Top 15 Pool Drinking Games For All Our Aquaphiles

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It’s confirmed. We’ll never get enough of outdoor drinking games. When you’re at a pool with a bunch of friends, you assuredly need our pool drinking games. This time, besides getting refreshed in the pool, you’ll also get drunk & competitive. All rules and other useful information are shared below. 

  • The games:
  1. Pool Volley;
  2. Most Likely To…;
  3. Dolphin Race;
  4. Colors;
  5. Tug Of War;
  6. Water Sponge Toss;
  7. Flip Cup Race;
  8. Chicken;
  9. Floating Beer Pong;
  10. Pool Pick Up Sticks;
  11. Water Cup Pass;
  12. Noddle Jousting;
  13. Greasy Watermelon;
  14. Marco Polo;
  • Windup;

1. Pool Volley

Pool Volley

8 to 10 players | A pool net, a volleyball ball, and drinks are needed.

This one goes to all our volleyball lovers. No matter what large group you are, make sure to always play in two teams. The net will divide the pool into two playing areas, just as in the sport. Now, you get one point every time you serve the ball into the other team’s side of the pool, over the net, or block their shot. For every point you get, players of the opposing team have to take one sip. The first team to get 21 points is the winner of the game. The losers have to down their drinks. 

2. Most Likely To…

Most Likely To...

3 and more players | A list of questions and drinks are needed.

Let’s upgrade this standard game. Instead of pointing to the player who you think relates to the question more, you have to either put their head into the water or throw them in the pool. So, get the questions from our Most Likely To… list, and ask them out loud. Whoever you think matches a question best, you do one of the above-mentioned. The player that gets their head into the water, or jumps in the pool 5 times, has to down their drink. Simple, innit?

3. Dolphin Race

Dolphin Race

2 and more | Bandanas or other pieces of fabric, and drinks are needed.

First of all, the pic doesn’t have anything to do with the game. We just like being drama queens. Two players from two different teams play first. Tie their feet with a piece of fabric, and let them swim to the end of the pool with their best dolphin technique. The player who swims to the end of the pool and comes back the quickest is the winner. The other player has to down their drink. You can turn this into a competition, so only one player is remaining. 

4. Colors


4 and more players | Colorful swimming caps, and drinks are required.

You have no clue about what this game is, do ya? Well, let each player wear a different colored cap, or just hold any color sharpie in their hands. Ask them to stay in different corners of the pool. One extra player has to call out a color. Once a color is mentioned, all players have to go and touch the player with that color. For instance, once ‘red’ is said out loud, all of you should go and touch the player with the red color, either by walking or swimming. The last player to do so has to take a gulp of their drink.

5. Tug Of War

Tug Of War

2 and more players | A sturdy robe or pool float & drinks are needed. 

Guys, y’all know this one. If you’re playing 2 people at once, use pool floats. If there are more, divide into two equal teams and use a robe. In the count of three, both teams try to pull the robe away, just so the other team has to let it go. Once one team gets the robe fully, of course, they fall into the water. However, this makes the other team, the losers, finish their drinks. Based on your preferences, you may have more than 1 round. Ps. check this video for an extra way of playing: Underwater Tug Of War Challenge

6. Water Sponge Toss

Water Sponge Toss

2 and more players | You’ll need a few frisbees, sponges, and drinks. 

Can a game be both a kids’ game and a cool drinking one? This one proves it all! Start by placing the frisbees upside down in the pool, and writing numbers on them, which represent points. Two players from different teams go at the same time. They have to take a gulp of their drink, and pass the sponges one by one, from one corner of the pool to the other one where the frisbees are placed. After around 3 to 5 minutes (depending on you), you calculate how many points each player has earned. Whoever has the lowest points finishes their drinks. 

7. Flip Cup Race

Flip Cup Race

3 and more players | Plastic cups, a table & alcohol are needed. 

Flip Cup is way more fun in the water! Just like playing the classic game, you have to play on a table, or in our case a whatever board. Fill 2 cups with beer, and place them at the end of the pool. Two players have to jump in the water, and do their best to swim to the table the quickest. Then, players have to drink whatever’s in the cup and flip the cups. The player who flips their cup first, and swims back to the other side of the pool the quickest, is the winner of the round. Here’s a video of people playing it: Flip Cup In A Pool.

8. Chicken Fight

Chicken Fight

4 and more players | You only need drinks of your choice. 

Chicken fight gotta be our all time favorite pool memory. Let’s turn it into a drinking game real quick! There will be 2 teams of 2 people playing at once. One player from a team has to be the chicken, and get in their partner’s back. Both chickens, while being in the other players’ backs, have to try to knock each other down by pushing or splashing. If you fall from your partner’s back, you lose and both of you have to take a shot. You may play as many rounds as you want, until you’re bored of it. 

9. Floating Beer Pong

Floating Beer Pong

4 to 8 players | You’ll need a floating table (which you can make yourself or buy on Amazon), plastic cups, pingpong balls, and alcohol. 

Beer Pong in the water simply slaps!!! Start by placing the plastic cups in their destined places, and split in two equal teams. Teams should stay in opposing sides. Now, just like playing the regular game, you have to throw the pingpong ball into the other team’s cups. If you throw directly into one of the cups, your opponents have to drink the contents in that cup. If your ball ends up in the water, nothing happens, but now it’s their turn to play. If a team has drank all their cups, the game ends and they’re the losers. 

10. Pool Pick Up Sticks

Pool Pick Up Sticks

2 and more players | One pool stick for each player and drinks are required. 

Since you love these ‘haunting’ games, you better love this one too! Give each player one pool stick, and ask them to throw the sticks in the pool. In the count of three, all players tend to pick up as many pool sticks as possible, obviously,  quicker than the other players. The player who has picked the most sticks is the winner of the game, while all the others, a.k.a. the losers have to down by one shot each. Cheers! 

11. Water Cup Pass

Water Cup Pass

4 and more players | A plastic cup and drinks for each player are needed.

Although the game may look simple, it can get pretty challenging. To begin with, the first player has to fill their cup with water, and hold it with their hands on top of their head. Then, while standing behind the next player, the pourer has to pour the water from their cup, to the other player’s cup (which is in their hands), backwards. Once you’re cup is empty, you have wait till your round comes again. If someone messes up and looks the other player in the eyes while pouring the water, or breaks the formation, has to down their drink. 

12. Noddle Jousting

Noddle Jousting

4 and more players | 6 pool noddles, duct tape, PVC piping and drinks are necessary. 

Let the war begin! Make a platform using the PVC piping and pool noddles. Two players from two different teams have to stand on the platform and face each other, while two others have to hold the platform in place. The two players who are on the platform have to hit each other with noddles, until one falls down in the water. The loser of the round has to down a shot before getting back in the platform. Usually, two players finish 3 rounds and then pick the winner.  

13. Greasy Watermelon

Greasy Watermelon

3 and more players | You’ll need medium sized watermelon, vaseline, and alcohol.

I have no idea how people come up with these games, literally. Start by coating the watermelon with vaseline and put it in the pool. All players should be outside the pool, until you count to three and that’s when they have to jump in the water. Everyone has to try and catch the watermelon, while it’s covered in vaseline and s slides like crazy. The first player to catch it is the winner, while all the other’s are losers. Losers, as always, have to down their drinks. Click here to watch a video of people playing the game & having the fun of their lives! 

14. Marco Polo

Marco Polo

3 and more players | Drinks only are required. 

To play this simple, no-extra equipment game, start in the center of the pool. One player is chosen to close their eyes and count to ten. In ten seconds all the other players have to get as far away from the center as possible, but always inside the pool. The player who remains to have their eyes closed, after 10 seconds has to call out ‘Marco?’, and everyone who’s not under the water has to respond ‘Polo!’. You can only go under the water before ‘Marco?’ is said out loud. The last player to say ‘Polo!’ has to take a shot and become the new Marco. 


Your time at the pool will be thousands times funner once you start playing any of the above-mentioned games. Not only you’ll get drunk, but you’ll also have tons of laughs, competitions, and create unforgettable memories among friends. If you want to play with people who are younger than 21, you simply remove the alcohol part and enjoy the games without it. 

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