The Couple?;
  2. Drink if….;
  3. Would She Rather?;
  4. Bachelorette Bingo;
  5. Scavenger Hunt;
  6. Photo Challenge;
  7. He Said, She Said;
  8. Bachelorette A-Z;
  9. Over Or Under?;
  10. The Party Mad Libs;
  11. Dare-To-Do-List;
  12. Quiz The Groom;
  13. Well Wishes;
  14. What Did The Groom Say?;
  15. Bachelorette’s Cup;
  16. Bridal Scattergories;
  17. Find The Guest!
  • Our last word: what can we say more about these games?

Some Reasons Why We Think Printable Games Are Worth It

You don’t spend money on buying them. First, and the most important detail, probably… You won’t have to buy them with a price of, let’s say $20 or $30, or something. I mean, that’s totally okay, but, why not get some free ones that are as fun as the other games? Even if you get the ready ones (if you didn’t know, yes, you can buy PDF games), they’re all cheaper! Save the money and buy the bachelorette T-shirts, you’ll need ‘em.

Most of them work great with any number of players. Yes, they’re very flexible when it comes to that. You just print as many papers (you know, games) as you want. Even if you have only 2 guests, or 30. That clearly doesn’t matter. But, obviously, the more people, the better, you already know that!

They all have very cute designs. We love their designs. Flowers, kisses, pink backgrounds, hearts…aghh, lovely! The details, such as the place to write the name, and date, just make them more enjoyable. Very simple, yet very beautiful. It just makes you love the games even more, of course, the design matters a lot, you don’t wanna ‘serve’ your guests some basic blank white papers!

Can be played individually, or even in teams! Some of the printable games can be played only individually, some others only in teams, and, lots of them can be played anyhow you want, meaning, you can play in teams if you decide to, or individually. It’s even more enjoyable when it becomes a competition!!! 

It’s up to you to make the rules. There’s nothing strict you need to follow, it’s all on your hands. If you want, you can also turn them into drinking games, you know, if you don’t want to stay sober at the end of your bachelorette, which is totally understandable! As I said, you’re the queen (or even king) of your night, do anything you want!

Lots of them are a total blast for both genders. You know, we’re not talking just about the bride… Some of the games are specifically made for the lovely groom, some of them can be played by both bride & groom, and we highly recommend them for a common before-the-wedding party!

1. Do You Really Know The Bride/ The Groom/ The Couple?

Do You Really Know The Bride

Game Type: Questions | Special for: Both bride & groom | Usually played: Individually & Teams

What’s so special about ‘ Do You Really Know The Bride/ The Groom OR The Couple’?

First things first, as you read the title, hopefully you understood that it works great for both genders. Meaning, it can be played in a bride’s bachelorette, groom’s bro-dal, or even in a common party of both of them right before the wedding. 

Shows you which of the guests can really remember details about you and your partner. You can make it a competition between the bride’s side and the groom’s side, or simply, ask the guests to fill the papers individually!

There’s also the amazing ready game PDF version divided into 3 sections: bride, groom & couple, we just wanna help you save your precious time!… Ps. make the loser (the one who guessed the least) drink some shots, and give a prize to the winner!

2. Drink If…

Drink If

Game Type: Drinking | Special for: The bride | Usually played: Individually

What’s so special about ‘Drink If…’?

Oh la la, a drinking game! It’s always a yes! ‘Drink if’ is the game that stops you from being sober, and, the bachelorette isn’t about staying sober, sorry not sorry… 

Let’s be clear, play this game only if all your guests drink, it would be nonsense you know, offering someone an apple juice instead of alcohol, let’s just admit it! 

Basically, every girl who can relate to the sentences has to drink. We recommend you to have some mixed drinks for more fun… 

3. Would She Rather?

Would She Rather

Game Type: Guessing | Special for: The bride | Usually played: Individually

What’s so special about ‘Would She Rather’?

Well, first, it’s such an ice breaker, you know, if you’ve invited lots of people and they don’t really feel comfortable with each other. 

As you can see, you have to choose between two things that you think the bride-to-be would rather do/have. There is a dirty version as well (no, not this one)!

When everyone fills their papers, make sure that all the girls say their answers out loud, and then you (the bride) reveal the correct answers, so, you tell them what you would rather choose.

4. Bachelorette Bingo

Bachelorette Bingo

Game Type: Challenging | Special for: The bride | Usually played: Individually & Teams

What’s so special about ‘Bachelorette Bingo’?

First things first, you make your own rules! For example, you can say that first to get any line (up, down, diagonally) wins, first to get the four corners, or, you just make the bride do all the dares! 

First girl or team to complete a goal, announces ‘BINGO’… And, congrats, you’ve won! All the girls help each other, you know, about finding a good guy to ask them  to give them their boxers, or sign his six packs… It’s very challenging, you know that!

Works best if you’re all celebrating at a bar or something like that, you have to stay in a place with people you haven’t ever met!

5. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Game Type: Completing dares | Special for: The bride | Usually played: Individually

What’s so special about ‘Scavenger Hunt?’

No, it’s not like the Halloween Scavenger Hunt! This one is kinda similar to the previous game, but, of course both are very unique, because of the challenges on them, and the way they are played.

You can divide it into 2 parts: The challenges you do when you’re indoors, just like the ‘veil out of toilet paper’ or ‘make a toast to the bachelorette’, and the other ones are meant to be completed outdoors, such as ‘take a picture with a cop’, ‘do a cartwheel’, and some more… 

Everyone who completes a challenge/dare, gets the point based on the category that challenge is in. Yes, it’s such a competition!

6. Bachelorette Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge

Game Type: Photo challenges| Special for: The bride | Usually played: Teams

What’s so special about ‘Bachelorette Photo Challenge’?

You know when we talked about these challenges and stuff? This is about proving you completed the challenges! The risky challenges…

It’s not for the shy girls, you got to ask unknown people to take a picture with them, yes, that’s about to be weird, but who cares! 

It’s usually played in teams, because one has to take the picture (obviously), the others help you find the target, one has to do the challenge (just like kissing the bartender), and so on…

7. He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said PDF Game

Game Type: Guessing who said what| Special for: The bride & The groom | Usually played: Individually & teams

What’s so special about ‘He Said, She Said’?

Oh finally, a game for the men. No, we didn’t forget about the groom! ‘He Said, She Said’ is definitely the game that brings both sides together, meaning the bride’s side and the groom’s side!

You can either play individually, or in teams. It’s incredibly fun when there’s a competition between the girls and the boys, so they compete and see if the girls know the bride better, or vice versa!

There are pretty cute & heartwarming questions that’ll make the couple feel pretty loved… Here’s the PDF version by DuoCards, for a price of only $4.95, in case you need it!

8. Bachelorette A-Z

Bachelorette A-Z

Game Type: Dirty | Special for: The bride | Usually played: Individually.

What’s so special about ‘Bachelorette A-Z’?

You dirty humans! We know you love playing a dirty game… This is basically the alphabet, you know the alphabet, don’t you?

Well, not just a random alphabet, what were you thinking? You have to write a maughty/dirty word for each letter, but, you don’t have much time. Set the timer for 5-10 minutes (depends on you) and see how many words you can all guess. 

It’s not as easy as it looks… A dirty word that starts with x? Hmm… you gotta think about that!

9. Over Or Under?

Over Or Under

Game Type: Guess The Statements | Special for: The bride & the groom |  Usually played: Individually.

What’s so special about ‘Over Or Under’?

Another guessing game. What? We love them, and the soon-to-be-married couples love them as well!!! It’s amazing how these kinds of games can be turned into great conversation starters!

The point of ‘Over Or Under’, is to guess if the bride and the groom did that specific thing more or less than the number that is written in the situations. God, I can’t explain it!

So, let’s deal with the first sentence: There are 60 days until the wedding. Are there more than 6o days until the wedding or less, over or under? Even better if the guests know exactly how many days are left!

10. The Party Mad Libs

The Party Mad Libs

Game Type: Completing Sentences | Special for: The bride | Usually played: Individually.

What’s so special about ‘Bridal Mad Libs’? 

Do you know all the grammatical libs, were you a good student in primary school?? If not, go learn them!

No, just messing around with you. I know you know them! Well, you have to write the appropriate words to make the sentence sound good & meaningful. You are told what lib the word should be, but, it’s in your hands to choose the word!

Try to make it as funny (or even dirty) as possible, bachelorette is all about that, no rules, in fact, you make the crazy rules.

11. Dare-To-Do List

Dare-To-Do List

Game Type: Daring| Special for: The bride | Usually played: Individually.

What’s so special about ‘Dare-To-Do List’? 

Oh, how much we adore these dare games. I know, I know, it may get some of your faces blushed, but, that’s the point!

There are several dares, very challenging though, and that’s what makes it extremely fun! Best to be played outdoors, because you know, you can’t find strangers in your house! 

It can also be played by the bride only, and you can see how many of the dares she completed.

12. Quiz The Groom

Quiz Groom

Game Type: Quiz | Special for: The groom | Usually played: Individually.

What’s so special about ‘Quiz The Groom’? 

Another game for the groom, no, we didn’t forget about you, you’re just as important! 

These are the questions that are supposed to be answered by the groom (which have to remain a secret), and then the bride has to rate them. For every wrong answer, the wedding queen takes a shot!

It’s incredibly fun for a common bachelorette party, or even for a couple’s night alone, just before the wedding… 

13. Well Wishes

Well Wishes

Game Type: Wishing | Special for: The bride & groom | Usually played: Individually.

What’s so special about ‘Well Wishes’? 

This is more of a cute memory than a game… I mean, yes, you can make it competitive. Set the timer and make them write their wishes for 5 minutes.

It’s lovely how after some years, the bride & the groom will read all the wishes and feel really nostalgic and happy for what they did. 

Funny wishes are accepted as well, as soon as they’re not offending and make the couple feel good!

14. What Did The Groom Say?

What Did The Groom Say

Game Type: Questions | Special for: The bride & groom | Usually played: Individually.

What’s so special about ‘What Did The Groom  Say’?

What? Another game for the groom? Chill ladies, there are going to be more games for you, let’s just deal with the boys first! 

This is kinda the opposite of the ‘Groom Quiz’ we told you about earlier, because now, the groom has to answer the questions about the bride, and then she rates them, to see if the groom really knows his wife-to-be…

Ps. we love how creative the questions are! How will he guess about things he never thought of? To be continued….

15. Bachelorette’s Cup

Bachelorette's Cup

Game Type: Drinking | Special for: The bride | Usually played: Individually.

What’s so special about ‘Bachelorette’s Cup’?

Okay, we never have enough drinking games, don’t try to change my mind! Don’t forget you’re gonna need a deck of classic cards, just a reminder!

As you may assume, you won’t have to print many papers, for every person or something, you just print one to pay attention to the rules.

Based on the number in the card, everyone does that action. Some of the cards, such as Seven, Queen, Kind, and more, have a drinking request on them. Read the rules in the example for more information!

16. Bridal Scattergories

Bridal Shower Scattegories

Game Type: Competitive | Special for: The bride| Usually played: Individually.

What’s so special about ‘Bridal Scattergories’?

It’s very intense, that’s what’s important. It makes you all laugh with your dumb questions because of time pressure, this is important too!

First, you specify 3 letters that all the words in each column will start with. Give the guests (the bride) 10 minutes maximum to write all the words, and read them all out loud to see if they really make sense!

The looser drinks, you already know that!

17. Find The Guest

Find The Guest

Game Type: Guessing | Special for: The guests | Usually played: Individually.

What’s so special about ‘Find The Guest’?

Finally, a game for the lovely guests! I mean, weddings would be nonsense without their presence, am I wrong? 

Well, all of the guests have to guess stuff about each other. Basically, everyone writes down the name that relates more to a sentence, and can also be the bride or the groom…

Obviously, you don’t ask them all about themselves, but you try to ‘judge’ them and guess the statements. Probably someone will be surprised with what they were appointed as! 

How Do I Choose The Best Game To Print

Are you more into completing challenges, or simply just getting to know each other? This is the main point actually. What I’m trying to say is that, um… for example ‘Scavenger Hunt’ or ‘Dare-To-Do-List’ requires more energy & work best for people who don’t really get shy about anything and are up to any challenge! But…(yes, there’s always a but!), there are tons of other conversation starters and ‘answer the questions’ games which help you get to know the bride & the guests more and more.

Are you really open with the guests you’re planning to play the game with? Why am I mentioning this? Well, you know, it’s bachelorette, and the choice of who you’ll invite is completely up to you! If you’re playing with some grown-up relatives, who you didn’t really know existed but you had to invite them, don’t play the game that has ‘adult’ content or is too intimate. Such games can be ‘Scattergories’, ‘Bachelorette A-Z’, and some more.

Is it going to be a game for the bride or the groom? Some of the games can be played by both of them, and their friends as well, such as ‘He Said, She Said’, but, some of them are specifically made for the bride or groom to be, even though we obviously mentioned more games for the bride, because you know, men do not have enough nerves to deal with these games and all that, but, anyways, that’s not the point! 

You don’t wanna play without some shots, do ya? Yes, we added some amazing drinking games to our precious list, it’s bachelorette, of course there are going to be drinks! ‘Bachelorette’s Cup’, ‘Drink If’, ‘ Dare-To-Do-List’ clearly become better when you lose your track and all you know about is laughing with your own stuff! By the way, you can also turn the regular games into drinking mode!

Our Last Word: What Can We Say More About These Games?

What more can we say? We almost ran out of breath while explaining every little detail! Just kidding, it was totally worth it! 

We tried to make a mix of all the games for all types of brides & grooms, so no one would feel left out or forgotten (Stitch’s voice :))

Bachelorette, and bridal showers as well, are all about laughing your hearts out, making jokes (even dark ones), connecting more with all your guests, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and of course, getting drunk! 

As always, to get the best result, follow our buying guide, so everything becomes easier, trust us! 

I forgot to mention it, but, in case you forgot about it, there’s also a pdf version of Bachelorette Against Decency, which is a total blast, just like every CAH game! 

You’re gonna host the best bachelorette party, we truly believe that! Have a happy happy marriage (ps. save us a piece of your wedding cake, we deserve it!).

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