16 Best Outdoor Drinking Games To Have The Fun Of Your Life

Withal usual indoor drinking games are delightful, when the sun is shining and it’s all warm out there, outdoor games are a blast. Since I’m assuming y’all love all things that can be played on the beach, pool, or in your backyard, we’re happy to introduce to you our favorites! 

  • The games:
  1. Stump;
  2. Beersbee
  3. Egg Roulette;
  4. Slip N’Flip;
  5. Dizzy Bat;
  6. Giant Jenga;
  7. Wizard Sticks;
  8. Huge Pool Pong;
  9. Bite The Bag;
  10. Tipsy Waiter;
  11. Fromel;
  12. Kan Jam;
  13. Beer Darts;
  14. Dodge Beer;
  15. Spikeball;
  16. Sumo Shoe;
  • Finale;

1. Stump


Stuff: A level tree stump, a hammer, nails for each player, and drinks | Players: 2 and more.


Stump is equally dangerous and fun. Start by hammering all nails into the stump, and ask all players to touch one nail, so they indicate which nail belongs to them. Each player taking turns, going clockwise, has to throw the hammer in the air, flip it at least 360 degrees & catch it. Then, hit one of your opponents’ nails on the stump, and that player has to drink right after. But, if sparks fly when you hit the nail, all players drink, including you. Read the full (including additionals) here.

2. Beersbee

Bottle Bash

Stuff: The playing set (Bottle Bash on Amazon for $49.99) | Players: Ideally 4 (2 teams of 2).


Beersbee, the adult version of Frisbee, is to die for! You should play in 2 teams of 2 people ideally, but 1 vs 1 or even 3 vs 3 works fine. The two teams should be placed on opposing sides of the field, and place all the equipment (starting with the pole on the ground, and the bottle on top of the pole). Each team aims to hit the bottle of the other team, using the frisbee disk. If you knock it to the ground, you get points. However, if your disk falls on the ground while throwing it, your team drinks.   

3. Egg Roulette

Egg Roulette

Stuff: A carton of eggs & beers | Players: 2 and more.


Guys, hard boil all eggs in the carton, except one. Let the first player grab one egg and smash it in their head. If it’s a hard-boiled one, they’re safe, and the play continues clockwise. The next player grabs another egg and does the same. If it is a raw egg and it explodes in the player’s head, they’re out of the game and have to down a beer. Once that player’s out, there starts the new round, until there’s only 1 player left. Make sure to always add a raw egg though. Ps. this could also be a great single-player game if you’re looking for a challenge.

4. Slip N’Flip

Slip N'Flip

Stuff: Slip and slide, one cup for each player & alcohol | Players: 4 to 10.


Remember our Flip Cup? Let’s add a twist to that! Start by laying the slip & slide down, and soaping it. Then, place a table a few inches from the end of the slide. Divide into 2 teams, and let one player of the team go first. Two players from different teams go at once. They have to slide down as quickly as possible, drink their beer, and flip the cups. Whoever does it quicker, meaning finishes the last step first, wins the round. By the end of the game, whoever team has won more rounds wins the game! If you wanna know how the game goes, watch this: Slip N’Flip.

5. Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat

Stuff: Wiffle bat & balls, drinks | Players: 2 and more.


Dizzy Bat’s gonna get you dizzy. This hilarious drinking beach game starts with cutting a small hole in the bat and removing the ‘butt’ of the bat, so you can fill it with alcohol. Then, taking turns, players have to chug down the beer, as quickly as possible. Once the beer’s consumed, that player has to touch the bat to the ground, place their forehead on it, and spin around about 10 times. Then, one other player has to crush one empty beer can and throw it to the player who finished spinning, which has to try and hit the can with the bat. Crazy, innit?

6. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga

Stuff: Giant Jenga tiles (available on Amazon for $43.99), sharpies, and drinks | Players: 2 and more.


Yup, classic Jenga is fun, however, this gigantic, outdoor version is a big love! Now, once you purchase the tiles, make sure to write challenges on each one of them. For instance, you could write: twerk for 1 minute, reveal google search, waterfall your drink, start a Categories game, and so on. Now, each player after drawing a tile has to complete the dare first and then place the tile on top of the tower. The player that crashes the Jenga tower, finishes their drink. We have a special article about this, so make sure to check it out: Jenga drinking game rules.

7. Wizard Sticks

Wizard Sticks

Stuff: Strong tape & cans of beer | Players: 3 and more.


Wizard Sticks, often found as Wizard Staff, is an astonishing game for 3 players (and more). Now, all players going at once, have to down a can of beer and continue drinking more cans. But, once you want to drink one more beer, you have to tape it on top of the previous empty can. This continues, one can on top of the other, until you’re all drunk and can’t take any more. Usually, the game ends at the end of the game night or day, but you can set a time limit (about 1 hour). Then, whoever has the tallest staff of cans, wins, and is the wizard of the game. 

8. Huge Pool Pong

Huge Pool Pong

Stuff: 12 buckets, 1 ball, beers | Players: 4 and more.


Let’s upgrade Beer Pong (a cool Beer Olympics game) to Huge Pool Pong! The idea behind it is quite the same. Divide into 2 teams, and arrange the buckets in triangles. Then, take turns throwing the ball to the opposing team’s buckets. If you manage to throw into the buckets and not in the water, your opponents drink. Otherwise, your team drinks. However, this version of the game is a bit more challenging, since the buckets may move around in the water. The game ends whenever you’re bored with it. 

9. Bite The Bag

Bite The Bag

Stuff: 2 cornhole boards, 8 bags, and drinks | Players: 2 to 4.


If you ever find this as Cornbag, don’t get confused, it’s the exact same! Divide into 2 teams, and sit on opposing sides, around 25 feet apart. Now, each team takes turns throwing the bags into the hole of the opposing team’s board. You get 1 point if the bag stops on the board, 3 points if it goes inside the hole, and no points if it’s in the ground. Each team aims to get 21 points. Whoever gets 21 or more, wins the game. Then, the other teams drink as many sips as the difference of points with the winning team.

10. Tipsy Waiter

Tipsy Waiter

Stuff: 2 trays, shot glasses, 12 cups of water, and alcohol | Players: 4 and more.


It will probably end as a drunk waiter, but anyways… So, start by dividing into 2 teams of equal players. Then, the first players from both teams compete first. What they have to do is take a shot, spin for 10 seconds, and then run to the finish line and back, while holding the tray of cups. Once the first player goes back to the team, the second player continues to do the same. If during the way one of the cups falls, the running player has to put it back on the tray, before continuing. 

11. Fromel


Stuff: Beer cans | Players: 2 and more.


This game may look nonsense, but it’s the funniest! Besides, it’s also a cool game for 2 players! To play it, all you have to do is ask all players to sit in a circle and ask the first player to smash the beer into their head, until it creates a hole to take a sip from. All players do the same until there comes a moment when the can explodes in one player’s face. They have to drink the remaining liquor and get out of the game. Then, the game continues with another can, until only 1 player is remaining. 

12. Kan Jam

Kan Jam

Stuff: Kan Jam equipment, and drinks | Players: 4.


It’s as clear as day: we love frisbee-related games! To begin playing, divide the players into 2 teams of 2 players. Players of the same team sit on opposing sides of the game field. Now, there are specific drinking rules, for specific actions: 

  • 1 sip: If you throw the frisbee and miss the Kan completely, or the opposite team scores their frisbee into the Kan. 
  • 2 sips: When your opponents hit the Kan unassistedly.
  • 3 sips: If the opposing team hits the frisbee on top of the can;
  • 1 shot: When they throw the frisbee directly into the slot;

13. Beer Darts

Beer Darts

Stuff: 2 pieces of cardboard, cans of beer, darts, and two chairs | Players: 2 and more.


First things first, if there are more than 2 players, divide into 2 teams. Players (or teams) have to sit in chairs, around 10 feet far from each other. Then, place a piece of cardboard in front of your legs, and put an unopened beer can in front of the cardboard. Next, divide the darts equally, and take turns playing. Taking turns, each player has to throw a dart at the opponent’s beer, aiming to hit it. If your beer gets hit by a dart, you have to down the drink, and replace it with another can. This continues until one of you drinks 3 beers, and loses. 

14. Dodge Beer

Dodge Beer

Stuff: A ping-pong ball, a large table, 4 unopened beers | Players: 4 and more.


As a team drinking game, Dodge Beer starts with 2 teams of equal players & 4 beers placed in the corners of the table. 1 player on the team starts by throwing the ping-pong ball, and the teammates drink until the other team catches the ball and says ‘Stop’. If a player catches their ball right after it hits the can, but it doesn’t hit any other surface, they can run around the table and chug the beer until one opposing player chases them. Whichever team finishes the two beers first, wins the game. 

15. Spikeball


Stuff: Spikeball kit, and alcohol | Players: 4.


Speaking of games that include a ball, Spikeball shouldn’t be missing. There should be 2 teams of 2 people, which should sit on opposing sides. The game begins with one team throwing the ball in the net, and the other team using their 3 alternate touches, to turn it back into the net, upward the other team. This continues until one team isn’t able to return the ball, and the opposing team gets 1 point. However, you have to drink when they get 1 point, the word Spike is said, or you fail to serve properly. Whoever gets 21 points, wins! 

16. Sumo Shoes

Sumo Shoes

Stuff: One shoe and drinks | Players: 3 and more.


A game named after a shoe? Well, we’re full of surprises. To play this game, one player should always be the ‘referee’, and the others play 2 at a time. To play, 2 players face each other on the ground, as if they were sumo wrestlers. The referee calls out ‘knees’, ‘heads’, ‘feet’, and other body parts, which means that the two players have to touch these parts. Whenever the host says ‘shoe’, means that they have to grab the shoe from the ground. Whoever’s the last to do so, takes 3 sips of their drink. If you only thought it was a ‘shoe’ but it was actually a body part, you take 1 sip. 


This one was a mix of emotions. There are crazy (and stupid at times), dangerous ones, and then, some super fun, hilarious drinking games. All that’s required from you is to pick whatever you think fits your group most, get tons of drinks, find a large enough space, and start playing. Remember to drink carefully, as we always say. 

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